Prophetic Word: You Are a Rebuilder!

Prophetic Word: Reward from the Fount of Every Blessing |

Do you have things in your life that have been destroyed, and you want them back? Never fear! Because …

I heard the Lord say that you are a rebuilder!

Then He gave me this word for you:

“You have been trying a long time to rebuild various things in your life, but nothing has worked. However, THIS YEAR, everything changes … because now is My acceptable time for the restoration and rebuilding of all things.

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    This year, I will do the rebuilding work through you.

    I want you to receive My joy over this good news … because this is the year of My favor. I am giving you back all the territory the enemy stole from you. I want you to know that restoration is easy for Me, and I am doing the work. No matter how difficult things may see to your natural eyes, nothing you see is any hindrance to me.

    This year, I want to heal you and make you whole.

    You have been traumatized by things that have destroyed various aspects of your life and happiness. However, I say to you today, speak to that spirit of trauma and tell it to leave you in the name of My Son Jesus. This is the year of My favor, and the trauma that held you captive IS NO MORE.

    So put on your garment of praise. It is the truth from My Word that your praise destroys the forces of the enemy. Your praise releases change. Your praise brings help from My holy courts–the courts where I am praised in Heaven, and the courts where I render judgments and verdicts as well.

    I have judged your enemy the devil.

    When My Son Jesus died on the cross, judgment was handed down to your old adversary, the accuser of the brethren. No weapon shall now stand against you because of the precious blood of My Son. Every accusation that has been leveled against you shall be destroyed for the sake of My Son, for you are in Him.

    So I say to you: you are a rebuilder.

    Because of the victory that My Son gave you and purchased for you with His blood, you shall now rebuild those things which have long been desolate. Things you thought were lost to you many years ago shall return. Opportunities, skill sets, dreams, and desires shall be re-formed in your life.

    Things that happened to you in the past will no longer have influence over you.

    Isaiah 61:4 says:

    They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations” (Isaiah 61:4 ESV).

    Your strength shall return this year. You will find it to be true this year that the generation of the righteous shall be blessed. Things long beyond your reach shall suddenly become attainable this year.

    So seek Me. Pray every day for these things.

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    I need you to partner with Me in order to work these things in your life. So pray intensely and act aggressively when I tell you to act. Remember that the violent take it by force.

    I love you and am with you.

    Never think you are alone; and when you feel alone, pull away from what occupies you and draw near to Me. I will never leave you or forsake you, and you will find rest for your soul continuously throughout the process.

    Remember that I am the Master Planner and Master Builder of all things. So let Me do the hard work while you rest. You will find that you are both rebuilding and resting at the same time, and that is My plan for you. That is how it should be.”

    Does this word speak to your spirit and encourage you? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to you!


    1. Hi Jamie
      I really felt the love of God when reading your post. it is so much relevant to me. I have been battling with a sickness for the past 19 months and it has taken all the joy from me and my family. I have had to let go of my dreams and certain projects because of the mounting medical bills. My focus has all along been centred on the one thing that is taking away my joy.
      Your post has given me hope and I believe God is restoring and healing me this year.
      Thank you Jamie for the words of encouragement. May the good God bless you and your family abundantly!!

      1. Our prayers are with you

        1. Shanterol Baker says:

          This word is a Blessing to me right now. I’m trusting God for miracles, signs and wonders

      2. Emily Matthews says:

        Thank you God has used you for confirmation and and nothing happens or is said by coincidence every things is already written thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit and God to use you to show and tell his Glory. Hallelujah thank you Jesus Christ I claim my healing favor and restoration.
        Please become my prayer partner me and my family is in dire need of real Holy Ghost anointed speaking in tongues righteous prayer Warriors to intervene for us and with us
        Thank you again Jamie may God continue to bless you and yours ??

      3. Kim Bolling says:

        Hi Jamie i thank you for taking time out to hwlp me an encourage me on my Christian walk..there is times i want to give up cause i struggle with my faith then i see Your name flash across an i no i at least have someone standing an believing with me thank you…

      4. Great Hallel says:

        I”m claiming it! To God be the glory!

    2. Thank you Jamie for this word. 2018 I’d the year of favour.

    3. Tierashia Adair says:

      Glory be to God! This word is for ME!!! Thank you, Father, and thank you Jamie for obeying our Father. You are blessed to be a blessing! I love you mucho, my Sister!

