Prophetic Word: When the Journey Is Too Great for You

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you been through the wringer lately? If so, I heard the Spirit of God say:

“Arise and eat, for the journey is too great for you (1 Kings 19:7).”

Then He went on to say:

“You are exhausted after what you’ve been through, and still you expect your body to soldier on. However, you cannot do this. The journey has been too great for you, and you need to consider that I am in you to give you rest.

I am God who leads you beside still waters. 

I do this because you can’t always handle speed. You can’t always handle rushing waters. When everything is closing in on you, you need peace and calm. You need rest and quiet, and you will not get them when you try to push forward to protect yourself in and of your own strength.

I want you to stop trying to keep up and just be.

You need stillness, and right now I am not going to help you be anything but still–for stillness is My will for you. You need quietness and calm, even if it is only for one day; so stop trying to push.

When crowds pushed upon My Jesus, He ministered to them–but then He sought solitude. You have been through so much, and you don’t even realize half of what you have been through. You have experienced several tectonic shifts over the past year, but you have never rested adequately.

I have three commandments for you right now: arise; eat; and rest.

Don’t try to think too much. Don’t problem-solve very much at this moment. Even if it is just for one day, stop beating yourself up for needing rest. I did not create you to solve every problem; I made you to lean on Me. 

Arise; eat; and rest.

The journey is too great for you. Don’t fear for your provision; have I not shown you over and over that I am your provision? Have I not provided for you always?

I will take care of you while you take care of what concerns Me–and that is YOU. 

You are My temple; My child; and My dwelling place. You are My beloved and My delight. You are My precious child, and I see what you cannot. 

The journey has been too great for you. Rest right now, beloved child of Mine. Don’t try to reason it out. Arise; eat; and rest. Don’t get down into self-pity. I know you don’t understand some things, but TRUST ME. Arise, eat, and rest. I am with you to sustain you.

With much love from your Abba Father.”

Thank You, Abba Father. 

Beloved, is this word for you today? If so, please leave a comment below and publicly declare your commitment to arise, eat, and rest in the Lord today.

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  1. Jamie, I m so thankful for both prophetic words of today and yesterday and the prayer today! Thank you for this great encouraging words!

  2. Debra Brady says:

    Thank you for your beautiful and much needed comments 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. I so needed this it’s excactly what I need praise the lord almighty for he never leaves us or forsake s us even in our darkest hours

  4. I so needed this it’s excactly what I need

  5. Jamie I am so thankful for God to connect me to you online.Its the third time I have heard the word “rest” Thank you .love you lots.

  6. Christopher Hosey says:

    Thank you. I needed to hear this. Im Tired of Beating myself up. Lord Take this. Its Yours.

  7. Jamie I am so thankful for God to connect me to you online.Its the third time I have heard the word “rest” Thank you you lots.

  8. Brittne Epps says:

    Amen. I receive this Word Father. I will Arise, Eat, and Rest. Thank YOU ABBA for taking care of Me. I love YOU.

    1. Amen. Thank you God Almighty for the encouraging and beautiful words. I trust in you. As you always take care of me and with you everything is impossible.

      Thank you Father. I love you. In Jesus Name. Amen

  9. I really needed this Word from The LORD right now. Thank you so very much for your obedience to THE LORD. HIS continued BLESSING in all of IT’S Fullness BE unto you and your whole house in the Name of Christ Jesus our LORD. AMEN.

  10. Matshepo Seletswane says:

    This word is spot on to what’s going on my life and family right now.

    Thank you Jamie.

    1. Thanks jemie, I earnestly pray that more and more revelations doors will be open unto you.

  11. Thomas Swartz says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you Jesus ,thank you ,thank you,l receive in it in Jesus Name
    May God bless you more and more.
    God be the glory

    1. Abel Olajubu says:

      I am blessed by these words of encouragement and hope from you sir.
      Thank you Father for being there for me even now that am burdened with how to sponsor my children’s education. Now I can lean on Him.

  12. Thanks for your prayers and prophetic words. Gods blessings continue upon you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️

  13. Thank you for this word today. I just finished lunch and thinking of all I wanted to do. But will rest, and rest in his provision.
    I have been through a lot this last 1 -1.5 years.
    Thanks so much for your ministry.

  14. Ingrid Luna says:

    What a word, a friend sent it to me.. And it encouraged me immensely. I struggle with rest but I will arise eat and rest. God bless

  15. Jamie, this is us , it shows so much an it was confirmed 10 mins ago ,I just now asked God what is going on this past 4 yrs. has been trying we have a bad neighbor that should not be here for many reasons some criminal, our family has endured many bad things , just yesterday at work we were made to feel Christians are suppose to feel bad being god filled we are Christians ,something is very wrong in this world ,Thank-you ,Jamie for this word we are not letting go an Letting God , an now we will.

  16. this is so Rhema for me the word rest has been coming my way from all corners even from strangers and when i read it here i knew the Lord is still reminding me i need to enter rest.Am thankful to God for you and what you do .You are a blessing to many of us.Shalom

  17. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank You 😊😊🙌💞💕 FATHER I will arise, eat, rest and I will put my trust in you.

