Prophetic Word: You Have a Blank Check with God

Prophetic Word: You Have a Blank Check with God | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDear Presence seekers, 

This word has been on my heart for quite some time, and I felt specifically like the Lord wanted me to release it to you today. The specifics in this word won’t be for everybody, although the principles in this word are for everybody. But if the specifics of this word are for you, you’ll recognize yourself described below.

The message the Lord gave me for those of you to whom Holy Spirit bears witness today is:

You have a blank check with God.

You have sought God with all your heart for many years. You have loved Him and you still do. Along the way, you have done everything possible to bring every aspect of your life into full obedience to Jesus.

You have been purged, and the Lord has refined you in His fire. You have been through hell and back three times. (I heard the Lord say that very specifically: “three times.”) This triple refining has removed the dross from your life in greater ways than you know or imagine.

Now the Lord says: “I am pleased with you.”

The Lord says to you, “I am pleased with you. I love the way you love Me. I love the way you serve Me. I TRUST YOU. I trust you to obey My Word, follow My instructions, pull back if you get ahead, keep pace with Me, and venture out where and when I send you.

So now I want you to know that you have a blank check with Me.

My Word is true, and I told you over and over in My Word that you have a blank check with Me when you are obedient. I have refined you as silver; yes, as gold. I have searched you and found nothing amiss. You have been weighed in the balances and found NOT WANTING.

Now, beloved, I want to know what burdens you.

The dreams in your heart are there because I placed them there; but I desire not to work alone, but to co-labor with you. I am moved by what moves you. I will be burdened for what burdens you, for you are My hands and feet on the earth.

So I want you to tell Me: What do you want to do?

What would you like to accomplish next for the taking of My Kingdom? Where would you like to go? What would you like to do?

Surely I know your heart already, but I desire for you to tell Me anyway. I want to converse with you; to talk with you; to plan and dream with you. We are friends, you and I; and I love to see what matters to you.

You have a blank check with Me.

I say it again: ‘You have a blank check with Me.’ If you get ahead of Me, I will tell you; I will make it plain. If you are in step with Me, and I with you, you will know that too. There are no secrets between you and Me; I am keeping nothing from you. You are My friend, and there is open communication between us. 

So let’s move. Let’s go. Let’s co-labor on the earth.

What do you want to do? You have a blank check with Me. Ask, and you shall receive. There will be a process of discovery as I move with you; you will learn as you go; I will teach you. But we will work together, and your dreams and my dreams are one.”

Wow! Thank You, Papa! Beloved, you have a blank check with God. Does this word resonate with you today? Does Holy Spirit bear witness in your spirit that this word is for you? If so, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear what Papa is saying to you!


  1. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for your encouragement. That word is for me it went straight to my heart and questions that I’ve been asking the last couple of days have all been answered. Thank You ABBA Father, and thank you Jamie for allowing God to use you. Be blessed

    1. Kevin Andrews says:

      God bless you Jamie I want to say to you you are definitely a instrument of God I want to encourage you keep doing what I call you to do yes this word was for me God already spoke to me years ago and I realize now that in the place where I’m at now is to receive I have to given so much ,many withdrawals but not receive a lot of deposits but I realized I gave unto God I just want to say to you thank you for the word of God and thank you the confirmation a there’s a check for me that no man can write but God can and I just want to say to you God peace and mercy be with you.

    2. Lorenza Passarella says:

      Hi Jaime, I receive Father Gods Word, this is for me! I have been through hell and back here on this earth for the past 16 years,
      1:my husband passed in 2004 and
      2: my dad sues me for the house my family and I lived in, right after my husband passed away! Went through litigation and bankruptcy to save the house as the home for myself, my kids and my mamma!
      We Won because we had Father God with us we fasted, prayed, paid our tithes and sowed seed in ministries that had the same faith we did in Gods Word and His Will! It didn’t happen over night, it took years and it came to pass!
      3: My beautiful beloved mamma passed away this year February 2020 unexpectedly of health issues!
      And then another blow : lost income, coved 19 and no money to bury my mamma( it took 2 months) and tried to get a refinance on my home and could not !
      But Father God came through and hand picked the people He wanted to help me with!
      He put me in the right place with the right person and I finally received a 30 year refinance for my house with property taxes and insurance and a non prepaid penalty exactly to the T that my mother and.I and my daughter was praying for, for many years! It came through and signed sealed and delivered on the anniversary date 16 years of the passing of my beloved husband!
      My church and clients came through with the finances to pay for my mothers funeral expenses! Praise God!
      Now this blank check: We have been believing for the seven fold double portion payback the enemy owes me and my family for what he has stolen from us! And what he has put us through:
      That this house that I own is Now A Debt Free Mortgage( House Is Paid In Full Now In Jesus Name! ) The enemy has been caught! Nothing is impossible with God for those who believe! We believe!
      Thank you Father for Your Love ❤️
      Your daughters, Lorenza, Norma, Karlena and Adriana

    3. I just got uplifted spiritually… I felt my heart saying that God is doing something on my behalf…these words just spoke to me..Amen

    4. Judith Makunga says:

      Dear Jamie
      I d love to recieve the blank cheque and fill in what I would like to do,my needs,wants desires and dreamd Thank you Jamie

    5. Tamara Leiann Chappell says:

      Dear Jamie,
      There are many prophets who are speaking (or proclaim) to be speaking messages from God, but when I tell you you are the truth. Your authencity, your boldness, as well as your worship and adoration for God, is amazing and inspiring to me, and I’m sure of others as well. I pray God continue that God continues to pour into you, as you are being used as a vessel to bless many around the world, and that is what TRUE MINISTRY is about. I thank you, I appreciate you and your ministry. Looking forward to the day, I can meet you at one of your conferences.