    4. Hi Jamie. By the grace of God I thank him for your support I believe he hath sent you so praise be to god. Your prophetic words from god not only gives strength encouragement and relavence but also touches the very soul of me through the holy spirit .I have suffered with trauma and mental health for 8 yrs now.but by the grace of God’s love and guidance he has lifted me from the darkness giving me hope, and bieng able to give praise to him for whst uve been through as he gives a new perspective on things and helps me to put things in a positive light. I trust in god the father and his son jesus and the holy spirit 110 percent for jesus as u say gave his life for us for that I give him my whole life in his hands I believe he will guide me and I trust in jesus .your words today mean every thing I ask God to bless you for the work you do for him he is truly an amazing god a man of his word and never gives in to his promises. Thankyou Jamie .god bless you and all whom work through your missionary to touch people’s lives.x

    5. Thank you Jamie! Another right now word from the throne room. Praise God… I believe it…I receive it. Glory, to our glorious Father. Thank you Jesus! Rebuild…restore….redeem.

    6. Adrenamae says:

      These words just on time. I thank GOD for using you to bring encouraging words. I will continue to praise him and rest peacefully as I stand on his words.

    7. Cean Binahl says:

      Hi Jamie, greetings in the Only powerful Name Jesus Christ, that is a very timely word, be blessed for your obedience in the Lord, you may never meet all the people who are being touched by these encouraging words in the Lord but know that they are good seeds being planted in the vineyard of the Lord and He alone gets the Glory as we advance His kingdom on the earth.

    8. Hi Jamie
      Thank you for this word. Yes! It is very encouraging and speaks to my heart. I’ve been in a very long and difficult season and sometimes wonder where God is. I’m doing my best to honor Him with my life and obedience and need Him to do what He’s promised me. Please stand in agreement with me for His favor and deliverance in my life. I will continue to trust Him believing for this word to become a reality in my life. I know He’s faithful. He’s blessed and delivered me before and I’m believing for Him to do it again.

      1. Denise Foster says:

        Thank you Jamie because I needed that word for today so much have happen, my Job have been down sized in the month of December. I am keep my oldest son in continue prayer because he have been dealing with cancer for two years. But one thing i can say for sure that God has awake my soul and spirit and a deep desire to seek Him more and more and put my trust completely in Him. Thank you so much.

    9. Carole J. says:

      Thank you Jamie for this timely word! My life fell apart 9 yrs. ago during the recession. I’m still trying to put the pieces back together. Unfortunately I’ve always thought I needed to figure it out but those days are over. The time has truly come to lean not on my own understanding and trust the only help there is, the Lord.

    10. Nancy Mmelesi says:

      Thank you Jamie for this reminder that ALL IS NOT LOST. We serve a living and faithful who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank you for the encouragement.

      1. Eufaula Morgan says:

        Nancy, yes God is faithful!!!

        Psalms 33: 4 says, For the Word of the Lord is right; and all His work is done in faithfulness. So we can trust the integrity of His Word and the faithfulness of His Works. The Work that He is doing for us, in us, and through us and the Word that He has spoken to us and over our lives. Through this Word the Holy Spirit began to highlight this truth to me.

    11. caroline naidoo says:

      amen awesome word jamie

    12. Hi Jamie im soo blessed by the word.The lord has immensely blessed me through you.This year i return all that the enemy took from me in Jesus Mighty blessed

    13. Frances Juanita Brooks says:

      Yes I receive this word from the Lord. Thank You Jamie

    14. Thank you for the confirmation in my spirit that God will restore and rebuild things in my life!!! Blessings for this word from God! Continue to be obedient to his will!

    15. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for your post ..Its relevant to me this time as I have an alcoholic husband who also have an affair which he is disputing…its just so painful at the moment. As a believer I am praying for God to intervene …but sometimes you get so tired.

    16. Rachael Keith says:

      Thank you Lord for the encouragement you give me through Jamie!!
      so much as been destroyed the last few years, our family, our marriage, our finances, our whole life. All by us trying to help an adult child with mental disorders. I have been praying and praying for help, for restoration, especially for our Grandson and our family. Mental disorders effect the whole family, not just the person.
      God Bless You, Jamie!!

      1. Rebecca Jones says:

        You are so right Rachel, prayers for you. May I recommend a book called Hope Prevails, Dr. Michelle Bengston.

