Prophetic Word: You Have Encountered Your Own Authority

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Some of you in the Body of Christ have just encountered the Spirit of the Lord in a way that has left you shaken. If that’s you, this word is absolutely vital for you to understand today.

This is what the Lord showed me:

For some of you, literally overnight, the Lord has moved you into a place of revelation that there is more in you than you currently have opportunity to express.

If this word applies to you, you have just encountered your own authority. You have just seen a picture of yourself as you were meant to be. You saw the authority in which you were meant to walk.

When you did, you were so overtaken and overwhelmed by God’s Holy Spirit that you were overwhelmed and could barely speak.

I saw in the Spirit that:

  • You felt like you should talk to the Lord about what you saw, but you could barely even gather the words.
  • You finally decided not to speak at all–but to pour out your heart silently to the Lord; the agony of your soul splashing onto the Father’s lap like tears that turned into jewels the moment they collided with Father.
  • You knew words could not express your feelings, but you also had a realization that Father had encountered you at this very moment for this very purpose, and gazing into His eyes of understanding was all you needed to understand, yourself, that He knows all about it too–and that your heart and His had just collided.

The picture you saw of your own authority–of yourself as you were meant to be–was presented to you by the Lord for such a time as this.

The Lord wants you to know that, even though your heart is in agony over this, He understands. He is the only One who does, for no one has ever believed in you like He does; no one has ever searched His heart for you like His own Spirit has. Eye has not seen this version of you on the earth, and ear has not heard of it. But …

You have known this version of you existed …

And you have been faithful …

But you had given up hope.

You had given up hope to walk in this version of you because you have been blessed already.

The Lord showed me that you have been faithful over many things, and over small things. You have been faithful to do what you could with what you had. And indeed, your heart has been so pure that you have been content to steward what you have been given, neither striving for more nor really wanting more. Lust for more has no place in you.

But the Lord is not done with you yet, mighty soldier. And He needs you now in His army more than ever before.

And He allowed you to encounter your own authority–your mantle of courage, strength, and authority that He created you to wear and carry–for such a time as this. He allowed you to encounter yourself as He sees you literally overnight, at an inconvenient time and in an unexpected way, because He is going to do it.

You have been faithful over little things, but He will make you faithful over much. You have been the steward of a small garden, but your garden is about to grow.

Get ready. 

Partner with Father God in travailing prayer. Put your head between your knees and birth the version of yourself that God created you to be before the foundation of the world. Do it now. 

It is time.

Beloved, if this word speaks to your heart, please leave a comment below and claim it for yourself.

Also, you may also want to prayerfully consider doing what I did, personally, and sow a seed into this word. As soon as I finished writing it, I sowed a personal seed into this ministry into this word, because I want God to do all of this for me–and to do it NOW!–and I sowed a seed to show the Lord physically that I believe He will do it for me, and to draw a line in the sand to claim this word as reality for myself. If you feel the same way and feel prompted by the Lord to sow, the ministry’s giving links are here.



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  1. Irene Jones says:

    Amen thank you for this word

    1. John Phindile Toyisi says:

      I receive every blessing that come my way this month in Jesus name

      1. Veronica Dorsey says:

        I receive this word. Thank you for the confirmation.

      2. Mariëtte Van Hooij says:

        This word specially speaks to me Jamy. I thank the Lord and you for the new horizon en hopefull future to work for The Lord. This is the answer I waited for years for. Let Your will be done in my life oohh Lord and hold m close to You and Your children. In Jezus name I pray.
        After several months I now succeeded in sowing a seed unto your ministry….I’m covinced it is not a coincidence but a confirmation of the Lord.
        Shalom and what a wonderfull God we serve who connects His children all over this world.
        Mariëtte from the Netherlands

    2. Jaynis Parmanand says:

      I claim and receive it in Jesus Name! Amen

    3. Gail Segars Rainey says:

      Yes, Pastor Jamie! This Word speaks to me greatly. I shall sow a seed whenever my attorney gets a check in the mail to me. The other one is lost somewhere out there so I have no money today. I shall sow seeds into your ministry when able during 2021! And to Intercessors For America!

    4. Hieley Richardson says:

      This Word is for me! So thankful for the Fathers love & thank you Jamie!❤️🙌🙏

  2. Romeo Katto says:

    This word is mine in Jesus name

  3. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Amen .In Jesus name

    1. Amen, I receive this and look forward to what Abba Father is going to do. Blessings!

    1. Melissa Mueller Volland says:

      This word applies to me. In Jesus name amen.

    2. I claim this word in Jesus name

  4. Lerai Wood says:

    Amen, I claim this word for myself. I don’t have anything to sow right now but when I do, I will sow for this word. Good bless you, woman of God!

  5. Amennn This is for me. I receive it!

  6. Doreen Tukezibwa says:

    Amen to this prophetic word!

  7. John Harris says:

    yes jamie this is word is for me this is exactly what has happenes and is happening. im overwhelmed in tears reading this the holy spirit ministering to me confirming this word. thank you for your faithfulness.

  8. Elvira Thomas says:

    Lord I thank You for this word and I claim it for myself in Jesus’ name.

