Prophetic Word: You Will Awake and the Pain Will Be Gone

Have you been deeply wounded by the pain of betrayal in your past? Have you received some measure of healing from the Lord, but you’re waiting for Him to remove the last bit of pain? If so, the Lord gave me an encouraging word for you today!

The Lord showed me recently that some of you have been through tremendous pain brought on by betrayal, rejection, and abandonment. This pain has haunted your soul. You have forgiven over and over again, and the forgiveness really stuck. You aren’t in unforgiveness at all … but the memory still hurts.

If that’s you, the Lord wants you to know today:

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    One day soon, maybe even last night and this morning, you will awake and the pain will be gone.

    The Lord will heal your heart in your sleep. All the open doors to the enemy have been closed; you have forgiven thoroughly and completely. You have been completely vindicated and blessed. Your life has turned around for the better. All that has been left has been this nagging pain. 

    But you will awake, and the pain will be gone.

    It will be an instant thing.

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    You won’t even feel it. All you will feel is a sudden and noticeable absence of pain; a sudden and noticeable sense of rightness; of total peace and shalom. 

    I tell you again: 

    You will awake, and the pain will be gone.

    You haven’t known what to do about the pain. The pain was scar tissue on your heart. It constricted your heart when you moved. But scar tissue is a chain, and Jesus is the Chain Breaker. He is the Healer, Deliverer, and Restorer of your life and destiny. And what the enemy meant for evil, God has turned around for your good.

    Your healing might have happened this morning.

    For some of you, the Lord healed you last night while you slept. You woke up this morning and felt a newfound joy and peace you haven’t felt in a long time. You sensed an excitement about your life and about your day that you haven’t felt in years.

    For others of you, your healing is coming in the next few days. And if that’s you, simply tell the Lord this evening before you go to bed:

    “Lord, thank You for my healing. Thank You for healing and restoring my life. You make all things new, and I thank You, honor You, and bless You for it. Thank You, Daddy God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Thank the Lord and bless Him, for this word is a sure word if you have closed all doors to the enemy.

    This is not for those of you who have not forgiven; who have not repented; who have not closed all open doors to the enemy. If you are one of those, you will need to get those things in alignment with God’s Word in order for your life to be healed.

    But for those of you who have deeply and thoroughly forgiven; who have repented and gotten all things in your life in alignment with God’s Word, this is a sure word. Father is no longer going to allow scar tissue to bind your heart. He is no longer going to allow the flow of His power and joy in you to be restricted. He is happening to your past right now, and He is removing all pain.

    You will awake, and the pain will be gone.

    Watch for it. Expect it, and testify about it when it happens. 

    Thank You, Father!

    Was this word for you today? If so, leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!


    1. Jill Steele says:

      Oh my, Jamie. Hallelujah! Instantly as I read this, I heard the Lord saying to me, “You’re free, Jill! You’re really free!” This awareness has me weeping, as I saw the scars over my heart smoothed out by the very Hand of Daddy God! I feel lighter and just full of peace in my situation! I thank God for His Word and His work within us. And I thank you for sharing what He gave you. What a beautiful morning! With love and belief for All Things New! Jill

      1. Carmeta Miller says:

        Dear Jamie,
        Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you. Thank you so much, I have so called friends just for no reasons know to me, just stopped communicating and I have also been praying to God to remove those persons from my life, who are not on the same path, even long after, I have been trying to come away from the kind of life-style that they are living, bringing no honor to God.
        Sometime, when the breakup happens you still feel a void, but I am thanking God for your confirmation.
        It is my desire that God will provide supernaturally for me, as I would like to make an offering to this ministry. I am retired and on a very small budget. However, I have seen God at work and I know that He will grant me the desires of my Heart in this and some other matters I have placed before Him.
        May God continually bless you and your Ministry.
        Carmeta Miller,
        Freeport, Bahamas

        1. Angela Dixon says:

          God has heard your prayers and I’m praying for you too. God will make the super meet the natural in your finances in the name of Jesus. God blessings.

      2. Sonja Campbell says:

        The healing in our sleep! Where would we be without it! Such a good Father. I have experienced this over my wounded heart. Thank you!

