Prophetic Word: “Immerse Yourself In My Newness,” Says the Lord

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you gotten off track from where the Lord has called you to be—and from the way He has asked you to live your life?

If so, I heard the heart of the Father speak these encouraging words to you today:

“My child, I want you to immerse yourself in My newness.

You need to remember that I Am God who makes all things new. And since I am always this God—God who makes all things new—and I never change, then I am always making all things new.

This means I am making all things new in your life right now. 

When you fail, you don’t have to get down on yourself. All you have to do is immerse yourself in My glory; in My nature; and in who I am. Of course, if you sin, you need to repent and receive My forgiveness. But if you get off track in any way, you need to know that your failures and mistakes need not be permanent.

I am making all things new in your life right now.

You don’t need to be tied to yesterday, or the day before, or even the day before that. Instead, I want you to immerse yourself in My newness. I desire for you to think of yourself, and of your life, as completely new, RIGHT NOW.

Then, one second from now, I want you to think of yourself as completely new again. Ooo—and a second later, new again!

My Word says that, if any person be in Christ, you are a new creature; that old things have passed away, and all things have become new. I don’t think you have given enough attention to the present-tense verbs in that passage:

  • That you ARE in Christ;
  • You ARE a new creature; and that
  • All things ARE new. Presently, continously new.

New people don’t have a past. New people don’t have baggage, and new people don’t even have yesterdays. New people have only this moment.

This is why My Son Jesus told you to take no thought for tomorrow. You are not to dwell in the future, but in the present, for you are new right now. Tomorrow you will be new again; the person you are today will be brand-new tomorrow; so of what use is it for you to worry at all? The person who will not exist in the next moment cannot solve tomorrow’s problems—and you are that person, for in every moment I make you new again.

You have no real idea of the power of My resurrection within you, but I want to teach you.

Everything starts by learning to focus on My newness of life. Learn to focus every moment on how new you are in Me. If you will do this, then nothing can hold you back.

Love, Papa God.

Beloved, is this short word speaking to you today? If so, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Thank you!! Blessings!

    1. Nydia Rojas says:

      Thank you Jamie! Just the word I needed today. God Bless!

  2. Timothy Moore says:

    I just walked out of meeting with my pastor where i was shedding tears about messing up and having a hard time forgiving myself and being firgiven by God and when I got to my car, this message was in my inbox. Love how God speaks to my life in His perfect timing. Thanka for being obedient to the Spirit and posting this word from our Lord!!!

  3. Rebecca Jones says:

    I do my best to do that, I just wrote a post called Immersed in the Sprit.

  4. Great word!!! Thank you Jaime!

  5. Mbah John Ogbonna says:

    Yes it talks more to me… Thank you father for your word concerning me, daddy am so grateful Lord

  6. Sharon Jane Cole says:

    Took me a long time to get this concept still don’t really would help if I did. Maybe read everyday for a time!


  7. Linda Ferguson Bhengu says:

    Thanks Jamie this word is for me it speaks to me in volumes and it give me confidence,God bless you

  8. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    Oh wow this is powerful!!!!! Thank you so much Jamie, much blessings!

    Love you lots,

  9. Tshepiso Mapondo says:

    I learnt a lesson very recently… not even the next hour of your life is guaranteed. This was after I came home and suddenly felt sick- this came so sudden. I went to work earlier was bouncy and vibrant being quite productive.
    I had to see a doctor immediately… I kept wondering how am I this sick out of the blue…? That lesson then clicked; they often say yesterday’s gone and tomorrow’s not promised so the only moment that matters is this present moment; not even the next hour is guaranteed.

    I guess God just used you to echo this message 🌸

    Thank You !

  10. Thank you for the powerful prophetic word Jamie.

  11. Thank you Prophetess Jamie.

    I was so down in the dumb today wondering why God wasn’t answering me, and it was overwhelming.

    Your Prophetic word came as an answer to me.

    Thank you so much.

    God bless you and your Ministry. And I pray God blesses Michael’s mother and she will be praising God soon.

  12. Brittne Epps says:

    Amen I receive this. Father You make all things new and I will follow You forward!! I am new!!

  13. Michelle Deveaux says:

    Thank you so much for these word of encouragement wow what a word for moving forward with strength thanks.

  14. The word I needed today. Thank you.

  15. Aliesana Sandoval says:

    Confirmation! My roommate, sister in Christ, had wore green; I had wore green; and my smoothie was green! I said to her “wow, God is being prophetic!”. I asked her, “What does green mean?”, we googled it and saw “renewal”. My friend declared, “today is going to be a day of renewal”. God is sooooo good and is always speaking. I had gotten so off track with where God has called me to be, and now I’m excited for His renewal in my life.

  16. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    The Word at the right time , I receive it in Jesus Name.God bless you.
    God be the glory

  17. Thank you for the inspiration my Lord and saviour. God bless you Jamie

  18. Kassie Walls says:

    This totally spoke to me! Thank you

  19. christine says:

    thank you dear Jamie, what a wonderful word, hallelujah, so blesses me. never heared this befor in this way, thank you Abba Father.

  20. Thank you, Jamie. You’re always encouraging.

  21. Christina McCrory says:

    I receive this prophetic Word right now, in Jesus, name Amen!!

    Blessings to you Pastor Jamie!!

  22. Yes, these words speak volumes to me, because I mess up and get so discouraged. I have racing thoughts saying its too late for you, your not good. etc. But reading this Prophetic word gives me the encouragement I need to start anew every day. I am a new creature through Christ and His mercies are new every morning. Hallelujah. Thank you Jehovah

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