Prophetic Word: It Is a Time of Awakening!

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Beloved, have you been faithful through a time of stagnation recently? If so, the Lord gave me a word for you today!

I heard the Lord say:

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    “I am awakening you to your best you–the you that I have planned and dreamed of before the foundation of the world. 

    You have been through a purging time and a sifting time. You have been so discouraged and have been feeling like you have been stagnating. However, the opposite is true!

    You are not stagnating; you are beginning to bear fruit!

    For so long, you have served Me humbly. You have served My people, and you have walked as much as you could in what I called you to do. You have blossomed and you have grown, but you haven’t known what to do when your blossoms appeared to fall off.

    But My beloved, the blossom was never the goal.

    You have been mistaking your blossoming for your fruit, when in fact blossoming comes quite awhile before fruit! And blossoming is fun, but oh! The wildness of the JOY that is FRUIT!

    My child, you have never really been the way of FRUIT before. 

    Oh, you have borne fruit in your character. You have birthed godly fruit through and despite hardship. But a season of fruit–a whole, entire SEASON? Never have you ever been in a season of bearing fruit before; you have only been in a season of blossoming!

    But you need to know, beloved, that the fruit comes after the death of the bloom. You have to understand this in order to stay encouraged. And although it looks like the death of the bloom is the end of beauty in your life, in reality it is only the beginning of hope and of prosperity.

    I love you, My child.

    I am so proud of you! I delight in you! You have finished your past season well. Faithfully you have finished the season of blooming. You have endured the death of the bloom and the hardship that comes after the bloom dies:

    • Faithfully you have hung on, believing Me and trusting in Me–despite feelings of loss, betrayal, and abandonment. 
    • Faithfully, My child, you have clung to the truth that I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.
    • And faithfully, you have chosen to live on and fight another day, even when your back has been against a wall and you didn’t know how you were going to make it through.

    You are now in a season of awakening and of fruit.

    I have moved you into this new season; you felt and saw it manifest a week ago, and this season will never end. Once a fruit tree matures and begins bearing fruit, it never goes backward. It never gets less mature. Likewise, you have crossed the threshold into a season of fruitfulness that will never regress or go backward.

    I have ordained your awakening. So many things had to be surrendered to Me, but you have surrendered them.

    The most recent things were actually some of the hardest, but you have grown so much–and I have helped you so much–that the hardest things fell away even easier than the easiest things. Take that as evidence that this word is true, and that this word is for you, beloved.

    You are in a season of awakening to My river.

    Things you never thought possible will become possible in this season. Things you never thought would happen will happen–in a good way. Things you never knew you could do will suddenly become available to you, and I will anoint you to do them.

    I am a river within you. Follow Me as I lead you. Hear Me as I woo you. In this season of awakening and might, don’t worry about how you are going to get things done. Simply rest, be diligent, and look at Me. I will flow through you like water to accomplish My plans and My purposes for you as you obey Me.

    I love you, My child. I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

    Love, Dad.”

    Is this word for you? Does it resonate in your spirit? If so, leave a comment below and share what the Lord is saying to you!


    1. Way Allen says:

      We serve an Awesome God! Thank You Father for Your word in season! I believe I receive it in the name of Jesus!

      1. My Soul has truly been blessed! This word was for me.

    2. This made me tear up , this definitely spoke to me in so many levels but most of what truly warmed my heart was the live dad at the end. I never had an earthly father and their are time when I pray to God and I literally call him Dad !! This absolutely personal. Thankyou for allowing God to use you in a mighty way !!!

    3. From Lisa: The “Time of awakening” was read, A few days ago I chat with someone that I believed for some people who already received prophesy regardless the years, it will be REVIVED, RESTORED again, and due to what’s been going out there has also been a spiritual storms, that we cannot let it AFFECT our FAITH in the Lord. Thank you, Take care

      1. Joy Uniqueness says:

        Greetings, Glory be to God. I stand in agreement with this word and what you have shared. This is a Woo, WOW Season of seeing the words and promises of God spoken over our lives manifest in the natural so the people can see GOD IS HERE!! God Bless you.

    4. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Dear Jamie, this prophetic word resonates with my spirit. I believe it! I recieve it in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

      1. G MONTSHO says:

        Thank you Jamie, these phophetic words are very true to my life, I receive it and receive them, and will continue trusting God. Amen

      2. Patricia Sambo says:

        I am just thanking God 🙏 for you coming into my life, I thank God that He sent you in a time when I was so beaten down and thinking about giving up. This word speaks volumes to me and about me.thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

      3. Thank you so much Jamie and may God continue to bless you more abundantly I believe and receive these prayers in the mighty name of Jesus

        1. Reggie Jones says:

          Thanks Jamie, in the name of Jesus I receive God’s prophetic word today and I bless His Holy Name. Amen

        2. WEGOSASA STELLA says:

          its for me coz i am bearing the fruits now, God has started answering my prayers, at my workplace and i ve gotten a spouse. Thank you GOD.

