The Anointing to Clean Up Messes

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comLast week, I heard the Lord give me advance warning that, THIS week, He would be pouring out the anointing to clean up messes.

As soon as I heard this, I felt the Lord brooding over it with a deep compulsion and travail.

I wondered why He was telling me this in advance, and He spoke to my heart that:

1) He was giving us time to pray and prepare; and

2) We would need to pray our way through this, because some of the messes we need to clean up have been intimidating us for so long.

I sent this info out by email in a prophetic bulletin (sign up for free email updates here if you haven’t already done so), letting you know that I plan to fast and pray over this word–as well as to sow a seed, which I did. You may want to join me in these things if you feel led to do so.

(Even fasting and praying one meal a day makes a big difference as long as your heart is right before God. And, sowing a seed–and naming your seed when you sow it–tells the Lord you believe/receive the word, PLUS it gets you “skin in the game” in the word–investing you fully in it, which is helpful and necessary if you want to see progress and change. Sowing a seed is also a way to thank Him in advance for keeping His Word to help you in this area. Click here if you’d like to sow a seed into this word.)

Today, I asked the Lord to tell me more about this anointing to clean up messes, and here is what He said:

“I am giving you the anointing to clean up messes. The anointing came on you a few days ago, and it will continue.

Clean up messes while the anointing is fresh. Do it now. My anointing in this area is not to do things for you; it is to help you do things you have been needing to do for a long time.

The spirit of intimidation has been working against you, telling you that things are too hard. But, I say to you today that it is not too hard. Really, the enemy’s attack of intimidation should be a sign to you that My help and My grace are sufficient for you; for the enemy wants to keep you from My grace and that is why he intimidates you.

But My help is here for you to clean up messes.

I will work with you and through you to do this. And although the anointing will continue after this week, I will tell you that THIS WEEK is a kairos time to clean up the messes that have been piling up, intimidating you, and frightening you.

Do not be afraid. Fear is not from Me. I am with you always, to keep you and to comfort you.

Look all around you and see; your future is gathering to you.

Your destiny is happening right now. It is no longer in the distant future; it is in the now. But how can you move forward with the messes of the past clinging to you?

Behold, I make all things new.

In order for Me to make all things new, you must cooperate with Me. You must allow the baggage of the past to literally be placed in the trash can. 

This is why I need you to declutter right now. The things of the past are old and tired. To move forward, even the things you thought you would fix or repair have to go. Even the things you have kept because of their symbolism, in some cases, will need to go.

It’s not that fixing and repairing isn’t good. It’s not that good and holy symbolism isn’t nice. But, My child, I need you to be agile. I need you to be quick and streamlined and focused. All the mess around you, in whatever area, gets in your way and bogs you down.

I have been telling you that I am doing a quick work, and I am. That’s why the mess must go.

The work that I am doing will make your head spin. The speed of the work will be intense. You will need an uncluttered mind (filled only with My Word, and not with strife or stress), an uncluttered home, and an uncluttered soul and spirit (focused only on Me) in order to advance with Me.

You have no idea how important this is to your quality of life.

The stress you have been under affects everything. Decluttering and cleaning up messes this week will make way for My Spirit to move in your heart, mind, spirit, and life in ways you have only been dreaming of–AND MORE.

This week is a kairos, opportune time.

I will always help you with whatever you need to do, but THIS WEEK is the week I have chosen for you to get these hindrances and obstacles out of your life. Notice that I said “for YOU to get” … meaning, you must do this yourself, with My help of course. This is going to take gumption on your part, but if you will simply surrender to My anointing, My Spirit will help you. He is waiting for you right now, I say; even now.

Do everything you can this week to clean up messes. Do not hold on to things.

I know you have been holding on to some things for sentimental reasons, but again I say: where you are going, there is no time for junk. Keep the things I tell you to keep, and throw away everything else. Do the things I tell you to do, and don’t do anything else. Walk the way I ask you to walk, and don’t go anywhere else.

What you do this week could change your life.