      God is defiantly speaking to me personal. I saw a vision the other day when I was trying to clear my mind of self condemnation, a blank canvas. The Lord just kept saying, here is your blank canvas, what do you want? Write what you want, how you want to be. So this is confirmation .
      Thank you

    6. Luther Mamogobo says:

      My time is here!! Halleluja!

  2. Yes this is for me I can do all thibgs thru Jesus Christ who Strengthens me Amen u xlaim it in jesus Sweer name Amen

  3. This warmed my heart so much. Thank you for allowing the father speak through you. God bless you

    1. This spoke to my heart. I have felt so defeated with a writing project that was started many month ago. Now I know the time is right and I can move forward. Help me pray for the right person to help me complete it. Thank you for listening.

  4. Yes Jamie, this is for me! I messaged you on FB a few days ago about your word for this year and how much it has meant to me. Your word today says a lot of the things God has been speaking to me. My problem is, there’s not one thing I want to do. There are several things!
    Actually, there is one thing that stands out. I have always wanted to write books, but have never been able to clear the negative chatter in my head enough to get my thoughts organized. I’m also very afraid of letting others read my writing. I’m starting your rejection mini-course today, because God revealed to me that rejection is the source of that problem and a slew of others. Wow, thanks!

    1. Amen I write this cheque with gratitude ?? Thank You Father God that I can do your will,my entire family in Jesus name Amen ??

    2. Nydia Rojas says:

      Yes, this was for me today!
      Thank you

    3. Tanya Rodriguez says:

      Yes Amen I needed to hear this…Thank you a calmed my soul God bless you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Irene D Jones says:

    This is a word that spoke to my heart

  6. Michelle Montgomery says:

    Precious Sister, I have been through tremendous trials. People telling me that I make God look bad. Satan is laughing at me, and that i should not worship or sing to God around people. I believe that this is discourage me. I heard the Lord tell me to sell all my possesions and follow Him
    Then the scripture reference nearly flew off the page at me, then I heard the Lord say it again. However, I need prayer because my family is very controling and i will face much opposition, but i will obey God. I needed this word so bad. My heart is to do Gods will for me. I am a prophetic intersessor and satan tries to kill me, distract me sending men to me, and all i plan to do is follow Jesus. You have an encouraging ministry and I thank God for you. I do need to be aligned with a ptophetic ministry. I also have a deep desire to write. Father said i would write articles. God confirmed His word to me three times about completely selling all i have anf to give yo thr poor and follow Him. He kept highlighting 3’s to me. Now i know why. But. Beyond that i know nothing. God bless you my friend.

  7. laura berry says:

    Thank you so much Jamie.
    You blessed me with this word today I have been walking this very specific walk and this was the first email start to my Bible study this morning. I want to encourage you that you are hearing God and blessing all your heavenly family Jamie. You have blessed me in ways words can’t describe.
    Glory and God bless you and your ministry.
    Laura Berry

  8. This made me weep! I have been through the refiners fire 3 times. Through it all God has kept me and been good to me. I’ve persevered and I have Him to thank for that. Thank you Jesus, you have been good to me. I love you, I love you, I love you. God bless you, Jamie, thanks for sharing this on-timely Word today…

    1. I long much for this. A BLANK CHECK!!! I am in a fire right now and I feel direction-less. Lord, please help me.

  9. Thank you, Jamie!!

    May His fullness flood your life… beyond any measure you can think or ask…

  10. “through hell and back three times”
    (There’s a story there!)?
    He hears me,
    He is speaking to me!
    Not only a blank check but a blank canvas.
    We were talking about that this morning. He’s the painter, I’m His masterpiece. He says He will teach me how to paint, I can hold the brush with Him. He’s not worried I will mess up His painting. He has endless colors and endless brushstrokes.
    Now with a blank check and a blank canvas, we are unstoppable.
    * Masterpiece: a work done with extraordinary skill
    especially : a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement

    1. Laurna Tallman says:

      Thank you, Jodie, for putting a sharp point on Jamie’s pencil. There is something I have back-burnered for too long. I appreciate the encouragement.

      1. Thank you Lord for this Blank Check. It comes at a time that I need it most! Thank you Jamie for your word and your work for Our Lord Jesus!

  11. Yes, thank you Lord. All of your words speak to me but this one is most important. In three weeks I will be part of an accelerator group for a new business. I had a plan for the business and I’m not sure if it’s the correct one. I’m asking Jesus to direct me so that He makes it into something for his kingdom so that I can use it to help those in need, some family members. Not sure how. We’ve been struggling financially and had no money for rent. A check then shows up for the exact amount needed. This happens to me a lot so I know the money needed always comes even though I don’t know from where. I’ve been to hell and back literally once that I’m aware of but I think something may have happened when I was little also that I can’t remember. Anyway I’m hoping this is God telling me that this business venture will be His and He will direct it for His purpose. The blank check so that I could have the funds to start it up since I would have to leave my job to do that.

