The Lord Provides for You From His Goodness

Did you know that God’s goodness is tangible? True story! Read on; this will encourage you like crazy!

The Lord has had me reading Psalm 68 over and over lately. As I was reading it today, Holy Spirit highlighted this one phrase to me:

”You, O God, provided from Your goodness for the poor” (Psalm 68:10b).

As I meditated on that phrase, the Lord gave me a mental picture of what it means.

In my mind’s eye, I saw Papa God reaching into His bosom and drawing out a handful of His goodness. “Goodness” was what He was made of, and it was a tangible substance.

(To imagine this with our human thoughts, you could think of God as being filled with sugar cookies, doughnuts, or something similar. Of course that’s only a limited, human comparison, but imagining that helps me grasp the concept of “goodness” a bit better.) 🙂

So in my mind’s eye, I watched Father God pull a handful of His goodness out of His bosom. Then He stretched it out toward the people who stood in front of Him.

As He stretched out His hand toward the people, the goodness in His hand changed formats. It became things that the people needed: money, food, clothing, and more. It became anything necessary for them to live in our earthly environment.

That vision really moved me, because I suddenly understood what it meant when David wrote that God provided “from His goodness” for the poor.

Goodness is not only something God has. It is something God IS.

So when He provides for us, He is reaching into Himself and depositing part of His substance into our bosom.

That job He just gave you is His substance, manifest.

That baby He is giving you right now is His substance, manifest.

The money He sent you last night to pay your bills with is His substance, manifest.

And His substance—this particular aspect of it, anyway—is GOODNESS.

So what do you need from God?

Do you need forgiveness? He’ll provide it if you ask—out of His goodness!

Do you need money? He’ll provide it if you ask—out of His goodness!

Do you need friends and other relationships? He’ll provide them if you ask—out of His goodness!

He provides for us out of His goodness. He literally reaches into Himself and pulls out His goodness, and that goodness translates into whatever tangible thing we need in His hand.

Beloved, I pray this word will build your faith.

Go ahead and believe God for everything you need AND desire. Ask Him for those things. Seek and knock … for everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. And to those who knock, the door shall be opened.

He provides FROM HIS GOODNESS for the poor.

Does this word resonate in your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below!


  1. Hi Jamie,yes this resonates particularly this week!. I have gone through the worst times in the past few years, and my sister is losing her faith. She felt that my faith wasnt being rewarded, and I have also come to question the things I have been faith filled for, and yet not seen yet. I need a job , as I am not working right now, and it seems fruitless search. I have a mortgage to pay in a fe weeks, and no money. That is where I am placing my NEED, and prayer. My want…this also resonated, as even though I am in my current nightmare, I have such a desire for a want, beacuse it will knock me over with joy if I receive it. So going to be bold and ask..Its good to be reminded of Gods goodness, and I long, and so desperately need it in my life right now. I am battle weary..:)

    1. I will pray for you Frances. I will pray so that God fills you with the favor you need which reflects your enduring faith. Be blessed inside out. God will provide. God bless you

  2. Saundra Box says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful! I heard someone say, “God is no less for giving you what you need.” He is not like a checkbook with a balance. His goodness and mercy overflows and is none the less for giving!

  3. Good encouragement is also goodness from God

  4. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Praise be to God alone Amen n Amen

  5. Barbara Soni n-Robbins says:

    Your words of encouragement are direct from the heart of the Beloved! You are a tool in God’s BLESSINGS TOOL BOX! Keep going, keep believing, keep sharing!! Your encouragement and HOPE, especially during times of trial, have lifted my spirits. THANK YOU SWEET DAUGHTER IF THE MOST HIGH GOD❤️

  6. Adrenamae says:

    You could not have written this any better. Truly GOD is a good GOD. I continue to marvel at his goodness. His grace and mercy continue to sustain me.

    Many Blessings to you and your family

  7. Shanele Alexander says:

    Dear Heavenly Father thank you for your direction and guidance. Thank you for using individuals like her to bring clarity and understanding to your word.

  8. Dan Brown says:

    Wonderful word of encouragement, Jamie, especially as I (we) move into a new ministry and as we need to raise additional support. What a great picture of our GOOD, GOOD FATHER!

  9. I am blessed by this. God’s goodness is ever present with us. All we have now and all we will ever have come from His goodness. This is awesome. Thank you for this piece.

  10. Oneita Turner says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement I received it n my life God bless u n your ministry

  11. Amen amen bless you Jamie God is indeed a good God who provides wow out of Himself praise God , He is Awesome and amazing

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Good Morning, I thank God for your ministry, I’m so blessed the holy spirit directed me to this site I don’t know how to blog, but I will get my son to show me. Your message is always something I need to hear. It’s always right on the mark at the right time. May God continue to bless you and everyone who’s in agreement with you in the word. Elizabeth A.

  13. This got me smiling and clapping my hands…the last year had been tough for my family with the enemy bringing battles our way..but at every turn of the journey the Lord had provided us with his goodness from jobs to words of comfort right in the nick of time,to prophecies ,shelter,just everything we needed.i am believing our testimony will mature this month and he will give us victory in court right out of his goodness.Halleluyah!!!!

  14. Rebecca Jones says:

    He is so so good!

  15. Of course it does, as always before… Thank you Jamie 🌹. May God keep blessing you… 🌹

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