        1. Thank you Rebecca. I will definitely read that!

    17. I’ve been hoping to hear these words for a very long time!! It does my heart good. Thank you Jamie for sharing what the Lord showed you and thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace!!

    18. What a word! I praise God for your obedience and sacrafice. It is my prayer that God our richly bless you and your family for all you have given out. Be blessed.

    19. Yes and amen! Thank you Father, thank you Jesus! I receive and am blessed by the faithfulness of your servant girl Jamie. Thank you for her Lord. She releases and teaches so amazingly thanks to you Lord, and her willing and humble spirit. Much love and peace from the God who brings all comfort, to you my dear Jamie!

    20. Hi Jamie,
      After going through one of the worst years(2017) of my life; having my family completely torn apart by infidelity after 25 years. It was so devastating for me and my children. It took us all by surprise. I even noticed that my husband appeared to no longer be the man I knew for all those years. How could he do this to his children let alone me? All kinds of questions ran through my mind. What was so scary to me was; how he no longer looked at me in the loving way that he used to look at me; in the earlier months prior to his infidelity. He totally appeared to be someone else. I prayed every day for him to convert back into the loving caring many that we all knew. and not to mention the woman: has said and done some evil things to me also. I quickly knew that this was the work of the devil. It could only be, because we had a good family bond, and relationship.
      However; I did’nt know how to cope with this;I was overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions; sad, angry, miserable, depressed, bitter, lonely, afraid, and full of anxiety, because I did not know what we were going to do without my husband here to protect us anymore. However; after months of trying to overcome these feelings alone, I came across your blog, and after reading your awesome prophetic word from God(and as if you were speaking directly to me personally) It was a reminder to me that I am not and nor will ever be alone because God is always with me, and is here to comfort and protect me. I immediately began to feel the spirit speaking to me, and assuring me not to worry, and have faith that Father God, will bring me through this. It was so encouraging, turned my tears into happy tears, “I let go and let God”! I prayed for strength, and I received it. I began to see my emotions change for the better, and became even more humbled, and on my journey to find peace back into my life through Jesus Christ our lord and saviour. Jamie your encouraging prophetic word, and prayers truly speaks to me,and often my situation as well. I become filled with the Holy Spirit, and I am comforted. I know that God has a good plan for my life, and I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family. I Thank You So So Much! I pray for you and your family as well, and that you keep doing the good work, that you were called to do. God Bless You!

    21. I have tried to do many things in life to no avail.What has surprised me is that this word has come to me after i have received the word that “…with men it is impossible but with God all things are possible”.

      God bless you.I am waiting for my restoration this year.

    22. Wow! I had a dream during the night concerning situations in my life that occurred 25 years ago that caused great loss to me. The losses and their impact continued for many years. As I read what the Lord spoke to you, Jamie, I was sure that I am undoubtedly one of those for whom the message was given. Praise the Lord God Almighty. I say again, praise the Lord!!!

    23. Elizabeth says:

      Hi Jamie – wow this word is powerful. I am EXPECTING my Heavenly Father to restore and rebuild things,in my life that have been stolen. He is forever faithful and always does what He says He will do. Thank you for your posts they always encourage me. Standing in faith, believing and receiving this word.

    24. Wowwww shouts of joy from the rooftop ??????????I am in awe of God’s life be for me (for us) I have been waiting sooo long to hear from God like this ??????❤️My Joy comes from the Lord ??????❤️My God who is rebuilding my life??My kids??My family ??God has been showing me a circle ⭕️ it completely attached this year ??????The year of turnarounds ????The year of completion ??????Thank you dearly Jamie for your dedication to the Lord ??❤️I am grateful for for life ??❤️God bless you and your family abundantly ??❤️Open the floodgates Lord????????

      1. Amanda Hoyle says:

        That’s awesome ur faith has lifted me. I sit here covered in tears, because once again I’ve failed (been given everyt good thing but want to advance His kingdom in righteousness and joy not abherently but He is good ALL THE TIME :)…may the glory of the Lord be the lifter of our heads and those around us be filled to overflowing with the joy of the Lord…cuz I know He is crazy good. ?

