You Need a Dream That Makes You Do THIS

I stood in the worship service at my church, feeling like I was giving birth. I was in agony in my spirit, because I was praying about my dream … and my dream compels me.

It felt like all my abdominal muscles were clenched together; like I should be doubled over. My breath caught and all I could do was push with my breath and keen with my voice. I covered my face with my hands so no one would hear me, and I travailed before the Lord.

Why? Because I have a dream that has to happen if I am to be who God has called me to be. 

My strongest spiritual gift is a gift that many people don’t know I operate in, and don’t see, because it’s a private thing. But, my dream is to be able to operate in that gift at the level that matches the passion of my heart for Jesus.

Even after He answers my prayers and I operate in it at the level where I desire to operate, this gift will still be a private thing.

However, that’s okay; I don’t need anyone to know about it. I just long to operate in it. So all I can do is pray and agonize in the Spirit, saying, “Dear Lord Jesus, please make a way … It’s who You made me to be.”

And this dream–this gift–constrains me. It compels me. It drives me, every day.

When I pray about this gift, my prayer room becomes a labor room. When I dream about this dream–the dream of operating more fully in this gift Holy Spirit has given me–my tears flow. When I cry to the Lord about it, I can barely breathe.

What the gift is doesn’t matter for the purposes of our conversation today. What I want to know is, do you have a dream that affects you in this way?

Because you should.

You need a dream that takes your breath away.

You need a vision for your life that makes you cry out to the Lord in Holy Ghost-led travail. You need something you long for–something you’re passionate about–that leads you to the foot of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, crying out to Him for the opportunity to serve Him better.

What is your dream? What is your gift? What is it that you long to do or to be for the King?

Because He’s worthy.

Some people are driven by souls. Some people are driven by waking up every morning and thinking about lost people going to hell, and that’s good and noble and right.

But that’s not me.

I care about lost people, sure. I have had the privilege of leading over 30 people to Christ personally, and I want to lead a lot more. I have written soul-goals about winning people to the Lord, and leading others to salvation matters to me.

But you know what drives me? The worth-ship of Christ.

Every morning when I wake up, I go to work in this ministry because He’s worthy. Every word I preach, I preach because He’s worthy. Every time I go to sweat at the gym, trying to take care of my body which is the temple of Holy Spirit, the only reason I find to make myself uncomfortable like that is because He’s worthy. When the Lord wakes me up at 1 AM to get up and pray, I obey because He’s worthy

I serve because He’s worthy. I labor and work because He’s worthy. I worship because He’s worthy. I breathe my next breath and soldier on another day BECAUSE HE’S WORTHY.

His worth-ship, His worthyness, His excellent splendor which is worthy of all the worship we can possibly give Him both in Spirit and in truth–in word and in deed–compels me.

And I long to see my dream fulfilled because He’s worthy.

I don’t dream of fame or notoriety. I dream of serving Jesus. I dream of giving Him the honor and glory due His name.

I dream of giving to Him and into His Kingdom financially like He deserves. I dream of conforming my body, mind, soul, and spirit 100% to who He is, exhibiting every victory Jesus purchased on the cross for me, because He’s worthy. And I dream of helping you do the same thing, all because He’s worthy.

My dream compels me. My dream constrains me.

And the underlying reason that drives it all is the bare, naked, unassailable fact that “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and glory and blessing!” (Revelation 5:12b).

What is your dream? Do you have a dream that leads you into travail before the King?

You need a dream that makes you gasp for breath as you travail before the Lord. You need a dream that makes you weep before His throne. You need a dream that constrains you.

And you need to know what drives your dream.

I put before you today that the worth-ship of Jesus is the underlying reason for all causes that are worth fighting for. For example:

  • Love souls? Good–because Jesus loves souls, and He is worthy to receive those souls as His inheritance.
  • Love your family? Excellent–because Jesus wants you to love your family, and He is worthy of being obeyed.
  • Dream of getting healthy? Good–because your body is the temple of Holy Spirit, and you are not your own; you were bought with the price of the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

But no matter what your dream and what your cause, you need a dream that makes you whisper.

You need a request, a petition before the Lord, that takes your breath away. You need a vision that leads you to travail before His throne. You need a cause that is worth fighting for, worth getting up for, and worth giving your life away to serve.