      4. Just what I needed to hear. I’ve been going through so much and I haven’t been able to understand it. But now it all makes sense. As a I read this I couldn’t help but cry. How great is our God!! We serve an awesome God.

    5. Such a beautiful and encouraging word. Abba is awesome, I love Him so much!

      1. Lorenza Passarella says:

        Yes this is for me!!! After fighting the good fight of faith, my Lord has answered my prayers my mothers and my daughters prayers!!! Father God has brought forth the physical manifestation of our 30 year fixed refinance and so much more !!! Many many years praying fasting giving believing Gods Word His promises!!! We have the victory!!! Praise God!!!
        Love you Abba Father!!
        Your daughters Lorenza, Norma and Karlena

        1. This word is for me, I receive it. Thank you Abba Father, in Jesus name. I’m celebrating 💕💕🙏🙏Amen!!!

        2. This word is for me, I receive it. Thank you Abba Father, in Jesus name. I’m celebrating 💕💕🙏🙏Amen!!! I believe the Lord’s prophet Jamie, God bless you.

      2. Barbara Cox says:

        Dear Jamie,
        This word was so perfect for me. Ever sentence is exactly what I felt or thought. It’s so amazing How the Lord been revealing Himself to me through you and other things. Thank you so very much. Blessings to you.

        1. Sandra Reid says:

          This word is for me thank you for encouraging it speaks to my spirit so much I know is true time is season time with anointing time and I thank you and God bless you I really am beginning to bear fruit faster and faster this season.

    6. Thank you Jamie! I wept through this whole post. I recognize the voice of my Father. This word is a balm to my soul.

    7. Veronica L Smith says:

      Your words of encouragement always resonate in my spirit. God Bless you for being obedient. How do I sow a seed in your ministry?

    8. This was such an on time word from Daddy. I feel His presence all over. Thank you Daddy for speaking through Jamie, Amen.

      1. Thank you somuch Jamie, this prophetic word is for me, this is my season,I receive it in Jesus name, thank you Father for answering my prayers

    9. Sasha Nair says:

      I had goosebumps when i read your prophetic word and
      believe this resonates with a vision i had in July 2020 during a weekly intercession session. The vision :
      I saw a cherry blossom tree in full bloom in the month of July – which is way after its actual seasonal bloom ie April.
      I watched the pretty sight for a minute or less before the flowers started to slowly wilt and fall off the tree. I have been seeking God for an interpretation of this vision and your prophetic word has done it. Praise God!

    10. Abi Whitley says:

      Thank you so much for this… I have tearfully thanked GOD while reading your prophetic words to my heart… I have been through so much in 50 of the 54.5 yrs GOD has blessed me with life. I have no one to confide in but HIM. Life has never been easy for me. I have never been in a season where there was fruit and just before reading this I prayed to GID and HE gave me Ps 25 to read which fit my prayer perfectly and now this. I owe GOD everything because HE always blesses me no matter how little some may think or feel but those blessings are as big as HIS heart to me and I will always love and cherish those HE sends to add whatever I need to live this life that HE blesses me with daily til HE calls me home… thnx so much for encouraging me Nd others May Jamie, you are greatly appreciated.😭😭😭😭😭(tears of joy)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. Mighty God
      This word was truly for me…

      I receive it!!! In the mighty name of Jesus!!!!

      Thank you Daddy

    12. Thank you! I receive it!!!

    13. This word was definitely for me. I have been through so much and God had given me a word that he was moving me to a new place. But I have been feel discouraged and stagnant over the past few weeks. This word is definitely the encouragement and perspective that I needed.
      Thank you. God bless

    14. Rev.Patrick r Prescott.CPO says:

      Thank you Jamie.this word resonated with my SPIRIT. Shalom. Stay strong.

    15. Nadia Slater says:

      Jamie, I am just thanking God 🙏 for you coming into my life, I thank God that He sent you in a time when I was so beaten down and thinking about giving up.this word speaks volumes to me and about me.thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

    16. Thank you, Jamie! Very timely, encouraging and confirming word from our Daddy! I believe and receive it in Jesus’ name!
      God bless you!