  12. Greatly Favoured says:

    Thank you Jamie for a word so beautiful. This really spoke to my heart ?

  13. Thank you ?? for this encouraging word today. It’s for me and I therefore believe it and receive it in Jesus’ might name. Yes, I’ve been through the FIRE ? three times and I’m trusting God now for his blank check as I commune with him. I will sow into this Word. May God richly bless you ❤️

  14. Abba's daughter says:

    Thank you Jesus! Confirmation?

  15. Loretha Batups says:

    Thank you so much for all of the encouraging words you have blessed me with. I to believe and receive this on time prophetic word from the Lord through you! I love you and please continue your awesome work for the Lord!

  16. CLAUDIA STRONG says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Yah has spoken to me as well after praise and worship and prayer. He told me what to get ready for(and how to get ready) for what He has for me to do! This word is true! I have not wanted for anything! Even when I don’t have what I need in my finances to give, like right now! I have prayed and I know that he hears me and he delivers! He gives all that I need for that time. I come onto an agreement with the ladies’ comments above mine! I have experienced so much peace lately because of acknowleding him, by spending a lot of quiet time with him in prayer! Thank you for this word! The same goes for you too! Be continuously Blessed by all you do from Yah! Ahmein!!!

  17. Deanna Gorham says:

    Hi Jamie
    Your ministry has spoken to me and helped me a lot, especially over the past 6 months. WOW..But his word….oh my this word… the Holy Spirt bears GREAT witness in my spirt over this word especially the specifics. An area in my life has take me to hell and back 3 times…yes indeed.
    I feel The 3rd refining has been taken place over the past year – 2018. And on 1/29/2019( Tuesday) I was officially and leagally released from hell!! ( toxic and very physiologically abusive marriage) What is also interesting is that I felt instructed to cast 3 stones into the river after the mediation. Specifically 3. To represent and release the rocks that took root in my heart from all the offense, anger and pain. So you bet I did!!!!
    I do not always get to read all my emails the day of but when I saw your email today with this word, I knew in my spirit I needed to read it today.
    Also, I can be an overthinker regarding putting my thoughts into words( lol) which has always kept me from commenting on your blogs or any blog. However, my mind could not over rule my spirit on this one 🙂 I am beyond blessed and thankful to have found your ministry. You are a mighty and powerful vessel for the Lord and a beloved Daughter. I pray for Father God to shower you and your ministry with more and more blessing, peace and joy! Thank you so much!!!

  18. This so confirmed things going on in my heart. Been hearing them in NY Spirit but really don’t know where and how to start. To pen those words down “the books” He has placed in my hands to write. To step out into the field. But Jamie so many hinderances, burdens, suppression she and oppositions. But thanks be to our Father, who cares immensely for us. This is sure for me.

  19. Thaddeus Molden says:

    I am in a place now where I was wanting to know what the Lord wants me to do ,say ,see,touch , bring for I am in the process of looking for a job but no one is hiring me so this moved my spirit and I am so thankful ,grateful

  20. Liz Boles says:

    Yes, this word is for me. Thank you.

  21. Truly Amazing!! Thank you Jamie for this timely word it reminds me that He is rallying along side me all the time.. God Bless your ministry Jamie ??♥️

  22. Chenequa Cash says:

    Yes that is me!!! I have been through hell and back three times!!!! ???? Thank you Lord!!! You love me!!!! You see me!! You hear me!!! You have plans for me!!! Jesus let your love continue to burn within my heart and let my heart be filled with your fiery love and Holy Spirit

  23. Hi I was searching for an answer, guidance and direction and this was the first email I opened. Can you please explain to me what a blank check is? I need to be 100% sure. I am a little confused. I am filled with dreams and at a very difficult crossroad. Alot of confusion.

    1. Hey Nadia, a “blank check” means you can tell God what you want to do, and work with Him to see it happen.

  24. Yes. Hell and back three times was my husband leaving me and divorce, a work injury to my brain which I have struggled with healing with for 7 years, and bankruptcy. I’m ready for my blank check as I have remained faithful to Him despite fearful temptations to abandon all hope.

    1. Praying for you Laura and trusting Gods Blessings over you with this special word from Jamie

  25. Yes thats for me.I have been in and out of personal business three times and then get employment but while in employment those three times it has been hell.lately i have been asking God to reveal to me that which He want me to do as a business even if its that humblest business am ready to do it.Thank you Abba Father for the blank check.

  26. Jamie, I feel like your words are the confirmation that I have been seeking for a while now. Thank you so much for sharing. Praise be to God! I receive it in the holy name of Jesus! May God bless you and your ministry!

  27. Eufaula Morgan says:

    Wow…I am speechless and weeping in His Presence. I’ve never been asked these things before…previous seasons did not permit me to ask or answer or conceive the answers to these questions:
    What burdens you?
    What moves you
    What dreams are in your heart?
    What would you like to accomplish next for the taking of My Kingdom?
    Where would you like to go?
    What would you like to do?
    Holy Spirit reveal to me what’s in my heart. Reveal to me what you put there.