What is your petition and what is your cause today? 


  1. Dear Jamie this is an “on time word”.Today is Monday, on Saturday I had THIS kind of conversation with a fellow Christian. I told her a “dream” is something that compels you to “sell everything” to follow , like the parable of the “pearl of great price” A God dream becomes something you cannot shake because it’s in your DNA. I have been almost “haunted “ by a God dream I had many years ago and have been saying that if I have to retire from my job – I am desperate to see that dream fulfilled
    THANKS AGAIN ! I asked God for confirmation and I don’t think this msg is a coincidence- thank you for your prayers

    1. I know I need a dream like this and I have prayed often for one, a purpose,a cause that takes my whole being and then Jesus to make it come to fruition. It still hasnt happened yet but because it is a strong desire of mine,it will happen.

      1. Hi Georgina, Jesus wants you to know what that dream is right now. Did you happen to attend my class recently on discerning your calling and mission statement?

  2. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Love this post! Thank You Lord for the dreams & visions you have placed in me and I ask You help me, lead me, guide me to fulfill my purpose & destiny I was created for Lord. To glorify Your name Lord and bring Heaven to earth Lord. Let Your Will be done Father on earth as it is in Heaven. I am Your hands & feet, your vessel. Help me always keep You first and not stray Father; In Jesus name! Amen.

  3. Thans Jamie, a compelling post! It reminds me of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech and mission “I Have a Dream”… powerful is the Lord in our lives when we ask, knock and seek….💜

  4. Dan mbugua says:

    Praise Jesus.i need a dream that will drive me to my destiny.May God Arise and Intervene in my life.Blessed Assurance is my portion in Jesus Mighty Name.

  5. Crystal hill says:

    I received your word in the name of Jesus

  6. I totally get this. Thank you Jamie!! Overcoming the devils attack on my family is what I pray 24/7 for. I know victory is mine. I ask Jesus to bring it over from the supernatural into the natural. I have been so patient. My times are in the Lords hands. The very thought of full restoration dream coming true makes me cry ..and not only cry but when it happens I just might fall to the ground and pass out. To me, it will be my sign that the Lord has heard me ..He blesses me in so many ways..but for some reason Im still waiting on the big one. When it comes to pass it will certainly bring me to my knees. This is my one thing I need to has to happen.. I need this test to become my testimony and with that I will rise higher & be able to better encourage others to not give up on their families…people give up way too easily but I want to share the comfort in knowing if they stay in faith & stand on His promises He will deliver. I do rest in Him like you say but this one thing is totally holding me back. I want to blow open these flood gates once & for all.

  7. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    My dream is that Abba will restore my family and we will support the work of God by reaching out to the needy and the lost or support God’s work.And i believe as soon as Ģod restore my family back,we will activate this dream i have in my heart.Great message Jamie and i received decree and declare that My Provider will help me with my dreams.Amen!!!!

  8. Please pray for us Jamie ,We need to prosper in many needs dreams of helping people ,but need the resources to do this an the dream needs to come true. thank-you.

  9. This is SO GOOD! Reading it this morning has stirred my heart for the thing I desire to do for Christ! Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiration Jamie!

  10. Priscilla says:

    Jamie, thank you for your ministry. For a while now, I have felt “pregnant” with something that I need to do for the Kingdom. It’s like a longing and a need to give birth to something that I don’t know what it is. The desires, gifts, talents and skills that I’ve been given by God don’t seem to make any sense when combined. God promised to restore our family, but that is not the dream, it is part of it. He is using this time of restoration to grow me and mature me and open my eyes to the strongholds and chains that keep me from giving birth, at least that’s what I can discern from what He is showing me. The devil is battling so much against my family during the last ten years, it almost makes me afraid to know my dream, it must be a big one, if he’s fighting so darn hard! But God has been so good and I know that He will never fail me, and I know that those who put their faith in Him shall never be put to shame! I long to do God’s work with my husband and family. I’m just working to relinquish control and trust in God for restoration and the dream. I know that I’ve been praying to walk in the fullness of the freedom that Jesus bought for me on the cross with His precious blood! Maybe that is the first step. I will pray for God to reveal my dream to me.

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