Prophetic Word for October 2021: Adventure and Convergence

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Beloved, are you ready to lengthen your tent cords and strengthen your stakes? Are you ready to set out on a great adventure? If so, get those hiking boots on–for the Lord is talking about ADVENTURE and CONVERGENCE this month!
Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

This is what I heard the Lord say for the month of October 2021:

“October will be a month of great surprises!”

I asked Him to expound on that, and He said:

“I am going to surprise you by doing things that you had given up on. You have been contending and contending, but you do not understand that My Kingdom is fully open to you; I have everything you need; and I am eager to give it to you! You just have to seek Me about the way I desire to give these gifts to you!

You do not always understand how much your life impacts others. Other people watch you; other people see you; you are My example and My chosen one on the earth. I always orchestrate events to use you for My glory in the greatest possible way, even when you think you are unseen.

Beloved, I have great things in store for you this month:

  • As I said before, prayers will be answered that you had given up on.
  • I will awaken you to new dreams and new possibilities. 
  • Could it be that I have something in mind for you which you have not even thought of? Yes, it could; and this month, I will show you what it is!

This month, I want you to call out to Me to show you great and mighty things you did not know.

I have inside information I want to give you. I want to download strategies to you that will help you navigate the adventurous waters you are in.

The next few years will be a time of GREAT adventure for you.

Did you know that I am “into” adventure? Oh, yes; I am. Why else do you think I created the mountains, the seas, and the far reaches of the earth? Why do you think I put the sense of adventure into you and gave you a longing for more?

It is because I am so infinite and vast that you have to venture out into unknown territory in order to find Me; where you are is too small for you to truly see My glory and majesty!

I am calling upon you and asking you to show Me your willingness to receive GREAT and MIGHTY things you know not of.

Are you willing to let go? Are you willing to fly and soar? Birds know this, but humans do not: when you fly, there is nothing visible holding you up. You must simply trust in your ability to soar, and in the ability of the unseen–ME, in this case–to carry you!

Just as I have never failed the birds, so I will never fail you.

I am calling you out into the unknown. I am launching you into a great adventure over the next few years, and every step upon which I lead you is an important step.

My people often focus on the fact that “all things work together FOR GOOD,” but it is equally important that you know the part that says “all things work together.” Not only am I working things out for your good, but I am directing all aspects of your life together and making them into a grand symphony.

The symphony of your life is beautiful, and you need to understand that the opening notes started long ago.

Your life is not a disparate set of random events. You are not just getting through until My Son’s return. Instead, I am ordering your steps. I am directing your ways. The path of a righteous man is ordered by the Lord, and I delight in your ways! 

In October, you will see CONVERGENCE.

Just as two rivers merge into one and you call that a “convergence,” in October you will see things in your life–things you thought were unrelated–beginning to converge. Rivers will come together and create a flowing and gushing of My anointing.

You will also see relationships converge in October.

For too long, you have been alone. It is not My will for you to be alone. This month, I want you to seek Me for those covenant friendships I have long promised you–and don’t be afraid to step out to make friends with the people to whom I lead you.

Ask Me to lead you in a way you have not known this month.

Remember what I promised you about adventure! If you will believe Me, then it is time to press forward and surrender to whatever adventure to which I have called you. You do not need to know all the details at the beginning, but I do need you to surrender.

Your adventure in Me is going to surprise you, and it will begin this month.

Don’t be afraid to step away from the rigors of daily life this month. Don’t hesitate to seek Me out in the quiet places; to step back from obligations in order to seek Me more.

Pay attention to My drawing and wooing you to be home. I am your Home and I love to manifest Myself in your home, so be willing to go against the flow of culture and society in order to meet Me there so we may plan our adventure together.

Your paths were ordained before time began, but it is up to you whether or not you will walk in them.

If you are willing to go on this adventure with Me, surrender to Me now. Let Me enlarge your territory. Strengthen your tent stakes and lengthen your tent cords to encompass more. Believe Me for big; dream big with Me! 