  28. Thank you God for providing the clear direction through Jamie! I always ask for clarity and specifics, you know me so well. I will be a co-laborer with you with the blank check—let’s do this! I am excited where we will go and all the great things we will accomplish for the Kingdom. Thank you Jamie for your obedience! I receive this word! ❤️

  29. Thank you Daddy. God bless you Jamie. A Word in time for me.

  30. Awe thank you for the confirmation. This was for me. ? God is so gracious. How beautiful!! How exciting! This is going to be so good.

  31. Thank you so much for the encouragement Today! That word was for me! I have been praying about several things going on in my life and I am receiving answers to my many prayers. Thank You Abba, I love you and I thank you so much for loving me. Thank you Jamie! May God Continue to Bless You and Use You In This Oh, So Important work! We Serve Such an Awesome God!

  32. Rosina Mukwevho Matlho says:

    Amen I am very emotional right now I have known always that God is always with me through it all I still call his name he is Jehovah elshadai Jehovah adonai Jehovah rapha Jehovah nessi alpha and omega my strong tower AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN thanks you.

  33. Thank you Lord, my God! I Love You with all my heart!

  34. Amen I receive this word

  35. You have the blank check with God,
    I believe God was talking to me, I would like for God to give me his blessings as I’m about to venture into new business. This really touched me. Amen.

  36. lourdes Gonzalez says:

    Hello my name is Lourdes;
    I had read your posting, Wow, I Mean Wow.. I say this because last week I had dreamed of a silver nickle and, then it turn to a earring nickle, I didn’t understand what that mean, I go to Intercessing prayer group and watch John Paul jackson teaching and he spoken about the silver,it means redemption,restore….thank you I hope I help others also

  37. Cheryl Hyman says:

    This word literally brought tears to my eyes I am in awe and I’m so thankful and I’m so grateful to be called friend and to know that I have a blank check is absolutely astonishing to me thank you Lord thank you ma’am for your obedience

  38. Thelma Austin says:

    Thanks Jamie of all your words of encouragement I truly needed this today that you have a blank check with God I love ? God very much He knows the plans they He has for me I trust him always He knows my heart ♥️ keep praying for me as I get closer to God

  39. I am sure this is for me. Today I was totally upset and was eating for that. Thank God. I love God.

  40. Lazarus Matsheka says:

    Morning Jamie I am really pleased with your letters, I truly appreciate that and today and now i will write a cheque to the Lord Almighty with everything that is in my heart. Stay blessed Amen Amen

  41. Ada Babajide says:

    Wow! Am super excited to read this post, it kind of summarizes everything Father said to me last month, January. I believe it. This morning, the Lord actually asked me to put pen on paper, to list what l wanted. Reminding me that blind Bartimeus was specific about what he wanted, and so he got it. The dreams God has put in my heart are so Huge that, l am learning to keep step with him, and never try to go ahead on my own. Thank you beloved, for sharing this word. May the Lord confirm it with testimonies in Jesus name, amen

  42. Yes this word really touch me because I prayed to god early you about a couple thing asking him to help with a couple things an a sign to let me know that he heard my prayer AN I THANK GOD THE FATHER AN THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR ANSWERING MY PRAY I CAN DO ALL THINGS WITH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHEN ME

  43. Hello Jamie, hope you and your family are doing great! I took some time to write this testimony because i wanted to see for myself if this was for real rather than trust all you told me during the retreat…i had my doubts, sounded all too good to be true…its been almost 5 months now and all i can say is that since i accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior my life has not been the same….he has been showing me miracles daily, he has also given me a incomprehensible peace and joy, and has been showing up for me in unimaginable ways….i am beyond, truly beyond grateful and thankful to him and to you for being an authentic vessel of God and for enabling this to happen for me….THANK YOU…may God always bless you and your family…lots of love from your sister in Christ in Haiti…kisses to the whole team for me, i think of you all, alll the time…angels! I am happy to say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior!!!!!!!
    Love always,

  44. Jamie i received. And the holy spirit i just felt and i was told to ask you to pray for me

  45. Thank you God for all my wonderful family and friends and this person who helps by sending me beautiful words of encouragement and for all the wonderful blessings every single day. Thank you lord I am not where I was before today. Lord I am here for you just as you are here for me. Guide me according to where you need me I am yours heavenly Father forever and ever.

  46. Thank you Father I reiecive this word in Jesus name. Thank you Jaime

  47. Thank you Jesus!
    Thank you, Jamie for this word. It definitely spoke to me and the questions I’ve had. I’m so grateful that God has said yes to allow me to work in a new career that also aligns with my passion but would also bring Him Glory. I pray that God continues to orders my steps and thank Him a million for his love, his care, his blessings!

  48. This word is for me, hey Jamie I love and appreciate you and everything you are doing for the kingdom of GOD?

  49. Henrietta says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Every word resonates our Lord’s love to me. I’m humbled to know how great God’s love is to me! It’s my joy to do His will and work for His Kingdom! May our ABBA Father bless you abundantly for being His worthy instrument to me and sharing what He put into your heart for many like me!
    Loads of love and blessings!

