Prophetic Word: The Wall of Frustration Is Cooped-Up Anointing

Prophetic word from Jamie Rohrbaugh

Dear frustrated one,

Have you been feeling so frustrated that darkness seems to be closing in from every side? Do you feel like the opportunity you have to do what you’re called to do has been cut off? Are you struggling with feelings like depression because of it?

If so, I have a WORD from on high for you today!

Here’s what the Lord showed me:

The Lord showed me that there are people who should be able to do what you’re called to do, but you’ve been in a battle to actually DO these things. You have the know-how. You have the chance. But hindrances keep coming up against you, seemingly every day, and preventing you from actually EXECUTING on the work of your ministry–the work for which you were created.

Because of this, things have been very dark for you:

  • You know you aren’t depressed in the medical sense of the word; but yet, you wonder if you are, because you feel the same feelings on days when you aren’t able to carry out your calling.
  • Yet, you feel fine–motivated and happy–on those days when you DO get to do what you are called to do.
  • You feel frustrated and bleak if you don’t get to walk in your calling.
  • The non-functioning days have happened so often, and the stress has gotten to you so much, that you have frozen and shut down, checking out of things that you used to be engaged in.
  • On those non-functioning days, you just want to pass the time until you can be out of your misery.

And yet, you know this is situational–not a mental illness.

If you are one of the ones this word is for, the enemy has been telling you that you’re dealing with mental illness. However, you’ve come too far with the Lord to believe the enemy–even though things are really, really hard right now.

Beloved, if that’s you, know this:

The frustration you’re experiencing is because the flow of God’s anointing is stopped up in you and has no release.

The Lord has anointed and called you to do a particular thing, and the anointing in you is stronger than you know. However, the Spirit of the Lord always FLOWS. He is always moving; always progressing; always pushing. And when He flows into you but is not able to flow OUT of you in the way He is trying to move THROUGH you, you feel like you are constantly hitting a brick wall …

… because Holy Spirit in you is hitting a brick wall …

… because the only life you have is the life of Christ Jesus, by His Spirit who lives inside you AND is flowing through you in power.

The frustration you feel is not just you; it’s the frustration of the Spirit.

It is physically impossible for you to hold all the anointing of the Lord inside you and be healthy. His power is unspeakable; His strength is matchless; His fervor is unquenchable. His passion for His Kingdom and His glory burns hotter than a thousand volcanoes.

And yet, you’ve been holding all that power inside you–through no fault of your own, but holding it inside you nevertheless–and thinking that you can be healthy that way.

But you can’t.

You cannot hold a nuclear bomb inside your body and remain healthy.


  • You cannot force all the water from a fire hose down your throat, even if you’re thirsty.
  • You cannot look at the light of one sun, let alone a thousand suns, and not have that kind of light destroy you.
  • And likewise, you cannot contain the anointing of the precious Holy Spirit of God inside yourself and think that it will not destroy you.

Uzzah touched the glory of God–against God’s instructions–and the sheer power killed him. He was electrocuted. (See this article for more about a 1933 study about that.) It wasn’t God’s will for Uzzah to die; God had warned them how to stay ALIVE! But Uzzah chose to disobey, and the physical power of God that he encountered overpowered his body.

Beloved, you have been meaning well, but you have to pull out all the stops now.

The darkness is frustration, not depression. The frustration you feel is the physical pressure of the anointing flowing into you, but having no way to flow out. The pain in your mind is from the corralling of the anointing; the anointing is too strong for you if it’s cooped up.

My friend, I believe the Lord showed me that there are decisions you haven’t wanted to make, but God is waiting for you to make them. It’s time to pull out all the stops. Stop feeling like the solution you have been waiting for is the only solution. Look into ALL the solutions, and see which one GOD opens for you.

You will know immediately which solution the Lord is breathing on.

The right solution will bring you peace (Colossians 3:15). It will bring unity within your family. Doors will open up for you, beginning the moment when you touch on THE LORD’s solution.

I hear the Lord saying:

“The open doors will be small at first, but praise Me for each one:

  • Praise Me for each time I helped you;
  • for each time I sent you help;
  • for each time I brought unity instead of division;
  • for each occasion upon which I saved you time.
  • Praise Me for every financial breakthrough and every courteous response to sensitive conversations.

Praise Me in the storm, for you are sailing on the winds of My Spirit through the walls of the storm and out of the frustration of My Spirit.”

Beloved, you’ve been feeling blackness, but that blackness isn’t true blackness. It’s frustration; the frustration of the Spirit of the Lord as He is knocking against the walls of your body and life–from the INSIDE–and desperate to express Himself in the ways He created for you.

