Prophetic Word: Proof of the Resurrection

This word is a follow-up (additional revelation) the Lord showed me regarding yesterday’s prophetic word here about “Look to the rock from which you were hewn.”

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

The Lord showed me that life and color are coming back to you again.

You will know this because, if you think about it, you will realize that you left your old anointings behind because it felt like you were dead, and you left your old life behind because you had to in order to survive. So, without meaning to, you left even your old anointings behind–because you had to walk away from that old life in order to live again.

Some of God’s people have been dead for years, surviving but not fully alive (figuratively and emotionally speaking).

The fact that God is bringing life and color and your old passions back is proof to you that you are in the season of resurrection.

You will prophesy again, and all the old things that made you sing to the Lord will be restored to you.

If this word is for you, I would highly encourage you to sow into it today. You can do that here if you feel led.

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  1. Allelluya, Praise the Lord, Almighty.

  2. Osborne Tshwane says:

    Glory to Jesus, i am alive again in Jesus name

    1. Augustin K. says:

      Thank you Jesus for the refreshing words. I enter my season of resurrection in Jesus name. Amen

  3. Tony Storer says:

    Yesterday’s word left me confused, and I just thought that the message didn’t pertain to me. But today’s follow up word hit home. God knew that I personally didn’t understand what yesterday’s word meant, so he cleared it up by sending clarity to it. That is simply amazing to me, showing how much he cares and loves us. Praise God, noone will come before God again. Thank you Lord, i love you.

  4. Praise be to God its true I have seen changes God bless you Jamie

  5. Praise God 🙏 He is so so good. I love Jesus! I’ve been dancing & singing in my kitchen this morning for what he’s done & revealing to me! It rocked my world, literally! He had me play this song this morning, “The Morning has broken”. Hallelujah! I felt the Lord singing & dancing over me! Wow, speechless….

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