  18. Thank you!!! I needed this

  19. Thank you Jaime, this word hit right at home. Thank you Father!

  20. Margaret Mills says:

    Perfect, thank you.

    1. Sharon Jane Cole says:

      As I was reading this a song Just Breathe rang through my head. Much, much needed word. Since it comes directly from the Father, maybe it will make it easier to do! I feel if I stop for a moment my body won’t know how to react. Obedience!
      God bless you and your ministry.
      Update on Beci?

  21. Joelle Erdmann says:

    I absolutely needed this word today! Thank you so much! I have been beating myself up and getting mad at God because He said He would answer me and show me things I don’t know, He said He has a purpose for me….and yet, I struggle to know the next step and I struggle…I struggle. It’s because I thought I had to have the answers now. I thought I was supposed to be ready, now. I thought I was….
    But God has come through with what I really needed. Rest. To know that He is in me. Thank you!

  22. Jamie this word is for me. Thank you so much.

  23. gail rawlings says:

    oh my ive had just about every door slammed in my face for work; my Husbands been horrilble.and lots more, im happy and i know Jesus

    1. Cecelia Burton says:

      Thank you Jamie! I have been thinking so hard! Trying to figure out and solve the many problems going on in my life! Unemployed due to the COVID-19 virus. Today I received a letter saying my extended unemployment ran out! What am I going to do? How am I going to pay my mortgage , pay my bills put food on my table ? Only receiving 2,000.00 a month from my pension and retirement????. Mortgage is almost 2,000.00!!!!!!! Bless me Lord Jesus!!

  24. This Prophetic Word is for me today.
    The journey has been too great for me.
    I will arise, eat and rest.

  25. Good Afternoon Jamie. This is what the Lord is telling me. To Rest in Him. Yes, I will be still and know that He is God. Thank you so much.

  26. Taranjeet Kaur says:

    Dear Jamie. God Bless you and I am glad to be connected to you online. I live alone and alone actually. I dont have much friends or i would rather say Godly friends. Sometimes I want to have conversation with a person and through you I feel I have a Godly friend now. I have been jobless and sustaining with my savings which can only hold until November. Past few weeks been too overwhelming and my health has been affected unexpectedly. I do had suicidal thoughts, fear of how will I pay my rent and bills. But I am holding on to God and today’s reading here it helped and encouraged me. Thank you so much.

    1. Keep holding onto the Lord Jesus Christ, friend! He has GOOD plans for you! Father God, give Taranjeet a will to live again–and to live with Your power, in Jesus’ mighty name!

  27. Kedibone Celia Magooa says:

    Good morning, thank you Lord for the word, it speaks to me directly, i can’t find a rest because of the debts i find myself in, the devil entered me in 2019 the same date and month through scamers i found myself in the mess as i allowed the devil to use me, I’m having sleepless nights because my financial life is a mess, im blaming myself every moment of my life, i can’t forgive myself though i tried to ask from God to forgive me and restore my life, sometimes i loose hope and feel like committing suicide, please God help me i can’t go on like this, AMEN

  28. God bless you Jamie. You re so full of inspiration. God is doing marvelous things in my life through you. Thank you Abba Father.

  29. Thank you for your your word. Just preparing to go to work and faced with heavy tasks that drain me and wondering when will this end. Your word is just what I needed to hear on rest.

  30. Jovy Mendes says:

    Dear Jamie,
    God bless you always.
    Indeed, I get over anxious and then I over think, thus going into depression and self-pity.
    But yes, I need to rest.
    Rest in my mind. Feed on the word and put myself at eass…. knowing that my creator has me in the palm of His hand. And all will be fine… in His time.
    Lord, give me the grace to remain still in You. Holy Spirit, I need you.
    Thank you Lord.
    Thank you Prophetess Jamie.. God’s chosen vessel, through whom He sends His message.
    Thank you so much

  31. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Being tired and worn out lately – I thank the Lord almighty for this word Jamie.
    I am truly blessed by all the prophetic words you shared on your blog. Be blessed .

  32. These messages always come right on time!! Thank you Lord, thank you Jaime!!

  33. Thank you Jamie for delivering this word.

    It is exactly what I need right now. I will arise eat and rest in obedience according to this prophetic word. Thank you Jesus All Glory and Honor to you Lord.

  34. bridgette says:

    It has been a difficult year. A devastating Hurricane Dorian in September 2019 that left our island mourning the lost of love ones, rebuilding and restoring what was swept away in the highest storm surge ever recorded – and now COVID 19.
    It has been mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining.
    Arise, eat, and rest. Thank You, Father God.
    I hear, I receive, I will obey.

  35. This hit just where I needed it and it has lifted my spirit so much. God bless you

    Wow AMEN.

  37. Rebecca Jones says:

    It applies to me, definitely, I have to rest, Good verse and word.

  38. This word is for me.. thank you papaa 😍

  39. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for a word in season.

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