        1. We have all failed sis ??But be encouraged that we are daughters of a king ??????The most high God ??????We are loved,forgiven and rightoues only because of His beloved son Jesus??????Be blessed head high??????❤️



    26. Kelsey G. says:

      Amen, amen, amen!!! I receive it, Lord!

      This is SUCH a good and timely word! This is so in line with what God has been telling me personally!

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Jamie! God bless you abundantly and extravagantly!

    27. WOW is all I can say…I have already been claiming 2018 to be an amazing year of favor and the impossible being possible. This is conformation for me and we have been talking about favors and using your angels to do God’s bidding. Thank you Abba Father for the rebuilding you are doing in my life for 2018 in Jesus Name AMEN!!!

    28. Wow!! Amen Glory to God !!!! because He heard my cry! This word is for me! Waiting on God for marriage restoration and financial breakthrough!!!! God is faithful! Thank you Jamie for your ministry and touching our lives with this precious gift of God! God bless you!

    29. Pauline Borgan says:

      My tears just flow as I receive these words. Thank you God bless!

    30. Ann-Charlotte Karlsdotter says:

      I’m overwhelmed over these words and this is clearly from the Lord. Hallelujah thank you Jesus ❤️

    31. Thanks a lot for the word. I have been speaking total restoration and all round victory upon my life, family and everything that concerns me this year. I am grateful that the Spirit of God has confirmed this through this post. I am encouraged and full of the joy of the Lord. Let His will prevails.

    32. Saint John says:

      Right on point. Thank you once again.

    33. Praise His Holy name. This speaks directly to my spirit. He continually tells me to rest yet my feet keep wanting to move. Alas I will rest until in His perfect timing He speaks to me to move! The enemy will no more have his hand on what he has stolen from me. I give so glory unto the Father who will take it back and rebuild! Hallelujah. 2018 the year of rebuilding to completion!

    34. What a lovely message. Praised be the Lord Our God.

    35. Praised be the Lord Our God.

    36. Julie Marcellus says:

      Lol! Jamie it seems no matter what the LORD puts on my heart to pray for or believe for in the morning – I open your blog or FB post and there it is 😀 Hearing His voice and the accompanying confirmation are the absolute joy of my life!! Thank you <3

    37. Rashonda Johnson says:

      I really needed this!!!

    38. Adeola Odutola says:

      LORD you told me in 2016 that You will restore the year’s that the cankerworm had stolen. Only You know what was done to me in the womb. My eye’s are on You for no purpose of Yours can be thwarted. Amen

    39. Jamie. This word is rkght in time. God has used you mightly to encoyrage your people. I will walk in favor this year and forever more.

    40. Mrs. Millie Williams says:

      Jamie, I thank you for this word today. This is what I needed now. I praise our father everyday 24/7. I love him so much. I thank God for you and your family. You are my Angel that God sent me. Be bless.
      Mrs. Millie


    42. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Jamie,it’s the word of an hour to me for what I’m going through n i can’t even start at all in my life.i want to cry because this great God really knows what I’m facing right now,my clothes is far n His Love Is near to me,HE understands n cares about me. I’m so amazed n i do receive this message of God in my life right now,Thank you my Lord for answering my prayers.I love Dad.Thank you to you too Sis Jamie for sharing His message to us in due time,God bless your ministry

      1. Jamie, there were three words that came to my mind as soon as I finished reading this prophesy. They were ,”WOW,WOW,WOW”‼️ I totally receive this from Papa God and say “YES and AMEN” !! Thank you & bless you, Jamie for putting a smile on my face ? and joy in my ?! And lastly, to God be the glory for the things He is doing and has done ??

    43. Josefina Pierre says:


    44. Anonymous says:

      Praise the Lord for these words of encouragement at a much needed time.

    45. Christine pascall says:

      Thank you Jamie. This word is confirmation for me. I heard this word from two different pastors and now from you. In the name of Jesus, By faith I receive and believe and claim it. 2018 is my year for restoration and favor. God is giving me back all that was stolen from me.

