Prophetic Word: It Is a Season of Suddenlies

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Prophetic word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, are you in the mood for MEGA and MORE? If so, you will be so encouraged by the prophetic word the Lord spoke to me today for you!

This morning, I heard the Father say, “It is a season of suddenlies!”

I asked Him for more details, and this is what our Daddy God said:

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    “Time has failed to heal all wounds, but I have healed them Myself. I am moving you forward into a season in which you will not recognize your surroundings as being the same as they were five months ago, they will be so different and that much improved.

    Your faithfulness to Me has not gone unrecognized.

    The great cloud of witnesses is looking on and rooting for you. Even in the little things, you have a great cloud of observers who are witnessing your faithfulness to Me.

    Of course, I Myself am the Chief Observer of your activities. And I have observed your heart; your eye toward Me; the beating of your heart for Me as you move throughout your day. I have observed the faithfulness of your actions toward Me, for you indeed have a perfect heart toward Me.

    Now is the time in which you will begin to enter your harvest season.

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    It does take time for your seeds to germinate and come up out of the ground, which is why you must be perpetually planting seeds. But this spring’s batch of seeds is unlike any other batch of seeds. This spring’s batch of seeds was for MEGA and for the MORE, and the harvest that is now coming up is a harvest of MEGA and MORE.

    The harvest of MEGA and MORE is a harvest I am bringing to you because of My great love for you. You planted seeds and sowed faithfully, and your seeds are now producing a harvest.

    Thank you for your great love for Me.

    Do you have any idea how much it hurts Me when My children do not love Me? I long for each of My children. They are My joy and crown. But when they do not love Me like you do, it hurts Me. My heart is always to have each of My children gazing into My face as I gaze into and kiss their faces.

    But you love Me and it warms My heart. I just want you to know that. And because you have positioned yourself to love Me and have made yourself blessable so that I can affirm your actions, then I am doing more for you in this season than I have EVER done before. I love you that much!

    What I am doing for you in this season will astound you.

    Suddenly I come; I am God of suddenlies. I enjoy surprising you, like I did yesterday! I enjoy giving you gifts of all kinds. So watch for Me to come; watch My hand at work on your behalf at all times!

    I have things for you EACH MORNING that you didn’t dream of the day before. I will show you those things in this season if you will trust Me, and if you will expect!

    You will see ‘suddenlies’ one after the other after the other in this season.

    Suddenly I will come. Suddenly I will help. Suddenly I will bring progress where no progress has been before. You are already seeing all these things, if you will pay attention!

    Expect Me to appear and give you the deepest desires of your heart.

    The things that matter to you are extremely important to Me too. Sit around and think up neat things I could do for you that would shock you–then ask Me to do them, and more! 

    Don’t be afraid to do unprecedented things to get unprecedented results.

    “Unprecedented” is the word for this season, for there truly is no precedent for what I am doing for you in this season. Remember the days of Job, and how I restored him after he lost everything. He simply kept His faith and trust in Me, and I did the rest!

    The same way Job confessed “I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25-27), you also have confessed your faithfulness to Me–then you have lived out your confession. You will find out in this season that I am a GREAT Rewarder of those who seek Me continually and choose to walk in the way of faithfulness to Me!

    I am God who is faithful to you.

    It is who I am; I can be no other way. I am the First, and I am the Last; whatever I say goes. And in this season, I say that I am going to astound you with My faithfulness. I am going to SHOCK you with My suddenlies. And I am going to amaze you with the magnitude of what I am doing in your life–things about which you have not even dreamed. 

    Get ready; My salvation comes. Keep your eyes on Me, the Author and Finisher of your faith. I wrote your days in My book before any of them existed, and the most exciting chapters of your life begin right now.

    Watch for Me. Notice what I do.

    Acknowledge it and stay in lock-step with Me. I am with you always, even to the end of the world. 

    Love, your Daddy God.”

    Wow! Thank You, Father God. I receive what You say and I take it for myself.

    Beloved, do you receive and take this word for yourself too?

    If so, speak that out verbally: “I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me according to Your Word, Father!” 

    If this word blesses you and Holy Spirit is bearing witness to your spirit, leave a comment below!

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    1. Jenny Beedle says:

      ‘I know that my Redeemer lives and will once again stand upon the earth’… I have been quoting this word lately and as I was reading this word on the ‘suddenlies’, I knew… He is the ‘God who see’s’… Thank you Jesus..,, smile. Thank you Jamie!…I would love to see you in Denver, I haven’t signed up yet, hope you still have spaces when I do…

      1. Hi Jenny! So glad this word served as confirmation to you! I would LOVE to meet you in Denver. Please do sign up as soon as you can! I believe it will be a blessing!
        Have a super day.

