Prophetic Word: Prophesy to Your Unveiling!

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you been hidden for a long time? Does it seem like no one notices you or sees you–at least, not for the value you see in yourself nor for the reason God put you in the world?

If so, the Father gave me this word for you today:

“It is time to prophesy to your unveiling!

It is My time to open doors for you. You have fasted and prayed for this a long time, and you have thought that nothing has been happening. However, I had to wait for certain things to be out of your life and out of your character before I could unveil you to the world!

It is now time for you to be unveiled as My Son’s Bride, My child, and My servant.

And because it is My time, I need you to cooperate with Me to help Me release My plans for you on the earth.

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I want you to speak this prophecy over yourself–and say it just like this:

“Self, be unveiled by your Father in Heaven! Let the veil of Heaven that has left you alone with Father in the darkness be ripped off by God’s holy angels, just like the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom! Let the ripping of the veil–the ripping from Heaven–commence NOW! 

Self, be revealed to the world as Father God desires you to be. Be shown in all your glory; be shown in all your strength; be it shown that you are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might right now! 

Veil, be removed and be cast aside and asunder. I arise and shine now, for the glory of the Lord is revealed upon me, and the Lord brings me into divine alignment with every plan and purpose He has for me NOW in Jesus’ name.

Self, you are being shown to the world right now. Walk worthy, for the high calling of God has been placed upon you. You shall not fail, for He shall not fail you. You are hidden with Christ in God, and your glory (which is the glory of the Lord) is being revealed upon you to the world NOW in Jesus’ name.”

Beloved, the time you have been waiting for is come. The time is now.

Believe and pray this for yourself, and believe it for others as well. Believe that it is the time of My unveiling and SPEAK to the unveiling.

Speak also to the glory that is upon you.

My glory is My own alone, and I do not share it with others. However, you need to know that Christ is in you and HE is your Hope of glory.

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and Christ is in Me and I am in Him. Does it not follow, therefore, that I am in you? And is it not fitting that where I am–where My Son is–and where My Spirit is–that there I should be glorified?

My beloved, showing My glory and revealing it upon you does not diminish My glory one iota.

I am Myself and My glory is Mine. I have commanded your unveiling; I have commanded My glory to rest upon you, and so it does. Do not doubt or diminish My glory or My desires for you.

Accept it as your responsibility to carry My glory and My splendor. Carry it well. Prophesy to the unveiling; I am unveiling you now; even now as we speak opportunities are coming for you and doors are opening TO you. I am doing this work; it is a quick work, for My timing is now.

Love, your Abba Father.”

Beloved, if this word is for you, take a deep breath and read it again (and maybe again). Let it soak in, and then prophesy to your unveiling as the Father commanded.


  1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Praise God, Jehovah My Sovereign Lord You Are..I received by faith after finished Quiet Time and my Holy Communion this beautiful Tursday morning..Amen Amen ..Yessss Abba Father,Thank yiu so much for releasing this to me this early morning.Thank you so much MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD.

    1. All I can say is WOW!!!!

      1. Same here!! Wow indeed!!!

    2. Linda Gerner says:

      Thank you for this word. I believe it is intended for me as well. I have been alone far to long…and wondered when it would end. I need to be with the right body and for my Son and his family as well. Please pray for us that we don’t miss it. Thank you so much for your dedicated life Jamie. Love to listen to your teaching and see what God is doing in and through you and your staffs lives. Glory to God in the highest!!! Love you all.

  2. Hallelujah. I receive it in the name of Jesus Christ. This word touches me. May it come to pass in the name of Jesus amen

  3. Bantshang says:

    I thank God. I believe this word is for me. For quite a long time I have been hearing a voice saying ” you are hidden” I didn’t understand but I would rebuke it thinking that it was the enemy’s voice. I believe if it was really it was from God this word is for me. I will take time to go over and and over until am settled because am afraid.

    1. I was hearing “hide in Christ” for a whike now, so yes, this word is soeaking to me right now!

  4. Thank you Father this word is definitely for me. I have been praying, fasting and waiting on the Lord. Just last night I was praying to God why I am if I’ve been in suffering for so long. I also needed confirmation to a dream I had about doors and its all being confirmed to me by this prophesy. Thank you God for not forgetting me nor forsaking me during this time. Thank you Jamie for always being a light for us during our times of guidance. Thank you Father for I will testify to your glory.

  5. linda harrison says:

    Thanks be to God, God is Good

  6. Fiona Uluikavoro says:

    I thank you Abba Father,thank you for my unveiling thank you for my glory,Abba Father.

  7. Amen I receive believe and speak it! Hallelujah thank you Sister Jamie

  8. Felicia James says:

    Hallelujah I receive and speak it! Father God I thank you praise your Holy name Amen And Amen

  9. Thank You Father I receive it in Jesus name Amen

  10. Mary McGaw says:

    Thank you for this word, Father God. I receive it in Jesus’s name. Amen

  11. Elena de costa says:

    I’m heartbroken today but this message lifted me up.

  12. I accept this prophecy and unveiling in the name of Jesus, Jehovah Jireh my Provider, thank You Eternal God, thank You Holy Spirit, all Glory to God. Hallelujah, I’ve been set free, and my prayers have been answered.

  13. I receive this word in the name of Jesus Christ. Let it come to pass in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
    Jamie thank you for sharing this word. Be blessed.


  15. I receive the word in Jesus name.

  16. Paul Israel says:

    This message is for me personally and I believe that my day for success has come

  17. This is a word from God for me, thankyou Father I have being waiting a long time for your glory to be released into my life, I thank God for this wonderful ministry

  18. Denise Moore says:

    I received this Word from My King Jesus, of my calling, I will ask my GOD again, in clarity, If so I shall do. I’m soaking this Word In to my spirit to reveal it to Me, I don’t wanna to miss the opportunity that GOD giving me

  19. Glory be to God. This word is for me and resonates with the season I am in. Father God made me a promise 3 years ago and through prayer and fasting and endurance I waited. I waited! True to His promises and his faithfulness , today as we speak guys I have a business , less than a year and double open doors of opportunities are here. I am seeing his goodness in the land of the living. I went from having one client every quarter to being fully booked each month from last week. Sister Jamie I also want to thank you for being the sister that walked with me through your Anointing, I kept the faith, reading and praying each day with your material and I am beyond grateful.

  20. millicent deenah says:

    Amen. i received it in Jesus mighty name.

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