However, it’s up to you. Will you cooperate with My Spirit? Will you allow Me to help you? Will you trust Me to give you grace to overcome the things that have been intimidating you?

It’s up to you; but I promise you that I will be with you if you will but go. Go and do. Go and handle those things I have asked you to handle. Throw dynamite in your log-jam; go all-in and all-out. Clean up the messes that I am asking you to clean, and you’ll be glad you did.

Love, Papa.”

Deep breath.

Does this word about the anointing to clean up messes speak to your heart? If so, pray this with me:

“Father God, in Jesus’ name, I choose to surrender to Your help and Your Spirit and Your Word. Please help me to clean up messes this week; I choose to cooperate with Your anointing. Let it be to me, on earth and in my life, just as it is in Heaven. Let my life resemble Heaven more every moment this week, and give me grace to declutter, to let go, and to clean up everything you have asked me to clean up. Thank You, Abba Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

If this word from the Lord spoke directly to you, please leave a comment below. 


  1. Taylor Catrice Downing says:

    Good Morning!!
    This word definitely spoke to my spirit. There is someone I need to let go out of my life. I also need to clean my room and let go of some painful memories from my past!


      I been fighting a court case my ex- husband after deserted us family for more than 10 years he want half of my assets but he had his own life with different woman I WANT GOD TOTAL INTERVENTION ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I WANT DIVINE JUSTICE DIVINE FAVOUR BEEN GOING ON FOR SO LONG I WANT GOD TO GIVE ME AND MY DAUGHTER JUSTICE WE DESERVE I BELIEVE GOD IS DOING MIRECLES BEHIND THE SCENCE LORD ARISE AND SCATTER HIM

    2. Blanch Mcdaniel says:

      This is Exactly what I’ve Ben needing for a very very long time !!!! I’m so Thankful for It & the IMPACT of how my life is going to change!!!

    3. Priscilla says:

      Yes in Jesus name
      Thank you I was asking God for a word today and this is it.

    4. Thank you Ms Jamie. God bless you and your family and Ministry continuously and bigger and better:-)

    5. Hi Jamie,

      This word right here was for me now! The things I’ve been going through and not realizing until recent it was causing strife in my home with my children. Especially the oldest child. I have a been harassed at work by upper mgmt. for taking off to watch my youngest who is in middle school. I also, let them know my boss is God but I respect you however if I dont have someone to care for my child during this pandemic I have to. Ive been written up, reprimanded, docked and have a hearing this week. When the enemy lies and tries to make himself look good, God justiceand righteousness always prevails! I have been doing what God wants me to do and being obedient. I know victory to victory will prevail says the Lord! I am trusting God with everything! Amen. Glory to God!

    6. Wende Smith says:

      Thank you for this so right on time word!!! I have been cleaning out my home and ridding my house of things I no longer need. I also been asking Jesus to help me to finally rid myself of this awful addiction to smoking cigarettes. It has been a battle up and down, back and forth and side ways for me. I been on so many emotional rides to where I felt it was almost impossible to give them up. I know that is a lie from hell. I chose this week to totally depend on The Lord for my deliverance and to be set totally free from this addiction once and for all in The mighty Name of Jesus Amen. Thank you for your encouraging post and emails, with love and blessings to you.

    7. Wende Smith says:

      I will be sowing a seed to this prophetic word today as a sign to The Lord that I believe in what He is showing me and doing in my life.

    8. Judith Makunga says:

      Lord be my Potter,reform,reshape my life.Fashion Your kingdom and priorities in me. Teach me what it really means for Your kingdom to come and You will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven
      Anoint me Lord to clean up messes.
      Thank You Abba Father fir answering my prayer.

  2. I will begin fasting and praying about this. The Lord had already laid this on my heart the night before last. I will be obedient. Thank you for sharing this Word.

    1. Irene D Jones says:

      Thank you for this word

      1. Antoinette says:

        Thank you for Word! Confirmation!

  3. Donna Jones says:

    Thank you for this Prophetic word. This really resonates with me. It is something I have been hearing and working on, but I didn’t realize the spiritual significance until today.
    Thank you and praise God for this word!