    46. Dear Jamie
      I followed your blog recently when i searched for “inheritance” and “land”.
      My grandmother who was born around 1916 and passed away in 1987 left me her house. She left me two items actually, a gospel and the land title of her house in a village in China. Before i was a believer, the two things meant nothing to me. I chucked it away in a corner. The house is more than 200 years old and small with no significant commercial value. In fact, I believe it was a curse. When I first visited it in 2013, i slipped while climbing the wooden ladder inside the house and was hanged upside down on the ladder. So weird.
      But Christ has come to redeem the curse.
      Someone reminded me of God’s inheritance, that was when i searched for the meaning and found your blog on God wanted to give us land.
      On 1st Feb last week, I went to China to rebuild the mud walls of the house (it is in a devasting state, cracks and broken windows and dangerous as well). It was cold and it snowed in that city for the 1st time in historical records. I dedicate the house to Jesus. I also destroyed the ancient ancestor spirit tablet found on the altar inside the house and replaced it with a cross that I made with wood i found inside the house. The 3rd night I had a vivid dream that the devil came to me and was very angry on that night. I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and that Jesus will burn it in hell and it went away.
      Your message came so timely when i returned back home on 5th night.
      Thank you and Praise the Lord.

    47. Denise Challenor says:

      Thank you Jamie for your ministry. Thank you dear Jesus for Jamie’s obedient service and encouragement.

    48. This message from GOD touch me,it is a blessing!!!

      Thanks you Jamie for letting God use you!!

    49. Dear Jamie, thank you , such encouragement, A conformation to the end of a 30 year battle !!!!! I’m so excited , Lisa

    50. Praise the Lord! All that has been taken from me is restored Iin 2018

    51. Prophet Mary Robinson says:

      Thank You Women Of God.
      I needed this word, and I will stand on this word, and I will stand.

      Mary Robinson

    52. I agree and receive this word. To the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be glory, honor and praise forever. Thank you, Jamie. May God bless you in abundant measure, Amen.

    53. A word of confirmation for me. Thank you and God bless you and your family always x

    54. Jodie Mehrens says:

      Thank you Papa God for this confirming word that brings JOY to my heart!!
      I receive it with enthusiastic expectation of the glory and honor You will receive as our son is restored back to You and when he returns he will strengthen his brothers! Amen!

    55. All glory to God in the name of Jesus. Yes, this word speaks to my heart. I pray blessings continuously over all that have hurt me, stolen from me, and lied about me….it feels so good to pour myself out as an offering to my Lord. He has taken the bitterness and filled me with the fresh oil that I needed to restore me. Oh to be used of Him, my Heavenly Father…..Thank you Jesus!

    56. What an on time word. Amazing how the the Lord speaks. My sons and I lost our apartment to mold 4 years ago all our things inside and we were very sick. We live in one room and we have not given up on the Lord yet. He will see us through this. My sons both have had surgeries because of this and they are so heart broken at how hard it is for us to get back on our Feet. God bless you my sister I found you on Pinterest year ago.

    57. Omar pastrana says:

      This speaks volumes to me. Gods promise will be fullfilled. Comformation after comfirmation. Restoration is in my future! All that i lost my way will be returned Gods way. In the name of Jesus. Praise the lord. Thank you God

    58. As I sit before the Lord and read your encouraging prophecy, I receive and believe it with all my heart. Thank you Jamie for shepherding faithfully and breathing hope into Gods people.. God bless you.

    59. Thus have lift my spirit even more…thank jesus…

    60. Maliah Khatoon says:

      Dear Jamie,

      Your posts on God’s Word come up each time I am thinking on the same lines.

      Amazing posts where HIS word comes to life.

      Thank You so much for inspiring us in HIS Name.

      Amen .

    61. Thank you Jesus! Thank you, Jamie! Confirmation from a study I heard 2 weeks ago about how PRAISE destroys the enemy!!! Thank you for this word as I am receiving it with boldness!

      Sheri from Michigan

    62. Thank you so much for this. I receive this in Jesus name, Amen. God Bless You.

    63. Oh yes, this is my message. I claim it all in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you Jamie. God bless you.

    64. Karen James says:

      Yes LORD….I receive this Rhema Word that has been spoken for me, In JESUS Name….AMEN

    65. Dear Jamie,
      Thank you for the confirmation that God will restor everything I’ve lost in my life. Its been my prayer that he does and the past days I’ve had dreams in which certain things I lost I got back. Please partner with me in prayer on this.
      Thank you and may God continue blessing you

    66. Hi Jamie,
      I thank the Lord for you. Through this message He revealed what I have been waiting for. I am in tears. God is good. His love is infinite amazing.
      I need it to hear from Him.
      Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie.