  9. Angela Richardson says:

    Amen this Word is on point and confirmation of another Word I got a couple of weeks ago. To God be the glory Amen

  10. Annanson John says:

    This is a prophetic forensic for me.
    It is an Assaying what I had around 2001. I could not utter a word. I just feel to my face and said master! A rod was used to touch my leg around my knees and what went through me was like a large amount of electricity, I actually woke up with the sensation.
    But I didn’t do anything about it.

  11. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Jamie,our time now is 9:29am Sat morning here in Fiji Is.I am on my way back to anothee town.Our family lived near the city.I have to go to my Jerusalem(my family place) to pray over our family,our house,our land and our farm,work,sickness,break down the chains of curses over our family with one of our Pastor in our town.We had holy communion together as a family.We experienced the move of God in our family last night.We are free from the bondage,curses and all negative things the devil did to us.As i read the great message now,i thank Our God for revealing His message.I felt all what you’ve shared.I still don’t know what should i say of what we went through even me.I receiced this great message We felt God moved in our family.Amen and Amen for the great message.

  12. A couple of days ago you posted a live streem where you suggested God maybe calling you to make more time to listen to him even if you had to give up sleep to spend with him. Oh yes HE has inturupted my sleeping rourine to pour into me OVERNIGHT … well befor allowing me to sleep. Oh yes. God is Speaking to me!!! SEED PLANTING AND GARDEN GROWING TIME.

  13. I claim and accept the the words are forms and my home.

  14. I have been in travail in my spirit the last 2-3 days&nights. I do not want run ahead of Father’s Will, lest I am not in His Will completely. I’m still praying into my character by personalizing the prayers you’ve posted. I thank you again for sowing into us (me) what Holy Spirit speaks for you to say… dave

  15. Amen. I receive this Word Lord!!

  16. Lisa James says:

    Yes, Jamie, this word was for me as well. I’m seeing miracles everyday and God has used me to bring a miracle to my family of origin and my family. It is amazing grace. It is beyond I could have ever imagined or thought of in my wildest dreams. I was waiting for 7 years being faithful to God and He showed up and showed out using me to perform His miracles. I give Him all the praise, honor and glory. Holy, holy, holy is the LORD God almighty🙌🏻!! God has assured me that more miracles in both my families are coming. I had a dream last night that confirmed your urgent word and I thank you for saying urgent because I read it due to your word, urgent. Praise God 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Thank you for being you and obedient to our Lord and Savior. He has knocked the socks off both my feet on how good He is👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

  17. April Brown says:

    This word is for me Prophetess. Thank you for your obedience.

  18. Okhen Esangbedo says:

    The word is mine, I receive it in Jesus name amen. Let my true self and authority in Christ Jesus begin to manifest right now. I possess my possession in Jesus name amen

  19. I receive this word for myself.It is exactly what I need.May God bless you Jamie.I believe Him for provision so that I can be able to sow to this word. Thank you for your obedience.

  20. Lashaunda Brice says:

    Jamie it is 11:00pm here and I read this word and I’m in so much awe with this on time word and not only your saying this but Lana had the same word
    Yes! God has did some amazing things in me and through me ..I’m walking through something never thought possible…
    It left me speechless…I can’t wait to share!!!
    Thank you WOG this is just confirmation that I’m hearing and doing the will of God❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. Michael Okedele says:

    Amen and thank you Father for your loving kindness

  22. Teresa Bryant says:

    All throughout your message I saw words reappear that God had already given me. Thank you for sharing. I claim this message in Jesus name.

  23. Mary Myles says:

    What an awesome word. My encounter was similar. And there I cried to God! It was a different energy. I felt as if I had encountered Him and I laid my head on His lap. He listen to me as I was overwhelmed. I asked Him for a new oil for this season. My the Lord be glorified and magnified through me. Thank you awesome woman of God

  24. Thank You So much for this word precious woman of God. For putting this awesome encounter into words for the experience I had since Thursday night,i could not even work on Friday it was just tears.Thank You Father for this revelation every words,because I don’t have words,just tears of appreciation,awe and love!
    The way God sees me, my heart is overwhelmed.THANK YOU FATHER.

  25. Jamie, this is a anointed Word from the Lord! I almost choked on water last night and the Lord let me know how powerful I will be in the Spirit. I’m in His army and will continue to be His soldier ! The Lord allowed me to live and I’m going to live and not die and proclaim the Word of the Lord! I will now go and sow a seed to your ministry! In Jesus Name🙏🏽☝🏾

  26. Hezekiah Orji says:

    I receive and believe that God’s word over my life will surely come to pass soon.. thanks sir for your commitment in the Lord’s vineyard.

  27. Christina McCrory says:

    What a Beautiful and Powerful Prophetic Word and receive it & claim it for myself. I will prayerfully pray to become God’s version of me for the purpose of doing His will!!
    It Is So in Jesus’ Name, Amen!!

  28. Amen, thank you for this word.

  29. Amen. I literally just said to someone “there’s so much more He’s put in me… in this season, it’s about to come out”. I keep getting the picture of an artist chiseling a statue out of a rock – of the shaping and molding that needs to happen. It has offered such clarity and comfort… No more playing small any more.

  30. All I could do in those moments of revelation was weep and repeat, “Glory to God in the highest, who is, who was and who is to come.” Totally broken and amazed at the same time. No words can express the feelings. It happened on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

  31. I receive and. claim this Blessing from God. Thank you Jamie for your ministry.

  32. Ashenafi Laine says:

    I claim this word in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!!!

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