    17. Praise God, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, I Receive Your Word Father God, I Bless Your HOLY NAME ! THANK YOU THANK YOU! GLORY GLORY GLORY! Thank You Jamie for being Obedient to the Word of God, Be Blessed My Sister in Christ JESUS! Be Blessed Everyone that leave Reply! In JESUS Name. Peace SHALOM!

    18. Denise Richey says:

      Absolutely for me! Thanks so much for sharing!

    19. I am so overjoyed over this on time prophetic word. It is definitely my time of elevation, new beginnings, double blessings, and extra, extra and abundance in Jesus Name! God I will trust and obey You my Lover forever. Thanks sister in Christ😊

    20. Yes , it resonates. Thank you Ms. Jamie R.

      Please and Thank you precious Lord.

      Psalm 150.

      May we bless others as we have been blessed.

      May we serve the Lord with gladness.

    21. Josephine Leong says:

      Thank you Jamie. It is such a wonderful and beautiful word of encouragement from the Lord.
      I receive it by faith Father, Yes, the past seasons was very trying and difficult but through it all Jesus was with me and still His.
      Thank you Lord for your Grace to pull me through the difficult times and now, I look with expectancy my breakthrough as promised, in Jesus Name.

    22. Thank you Jamie: This letter is so full of love it awakens me on the inside. I feel so full of life and encouragement. Father Lord I give you all the honor, praise and glory. Lord I bless your Holy Name. Your Daughter, Elvira

    23. Thank You Abba for Your faithfulness. Thank You for leading Jamie to write this prophetic word – which directly relates to what You are doing in my life. I’ve prayed for confirmation and You provided. Thank You for the revelations of the blossoming before the fruit – and that once the mature tree bears fruit, it isn’t just for one season. Then, the seeds from the fruit will germinate the soil and create more trees in Your time! Thank You, thank You, thank You! All for Your glory, my King! I believe, receive and stand firm in You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    24. Delia Gonzales says:

      Hi Mrs Jamie I receive it I accept it also I will be obedient to what Abba Father has for me. So I may do what he has ordained me to do. May our Lord continue blessing you and your family I just lost my oldest brother he was 90 years old we went to his service He is already with the Lord who called him home

    25. Abigail Hale says:

      Dear Jamie,
      This powerful word definitely belongs to me and I receive it. It’s lining up with my spirit, questions are being answered through this word. Yes, I will bless your ministry upcoming.

      God bless you Jamie

    26. Lisa Bolden says:

      This word is for me, and I receive it. And am thankful for it.

    27. JULIANA KUZOE says:

      This word resonates with me. I think that He wrote this specially for me. You’ve got to know His dealings for the past 3 years to understand where I am coming from. I thank God for His faithfulness. I receive it absolutely.

      1. God bless you. I was struggling with a vision that my husband gave me. That was when I saw this blog for the first time. I prayed the prayer of justice and mercy. I know God heard me. Thank you so much. God bless you again and again

    28. Hi Jamie thank you, for this encouraging word and always such a perfect timing from our Heavenly Father, I really needed this thank you so much. God bless you Jamie, your family and ministry in Jesus Christ mighty name amen.

    29. Tebele Nkgapele says:

      Thank you Jamie, this Word resonates with me. Lately I was always worried and being discouraged but now from the past week I am relaxed and energetic in the things of God.
      Be blessed.

    30. Lois Tyrrell says:

      Yes, this resonates with my spirit. God answered me in such a powerful way through you, with many of the same words I had prayed to Him. Thank you so much for your obedience, encouragement, and ministry!

    31. Magarine Crystal Grant says:

      Greetings in the name of Jesus Jamie, May God continue to anoint you, the words You prophesy are for me I received it in the name of Jesus. I felt it in my spirit tears flow down my cheeks while I read every words I been praying for an harvest this is my time of awakening thank you God!!!!

    32. Robin m keller says:

      Reading this word I wanted to cry. Since March when the virus first appeared, God has been doing some pruning, new mind sets. Recently God brought something really big to me that needed to change and its been a little discouraging, but I want this transformation.

    33. Thank you Jamie, am inspired. God bless you.

    34. Claire Juliette Adams says:

      Hallelujah! Thank you Father. I have been trusting you for so long. I love you. And thank you and bless you Jamie. Praise God.

    35. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      Thank you Jamie for this beautiful word that resonate with my spirit. I believe and receive it in Jesus Name! Amen and Amen!

    36. Oona Attah says:

      This word was so timely and it resonates so much with me. Thank you father for bringing me into my fruit season. Thank you so much Jamie. God bless you real good

    37. Jamie, literally every single detail in this word form God was true for my life in the recent weeks. Thank you for releasing the words of our father accurately and with love.