  50. OH My Lord Jesus, wow this word just blew my mind! I’ve been through hell and back 3 times and each time took years of suffering big time! And Father God has been blessing me in the strangest ways, buts that’s how I know it’s Him, all the miracles this past few weeks, I just moved in to a beautiful apartment for just me and my 8 year old son, hard wood floors everywhere, double parlors, 3 bedrooms, closet space, and landlord didn’t ask for credit check nor did he ask for security deposit, but I just had to come up with the appliances washer n dryer too, well this lady I bumped into she had a maytag commercial dryer for sale, 1 year old with warranty papers and all, I told her I didn’t have the cash for a nice super dryer like that, and she said she’d trade with me, what did we trade for the dryer, a vintage room dividers, a real not plastic mannequin for me selling clothes online, and a Lil white vintage bureau that she would want to make over, well long story short Jesus made all this happen! Then I needed pots and pans, don’t you know it in a brand new huge oversized bag outside my new place was in the big bag the best shinny sparkling awesome pots n pans plus more, serving spoons, pizza cutter, etc. Of course I laughed and looked to the sky and thanked Him All day boy He can make me giggle! And the little stuff like a shower curtain rod I needed as I told my mom I needed one, as I’m coming out of the elevator with my son from my mom’s place, there leaning on the wall a shower curtain rod, and those little things mean a lot, only Jesus would know though, as I’m telling mom all these miracles, my mom confirms another part of His word that you told tonight as I read, mom says well Jesus IS your friend, well when she said that to me, that’s what hit home hard,!!! I cried when she said it, and tears came when I read your words from my friend Jesus! Wow and I feel it in my bones and my whole being that this is only the beginning! And that’s only mentioning just a few miracles, thank you Jamie for your obedience to our Father of lights so we can get our on time word!

    1. Rita Long says:

      Mary, What a joyful testimony of how God has been working in your life! Jesus is our forever friend! Your story brought joy to my soul. Thank you so much for sharing it! I pray that you continue to receive His blessings as you continue to seek and serve Him and that many others will be blessed by your testimony!

  51. Cynthia Assefuah says:

    Thank you very much for the word of encouragement ,yes I have a blank check with God, I Know he is going to do miraclous things for me and am very much ready to do his will.Jehovah God is your name,you are who you are,your kingdom realms forever.Amen.


  53. Thank you for letting God use you to minister to others. I’m praying for my family to come to the Lord and so I’m writing there names on the blank check. God is awesome Praise the Lord

  54. Christine says:

    This word is for me. I will be sitting for my final exam in the university this coming Monday and I havent paid my tuition fee yet. I thank God for the blank cheque. The fee is paid already in Jesus name

  55. Dearest Jamie
    Tears are just flowing while reading this Word from Papa. This is the THIRD time I received it…THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT..

    May God’s peace be with you and all of our Presence seekers family.

    Love in Jesus

  56. Sibonginkosi Mpofu says:

    Been refined in the furnace of affliction…Been thru hellion situations.
    I thank God for His mercy.A blank cheque I what I need now more than ever.
    Thank you Lord.

    1. Arvella Johnson says:

      Dear Jamie
      I thank you so very much for the beautiful word I received it was truly a word for me.
      Yes yes !
      I have been through Hell Jamie The message you gave to me from the Holy Spirit was 100 + 10% accurate.
      I cried when I read how much God loves me I always say that and I’m always telling him how much I love him how much I love Jesus and I thank God for the Holy Spirit I am also gifted but I know there’s so much more God wants me to know so we will do it together I will support you Jamie and your ministry the best that I can you are truly the daughter of the high most God.
      Once again I think the Holy Spirit for a awesome message
      God loves you and so do I
      Arvella Johnson

  57. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Hi Jamie

    I truly believe that Papa God has heard my prayers . My heart cries on daily basis for the orphans , widows and the aged , the disabled and the strangers . Holy Spirit has even shown me the plan of a home that I have to build for them so I truly believe that is where I want to go with Papa God . I thank Him for offering me a blank cheese . God bless you Jamie for the encouragement .

  58. Biakching Hauzel says:

    Thank you Lord… Now, Its in your mighty hand… I’ve been with my blank check in and out of hell for three times in three years. Im about to lost hope but then tonight through Jamie I recieved your messages. Let it be spend for the glory of You. God bless you more and more Jamie.

  59. This reading and prophetic intel is like a Song from Heaven to my ears and a sweet sweet melody to my heart. I heard Blank Check twice within a week and a day and decided to search it out and what an overwhelming gift did I find in this word. Blessings to you and Father Thank You and Let Us Go!!! Amen

  60. Judith Alfa says:

    Dear Jamie,

    This word from the Lord is for me, I am speechless with the accuracy and how far our Father in heaven will go for us, until we get what He is saying to us. That is what He’s just done for me. I am truly encouraged and blessed. All glory to God. Thank you Jamie and God bless you.

  61. Sonja R Campbell says:

    In all ways!

  62. I have asked for the biggest as a Kingdom Provider but God always outdo us. So Lord God Jesus Christ, I thank you for what we all about to receive.

  63. Thank you God and my Lord. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word. This word is confirmation to my prayers. This is the second prophecy that I received regarding the Holy Spirit saying that I should ask God for whatever my heart desires. Oh glory be to God thank father for not forgetting me and loving me as I am. Thank God for the blessings your about bestow upon me. I give you glory and praise God thank you 🙌🏿🙏🏾

    1. Amen and Amen 🙏🏿
      All your encouraging words resonates with me, Jamie! You’re truly a faithful servant of the Almighty God!!
      I don’t have gold nor silver, but my prayer is for the Lord enlarge your ministry to the end of the world 🌎 for His glory.