    67. caroline naidoo says:

      amen most definitely;this year 2018 is my year for turnaround and breakthrough and all that I have been contending for so long.

    68. Thank you for this word Jamie…i am getting better and better but waiting to be totally healed, made whole.. Those words.. I am healing you and making you whole this year directly spoke to me.. I thank Abba for it.. I believe i receive.. Amen.. Hallelujah

    69. GEORGE MODISE says:


    70. I am shaking and thanking God my heart is overwhelmed who am I that God is mindful of me..thank you Lord Jesus Christ,I receive your word with thanksgiving,you lead me from the moment I woke up till I got to this page and read this,you needed to speak to me this morning and lead me to so grateful Lord.. thank you God the father,God the son,and God the holy spirit.. you r indeed ALMIGHTY ?❤???

    71. I am claiming it with all my heart! I will live to Praise God!

    72. Thank you so much for the encouraging words I’m. Truly blessed to be reading these as I feel you are talking to me yes I am a rebuilder for myself and my family. Praise be to God. I will remain in prayer. God bless you abundantly.

    73. I just went back and read this again and it just touched me so much because in the past I have allowed so much evil from Satan and it wasn’t all Satan. It was just as much me. I don’t know what God’s plan is to use my past but I know that He’s using the blood shed by Christ to restore hope to our home and I’m now seeing it in my mind. Things I would read and couldn’t understand and would have to reread again and again I can read through one time and understand. It doesn’t always mean the same thing the next time I read it, but even so I understand and I’m learning to ask if I don’t. I was such a stubborn person and selfish person before. This just confirms Joel 2:25 that God gave me some time ago. “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts has eaten,the crawling locust, and the chewing locust. My great army which I sent among you.” Lord, you allowed everything happen for a reason and now I’m starting to see that it was all to bring me back to you, to your feet. I’m here Lord. Thank you Lord! Thank you Jamie for sharing His word He gave to you for me too.

    74. Oh wow!! I keep hearing Holy Spirit say I was born for such a time as this, this Rebuilding & Restoration! I am so excited that this is the year God is making all things new! Praise & Glory to His Holy Name!!

    75. I am so happy to hear this news myself. Ever since I had the accident on my job nothing has been the same! It has been one battle after another! Thank you Yeshua and Yahuah for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon your people during this journey! Thank you Jamie! May everything that was taken from you and yours be restored 7 fold! Amen!!!!

    76. This word came at the right time , I was really down some few minutes before I took this phone. And when I read this I figured it’s God wat of soothing me and letting me know HES got my back. Ll share my testimony on this blog soon.

    77. Joseph Munguti says:

      Hi Jamie,
      This prophecy resonates so well with my situation. I claim it in Jesus’ name. For sure HE IS.

    78. Thank you so much. I receive your prophetic word Jamie. My spirit confirmed with me this morning that my request for what I have been praying for is up before the Lord. Thank you,

    79. Amen! That was for me! Thank You Lord! I am a rebuilder! Thank You beautiful servant of God for such a timely word!

    80. I claim this prophesy over my family and myself, we are rebuilders

    81. This is great news for me today! It’s totally what I needed to hear. Praise the Lord for His goodness and for looking after His children with such great care!

    82. I love this prophetic word,i have lost a lot over the years God has slready started the restoration process,such an amazing powerful timely word, we thank God

    83. This touch me, I need it

    84. Amen Hallelujah,Glory Be to You Our Most High God,who is God over all,In Jesus Christ Name,I believe this prophecy is for me and prayer groups,we receive it in Jesus Christ Name it is done.

    85. Lea Smith says:

      Jamie, this word hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to have a difficult conversation with my mother over the weekend during what was supposed to be a celebratory time because my daughter graduated from college. However, due to something my daughter did, a long overdue conversation happened and my mother and I gained some understanding only with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our relationship is being rebuilt. Now, the work with my daughter will come. Praise God Almighty for His faithfulness! He is a breach repairer!

    86. Irma Nortje says:

      Amen thanku Lord we trust you to rebuild our lives, restoration and healing in our family relations.

    87. Hi, thanks for the prophetic word I truly felt the word was for me and I feel blessed by this prophetic word,thankyou LORD,I need your approval, your spirit of strength so I can do all you need for me to do,in Jesus Mighty Name I ask, AMEN 🙏💯

    88. Amen! So encouraging. 🙌🏾

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