When you see this, you will suddenly know that the urge to press forward is for His benefit as well as yours. Neither of you–neither you nor the Spirit of God–want to continue like this. Do what you have to do (within the bounds of the written Word of God–the Bible–of course). Pull out all the stops. Make the sacrifices you have to make.

The frustration you’ve been feeling is not from Him, and He’s as desperate to move through you in the area of your calling as you are.

Work with the Lord! Together, you can get Him out and let Him loose!

Does this word speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below!


  1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Halleluyah and Amen!I am the one who is going through this right now.This is my message my dear and lovely Jamie.I received it and I received by faith.I will open up to the Lord to use me again..Thank you mighty Lord for your timely message I received from your servant.Thank you Sis Jamie.

  2. Geraldine says:


  3. I am not sure what my calling is right now but all that you mentioned is exactly what I am going through at this time.

  4. I don’t know how it is, but many of your messages speak to me 🙂 You’re a gem!

    1. Thank you, Sonia! Glory to God! It’s just His Spirit saying the same thing to everybody!

      1. I’m not sure of my calling but I know this word is for me . He’s opened a door and it’s impossible for me to do . Praying I’ll hear what he’s telling me to do . Blessings and favor to you

  5. Exactly what I’ve been going through this season! Lord, please help me abide in you until you birth what’s on the inside of me!

    In Jesus’ Name,

  6. In tears, this was for me. I actually got sad today and down because I feel a pull from every direction and now I just feel like this it! Confirmation!!! Thank you God!!

  7. April McCullough says:

    This explains a lot of what I feel. It mimics depression but I know it isn’t because I have been healed from that! It definitely feels like something is stopped up! Like a dam is waiting to be released. I’ve questioned whether it’s timing or something that I’m missing this season. But I sense that something is getting ready to be released. I can not wait to see how God moves!

  8. Rachel Alvarez says:

    Hi Jamie Isit here reading your e-mail and I have to say my Father in heaven has really been using you as a great vessel to speak to me and it is exactly as you describe the email I must tell you I’m am cry it’s so me, He is talk too I must Thank Him for everything because I have been felling I just want to explode I don’t know what’s going o with me . I pray that my Father in heaven bless you beyond measures and open doors for you and your ministry and your family God Bless you Sister in Jeaus name.

  9. SHARON Jane COLE says:

    This precious word could not have come at a better time! I grieve deeply and the Holy Spirit within me! For over 4 years. I have been called a constipated Christian! You just laid it all out! I know there are decisions that have to be made, but I if these decisions are holding me back it’s time move! I had a dream 6 months ago I was pregnant I am 58. In the dream you could only see my pregnant belly covered in a pure white shirt, surrounded by a brilliant white light. I knew it was me as I looked down and said I am too old to have a baby! I awoke. I am so frustrated and so ready to move in any way or direction ABBA Father so ready to give birth, I will push through the pain the darkness, the heaviness, into the light of a new season of ALL things new! Amen!

    Thank you Jamie

    1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Sharon,what an amazing story n testimony,God Bless dear Sister

  10. This is the season I’m in. Thank you for this word!!

  11. Sonja R Campbell says:

    The anointing is backed up. It’s fermenting as someone else put it and I’m in the waiting. I am content in God and in peace with the wait, but my household isn’t healed yet and the enemy keeps using them to get at me. I am trying so hard to respond lovingly but even my lovingly is getting shot down. I don’t know the solutions and feel I have pursued what I know to. The trench is so deep now we need a miracle. Praise His Holy Name!

  12. Thank you for the word. I know i was called to serve the Lord but i do not know exactly what i was called for exactly. I feel there is something that wants to Manifest but i do not know what exactly it is. When i dream, i dream when i am at peace serving Him but during the day i feel weak, like there is no spiritual growth in me.

  13. Yes Lord Jesus Christ this is about me. 🙌🙌🙏

  14. Maggie Kirsten says:

    Dear Jamie,

    I have been feeling like this and thinking all kinds of wrong things and actually shrank back thinking God doesn`t want to use me, I have been healed from depression/bipolar so feeling like I’m going down that road but knowing im not was frustrating, I also had a dream at age 49 of giving birth to a beautiful baby and woke with such excitement. I was fervently pursuing the prophetic but questioning everything now and still not sure what to do. Please pray for an encounter with God that will change my life for good.

  15. John Annanson says:

    Amazing Grace!! The Lord bless you and keep you safe and sound in the name of Jesus Christ!! This can only be the SPIRIT of CHRIST JESUS, and how can it be, except for the Lord to have His handmaid speak graphically about me here in Ghana! Jamie be blessed!! Annanson John.