  64. Paula Biancalana says:

    Yes, this word bears witness with me. I have going through so much for the last two years at my job. Attack from people on every side. It has left me drained from fighting. I have kept on being faithful in my giving and seeking after God. I am not a quitter. Thanks for sharing.

  65. Georgekutty P.A says:

    Thank Jamie for the prophetical word. This is truly an encouragement to my life and His call in my life. I had been through trials in various times and right now I am coming out of the trials. Praise God the Lord is with me and I take the word you spoke to me through this message. Yes , I praise Him for the blank check. Amen

  66. Amen! Thank you Jamie for this Prophetic word and this Blank Check from the Almighty. Father God You spoke through Jamie to reveal this Blank Check to me, Father your word said ask and it shall be given onto me, therefore Abba My Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ My Saviour, Holy Spirit My Comforter, My Guardian Angels, Angels and Fire and War Angels based on your word, Father God send me intercessors to assist me in this prayer in Jesus Name amen. I am asking for restoration for everything that was stolen from me as soon as possible/ before the end of this week in Jesus Name Amen. I am asking for Family restoration before the end of this week especially with my brothers and sister. I am asking for an encounter and visitation from You Holy Spirit and Angels in Jesus Name amen. Father I am asking for your glory, mercy, divine Favour and protection 24/7 over I Ava, my children and grandchildren in Jesus Name amen I thank you for everything you have done, everything you are doing and everything you are going to do in Jesus Name amen

  67. Rita Long says:

    Thank you Holy Spirit for this revelation and to you, Jamie, God’s faithful servant! I have been removed just recently from a job, so that I am now jobless. This has happened 3 times either voluntarily or involuntarily in my life. I have been dreaming of starting a business, so this blank check message is truly a God inspired Word! I wept when reading it as it communicates how much our Heavenly Father, Papa God, loves us and wants to share life with us; the life that He has given us! I pray for you, Jamie, to have the strength and determination to keep sharing the love and greatness of God with others! You truly are touching many lives for God’s kingdom and glory! Thank you for being God’s light and helping others to be light in this world of great darkness. I love you my sister in Christ!

  68. Thaaaaaank you Lord! AMEN! THIS IS MINE!

  69. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    Thank you Jamie, the holy spirit is ministering to me right now that this word is for me, the number 3 resonates deeply in my spirit and I have been studying it since yesterday. God has refined me like Gold in his fire and he sure will perfect all that concerns me till my will aligns with his will and I fulfil my divine purpose and destiny and become who and all he has created me to be. I love the Lord with my whole heart and my constant prayer is that the flame of Love I have for the Lord Jesus is continually being rekinded and burning afresh in my heart always. I believe and I receive this word ‘the blank check from God to become who he has created me to be and all that he wants me to be in Jesus name amen. God bless you Jamie as he makes you a blessing to others.

  70. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    You are my teacher my wisdom my mercy my salvation my dream my humility my love my armor my freedom my guidance my fortress my spiritual warrior. By your grace and the fire of your holy spirit which is inside of me you will lead towards my dream my true calling for your kingdom .I .I surrender to your wisdom.Amen Amen Amen

  71. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You Jamie! This was a Word for me. Your always on time. Thank you for your obedience and encouragement! Thank You Father God.

  72. Thank You Father God, I have been wanting to hear that you are moving towards making my dreams come true….sooo many years have gone by…Thank you Jamie, for this message….blessings

  73. This word resonated with me. I’m humbled, grateful, and blessed that God wants to work with me. Father, I’m open to this process of writing a very personal book for His Glory. Please keep me in your prayers to continue being obedient and vulnerable through this huge undertaking.
    Thanks 😊

  74. Alicia W Smith says:

    This was awesome. He spoke very specific words in this message that He had already spoken to me a few other times. Total confirmation is what this was for me. It was almost like a love letter from a person who was about to propose to another and they were expressing their undeniable love and willingness to do whatever they could for you because of how much they loved you. This was so awesome. I know that from this very moment forward I am going to see doors fly open and opportunities to serve & build up the kingdom with such great reward like I have never experienced before. This was wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  75. Natalie Joseph says:

    Wow look at God!

  76. Mayra Delgado says:

    Yes, this message is for me. I claimed it and received it. Thank you Lord. You know my needs, prayers and desires.

  77. Danielle Brewton says:

    This was most definitely for me I felt it in my heart and in my spirit as I was reading every single word it’s like God wrote this letter to me personally. This is confirmation for what I have been speaking and praying about!! Hallelujah Thank You Jesus!! I love you God. I love you Jamie I’m glad we came into contact even if it is only through email

  78. Iro Summers says:

    Hi Jamie,

    This Word from the Lord felt definitely for me. Thank you for being obedient and sharing it when you felt released to do so. I’m very grateful for your faithfulness. This also makes a lot of sense ( the principle of this) when you understand and know the Bible. It’s very consistent with Scripture. Obedience to God brings SOOOO much freedom and the desires of your heart.
    Actually, the Lord for the last couple of days has been reminding me of the scripture of Psalm 37:4 and undoing the false religious ( but not Biblical) teaching I received that always condemned my desires ( whether good or bad) as ALWAYS in opposition to God. The Holy Spirit just used this post to further elucidate what the Lord has already been saying to me.

