Prophetic Word for May 2023

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

I heard the Father speak this beautiful word of encouragement for all His people for May 2023:

“I am restoring your heart this month.

In many ways, you have lost heart. You didn’t mean to, but life has beat you down so much that you have despaired of living sometimes.

I desire to restore your joy. I desire to restore your courage and your will to go on; your ability to believe that good things are going to happen to you.

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    You may have lost heart, but I have not lost you.

    Even if a mother forgets her child, I will not forget you. You are, and forevermore will be, engraved in the palm of My hand. I will not forget you and I have not forgotten you at all, ever.

    I desire for you to be able to rise from your bed with a bounce in your step. You trudge through your days now, but it will not always be so. You wish for your days to be over so you can sleep and forget, but things will not always be this hard.

    You are in a marathon, but I desire you to rest.

    I have not released you from resting. You have done well in the resting you have accomplished, but resting is your greatest achievement in Me and I want you to do more of it.

    I am renewing your heart as you rest. Every moment of rest you can get will draw you closer to Me.

    My Word says to be of good courage, and I will strengthen your heart.

    I know that you feel like it is not even within your capacity to conjure up courage, so you are having a hard time believing me to renew, restore, and strengthen your heart. However, this month I am restoring both your courage and your heart.

    It’s true that you cannot drum up courage on your own. However, if you will believe Me, you will find I help you with even that.

    My Son Jesus wasn’t lying or exaggerating when He said that, without Him, you can do nothing.

    You cannot do or be even the smallest, simplest thing without My Christ. But if you will acknowledge your dependence on Me for even the smallest little thing, you will find My grace to be sufficient for you.

    This month, I am restoring your courage and your heart.

    Find your strength and your rest in Me, and you will receive all that I have for you.

    Love, your Abba Father.”

    Does this prophetic word for May 2023 hit home with you today? If so, please leave a comment below.


    1. Marie Carmichael says:

      Thank you Jamie for sharing this message from the Lord. I needed to hear this. I have been down lately. Blessings.

      1. Rejeana Maldonado says:

        Thank you for such an encouraging word, and I know it all comes my from my father above I believe and truly know that good things are on the way for me and my family. I trust him. I love him with my Meinhardt, body and soul and I never worry I just let go and let God because his ways are the best ways in Jesus name.

      2. Acidri Robert says:

        I really believe in God’s from you and I have been on much pressure alot due to issues of business (money) my financial status is not okay let’s keep praying for me and my family as we are going through this situations thanks a lot I receive all God’s words from in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

    2. Latashia Johnson says:

      Thank you jesus, thank father God, and thank you holt spirit I receive amen 🙏🏾 🙌🏾

    3. beautiful, i definitely need the lord to restore my heart, and give me courage praise be to God

      Jamie i will sew being having a hard financially thankyou for all you do

    4. Norvel Willis says:

      URGENT!! By May 3rd I must decide whether to fix the motor in my 2007 Chevy HHR for approximately 3000 dollars with Z200,000 plus my les which I have already replaced the transmission a year and a half ago OR buy a 2007 Chevy Escalade for 3700 dollars with 66,000 original miles from a friend. I will have to put some money into my car to repair a dent in the hood and strainten a slight bend in right front fender which may cost me about 500. What should I do God? Keep my HHR and sell it for scrap at 400 dollars it and buy the Escalade? I wish God would provide me with a brand new or late model used or new car debt free and solve my issue TODAY.!!

      1. Hi Norvel. I will pray for you to have wisdom. May I suggest that you research both models of cars on Consumer Reports? It costs about $8 for a month’s access to all ratings on Consumer Reports. Also, I would encourage you to research the very American-made and affordable Toyota brand, and compare that to the other cars you are looking at, for there is wisdom in considering many options.
        Jamie Rohrbaugh
        (Car geek since childhood) 🙂

        1. Thank you for Father God word for May!
          I have been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed!!
          Lots of responsibilities and obligations!
          And I just got notice my mortgage payment going up a few hundred dollars starting in June!
          Everything increasing
          And I need to replace my broken non working vehicles!!
          Father God is always good to me and gives me opportunities to work and bring the monies in
          But it’s physical work
          Thank you Jamie for helping Gods children with encouragement!!