    1. Yes thank You ABBA FATHER I receive
      thank you for your obedience JAMIE bless you
      Yes Yes Yes AMEN wow

    2. Andrea Ryan says:

      He told me this very thing 5 days ago. We are in the process of selling our house and I was procrastinating cleaning out old papers and some drawers I avoided because it was tedious. But as I heard Him say TODAY open the drawers and start the purging, I began to feel weightless and energized. I’ve been in a major transformation after almost giving up on my marriage. It’s been hard but He is teaching me to give Him control and obey 1Peter 3:1-4 and all will come in His timing. When I went to the trash can with “bags” of unnecessary papers and junk I spoke out loud…doubt get in this trash can. Fear your not welcome here I’m throwing you out and wow I skipped back in the house feeling peace!! I want all pride in me to submit to Jesus! I want His will and I want the cluttered thoughts to stop! I loved this Word you shared and although my income is low right now I’m sowing what I have and believing God to multiply my strength 100 fold to be used by Him for my family to follow Jesus. As for me and MY HOUSE we will serve the Lord!

    3. Lashaunda Brice says:

      I was getting ready for bed, I always talk to God before I do, going back, 2017 God told me to let go of someone in my life.. but God saw having or trying to have a relationship with him was draining me… took me a while, but I finally let go, but I was still doing other things like paying cell phone bill and given him a bus pass(I get them free from my job) only because I felt sorry for him went from love to sympathy’… we don’t have no contact only by phone… All of a sudden he loses his phone, I had no way of giving him another one not even through the phone company without paying something, then the bus card stop working all of a sudden…then God spoke to me and I began to understand what was happening…but tonight before I went to bed I grabbed my tablet and was going to find something to meditate on and Jamie your email popped up and it said a prophetic word I found it odd but I opened anyway, AND LOW AND BEHOLD***CONFIRMATION**** yes!!!! I will be praying and fasting with you and sowing a seed….thank you WOG for your obedience ❤️❤️❤️much love sent your way and you ministry from me…..bless your family also…

    4. Paul Joseph says:

      Thank you Jamie for the prophetic word and above all I thank God Almighty, Jesus Christ and holy spirit who gave the assurance of his word, it really touch my heart and spirit

  4. Does this ever hit home for me. I have been waiting for a certain something to happen for along time. You know, like Abraham had to wait. One day I had become frustrated because of the wait. I was in adoration, crying and praying about it when all of a sudden I hear a voice in my ear say “Remember Abraham” and wow my eyes were wide open and God was giving me hope telling me not to give up. Because when He gives a promise to us He always keeps it. But I never thought it would take this long. I know I need to clean up the messes. I take one look at it and say how in the world am I going to do this… to attack this mess. I know God said He will help me and direct me but I also need Him to give me ears WIDE OPEN to hear Him. Pray for me sister will you because I don’t even know where to begin. Thank you for the awesome job that you have done and are doing for the Lord. You are amazing and you love God so good. May God always give You everything You need for the work He has for You and I pray He pours out thousand and thousand of blessing on you for all the good work you have done for him. You are a precious blessing to us all. Thank you Jamie. Lots and lots of love go out to you and your beautiful family. Thank you again. Debbie

    1. I thank God for your life and your obedient to His words. Be enouragoues in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength. More grace to you.

      Please how many days does we need to fast and pray the prayer above. I interested to you. I want to be partake what God is doing through. Have a blessed week.

      1. Hi Victor, the number of days you fast is between you and God. Just ask Him; He will show you.
        Thank you for reading!