  16. I believe this is what I’ve been going through. I don’t even know how to let it release though! I don’t even know what to do about it! It’s so hard for me to just abide in the LORD because I feel so weak and overwhelmed and frustrated and even super sad. I want to let this out of me I just don’t know how or what! LORD give me directions!

  17. Pastor Chip Scruggs says:

    Very good rhema word. Thank you!

  18. Wow! What a word! Your speaking to me because I told myself yesterday that I need to speak, open my mouth and let God use me. Thank you Jesus!

  19. Sally-Anne Pyper says:

    Oh dear Jamie this is so true I truely feel this is for me thank you so much. I have been physically and mentally not well for about 2 years . Can you please ask everyone to pray for me💜✝️💜🙏

  20. I am definitely feeling this Word! Thank you! I’ve been struggling with what I thought was depression, but it’s clear to me now that it’s FRUSTRATION!
    Amen and thank you for sharing this Word with us!!

  21. BINGO! Between a move that has taken months! and technical problems with internet and then discovering I can’t be near wifi so had to change the whole set-up with Ethernet, it’s been one blockade after another to try and move into what the Lord has called me too. Frustration, anger, feeling like I got it all wrong, and just plain stuck and overwhelmed. THANK YOU JAMIE. The Lord has told me to -rest- in Him during this transition but it’s been difficult and I am worn down. Like another poster said, “Finally light at the end of the tunnel.”
    God bless you dear sister in Christ.

  22. Maribel Guerra says:

    Its soooooo on point …..the manner in which you unloaded this word could have only come from the heart of God.
    It makes so much sense now…WOW!!!!!
    Thank you 🙂

  23. Taina Pomeroy says:

    Wow! I have thought of God’s force as as a nuclear explosion!

  24. Rebecca Jones says:

    Wow, interesting, and I know lots of people with those baby dreams, and some who won’t keep their spiritual ” babies “.

  25. I too have been ill for over a year with no conclusive medical diagnosis. God has recently called me out of my grave. The Lazarus cry, “Come forth!” I’m praying the same for you, Sally Anne

  26. This Word is for me. Thank you Jamie for being obedient and faithful.

  27. It is what I am feeling right now
    Thanks for sharing

  28. Mayenhyira says:

    This message is mine for the now. Oh God Jesus have your way through me ,anyway anyhow. Please Just push your way and will through me that I may flow this Spirit frustrations into positive results to the world around me and for the glory of your name Jesus, Amen.

  29. Hi Jamie,
    I want to say thank you for the word that God has brought through you to me tonight. I am greatly appreciative, but at the same time troubled. Although I do believe that this message is for me, it has further increased my frustrations, because it adds to the stress of not being able to move forward in life. I am that person the Lord speaks about: stuck, lost even though I’ve been given minimal direction but pressing onwards anyway, still looking to Him to provide, being thankful for everything He is doing and has done for me, constantly harassing the throne praying like in Luke 18, believing that Ease, Unprecedented Favor, and A Turnaround is coming, and yet I still struggle. I don’t know what else to do but to stand, but I need help. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  30. Jamie this word is for me. It resonates greatly with everything that is in me.
    Thank you. Thank you. Your messages have been such a blessing to me.
    God bless you

  31. Gail Segars Rainey says:


  32. Bantshang says:

    Lord thank you for the message. I was not aware I was frustrating the holy spirit. I pray for wisdom, I don’t know what my calling is.

  33. Francie Robertson says:

    Thank you Sister!
    Today I KNOW what the FRUSTRATION really is. I have CONDEMNATION in my heart AGAINST ALL those who are for example pushing the NO VAX NO JOB agenda. So that’s THE GOVERNMENT and all those committed to push their agenda. I HAVE BEEN VERY ANGRY AND i thought I was DEPRESSED but because of what you said its true. Its SITUATIONAL only. IM ANGRY!!! Add to that I have CONDEMNED PEOPLE IN MY HEART even TO DEATH!!!LIKE ITS MURDER! I HAVE MURDER IN MY HEART and your current messages has EXPOSED all this. THANK YOU ABBA for speaking through our precious sister. So TONITE, TODAY I have REPENTED & FORGIVEN ALL e.g. Our GOVERNMENT, ANTHONY FAUCI etc, etc.

  34. Thanks for this encouragement. I have been blessed and empowered so very much. JEHOVAH bless you.

  35. This is so me right now. I have been extremely frustrated for a while now and this is the spiritual insight I needed. Thank you, Jamie, and God bless you and yours.

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