Let’s commiserate and whisper together as best friends do this month.

I am your best Friend and you are My beloved. I adore you with the everlasting love that caused Me to give up My only begotten Son for you. Never forget that My love burns hot for you; My delight is in you; I am excited about your life! 

Be enthusiastic with Me this month. Be excited about what I am going to do. Speak My Word about adventure out of your mouth, and see where I take you! I guarantee you will not have ever guessed that I would do all that I have in mind for you this month and throughout the course of our whole adventure. So gear up and come with Me; let’s GO!

Love, your doting (and very excited) Heavenly Father.”

Beloved, is the Lord speaking to you through this word today? If so, stop and respond to Him in your own words as your response gushes out of your spirit! Let Holy Spirit lead you, and surrender to your loving Father God for ADVENTURE!


  1. irene jones says:

    Hallelujah to this word. I have been going through a lot with my job. Mentally beaten me down at times. I have stuff that God gave me work on. I have had conformation in dreams he approve . I always pray if it is his will. I feel like I’m struggling because my inner me is dealing with stuff I know I have to correct. This is a word for me God bless you

    1. Cornelia Coleman says:

      This was a word of confirmation and a word of encouragement and inspiration. I’m so encouraged to know the marvelous things God has in store for my life even when you fill like you have been forgotten or overlooked by men . This was a word of love that God loves me and he knows all the details of my life and he cares for me. Thank you for encouraging my heart today ♥

  2. Hi Prophetess Jamie
    its 1 October, 13:30pm and I just read the word for October, tears filled my eyes… yes, this is meant for me, for too long I’ve felt bound, bound up in mediocrity and procrastination but not any longer, thank you very much for your labour in Our God.
    God bless

  3. Such a confirmation for me Jamie! I’ve been longing for adventure, and yesterday the Lord specifically had me start praying for adventure with Him in my life. Can’t WAIT to see what He has in store!

    1. Catherine says:

      This confirmed so much for me. I have been praying and asking g God to take me on a journey with Him in my prayer time the.last two months and the Lord answers with this Prophetic word. October in the month for adventure and convergence. Yes Lord I’m ready and I surrender to , the adventure!.

  4. Tanya Whiteside says:

    Adventure and convergence. Yes, thank you Lord. I am willing and ready to do Your will desiring to bring you great pleasure in the wonderful pleasure of Your company. I welcome Your healing and restoration of hurting left shoulder, upper and lower spinal joints too.

    Love and hundredfold blessings, thank you Jamie!

  5. Let’s go Daddy!
    Yesterday, my 4 year old son, for the first time ever told me ‘mum let’s go for an adventure…! And I was like eeeh! Adventure?
    I surrender Lord. Am excited let’s go on ADVENTURE NOW!

  6. Yes Lord!! I am ready to go on this adventure with you!! Thank you Lord!! This is a rescue mission!! You always know my needs even before I do. Thank you Lord!! My healing is converging with the Adventures you have planned for me. Amen!! Hallelujah!!

  7. linda harrison says:

    Yes, thank you Lord, ready & excited bout what going to do, I love surprises from u cause I know there going to be good, your will & way Heavenly Father……thanks Jamie

  8. Amen! Hallelujah! I’m ready, so let’s go, God!

  9. Renee Ziegler says:

    God knows that seeing how he has converged different things in my life to create the adventure I had & propel me into a new one is one of the things I truly enjoy experiencing & it brings him continuous praise.
    Thank you Jaime

  10. Denise Valderrama says:

    Thank you Father God! I surrender and can’t wait to see what you have in store for me! ❤️
    Thank you Jamie

  11. pheobe Aluoch says:

    Amen and amen.. Thank you Lord Almighty God, thank you Jesus.. I am ready my father, best friend and beloved to adventure with you this new season in Jesus Mighty name.. Hallelujah 🙌🙌💃💃