    2. I feel like Debbie in the good things about the Lord and the good things about you, Jamie.
      But I also feel the same way about the bad things.
      Where do I even begin Lord? But I will follow You as You show me. I repent for things that got piled up. Either by my fault or not By my fault. I repent for the fear of holding on to things and everything that was out of order in our lives.
      Please give me the strength and wisdom to overcome. Not to feel overwhelmed and wonder where the supply will even come from.
      My husband has been dealing with a MAJOR health emergency/crisis/ attack for the last 2 1/2 years and has needed me to do practically everything for him. I am tired and have not had hardly any help – but except for The Lord’s Goodness and Mercy to make a way where there seems to be no way.
      And I handle my elderly mother and her affairs as well.
      Please give me wisdom to handle the repairs or supply to hire someone reputable, because I have been trying to be the handyman and there is so much that my husband didn’t fix because You know the reasons Father. I forgive him.
      Thank You, Lord. Amen. I receive the anointing for these things and say we will have victory for what The Lord has for us.

    3. Thank you so much for the word yes it was for me. Continue to pray fit me as I pray for you , keep doing God work and he will bless.

      Love , pastor mack

  5. Absolutely spoke to me. Amen to the anointing to clean what is necessary. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Jamie. I spent last night tossing and turning. I was asking God to help me separate from church clutters. By morning, I was sure that I was battling with so much more clutters. I felt worried, defeated and overwhelmed. This message is for me. I will fast, ask, seek and knock in Jesus name.

  7. This spoke to me the most: “ But, My child, I need you to be agile. I need you to be quick and streamlined and focused. All the mess around you, in whatever area, gets in your way and bogs you down.” Thank you Father God!

  8. Yes, this prophetic word resonates with me! I’ve been trying to tackle this task for a while… THANK YOU ABBA FATHER FOR YOUR HELP IN COMPLETING THIS DECLUTTERING TASK IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE!
    Thank you Jamie for bringing forth this word in obedience!

  9. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You Jamie. I will ask the Lord for more clarity & wisdom.

  10. Praise Jesus! Thank you for your WORD! I truly have to clean up messes that I have been postponing or otherwise too painful to address! Thank you Jamie! God bless!

  11. Kahn Johnson says:

    Good morning Jamie,
    This so resonates with me!!! I am dealing with a messy situation at work and it has been intimidating. My supervisor is afraid of 2 or 3 of his workers and tell him who to like or dislike or punish. I still have 6 more months to pass probation at the job. I don’t want to be hindered or fired . I need to be in the “ Most Holy of Holies” place and defeat the enemy. I need God’s anointing all over , through and in me to accomplish this.
    Pray with and for me,

  12. Jamie, this has been on my heart and mind so strong for about a month. I have been distracted, overwhelmed, and yes, intimidated. I receive this wonderful on- time word, and have courage to declutter! Knowing that the Lord is specifically wanting to lead and help in this area is so encouraging! Thank you 🙂

  13. Thank You Lord for this word.
    I moved in with my mom 4.5 years ago. She had been a hoarder for a long time. I believe that I am to have this house when she is gone. But the condition is overwhelming. I have made great progress but there is still so much to do. Lately the spirit of fear and other lies has nearly brought me to a standstill.
    I rebuke the lies of Satan and claim the truth of the Lord. This is the time to push through and claim this home as mine and clean it up. I believe I am to use it for the ministry of hospitality. To create a home for my future husband and our family.
    I am claiming this word and with the power of the Holy Spirit, it will be done.

  14. Jambay lethro says:

    Thank you Jamie for prophetic words it seems like it spoke to me directly and intimidation and it is very hard mentality directly reflects my life as I am always intimidated by others better than me and life seems really hard. I am also struggling in the area of sexual immorality like fantasy. I am from Bhutan.

  15. Thank you Jamie! I just moved back to Ca. and threw out so many things that were dragging me down..I have a situation that needs to be addressed there however, and WAS feeling intimidated and after reading this post and praying I feel better about addressing it. I’m still praying over it….thank You Father God for your help…AMEN!

  16. Margaret Mills says:

    Thank you! I receive this! For sure I will need the Lord’s direction and help to move forward in cleaning up some things, but a word that resonates with my spirit.

  17. This speaks to me Jamie to clean up my house. I get so overwhelmed with the clutter that I quit. I will clean this week with God’s anointing and grace. I have been struggling to hear His voice for direction in my life as well and cleaning out the clutter in obedience I pray will lead to hearing His voice and direction more clearly. Thank you for all you do!