    2. Keilah Johnson says:

      Hallelujah! This is a such a beautifully resounding Word, my spirit lept while reading this! Thank sister Jamie

    3. Elizabeth says:

      God bless you Jamie. I have been very quiet ever since I subscribed but this time I just wanna shout our loud and say I received my supernatural healing from daddy God this morning after forgiving all those people who have wounded my soul in the past or those people whom I’ve wounded their souls I’ve asked God to forgive me. I received a supernatural healing instantly from God because the pain I used to feel for over two years is completely gone.

      I am healed! I was rejoicing in the Lord this morning and just amazed by His power.

      Thank you Jamie for doing a wonderful job.
      God is with you.

    4. Mark Stephen Gerstein says:

      Of God
      The Father
      Jesus The Son
      One Love ?
      One Light ?
      One Peace ☮️
      In Jesus Name Giving Thanks /Gratitude / Love✝️???☝?

    5. Irene D Jones says:

      Thank you I have been healing from deep wounds from a abusive marriage

    6. I have been in pain as a result Dad ‘s death last week. Thank you for these words I claim my healing in Jesus name amen

    7. Lord,
      Once again you have blessed me. You are worthy of so much honor, and praise. Thank you for your prophet. I pray a covering over her life and ministry. Touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm. Glory to God!!!

      1. Judith Makunga says:

        Before going to bed I repented of wounding some people and forgave those who hurt me. Now you come with the word of healing from Father God , I recieve that in Jesus name . Thank you Jamie you may not be aware of how much God is using you to touch lives especially mine.Its like I think something and you come with a solution.

    8. God may this be so for me. Too many hurts over too many years. Convict me Holy Spirit of anything that may separate me from this, Your promise of healing. In Jesus Name, I pray.

      1. Amen I stand with you in prayer that God will reveal to you and me both our freedom in Jesus name Amen

        1. Thx Joanie. God bless you as well in this quest for wholeness.

    9. Люба Самолюк says:

      Yes, this word was for me also! And I thank our dear Father for His healing! ??

    10. I experienced this around 4:30 am this morning. I literally said to someone in a meeting today that I felt that everything is NEW. This is a sure word.

    11. Rebecca Jones says:

      I sense this too, praying we receive, seeing so much pain in the body of Christ and so many attacks, not just one or two things, but even more. Let’s claim this word, thanks Jaime.

    12. This word from the Lord resignates with me I recieve this word in Jesus name thank you Jaime God bless you

    13. Brenda L Payton says:

      Oh Yes this is for me! Wow I have repented, forgiven, and asked Holy Spirit to help me shut all the doors to the enemy. God started my turn around this last November with a part time job! This is a HUGE Miracle!! He is so awesome! I believe He is healing my heart of the past. I have places to go and things to do for Papa God’s Kingdom and He is preparing me for it!

    14. Wow…literally right on time. I was just having a conversation about this yesterday. I receive this in Jesus name!

      1. Sonya R Gray says:

        Jamie,God’s work in you and through you have spoken to me for years,this one has been one of my worst trials ,I have grown so tired of the pain.
        Abba Father speaking to all of us through you has changed my mind,my heart and life.May God Bless you and keep you in this journey.You have no idea the power God has entrusted you with in my life,which has now chang d many lives.Thank God he has you persevering….

    15. Lynne Hummel says:

      Thank you for your word today. Last night at 3a.m. I woke and felt God wanted vme to pray than God showed me something about people who have hurt me and used me and He really set me free from sorrow and pain of the lost of people who I loved. I felt a new freedom this morning. I know God did a work on my wounded heart last night! Praise and thanks to Father God and Yeshua! Glory!

