Prophetic Word: The Lights Are Coming Back On

The Lord showed me that, for those of you who have been in the dark night of the soul, you have felt numb in many areas.

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

A number of the things that used to flow easily for you–things about which you were excited in the past; things you enjoyed and were good at–have not functioned very well for you lately. You have had no motivation or inspiration, and have not felt like yourself. But, you have been too weary to care.

If that describes you, I heard the Lord say to you:

“The lights are coming back on, My beloved.

You have been in a dark night. None of the things you wanted to work were working very well. However, I am switching the lights back on for you, one at a time.

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    My gifts and callings are irrevocable and without repentance. You always had the gift. However, I do not always inspire you to work your gift; sometimes I inspire you to rest.

    And in this dark night, I have been with you to rest.

    You have been in hiding as I have done surgery on your heart. It is okay to lie down in peace on the operating table as I work. It is permissible to recover from the pain of My loving discipline and chastisement, without trying to work. You have not erred in this, My beloved.

    But now, dear child of Mine, I am switching the lights back on, one at a time.

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    You used to notice how I speak symbolically, but you have not heard from Me that way in a long time. Now, within the last few days, suddenly you are hearing Me in that way again.

    You have been hearing Me in other ways during this dark night, but your ability to understand My voice in this special way is being sharpened again. I am speaking to you symbolically again, and not only in My still, small voice.

    You are also receiving a double portion of My mantle and blessing.

    You have earnestly contended to become more like Jesus, and I have answered your prayer by allowing you to experience the fellowship of His suffering. I have been shaping you and molding you into His likeness by My Spirit.

    And because you have submitted to My discipline and chastisement, suffering together with My Son, I have given you a double portion of Our mantle, together with the blessing that goes with it.

    You will see lights coming back on in your life one by one over the coming days.

    The ending of the dark night requires only the turning on of My light. It will happen gradually; I do not want to overwhelm your eyes. But remember that you are coming up from the wilderness, leaning on your Beloved, Who is My Son, Jesus.

    The lights are switching back on for you, My child. I have always been the Light in your heart, and the Light for your path. But you have been walking in the valley of the shadow of death, and you have not been able to see any outer light.

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    Now, however, I am switching the lights back on so that you can see My light on the outside, as well as My light shining on the inside of your life.

    You have always been able to see Me taking care of you and shining My light on the inside. However, now that the lights are switching on one at a time, you will also see My glory revealed in your path as you walk forward.

    Be at peace, My child. I have overcome the world. Do not fear, for I am with you. Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will help you; I will uphold you with My mighty right hand. I am with you to keep you, and to perfect all that concerns you.

    Love, your Abba Father.”

    Beloved, is our Heavenly Father speaking to your heart through this word today? If so, leave a comment below! We love to hear from you!


    1. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

      Aww! what a wonderful God we serve. God sure speaks. He has spoken deeply and profoundly to me through this word. Thank you Sis Jamie for being the perfect messenger.

    2. That was such a great word!!! The lord was speaking to me through this message!!!

    3. I am truly comforted and encouraged by this

      I say amen so be it in my life

    4. Thank you father God in Jesus’s precious mighty everlasting love and name we pray for your courtesy and, mercy, grace, peace, understanding friendships, understanding and trust in your words. I thank Jamie and her ministry for all of their faith in you dear lord in heaven and for your holy spirit who guards each of us to come together in prayer and in direction in your light and following your information and instructions to our pathway into your kingdom in heaven when we are called to our destiny. I appreciate a place such as this of Jamie and her ministry where the instructions are of your true teaching process. It is very informative and inspirational in so many lives. It has helped me to stay in my spiritual beliefs and grow in a deeper more personal life with our father God in heaven and to become a better student in learning of Jesus’s true experiences and purpose for us. I always look forward to more awakening messages from the spirit through this ministry. God bless you Jaime and your family and all the wonderful people who are a part of your following and seek love and light in their lives. Amen

    5. Sheila Ann Smith says:

      Thank You Lord!!!
      God bless you Jamie.