  18. Mellissa Taylor says:

    This word resonates with me, as I have been deeply hurt by someone and I am having a hard time letting them go. Intimidation keeps me from being myself in situations that should be freeing. I have allowed them to control my life, even when they are not in my life. I need to be able to unfriend them from all social media, so they no longer can use it against me. It is so hard, to let someone go that you love and care about so much, but deep down inside you now they are not good for where God is taking you. The struggle is real.

    1. I understand! But, do it and move on! Don’t cast your pearls (your time and attention) before swine!

      1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

        Amen for the message today Sis Jamie.I started my fasting yesterday (17/02/20).tGod showed me the same thing-obey ,listen and do it .It confirmed me about His message to me on Mon and today.Obey amd listen or He will delay every thing (Ps 81).Yesterday, i felt differentat my working place,the presence of The Holy Spirit was with me when i started my fasting..I really enjoyed it and its so different at all when He was my companion yesterday.Obey and listen and forget what i faced and let Him lead and control my life.This message is for me..Love you Lord

  19. CLAUDIA STRONG says:

    Hi Jamie! This is right on point for me! I have been asking Yah to show me the plan that he has for my life! I have already started to clean and declutter. I am doing it because I want some “encounters” with my Lord! I felt as thou something else was behind it and I have also been doing some soul cleaning with Katie Souza on youtube. Something has already broken in my spirit! Thank you so much for being obedient! I pray that I will be more submissive, committed,
    and obedient to the things of Yah! God Bless You! By the way, this took my breath away. I had to take some deep breaths! Something just went all through me. I can’t explain it!

  20. Dan Mbugua says:

    Thank you Jamie for that powerful word.may God Bless you.i believe this is kairos time and I believe in The Word of The Lord.

  21. Hallelujah 🙏🙏🙏

    GOD is good 🙏❤️

    Amen and Amen

  22. Thank you Jamie.
    This word resonates with me. So many times I have had the strong impression to declutter. But I procratinate until it passes and I do nothing. Lord forgive me.
    I must do this. How do I fast when on medication? Just today I was put on antibiotics for five days. Please help. I would like to fast even one meal.
    Thank you for sharing. This word is so direct to me.

    Gladys Mutungu.

  23. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Holy spirit help me to abide to your voice and command and guide me to the wisdom awaiting for me .strengthen me during my fasting and help me to declutter and surrender to your will.Help me in being obedient to your command.Amen

  24. Jamie you are spot on. In the last week you have really hit me between the eyes. I wished that I could give towards your ministries. please pray for a financial breakthrough for my business
    In Jesus name Amen

  25. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Amen for the message today Sis Jamie.I started my fasting yesterday (17/02/20).God showed me the same thing-obey ,listen and do it .It confirmed me about His message to me on Mon and today.Obey amd listen or He will delay every thing (Ps 81).Yesterday, i felt differentat my working place,the presence of The Holy Spirit was with me when i started my fasting..I really enjoyed it and its so different at all when He was my companion yesterday.Obey and listen and forget what i faced and let Him lead and control my life.This message is for me..Love you Lord

  26. Thank you for this Word Jamie .. and what a great reminder it is to let the anointing clean up our messes.
    De cluttering Definitely opens a spiritual freeway to give God what he expects from each of us as His children Amen 🙏🏻

  27. Jamie i feel this is for all of us ,but our friend Andrea has an anointing on her life to spread the gospel an life has been very hard for her she is waiting for her miracle to put her back on top to help people, please pray for her,Thank-you.

  28. This is definitely a Word from God for me. I started decluttering yesterday and was struggling on some of the things to let go of. The Word spoke to those things. My cleanup is way overdue, but this Word is right on time.

    Thanks for you ministry.

  29. WOW. I am totally speechless.. There are some sudden, drastic, and unexpected changes taking place in my life right now and THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE USED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. Your emails have changed my life all the way around

  30. Thank you for this. My house is a mess, but with the anointing on me I can breakthrough. No more clutter. The atmosphere will be changed.