    16. Thank you Father for answering my prayer through your daughter Jaime, I have been praying to God to please heal me I don’t want to hurt anymore , is over I want to keep going in my life move on , but the pain it comes like wave sometimes small, but like these past days very big waves of pain … An my Father God answered my prayers thank you Father Hallelujah

    17. Thelma Wells says:

      Jamie, this is a word for me that is like an arrow shot straight from the heart of my God to me! I have been asking Papa some “why” questions. Have I not forgiven? Have I not repented of my part in and cooperation with this abusive situation? What made me stay in this professional “relationship” when it was time to walk? What needed to be fixed in me so I could walk away and so my discernment was strong enough to steer clear of this in the future. Thank you for your faithfulness to speak His heart to my heart. As I experience this freedom from scarring of my heart I am asking, once again, for physical healing of my heart. Surely my God heard my cry to “create in me a clean heart”!

    18. Wow , this is my testimony. Over years and years I have been forgiving my family and those that hurt me so much. But the scar was still there and the past few days , I learnt how to go to the Courts of Heaven. I repented and forgave and asked for forgiveness for my family and I and closed all doors. This morning as I prayed , I got to pray for my family and I felt I was doing it with ease. I felt my heart so light and joy filled me. I talked to myself and said ‘ wow , I have truly forgiven them ,the pain is gone and now I feel so much love for them .’
      This prophetic word was mine and I pray for others to receive it . Thank you dear Father for being such a good good Father.
      Thanks Jamie and bless you ,
      Esther ??

    19. Rebecca Ditsele says:

      I give God all the honor and praise for this wonderful word , I suffered a great deal of betrayal and I have forgiven many times but the pain was still there . I believe that I will wake up to find the pain gone because I have close all the doors of the enemy . Praise God

      God bless you Jamie .

    20. This is impeccable timing Jamie, as always. You truly hear from the Lord!

      I feel God’s healing this week (even the day you wrote it) from immense pain & loss & brokenheartedness. Thank You Lord for Your incredible kindness & love & for showing us the open doors to our pain.

      May many more get truly set free & may You abundantly bless Jamie’s ministry for setting the captives free ~ in Jesus’ name, amen.

      1. Naomi Adams says:

        Jaime, this was right on time…and this is definitely what I have been battling with. Thank You for this prayer…I wrote it down and will be praying it.

        Thank you so much for this prayer

    21. Rebecca Jones says:

      I happened across this post and it is July, so it must be for me now. I am one of those people who have had some healing and I am thanking Him.

    22. Thank you Jamie for becoming a committed vessel for Abba and Yeshua that you would become one who reach out to us in ways that only God can and through you especially when sometimes these dark clouds seem to hover over. We aren’t meant to run alone in our christian walk but have others operating in their callings to help us with ours through their office in Him. Thank you for sharing all Abba gives you. Many of those those revelations I know were responses to some things I have submitted to Him and others He showed me but I always requested confirmation so I’m not deceived by my human emotions. Thank you:-) your obedience to Him affects many others including myself in this other part of the globe. I live in the South Pacific island of Fiji.

    23. This is awesome! I’m doing a healing class through church and in the first lesson’s hw I wrote down there people I needed to forgive. One of whom betrayed me and cut me down to my soul. I’m ready to move on and not feel that pain anymore in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!

    24. I had the most awesome dream about a man I loved so deeply but was unable to marry because we felt it was not the right time. We both were divorced but put the raising of our minor children first and foremost. He came to me in my dream and told me I was the love of his life and he never forgot me in the 33 years that have past. To know his love for me never wavered was healing. All these years I had carried that pain of loss.
      God knows all, sees all and is faithful to his children. One touch, one breath and we are healed. Praise God! Love you Abba.

    25. This is a word that I can not even explain how much it has blessed me. Every ounce of this message spoke to my heart. I woke up today with a tingling feeling of my past and as I do everyday and when my past creep up. I know I have been healed fully healed for the last two years. But I couldn’t quite understand one a feeling would still creep up. To give a little back story, I was left for another women and only 8 weeks pregnant. I was not only humiliated but embarrassed betrayed and stressed out. I made it through because of God who brought me through and blessed me more than I could ever dream of. God healed and delivered me. I went from struggling to having more than enough and a home owner with the greatest little boy. I forgave and eventually things turned better. But somehow I still wak let up with a feeling of not feeling enough. Today I woke up and prayed against any strongholds of the past I maybe overlooked and stated that today I am taking my life back fully. And then I read your email and my heart immediately resonated with this message and it made sense. I am healed, whole and well! Fully and completely!