    38. Thank you Jamie. i do not have words to describe. This word came truly from the Lord. I believe every word God has spoken through you. Received it and asked God to keep me through everything in this season.

    39. Thank you woman of God! Exactly how I have been feeling. Your words from Papa God really brought me a lot of hope and encouragement to move on. I will cling to Him no matter what!!!
      Thank you once more and may God bless you!


    40. i am crying so uncontrolable i cant stop weeping thank you LORD for your confirmation that i am not alone. thank you Jamie for all the encouragement Gods timing is always perfect

    41. Judith Alfa says:

      Thank you Jaime, this word is for me and I receive it in Jesus name.

    42. Annanson John says:

      Timely prophetic word!
      Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58/Heb6:10.
      Thank you.

    43. Ifeoma Udoagwa says:

      Am just speechless at God’s ways. Thanks Jamie for your availability. This is amazing truly. These words touched me very deeply.

      Ifeoma U

    44. Alexander says:

      Dear Jamie,
      This word is definitely for me. I have just been preparing to speak on a topic God gave me – ” I will testify” under the theme of Testimony in my local Church. I had trusted that God will definitely send a word to me check confirming that I am not leading His people with empty words but with proofs of Him going ahead of me. This word you sent that I just read now, confirms it. Hallelujah!

      I thank the Lord for using you to speak to my situation.

      Alexander Ojugo – Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    45. Thank you Jamie, I receive this word. I have just come through a season of building and blossoming and I am waiting to see what comes next. Thank you!

    46. Sauni Box says:

      God bless you Jamie! Thank you, thank you and thank you for this timely word!
      This Summer I have taken a Sabbatical. I needed filled and refreshed and it has been a good season. Even though I have been in a Sabbatical, I have still been serving our Dear Lord and Savior! I have been making videos, I felt God wanted me to make a video a day (Monday – Friday) to encourage my Facebook friends!
      It has been a good season and so many have shared with me that they have encouraged them!
      For over twenty years I have known I am supposed to be in a ministry position and almost every time I get ready to walk into a door, it slams shut! I have had my fingers smashed a many of times! I truly believe it is spiritual warfare that has slammed the door shut, but NO MORE!
      I have been accepted into a leadership program through a Church and I am claiming my breakthrough there or I have one other Church I would love to serve! I do not know where God will lead me, but I will follow!
      Thank you for this message!
      May The Lord grant your hearts desires!!!!!!!!!
      Love you in The Lord!!!

    47. Ifedolapo Adegbohun says:

      Thank you Jamie.

      This words are lifting. It resonates my spirit

    48. Susan Odje says:

      This is just exactly me, I believe that is is my season of rejoicing and God has ordain it. Thank you JESUS, thank you father for perfecting your word in my life, glory be to your name for ever.

    49. Linda Stanford says:

      I am claiming this word in the Holy name of Jesus. Thank you a Jamie for your dedication and your ministry. May the Lord continue to work in you and through.

    50. Crystal Carew says:

      I got hit hard by this. I needed it. Every week He shows me something new. I have been so tired from all I lost and still have to deal with. I keep choosing Him. He is worthy. I would go through it all over again just to know Him deeper and closer like I do now and it’s still just the beginning of how amazing our God is.

    51. Dear Jamie! These are meant for me!!!!!!. There couldn’t be any more perfect timing. I believe and receive these prayers in Jesus’ might Name. Thank you and God bless you. Lynn

    52. Mehrunissa says:

      A much needed word! Thank you!

    53. Sue-Ann Montaque says:

      This word is spot on and is definately a word from my Father for me today. God bless you Jamie. I pray that God will continue to raise up this ministry mightly in Jesus name.

    54. Thank you Lord! I receive this!

      Thank you Jamie!
      hugs and blessings beyond compare!

    55. This word is for me, I receive it. Thank you Abba Father, in Jesus name. I believe your Prophetess Jamie. I’m excited Lord, I’m celebrating 💕💕🙏🙏Amen!!!

    56. HALLELUJAH, thank you Father!

      Thank you Jamie for considering us. You are truly God sent, Amen and Amen!!!!

    57. Thank you Min. Jamie. This Word was for me, I have been feeling stuck and stagnated lately, but God has spoken. AMEN!!!

    58. This was for me , I love you Jesus you are my love, my everything my faithful best friend ….Thank you Jamie for your leading by the holy spirit to deliver this word , I’m so touched by the fathers Love today..hallelujah xxx

    59. I receive this, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!
      Thank you, Jamie.
      God bless you more!