    Thank you!

  79. Deborah Henry says:

    God bless you Sis Jamie, I am so blessed to be a part of this ministry & I pray God will continue to speak his word through you. This message blessed me, it’s what I’ve been waiting to hear.
    God bless you

  80. I receive this today. Thank you for your faithfullness in ministy.

  81. Wow! thank You PAPA! Wow WOW WOW how awesome are You Lord God Almighty WOW! You are Great

    Blessed be thou Name
    In our Lord and Saviour Christ Amen

  82. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:


  83. Thank you for the word. Yes, it spoke to me especially about the three times; been there. I receive all from my Father that He was to give me and that is everything He gave Jesus!! Whoohoo!!! Thank you Jesus!!

  84. Dear Jamie, I have been volunteering at veteran halls for the past 4 years. It came about because my dad had past away 4 years ago from stage 4 bladder cancer that we believe is from when he served in the army in the Vietnam war. So God, (through the holy spirit), put on my heart to help veterans. That was 4 years ago today. In the past God would put things on my heart to do wirks for his kingdom for short periods of time. Usually like a few months and in a couple cases 2 years max. Im finding myself these last few month not wanting to volunteer in these veteran halls any longer. He has shown me some of the sin that is going on in these places. It was hard to let go and see the truth but i finally got it! So now i don’t know what im supposed to do next? I was getting depressed over it. Than i read your message and it just spoke to my heart that he is not done with yet. It brings joy to heart knowing that there is more for me to do and im not just sitting here floating by life not doing anything. I can’t live that! I have to be doing something with God and for his kingdom. It’s like i want to jump out of skin on fire to do something different and all for his glory! Now i just got figure out what is the next chapter in my life? Until then I will keep praying and stepping out in faith.

  85. Dan Mbugua says:

    I believe this Word is for me.i have gone through a difficult time since 2012 and i believe ABBA Father is about go turn my life around and restore everything that the enemy has stolen from me.Thanks Jamie for being a yielded vessel.may God Bless and increase you.

  86. It’s been wonderful being on your site to access all these wonderful spiritual information and I am highly appreciative of this. God bless you abundantly.

    Actually, I am currently facing PROLONGED STAGNATION and everything has come to a stand still in my life with all the efforts I make to resolve this challenge.

    All my Finances are dried up for over 5yrs now and counting
     A total and Complete Blockade or Siege on all my finances
     No work
     No Business opportunities,
     Too many near misses in terms of Great Jobs, Business openings
     Loss of huge business contracts
     Loss of big investment opportunities
     Loss of Money
     Loss relationships
     Loss Glory, Greatness, Fame, Honor, Grace, Favor, Blessings (in all dimensions)
     And many more of such losses
     Etc etc etc

    But as a devoted Christian with an open heart, I have been fasting, meditating and praying and taking steps about it, but don’t seems to get a breakthrough, solutions or hear from God for this long time and still currently in these challenges. But I am hopeful and faithful in the Lord to do something for this while but still in same situation

    This has led to too many daily financial and economic challenges and struggles with my family for the past 5yrs or more and counting.

    Please these are what I want from my Daddy God and Lord, His Holy Son Jesus Christ and the Powerful Holy Spirit with all the heavenly Host of Angels to do for me;

    1. I am asking for the award of punitive damages immediately for me according to John 10: 10 and proverbs 6:30 – 31 for all that I have lost due the works of the Devil and his agents
    2. What has actually caused this blockade, siege on my supernatural overflow of my Finances, outrageous unimaginable Riches, blessings, abundant prosperity, wealth, freedoms (financial, spiritual, economic) etc etc
    3. To be clear and remove this Blockade or Siege immediately and as soon as possible and allow for supernatural overflow of my riches, blessings, freedoms (in its entirety) and the exponential restoration of all that I have lost (tangible and intangible) and more
    4. Rebuke and destroy all these devourers, terrorist spiritual networks, witches/wizards, devil, demonic forces and principalities now and forever
    5. To prevent this from ever happening to me or my family members and do more
    6. Release all the portions of my Heavenly blessings stored up in Heaven to me on earth here now and do than I can ever ask or imagine according to God’s perfect plan for my life.
    7. Let there be immediate acceleration of God’s Perfect Plans for my life or my Destiny manifest immediately to the glory of his Mighty Name
    8. There should a conspiracy of all Heavenly forces to my favor and advantage according to God’s Perfect Will For my life where Heavenly and Earthly miracles, signs and wonders are the order of the day for me according to his word for me
    9. Etc etc more and more

  87. I claim this word in Jesus Mighty name, there are recurring cycles i have picked up which i have to break, thank you Jamie for the prophetic word.

  88. Paula Evanski says:

    Thank You Abba Father for this word. I receive this confirmation.

  89. Nicci Gipson says:

    This was resounding in my ears and like a melodic flowing in my spirit I received every word and how breathtaking is this prophetic word. I read this a year or so ago but the timing was for me to read it again and breathe it in NOW. I HAVE A BLANK CHECK…Thank you Jamie for such beautiful fulfilling words and for rendering such a message from our Father. May your days be filled with joy, love, and peace from our Father. Thank you Father I love you because you loved me first and without end🙇🏽👑

  90. Amen. God bless you Jamie

  91. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Thank you Jamie for the word of encouragement.
    I am in transition right now

  92. Grâce and Peace to you Mighty Woman of Valor!

    I receive this Powerful Word coming from the Heart of Jesus in you by Holy Spirit. and I thank you for releasing it! THIS IS A NOW WORD FOR ME.

