21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer

Hey everybody, guess what? I have an exciting gift for you today!

Many, many of you sent in testimonies of huge answered prayers during our 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer series. And since the Lord used it so powerfully, I wanted to make it even easier to rinse and repeat!

So … drum roll, please … that entire series of breakthrough prayers is now live as a Bible Reading Plan on YouVersion (the Bible app)!

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    21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer just went live on YouVersion yesterday.


    If you need breakthrough in any area, please, run don’t walk to go on your YouVersion app, select it, and pray it through with me again. 🙂

    For those of you who didn’t go through the series the first time, it’s super-simple. Each day has:

    • A short Scripture passage to read (usually a verse or two); and
    • A detailed, specific, bullet-point list about how to claim that Scripture as you pray for breakthrough.

    And that’s it! 

    Click here to access 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer if you’re using the Bible.com website.

    And if you’re accessing it via the YouVersion app, you can find it by searching under “Find Plans” for the word “breakthrough,” “21 days,” or “21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer.”

    This plan is full of prophetic Scriptures that will freak you out as  you pray them.

    And since God’s Word always does what God sends it to do, I believe you will see huge miracles as you pray these Scriptures and prayers back to God. So, please run don’t walk to get it today–free on the YouVersion app!

    Love in Christ,



    1. I had amazing breakthroughs ??????Grateful Jamie for your guidance ??Praise be to God Almighty for His faithfulness ????????♥️I will be doing this again for sure ♥️?

    2. Hello Jamie. I loss my job in 2015. After receiving rejection after rejection from applying and interviewing for countless jobs, I’m at a low point. I felt so alone and very depressed, so I decided to start a 21 day prayer and fast. Your plan was the first that I saw on the Youversion Bible app., so selected it. Day 1 scripture was so profound, it conveyed everything I praying for in this situation. I just finished Day 2 and it too is powerful. Thank you for writing this plan and your words of encouragement. Although, I don’t have much I will be sowing a donation seed to you and your ministry.

    3. Jamie,
      Your work has been a source of great inspiration to me as well. I went through a very bad patch with an unfair treatment at work to a point of my job being threatened. In all my life, I was at a loss of words, i cried in pain for the unfairness and treatment around me and immediately i found your piece on prayer for Unjust situations. I earnestly prayed it and God answered me overnight. I was so encouraged that I decided to follow through with the other prayers which by the way are all action packed. I love your work because it is based on the word of God. And also because you have summarised the words so well so as to avoid the trap of praying meaningless prayers when in doubt, pain or fear. This was amazing for me.

      I am believing for a miracle for my situation, for a reversal and vindication for my work and the devil will be put to shame for trying to touch the work of my hands which i have dedicated to the Lord. I have so many testimonies because of your work I will write separately when I am composed.

      Not enough words to thank you. I will be sending my seed through to you.


    4. I just started today. Looking forward to seeing Breakthrough!

    5. Help me pray for my total healing

    6. Toye Thedford says:

      I just started the series for my breakthrough and I believing for miracles in my life. I am caught in a web of addiction, depression, shame, and feel unworthy and like a complete failure. The enemy has lied to me so much, which I have allowed, I don’t know where to start. Please pray for healing and complete surrender to our Father in Heaven. I humbly ask. Thank you for this gift and for all you do for His Kingdom.

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