    60. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Thanku Jamie Hallelujah, Thank You Lord God Almighty I receive, and believe this precious word and promise. Pray God continue to bless your family and ministry. Love u faithfulness,Irma

      1. Ogunsugba Oluwaseun says:

        Thanks Jamie. This word is timely and I believe that it’s my season. God is ushering me into the next phase of Glory. Thank God

    61. Thank you Jamie!!!! I receive this amazing word!

    62. Oluwafemi Isaac Aina says:

      Thank you ma. I received these words as mine. God bless you.

    63. Shalaja Abraham says:

      Thank you Abba Father.. Thank you for the prophetic word that you have spoken through Jamie. I am comforted and encouraged by this life giving word I receive this in the name of Jesus Christ.

    64. George Michael Sikoyo says:

      Dear Jamie
      This prophetic word responates very well with what have been going through. Praise be to the Living God. I am comforted that in all things God works for the good of those that love him. May His river flow within me in the name of Jesus Christ

    65. 100% my word:-). Thank You Lord Jesus.

    66. Raven Tasker says:

      This word awakens the hope of God in me. This word resonates deeply within. Often times I think I can see things and then make good judgment of what they are so confusing the blossom with the fruit is truly The insight I needed. This past week has been such an amazing week in the Lord and seeing Him just capture my heart like never before. And to hear this word say I will never go back I will continue forward and with Him until the end. I raise a hallelujah!
      Thank you sis
      Thank You Dad

    67. Kristabela Kajoka says:

      This word is for me, I received it thank you father, thanks to you Jamie God will keep using you for his Glory.

    68. I received this message from God.Thank you jamie

    69. Jamie. I am reading this for the 3rd time now. The first time I read it, All I did was cry. For a long time now recently, I have needed for God to explain the mess, and to even apologise for it, to reassure in it, to tell me that it’s okay, to tell me there surely must be a reason to keep holding on. The second time I read it, all I could feel was gratitude. That I can continue to hope, that in the end, all things will work together for good, that this testing will end. Today I read it with enough courage to repent, to love again, to love God again. My son attempted to rape my daughter. I got him arrested. They let him out. My daughter was petrified. I took her and ran away. That’s not what’s painful. What’s painful is that last year I lost my job and house and believed God for a miracle. He gave em the house I’m now forced to run away from, just having enjoyed a year of living in it. While I fight the courts, I have a daughter’s faith to nourish, mine to hang onto, and a son I have to pray for despite my wanting him to die. I really needed an apology and this sounded like it. Thank you Jamie. You saved me from renouncing God.

      1. I receive this timely word in Jesus name! God is always on time!! Thanks Jamie!

    70. Jonathan Wilson says:


    71. Wow, all glory to God this is powerful and beautiful, I embrace it fully in Jesus name, Amen and Amen

    72. Paul Israel says:

      Big Amen for my time of visitation has finally come.

    73. I claim this Amen! Thank my faith father for my time to florish is glad that you’ve been watching every step of my life,.you’ve seen the hardships and tribulations I have endured..please make me for me doors that no enemy can ever shut..let your will be done in my life Amen

    74. Cindy🌹 says:

      Dearest Jamie💞
      Lovely insights, especially about the dying blossoms before our fruit appears.
      Abba Father knows & shows us perfectly how to grow our luscious spiritual fruit, in it’s appointed time. The Lord touched my heart recently with similar words, telling me that certain things about me have needed to die to make room for what is new. Sometimes, it’s hard to be patient for tangible growth to appear in our lives, but the LORD GOD Almighty is the master gardener who grows the choicest fruit in each of us… In it’s appointed time! Once I embraced that we can’t rush our growth process, my journey in following Sweet Jesus through the gentle Holy Spirit became more intimate, adventurous & fun!!

    75. Amen. I believe that this word is for me too! I’m believing our Heavenly Father for big things, and I know he has heard my prayers and answered them with a YES! I’ve been waiting for the answers to my prayers to manifest in my life and this word feels like confirmation that it’s all about to happen. I pray that our Father will help all of us here to receive each and every gift He has for each and every one of us! Amen! Blessings to you and your ministry, Jamie and blessings to all of the people to who you minister!

    76. Sotaya Robertson says:

      Thank you to the Father and my Lord Jesus Christ my savior.. What a Heart Felt Confirmation I Love Father and my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. I have Tears of so much Joy. Thank you Mrs Jamie for obedient servant I just want to sincerely thank you

    77. Amen I believe I receive It is done In Jesus Mighty Name.

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