        1. DeLores Sears says:

          Praise God for His faithfulness
          Thank God for you.
          Have a blessed week

      2. Thank you Jamie; your words are always right on. This one was especially encouraging and I feel less anxious after having read it. It has an anointing to bring such peace

        1. Lorenza Passarella says:

          Thank you 😊
          Father God for Your Word this morning that confirms everything you see me doing and I love ❤️ You so much as You love ❤️ me!!
          I thank You for restoring me everything to me , like Job!!
          You are So Beautiful Lord!!
          Without You I can’t don’t anything!
          Thank You for Your Blessing and Favor upon my life and honor to sow into Your Kingdom and You see everything!
          Thank You Lord for household salvation drawing my families to You. Especially now four generations living in the land of the living!
          It is Your Will and it is mine too!!
          You shall receive All the Glory for our lives!!
          Because my God is Love ❤️
          Thank You for transforming us into the image of Your dear son Jesus!!
          Amen 🙏

      3. Thank You God our Father.
        Jamie, wow, I Receive and Believe this Word!
        So lovely, so soothing so real. Wow
        Thank You

      4. I received this prophetic word with faith. It ministered to my situation and a clear indicator of answers to my prayers and fasting in the last few weeks. I believe and I know the word is specifically for me. To God be the glory.

    2. Nicci Augustine says:

      Our God reigns & He sends the rain. Thank you Jamie for speaking life giving Words from Abba Father.

    3. Lynn Eplee says:

      I accept this Word for my life. Thank you Jamie for your encouragement.

      1. Makala Ramocan says:

        This was confirmation to a prophetic word the Lord gave me last week! I love him so much and the fact that he wants not one to perish makes me love him even more.

    4. Thank you for the word today I receive it in Jesus Name.

    5. Jenny Matherly says:

      Thank you, Jamie! I take this word as my own!!! God’s blessings on you and your family for your love and faithfulness to our Daddy God!!! ❤️

    6. Richard natala says:

      I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me Richard according to Your Word, Father!”

    7. Yes and amen. Thank you Jamie for delivering this word from the Lord for me. Thank you Father God for making it so. Be it unto ME, according to YOUR word, this day Father!

    8. linda harrison says:

      Yes I receive this word & I take it for myself. Be it unto me according to your word Father…….Praise the Lord

    9. Bless you Jamie, This word is right in time for me, I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me according to Your Word, Father.
      Praise God. Thank You Father
      We are truly blessed 💞

    10. I accept this word for my life. I love you father thank you!

    11. I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself. Thanks Jamie! 😊

    12. Expecting. I love the encouragement to sit and think of neat things. I will do so.

    13. Akua Vera says:

      Jamie, this is my message and I mean direct message to me and am sowing into these words of God for immediate manifestation and I know and believe He will do, for, He is not a man that He should lie. I trust Him.
      Thank you Jamie for receiving and delivering His special parcel.

    14. Amen and Amen. For the Lord looks at our hearts. I receive this word, thank you. Bless you

    15. Amen and Amen,! I Receve this Word, speak this Word, and take it for Myself in Jesus’ Name! Thank You Abba Father God, thank You Sister Jamie! May Our Abba Father God continually guide You and bless You and Your ENTIRE Household in Jesus’ Name. Amen, so be it!

    16. Hi Sister Jamie, thank you for this prophetic word! I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me according to Your Word, Father. In Jesus’ name, I’ve prayed and believed, Amen.

    17. I receive this word and TAKE it for myself!

      1. antonio thomas says:

        Yes I agree with the new word that the
        Father has spoken to us his sons and
        Daughters .
        Thank you Father
        In Jesus Name
        Antonio’ Thomad

    18. Aishwarya mary thomas says:

      Thank u, Jamie. your words are a deep encouragement to me.

    19. Maika Kamikamica says:

      I receive this word and I take it for myself. Be unto me according to your word Father.

    20. I am overjoyed yo receive this word. I give my complete trust and faith to Abba Father do make this happen for me and my dear ones, AMEN!!!

    21. Teresa Montgomery says:

      Thank you dear sister, I do receive this. God has so many good things in store. He is sending me out to restart a church with the new wine skin which is definitely a suddenly and I’m believing Him for that “suddenly” husband. Can hardly wait. God bless you sis. Sowing into this word.
      Teresa, from church.

    22. I receive this Word Father God, in my heart of hearts I know you are about to a miraculous thing, in fact things for all who believe. You are a great God and we thank you for leading us here, thank you for the confirmation and I pray that all who receive this word would be kept safe and your faithfulness will come through in a devastatingly beautiful way! Thank you Jamie, God bless you always xxx

    23. Terris Lovelle says:

      Yes , I receive it and believe it praise God !!

    24. I receive this word in Jesus Name, Amen! I’ve been listening to the Anthem by Dunsin Oyekan ft. Pst. Jerry Eze from Nigeria. I’ve been quoting that “He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” that’s what the song is about and your prophetic word just confirmed it to me and I had to go listen to the song again in agreement. I am a 27yrs old lady and I’ve been through a lot emotionally, mentally, physically and financially and trusting God for my man and in faith believing 16th Oct. 2021 as my wedding day and married to His best not because I deserve it but because His Mercy and Grace is at work and so I’m really expecting a lot from Him. Please pray with me as I also want to share this testimony with you because I believe it strongly that I have received that which I have asked of Him!.