    5. Very timely message for me! Amen and Amen. I will rest in God because I’ve received His promises through Christ Jesus, Amen

    6. Vicky Monnapula says:

      Dear Jammie, so profound is this message. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message! So annointed & indeed speak to one’s heart directly from the heart of God! I stand in awe of the Love & the Grace & the favour we always have with our Lord . Truly, He knows us & love us with everlasting Love! I am so inspired, so encouraged, to be steadfast in my faith in Christ, knowing He,s working out better & new things for my life & all the saints! I,ll not look back but look unto Him, the author & the finisher of our faith! Abba Father, the one and only! Our hope & assurance for better things! I declare your Lordship, your majesty over every area of my Life! Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! You are greatly to be praised. Amen 🙌

    7. Elizabeth says:

      Thank you Jamie – truly a word of encouragement for me today. I lost my husband of 42 years last week suddenly and unexpectedly. We are both born again, Spirit filled believers and I am comforted knowing he is now in the presence of our Father and the Son. I am also completely heartbroken and feeling very disoriented right now.
      These words do give me hope in a brighter tomorrow. Thank you.

    8. Thanks Sis Jamie for sharing this encouraging word from the heart of Father God. I have been trudging through my days since February. I’m encouraged to know that God is restoring my courage and my heart during this new month of May, 2023. Without Jesus Christ, I can do nothing! I bless the Lord for today’s prophetic word.

    9. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen. I give thanks and praise as this words resonate to me.Please Papa God how it is to have your rest.In Jesus name I pray.Amen

    10. Thank you God for this prophetic word May. I believe that my Father is restoring my courage and heart this month. Thank you God and Jamie 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️.

    11. thank you for this timely word Father God, sent through Jamie. I receive from You healing of my heart, courage, and restoration and anything else from Your Goodness.

    12. millicent deenah says:

      Praise God!!!! for this encouraging word. God bless you.

    13. James A Tucker says:

      Hello Jamie, I have been full of anxiety and depression all year long and this Prophetic Word hits my heart. I shall receive it as the word of God, and I believe that what the enemy meant for my harm God will turn for my advantage. Thank you very much.

    14. Thank you Pastor Jamie. Your message has really lifted up my spirits. I have been feeling down lately. Stay blessed always 🙏

    15. This does resonate with me! I was just wanting to be done with life recently because it felt too much like a world falling apart and I wanted to rest in Jesus with a new body and freedom from this world. This encouraged me greatly to rest in Jesus now and let Him continue His healing of my heart and my life. Thank you! I feel courage growing and have the right mental framework now to abide and trust.

    16. Donna Stevens says:

      Ms. Jami: this was really a Word for me from our Father. Thank you for your obedience. It is a rescue Word that has REVEAL to me to move forward in my destiny versus losing heart. Also seeing others’ comments has encouraged me to rise up and be the overcomer God has destined me to be and not get drawn in to losing heart. Praise the I AM. Donna

    17. Jamie,
      Honestly I have not been to your site in awhile- Today I went back and thank you so much for the prophetic word for May- I have been questioning alot of things lately and I knew, I had to get back on track- things, crazy things have been happening in my life- divorce, teens not accepting change, etc-
      Thank you!!!

    18. Edward Fode says:

      I am here ✋️ for request for healing from .stomach pain High blood pressure. Diabetes and acid reflux. Not able to work since March 2022. (More tha a year now). God bless.

    19. Catherine says:

      Thank you so much for this month prophetic words. You are such a blessing to me. I am a newly wed and I have been through so much this past year. I was devastated and shattered to pieces.
      Please pray for me as God is restoring my heart.
      Thank you in advance.

    20. Amen and thank you. I know I’ve been crying and seeking help in all areas of my life as the enemy has stolen from me my baby and fiancé. So we are seeking and believing for double restoration in those areas of joy, peace, financials and health . I know God will come through so he’s been getting to me emotionally and with physical attacks that doesn’t even belong to me. He feeds off my weakness and I know that so I have my moment then find strength in the lord again. I know lately God put in my spirit to get up and go . I’m still understanding what it means but only time will tell. But, I will get up and go and start walking into my healing and miracles I’ve been praying and waiting for in this season of endurance and trials and patience. This is my season to reap everything and more stolen from me .

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