      1. And don’t forget you are MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    26. I can’t thank you enough for your love and kindness towards me. I have been blessed by the revelation that Christ Jesus gave you to share with us. May God bless you and your ministry.

    27. Thank you Father. Amen.

    28. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I believe and receive. Amen in Jesus name.Amen

    29. This message is really for me, I am blessed by this. Thank you Father and more grace to Jamie.

    30. This was a word for me. It spoke directly to my heart and my circumstances. Thank you Lord. I feel like the woman with the issue of blood. I have faith that my healing is coming. No more pain. Amen. Amen. And Amen.

      Thank you Jamie!

    31. Luezilla Reynolds says:

      As soon as i read this i began to get excited within and then the enemy began confusing me on was the Word really for me. I need to be free Lord Jesus im tired.

    32. Thank you for opening my heart , I’m great full. Please don’t stop praying for me. I can feel light in my life. I’m sure I will get a job soon
      Thank you so much

    33. Thank you Jamie,
      Once again you have spoken a word in due season for me and so many. We thank our Wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our precious Holy Spirit for using you and Abba Father for his lovingkindness in reaching us with his love and healing power.
      After seeing this at the right time I needed, I am trusting our Father that he had me on his heart and mind to receive and believe his timing to be perfect in every way as I am recovering.
      So by faith, I am healed and pressing forth to the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus pain or no pain. “He is forever worthy” of anything we are called to bare for his glory if he wills.
      Love you my sister and keep sharing faith in Jesus Christ and his great power and love to save.
      -in his all sufficient grace
      Until he returns.

    34. Thank you Jamie,
      Once again you have spoken a word in due season for me and so many. We thank our Wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and our precious Holy Spirit for using you and Abba Father for his lovingkindness in reaching us with his love and healing power.
      After seeing this at the right time I needed, I am trusting our Father that he had me on his heart and mind to receive and believe his timing to be perfect in every way as I am recovering.
      So by faith, I am healed and pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus pain or no pain. “He is forever worthy” of anything we are called to bare for his glory if he wills.
      Love you my sister and keep sharing faith in Jesus Christ and his great power and love to save.
      -in his all sufficient grace
      Until he returns.

    35. Crystal hill says:

      I received this prayer in the name of Jesus and I thank you so much Jamie for having my back through the rough times of my life

    36. Rebecca Jones says:

      I receive that word tonight, all those old wounds are healed in His name. I’m claiming it for my mother as well. God bless.

    37. Hallelujah! This was for me! Mine came this morning during an encounter with the Lord! I confessed my sin and asked for godly sorrow and boy did He give it to me! Everything was cleansed and purged! There was a ginormous shift! I even saw it in my businesses and my job! It was literally instant and I saw instant fruit in the natural! Praise our matchless King!

    38. Wow what a word! I had been feeling this pain in my heart, like a heaviness. I asked Jesus to show me what it was and to take it away. It was disappointment that has built up over a relationship. This morning in my prayer time I was thanking God because today was different. The heartache was no longer there! I just felt relieved and as tho things are about to get better. This word confirms what the Lord had showed me. Thank you for your obedience Jamie. May God bless you tremendously!

    39. Elizabeth says:

      Hai Jammy
      It was two days ago when I just woke up without feeling the heaviness of my heart.I felt very relieved & I texted all that have wronged me, though they didn’t respond I didn’t feel bad at all.When ever I think about anything that the person has done wrong to me,I always convince my self to forgive no matter what they did to me.Indeed God is great & I thank him for this,I no longer feel the grief .

    40. I receive this prophetic word. I am so grateful. Amen!

    41. Theresa Flores says:

      God is so good!! I’m at home and was in one with the spirit of God. All I heard telling me…HEALING! HEALING! HEALING! It’s EXPECTED!! 🙌 🙏

    42. rosetta otto says:

      I receive my healing in Jesus name. My God fights my battles for me. What the enemy ment for evil God is turning it around for me. Amen Lord 🙏🙌

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