    25. I receive this word and take it for myself. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

    26. Thank you Daddy, God- I receive the Word sent through your daughter, Jamie

    27. Angela A Richardson says:

      Powerful Word I receive it

    28. Deirdre Danna says:

      “I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me according to Your Word, Father!” Thank You Father God in advance!

    29. Yes Lord,I received these SUDDENLIES in my life. I’m ready, I’m expecting so much. I declare that safe habitation and the date is June 21, 2021. Thank You Lord for Your unlimited surprises. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness.

    30. I believe this word and do take it to myself, in the name of Jesus.

    31. Yes Lord. I receive the Suddenlies. My children will suddenly be saved by grace. Suddenly i will be healed. Suddenly God will give me justice and honour. Suddenly i will be elevated to the next level. Suddenly my dreams will become reality. Thank you for this powerful word.

    32. Henrietta says:


      Thank You for Your amazing love!

    33. Wow! This is so deep, I am believing God for suddenly’s. I am waiting in anticipation of what the Lord has in store for me

      So grateful for the love from our Father. Such a perfect love.

      Thank you for blessing us with this message. Amen!

    34. SUDANE BLESSED says:

      Hallelujah Thank You MIGHTY JEHOVAH GOD 🙏 I Receive this word and i take it for myself 🙌 my father my fighter 🙏 my Great Deliver I appreciate you JEHOVAH and thanks for what you have done ✔️ Thank you JEHOVAH for what you are doing and for what you are going to do in my life Amen 🙏

      1. Praise the name of the living God. Thanks so much prophet Jamie. Your post is sooo timely! I have believed as well as resonated with each and every word from my papa God. This is specifically mearnt for me, I have received it a 100%! Direct from my Loving, living, real and faithful papa God! Iam suddenly going to receive all what iam believing Him for, way sooner than expected! I promise to come back soon with a mega, huge testimony and Thanksgiving to God! Please keep praying for me. May God continue blessing, uplifting and using you more, moooore and much more. Blessings!!


    36. Thank you Jamie for this very prophecy was spoken over me this past Sunday. I believe it and receive it in Jesus name, Amen

    37. Southern Lady says:

      Thank you Jamie, such a great word. I needed that today.

    38. God told me to read this prophetic word and I did and I receive it for myself, in Jesus name. Thank you, Jamie

    39. Francie Robertson says:

      Thank you again for another timely word!
      I am recently “retired” and am trying my hand at hydroponic watercress. Unfortunately I have been close to giving it up. The “SEEDS” are growing but OH SO SLOWLY!
      Admittedly I am STILL LEARNING and they have at least germinated!
      And now about those “suddenlies…”
      In the SPIRITUAL I had one of His “suddenlies” just the other day as I began journalling.
      SUDDENLY means VERY QUICKLY and as from the well-known word of the Book of MARK – “IMMEDIATELY!!!”
      I was back in the FLOW of the SPIRIT in the RIVER OF GOD!!!
      John also used the word “IMMEDIATELY” in JOHN 6:21. When Jesus is in our boat we WILL GET TO THE OTHER SIDE and that VERY VERY QUICKLY!!! WOOHOO!!!
      He WILL speed things up a bit putting it very mildly LOL! As we still tend to be too slow on the uptake LOL!
      So buckle up y’all and hold on tight cos we in for the ride of our lives!!!
      PRAISE HIM!!!

    40. Raul Torres says:

      Raul Torres says
      You are the Father of suddenies and how can I forget your last financial breakthrough back in Sept 2020. I know you will do it again for me.
      I love to sow seeds into others and I can’t wait to see what you have in
      store for me.
      Love Always Raul

    41. Patricia Houston says:

      Blessings Jamie: By faith I receive this word as it’s a “now” word for me. I’ve been confessing, declaring & praying scriptures over my eyes for quite some time & not like Moses, they are not being healed or made whole. I need my sight as I’m just stepping into my destiny by a major move to the place the Lord gave me in a dream ten years ago of which I’ve not stopped claiming it, speaking over it, calling it forth, naming it Canaan and I sense the timing is NOW. The Lord gave me specific instructions of what He wanted me to do with the home. I’m a 20-30 % tither and have been for several years with no return, so it’s my season!!! Thank you for your prayers.

    42. Awesome word! Touches my heart. Thank you for being obedient and sharing it.

    43. Marianela says:

      Amen! I receive this prophetic word 🙌🏽 I’ve been fasting for breakthroughs 🙏🏽 Thank you Father ❤️

    44. I receive this word and I TAKE it for myself! Be it unto me according to Your Word, Father! I am so on love with you.

    45. God is faithful and he will forever be. A very powerful prophetic words from the Lord!!! I receive the word in Jesus name!

    46. I receive it, i believe it, in jesus name Amen

    47. Tshifhiwa says:

      I receive this word and confess that it shall be so in my life. God will suddenly bless me with the promotion of the job interview I had two days ago in Jesus mighty name.

    48. I receive this as mine! In Jesus’Name, Amen!

    49. Wow God is moving in this season,I have seen some of his works already, Amen and Amen

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