    6. Taniqua Burns says:

      Thank you God for speaking to me this morning. I am thankful for every blessing that you placed upon me.

      I am beyond thankful for all that you have showed me lord.

      I am woke and present in your mighty name Jesus you have taught me real love and the true meaning of discipline.

      I am your righteous daughter Taniqua Burns I pray that you hear my cry and answer my prayers for the lesson is now learned. I want to live in your presence forever.

      Thank you Jesus

      In Jesus name amen 🙏🏾

    7. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      There is so much since I have waiting for your supernatural light joy and peace oh lord.,I thank you I praise I honor you I sanctify you for you mighty power for your grace and mercy.Thank you lord for such a powerful words who strengthen and give encouragement. I take this words as there is a long long long time since I am thirsty of your light joy and peace in my heart. You said wait on the lord as you are always on time to deliver your promises. But now you said it’s time for me to be enlighten by you with your supernatural light joy and peace.All that I can do is give you back all the glory and praise that you deserve for your holiness righteousness. In Jesus name I pray.Amen

    8. Wow, this is for me,
      Speaks directly into my life and situation.
      Thank You so, so much for not holding back but for delivering such a powerful message! So encouraging.

    9. Wow… I receive every word that has been spoke. This is a confirmation of what God spoke to me this morning during prayer. Restoration, the drought is over and now the lights are coming back on-one by one. Hallelujah, Glory to God, Thank You Jesus!! 🙌🏾

    10. Thank you … this Word touched me deeply & I receive it, in Jesus Name. Blessings to you dear Jamie, Daughter of the Most High.

    11. Thank you Father for your mercy
      God bless Jamie

    12. God is so good I love you Abba Father thankyou for changing my life, one step at a time, nothing is possible without your touch, thankyou Jamie for revealing
      what God is doing in our lives Amen

    13. Shailaja Abraham says:

      I receive every word spoken by Almighty God into my life. Thanku Jamie for the prophetic word. God bless you and your ministry.

    14. Lois Harris says:

      This word from the Lord gave me hope that the dark night is about to end. I have been pressed beyond measure to the point of losing hope. My family is divided.
      I have been under tremendous persecution and false accusations. I have cried out to God for deliverance. I know He has never left me and I will see His justice.
      Let the lights come back on dear Father. Restore unto me the joy of your salvation.

    15. Thank you sweet Abba! I receive your message towards me. Your love is too great. Thank you obedient servant, Jamie. May God continue to pour into you as you remain yielded in your secret place.

    16. Yoli Yoli says:

      Thank you God for your word and all that your doing for me.

    17. I have long been waiting for this. I give all the glory to You, God! Thank You! Also, thank you Jamie for being such a good steward. I pray I will become obedient to God in all things like you!

    18. This is my first time to comment. These words resonate perfectly with my spirit because I can say that I faced demotion in my life. Things that obviously used to work for me no longer worked. It seemed as though God’s favor had left me. I prayed for God to show me mercy and remove the dark veil putting sorrow and non achievement upon my life. I have been expecting from the Lord a restoration of blessings and this prophetic word gives me the confirmation about what God is doing.
      I am so very grateful for these words of encouragement. God bless you so much.

    19. Constance says:

      Thank you soo much Jamie for this timely and encouraging message. God bless and keep you.

      1. Am blessed .Thank you for the timely encouragement.I was praying for restoration last night

    20. Phyllis Gill says:

      Yes 🙌😭HE sure spoke with one of my favorite scriptures! I can hear HIS ❤️in this scripture! Love you & thank you for your prayers & encouragement! God bless you double!!😍❤️😍

    21. As I was reading it, tears! I receive this in Jesus’ Name! Amen!
      Thank you!

    22. This is a great promise for those who were fighting in the dark! Yes, I did feel like suffering and walking the path of Jesus, unjustice, unfairness, pains and accusations. Now our loving Father is at work, thank you Papa!

    23. Thanks so much, no work ,spiritual battles ,debts etc. but in all glory be to GOD. Am fight my fear but suddenly am surrender by .Blessings Jamie

    24. I hope u will follow up on this post. eagerly waiting 🙏

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