Prophetic Word: “I Am Sending Many Presents to You,” Says the Lord

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I heard the Father say:

“I am sending many presents to you, for I have heard your cry and seen your tears.

The cry of your heart has come up to Me like a sweet fragrance in My nostrils. I have heard your passion and your ardor; your love for Me which has not grown cold. I have also seen your love for the saints, and I honor it,” says the Lord.

He continued:

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    “This love that you have for other people can only be given by Me.

    This love is My kind of love. And the outpourings of love that you have made for others have been written before Me in My book. They have been stacking up on the balances before Me, for I have been saving them until your seed matched the weight of what I have wanted to do for you all along.


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    Your seeds now exceed the harvest I want to bring, so you can look now for many presents and gifts from Me to come forth,” says the Lord.

    “The things I have put in your heart to desire from Me were not things I could do in an instant; I had to grow you into them,” He continued. “But every seed you have sown, every prayer you have prayed, and every day you have fasted has been adding up before Me.

    I have also been growing you as you have been seeking Me.

    You have to understand that some of the things I desire to do for you require a level of maturity on your part that you had to grow into over time. You have now reached a place in Me where you can sustain the burden of these blessings–at least, the blessings I have for you for now.

    There are other blessings and presents I desire to send at a later time, after your prayers and time spent with Me and fasting and seeds have brought you to an even higher place of maturity in Me, where you can sustain the weight of those additional gifts.

    But, for now, you do have gifts coming, so look for them and thank Me for them–both when they arrive and even now, before you see them,” says the Father who loves you.

    “It will start today, these many presents I desire to send you.

    Ask Me to help you believe if you cannot quite believe it on your own. Then acknowledge every smallest thing I do for you, for little is much when God is in it,” says the Lord God of the universe.

    Friend, is the Lord speaking to you through this word today? If so, leave a comment below! We love hearing from you!

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    1. I receive this, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

      1. i recrive it in the name of Christ Jesus i give you thanks Father praise honor snd all glory belongs to you Lird Amen and smen❤❤❤

    2. Danica Spencer says:

      This was beautiful. I’m just so grateful that God acknowledged what I have been doing. Thank You , LORD. And thank you Jamie!!!

    3. Amen! Lord, I thank You for this wonderful promise, Lord, I thank You for the wonderful gift today and all the gifts to follow. Lord, I BELIEVE YOU and take You at Your Word and as Mary said, be it unto to me according to thy word in Jesus name. Father, I bless You

    4. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Holy Spirit give burning faith and belief to receive your the gifts you have for me today.

      1. Donna Murray says:

        Thank you Abba Father, I receive your gifts. You are faithful in all of your ways and you keep your promises. My heart overflows with love and Gratefulness. IJN Thank you. AMEN Donna Murray

    5. Catherine says:

      I thank God for this word and I receive it in the name of Jesus!

    6. Clara Walton says:


    7. Awesome word from God to me!

    8. Beautiful encouraging word. Lord ai thank you for Jamie whose hard work and deyermination is hrlping to save souls

    9. In Jesus Christ name I believe and I receive it is done Amen

    10. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      I believe & receive this Word Lord! Thank You Abba Daddy, for all You have done, are doing and are going to do, In me, through me and for me Lord! I thank You in Advance in Jesus Name!

    11. Amen.
      I am ready to receive. 🤲🏾

    12. Thank you Yahweh and Jamie!! Just what I needed today. My small pension check has gotten delayed and I so needed this word of encouragement. Blessings to you and yours.

    13. This was so special to read… thank you for sharing Jamie and thank you Abba Father. It makes sense and was very timely as I’ve been feeling a bit concerned but thank you for this!!
      God bless you endlessly

    14. Thank you Lord I receive your gifts and I thank you in advance

    15. I receive this in Jesus name amen ! I lost my husband of 41 yrs, Nov. 20. Lord I receive your gifts and I thank you for them. I keep my eyes on You Lord .

      1. Dear Jamie,

        Thank you LORD and thank you Jamie for this word. I believe and I receive this powerful word in the Holy Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

    16. Thank you for this word.
      I receive with deep gratitude and expectations.
      God bless you


    17. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Amen In Jesus name .

    18. Mama Moore says:

      I receive it all, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. AMEN 🙏

    19. Jannette Kelly says:

      I thank God in advance weather small or big gift of blessings He place in my life. I thank our heavenly Father and trust Him in every area of my life. Father God I love You. In Jesus name. Amen

    20. Amen. Thank you Lord Praise you God in advance!🙏🙌🩷🔥

    21. Cindy🌹 says:

      The Lord has led me to a receiving season recently. It seemed to have appeared suddenly, but He’s always working behind the scenes for our good, of course.
      I praise & thank You, dearest Father for all my gifts and I receive them wholeheartedly.

    22. This prophetic word is definitely for me. It is confirmation of the prayers I prayed this morning during the 3 am-6am prayer watch.
      Holy Spirit, thank you for this quick confirmation.
      Jamie, thank you for allowing ABBA to use you as HIS VESSEL of HONOR.

    23. Amen And Amen
      Thank you Father for every good and perfect gift comes from you and i receive the gifts and presents from today in Jesus Mighty Name. So shall it be in my life as you have spoken. Amen..

    24. Thank you Abba , for this word of prophecy I welcome and receive all You have for me. Thank you for your unending love for me. In Jesus Christ mighty name.
      Amen and Amen

    25. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      God I ask you to help me to believe that you are sending me gift today.

    26. Yes I believe Want it he do it

    27. I receive this Word in Jesus’ name.

    28. I receive every gift small and big Father God , and I thank You for them in Jesus name amen !

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