    Thank you Abba for Jamie, à woman after Your Own Heart, that you have raised for such a time as this to further Your Kingdom. May She continue to be blessed and prosper even as her soul prospers in Yeshua under the Anointing ! Please continue to fill afresh daily with Your Spirit to carry out your assignments and further Your Kingdom in Your Precious and Holy Name! Amen!

  93. Wow…just what I needed to hear….thank you 💜🙏

  94. I claim the blank cheque to write on the amount of money I want in the might name of Jesus

  95. Melinda Davis says:

    This word was just for me as I was reading I felt alive and I felt a resonating feeling in my spirit. I thank God for a blank check with my name on it in Jesus Name, Amen. I pray God will continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry in Jesus Name, Amen

  96. Hello this word is so for me. I receive it. I have been receiving these beautiful emails and I am so very grateful. I recently ordered a book and I read it in one day. I am in awe what the lord is going to do next. I have been going through for years. I have a masters degree and have not found a job yet. I am yet still believing God for what he has spoken and thanking him for the change. Thank you

  97. Annie Francis says:

    Dear Jammie I trust that God speaks to me through you. The three times mentioned by you resonates exactly what I have gone through three times
    Your prayers have helped me in getting my husband back home. He I think has even left the women with whom he was having a relationship. However he is still away from me and keeps a distance from me. Please pray for me in case this women has cast some spell on him.

  98. I receive this prophetic word in the name of JESUS AMEN 🙇🏾‍♀️🙌🏾👏🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾😊😇..

  99. Joni Ramsey says:

    HI Jamie,,
    This Word was so timely. Thank you so much! I was just crying and asking God to show me my next steps as He’s been showing me change is coming. You’ve been an inspiration as you step our and build in faith. God bless your work for the Kingdom and God bless you!

  100. IRMA NORTJE says:


  101. So timely. The questions excite me and put fear in me at the same time. But I’ll go for the excitement. Where do I start looking at this crossroad. Thank you Father for your nudge , the reminder I am yours. Redeemed and paid for by your precious blood… let me begin in You. 🙏💖

  102. Cindy🌹 says:

    Sister Jamie,
    I’m in a familiar looking refining fire for the 3rd time, but for the past 10 months… I’ve had breakthroughs & deliverance, one after the other. Heartfelt obedience, child like trust & dependency upon The Lord top the list as my beauty from ashes.
    I cherish receiving the blank check from Papa God & the questions at the end of your word from Him, touched my heart to tears.
    I never thought I would ever go through some of the unusual experiences I have on my spiritual journey with The Lord, but Papa God runs my life now… He’s simply been gracious, merciful, forgiving, loving & patient with me for decades, to finally “let Him” be in charge of everything & not me, LOL💖
    I will use that blank check OFTEN… Papa’s goodness is overwhelmingly wonderful!!!!!!!

  103. Thankyou for this, I take this word, but in order for it to become reality I need to start giving to the kingdom of God financially, I have not sown for a while, not deliberately but I have told myself I dont have the money, although money has been very tight I still know I need to give, so God can move in my life

    Thanks and Glory to the Father in Jesus name

  104. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! I receive and believe this prophetic word from Father God. Amen

  105. mamie cherry says:

    Thank you for those encouraging words. yes, I’m faced with some issues, but I believe the word that was just released, and I receive it. Just today I was speaking to God about how much I love him and how I would go, do, and say whatever he wanted me to. Believing God for a sudden turn around.
    Thank You!

  106. Thank you Abba Father for your confirmation and confidence in me. This word went straight to my heart and i receive every letter. Thank Sister Jamie for your allowing Our Father to use you. Hallelujah

  107. Shelly Lawrence says:

    Thank You Jesus! This word spoke to my heart! I have been to hell and back and God has been faithful! When the Lord said specifically 3 times, I had to pause for a few minute. In 2009, I was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma 4th stage but i still here…In 2015, B- cell popped his head out again 2/3 stage but I am still here! In 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, breast cancer and I AM STILL HERE AND THRIVING IN JESUS NAME. GOD IS SOOOO GOOOD! I THANK GOD FOR THIS WORD AND I RECEIVED IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!

  108. Amen Hallelujah!!! Thank You Lord I believe You are talking to me through Jamie,

  109. Lisa sweet says:

    I feel this is definitely for me! As I was reading it I felt the spirit come over me…and I am so grateful that I have a Best Friend in Jesus! He has has walked with me through everything I been going through. And Amen I been praying for a healing and today I woke up and feel great today! That’s the God I serve!!! Prayers after prayers..he always come through. Sometimes it gets hard to wait and stand..but I’ve leaned my God is true about his word. So I matter how long it takes and he always always through. Thank you Jesus!!!!

  110. Paul Israel says:

    This message doesn’t belong to somebody else but it’s exactly mine Paul Israel Akudrimabe. Thank you father for my black check. I receive this in Jesus name.

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