Prophetic Word: I Want to Perfect All Things That Concern You

Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

I heard the Lord say:

“I want to perfect all things that concern you!”

He continued:

You have many things on your heart, but limited resources. Obstacles appear to abound. Nevertheless, I tell you that I am going before you to open up a road to things your eye cannot see, nor your ear hear.

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    I am opening a way for you to have everything perfected that concerns you in this life.

    It might not look like you want it to look, but it will be perfect. It might be harder than you wanted it to be, but it will be perfect–and My grace will be under you the whole time to ensure your safety and stability.


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    You are learning to keep your eyes on Me, and such will be necessary if you want to walk in all My plans and purposes for your life. You have to trust Me even when things aren’t going your way. You have to believe that I can work things out for your good, even when you don’t see how.

    The fact is that My comfort and grace will see you through even the most trying times.

    I know you do not think you can handle it, and indeed you cannot. But there is another level of grace to get you through successfully that you are tapping into right now. This grace comes because you are seeking first My Kingdom, and My righteousness. Did I not promise you that ALL these things would be added to you when you do that?

    I am going to work things out for your good in ways you never even imagined.

    My plan is a cohesive plan, even if it feels fragmented to you. I have only your best in mind, and believe Me when I say that I am fully capable of making sure that only My best happens to you and and for you.

    Do you really think I am a reactive God, taken by surprise and always reacting to what the devil does? I tell you that I am not a reactive God at all!

    I hold the upper hand in all things; the devil is only reacting to Me–and he is doing that poorly. You are not being buffeted by things that were a surprise to Me, and I am not a distant God who only intervenes on occasion.

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    The thing you are looking at, when you take your eyes off Me, is smoke and mirrors.

    I am the only thing–the only One–who is real. Even this world is but a shadow of things to come. My realness transcends anything that happens in your life on this earth, and I am a Sovereign God who is deeply involved in your life. You need to know that.

    I am involved so deeply that I am perfecting ALL things that concern you.

    Your timelines are in My hands. The people surrounding you are in My hands. Your dreams, needs, wants, and desires are in My hands–indeed, Mine alone. You still do not have any idea of the fullness of My involvement in your life, but I desire you to learn this over the next few months:

    • I want you to learn in a whole new way that I am an ever-present God.
    • I desire you to become aware of My hand in your business at all times.
    • I need you to walk with Me and know that I am leading you, and that I am not simply reacting to forces outside of My control.

    I am perfecting all things that concern you,” says the Lord.

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    I want to perfect all things that concern you, and I shall. I shall do and do do anything I please, and what pleases Me is to prosper you and bring all things in your life into a state of perfection. It will be a process, for “little by little I will drive them out before you,” but it will be a sure one.

    My hands do not tremble or shake, and I am not confused as you are. I am not intimidated or broken in any way. I am in charge of all things, and even the devil must bow to My will. I am He who comforts you, and I want you to know today that I am perfecting all things that concern you.


    Your Abba Father.”

    Beloved, did this word speak to your heart today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Amen! I claim this word! I pray for the grace to never take my eyes off my Heavenly Father! Thank you Jamie 🙂

    2. Gill Delano says:

      I receive! Thank You Lord and thank you Jamie. 😘

      1. P. Turner says:

        Yes, thank you so much for a confirmed word. I knew that God was working all things for my good. I’ve had much financial resources stolen from me, but it was no surprise to our Father. I will continue to try and support your ministry, because I believe your heart is right before the Father. Thanks again.

    3. Glory to GOD! Thank you for this WORD.🙏🏽

    4. Necole Zavala says:

      We’ll received thank You Lord for Your timely Word

    5. Deborah Irene Foo says:

      Thank you Jesus for confirming the same prophetic word given by Pastor Joseph on 8 Apr 2023.
      I thank you Lord for perfecting everything that concerns me, and Your grace to see me through and to prosper me. I receive all that is said in Jesus’ most precious name. Amen!

    6. Wow this is powerful God is really showing his hand praise the Lord Amen

    7. Marianela says:

      Thank you Father ❤️

    8. PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE the LIVING GOD for HIS beautiful workmanship in molding you, Jamie, into HIS character and image evident by your precious, magnificent WORDS of incomparable encouragement in the prophetic! Oh how I wish I lived closer to you that I could be fully discipled and share in HIS awesome, life changing presence!!
      I have no money but many items to sell in a yard sale the income from which I pledge to your ministry.

      1. It says “cancel reply”
        How do I find the website address?

    9. I am in a very stressful job, and want to get out. It seems like there is no solution but I know God has a solution. He always does. Please pray this solution comes through SOON!

    10. I must repent for impatience and extreme discouragement. For over 2 years I have fought for my husband’s deliverance and release from captivity to lies of the devil which have wrecked our marriage.

    11. Perfect timing. LORD for sending this Word through my sister
      Blessings ♥️

    12. Thank You Baba I believe in Jesus Mighty Name

    13. I receive this prophetic word. Thank you Father God.

    14. Thank you Abba Father for perfecting my life for me! All glory is to you 🙌✝️💕

    15. Wow, what a great Father we have, His Goodness goes beyond measure! Why a child purchased at the most high price should worry indeed…aaawww that goes straight to my heart! Thank you Jamie for releasing this!

    16. Irma Nortje says:

      AMEN Thank You for your perfect love for me, mankind to receive believe .

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