  12. Robin Berry says:

    Exciting and encouraging word. Thank you for all you do❤️

  13. Wow wow I am so excited 😁 😆 my God this is my birth month and this Word is bringing so much expectations in my heart ❤ love you Daddy God and I surrender all. Thanks you women of God for always obeying God may He increase you beyond your expectations love you Jamie you are blessed 🙌 ❤

  14. Father thank you this word and the adventure and convergence that your doing in my life. I surrender it all to your will to glorify your name. Father I promise I will testify to your name for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you God and Jamie ❤🙏🏾😭🙌🏾

  15. What a refreshing Word from the Lord that truly spoke to my spirit today!! I receive it ALL!! Thank You Lord and thank you Jamie for your obedience! Blessings!

  16. Thank you, Father!! I surrender to go on this adventure with You!

  17. Father YAH…. READY I AM AMEN Hallelujah!!!!!

    1. Crystal Griffith says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this Word. Tears are streaming from my face because I had a huge question before the Lord and through this Prophetic Word God has answered me. Thank you Jaime for your continued obedience in the work of the Lord.

  18. Thank you Jamie for this Word from the Lord. Tears were streaming down my face because I had just asked God a question that I needed an answer to. I immediately went to my email and remembered I wanted to read this prophecy when I had more time to take it in. As soon as I began reading I realized God was answering my prayer and giving me a green light to forge ahead/press forward. Thank you so much for your continued obedience in releasing the Word of the Lord.
    This post might be a duplicate because I originally misspelled your name in my excitement.

  19. I was literally just praying to God this morning about restoring my relationships and some other things about rejection and abandonment in past relationships and then I read this passage this morning. I read it right after I had talked to God about my heart ache and He addressed it in this passage. Covenant relationships! God is so awesome. Yes this word definitely spoke to me. I am ready for my adventure and convergence this month. Thanks Jamie for allowing the Lord to use you to bless us!

  20. Katherine says:

    Thank you Wonderful Heavenly Father my best friend. I receive your word today. Excited to see what you have for me.

  21. Cathy Anderson says:

    What an remarkable Word from the Lord for October! I have what for me was a very long prayer I think God began answering on Sunday. I was in a fellowship for 14 years and spent all that time bringing my foster children to church 2-3 or more times a week and trying to model Christ in my life. I longed for Christian friends and fellowship but no one not one person ever invited me or reached out to me in friendship. This has crippled me in my walk with Jesus terribly. I spent thirty years alone raising first my own two children after my divorce, and then raising three foster siblings by myself. To make a long story short on Sunday for the first time since I started back to actual church no online, since being very ill and the pandemic, and I had several people reach out to me. A stranger that sat next to me interacted with me in a loving way. I was blown away with excitement. I truly feel that God is beginning a new adventure with me and it began Sunday. May God alone be Praised!

  22. QUAIFE F NICHOLS says:

    Wonderful word!
    It is a confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to me this weekend, and a good encouragement.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to Him!

  23. Thanks so much, Jamie! I marvel at how you do everything that you do!
    Pray that God gives me courage and boldness to fully surrender and be this adventurous!!
    I have also been praying for God to send me supportive friends and mentor(s) to help me on my way; it was great to read what God told you about that!
    Many blessings to you for your faithfulness in going where HE leads you, and for taking us along with you😇

  24. Cindy K Conner says:

    I had just given this same word from the Lord to a prophetic brother and like always, I wait for the confirmation to come by two or three witnesses that indeed the Lord spoke it. I had to go no further than the instruction to stretch out one’s tent stakes, because that is the exact words the Lord gave me for him just last night!
    It gets better and better! I have had this knowing in my knower that the middle of October but not all the way through November that the Lord was showing me that He has something special coming my way. Adventure indeed, even so, Lord Jesus COME! I look forward to what You are about to show me in Jesus name, amen, and thank You, Heavenly Father, for using Jamie to bring so valuable confirmation over confirmation I’ve heard accurately from YOU, amen.

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