  31. Yes, this Word speaks directly to my situation. There has been an ongoing war for about thirty years in my family and I don’t know how much longer I can handle it. I’m even at my breaking point and don’t know if I will be able to wait until church this weekend.

  32. Gayle Gay says:

    Amen! Thank you for this word. I am in agreement with it. I started decluttering my house and didn’t finish. Now I must finish it. I Praise God for what He is about to do!

  33. I get the geist of this message now: it starts with yourself! I have spent the good part of the hour removing myself from e-mail lists, unsubscribing, and reporting spam all the while updating personal information on file. Going through this, I literally felt my old self die to the new one. Indeed, even one of my passwords reflects this!
    Ahh, so much to do! But, thank the Lord that I have gotten to the source of this problem, which, as I stated, is me.

  34. Jamie thank you so much for this word I felt like it spoke directly to me. I’m currently in a relationship, that’s past due its expiration date,..that no matter how much I pray nothing is happening. We have 4 children together and no progress we’re not married..either. please pray for me to release him and let go and give it to the Lord; it’s probably a soul tie. I don’t know anymore I feel numb Pray that I receive strength, wisdom and that the Holy Spirit guides me and. I need God to intervene for my family and I . I’m decluttering spiritually and in every area, if my life in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

  35. Christina McCrory says:

    Good morning Minister Jamie!!
    This Word is on time and it definitely spoke to my heart! Thank you as always for your pour and obedience to our Lord!
    Be blessed and Shalom to you!!

  36. Friday Idise says:

    Thank you Lord. I let go any unforgiveness and anger in Jesus name Amen.

  37. We had been led to pray – “Lord set my life in your order. Uproot out of my life, every thing that translates as disorder.”
    This right here is a sure word of prophesy. Thank you for sharing.

  38. I don’t understand this word to be honest. Can you ask the Lord for more information?

    1. Hi Lily, this is all the Lord said to me about it, but He is very eager to share more with you if you’d like Him to. The Lord is longing to speak to you directly. He loves you very much and has given you an ear to hear. Why not sit down with Him today, with a pen and paper, and ask Him to speak to you? Just make sure everything you hear lines up with the written Word of God, the Bible–that’s the first and most important way you can know if what you heard was really God or not.
      Blessings! Thank you for reading!

  39. I believe God has spoken to me. I make a choice to accept His anointing and to work with Him to declutter my life.

  40. I know this word is for me. It’s been on my heart to finish my garage the mess that I never finished but it’s going to take some time and God knows this because I work full time, a single mom of a 3 year old and my only time is on weekends because I have a family to take care of but I also been wanting to get rid of stuff in the house, things I have not used in years and this has been placed on my heart too. I want to please God and do as He asks and now I’m excited that this word came forth because comfirms what I have been feeling and one step closer to God’s promises being fulfilled in my life like my future husband coming into my life.

    I am a little stressed because it appears there is a time frame on this and I dont want to miss it because the word you put out earlier about the spirit of intimidation I know was for me too because I have several projects I want to tackle, getting rid of clutter and organizing but something has been holding me back. Well now I know. I need God’s help with getting rid of stuff and the energy and the motivation to get this done. Im going through a huge transformation and I believe this is part of the process. There is not enough time to work full time. Spend time with God, get the mess cleaned up , and spend time with my son. Somehow God will make a way . I sacrifice my sleep so I can get time with God, willingly

  41. Hello Jamie,
    This word is definitely for me.

  42. Connie Stelter says:

    Hello Jamie, this word came across in my email as I dedicated this day for fasting and praying 🙏🏼.
    We need a new home desperately and so I’m already in the process of cleaning up and decluttering my whole home and life for months. It turned out to be a long hard process. So I really appreciate your word and the anointing to clean the messes as I actually have been asking the Holy Spirit for help, energy and guidance to get through this. I also sowed a seed into your ministry today and I call it “declutter” . 😊
    Be blessed over measure…
    🔥 🕊️ 👑

    1. Hi Connie! Thanks for reading! I prayed for you in agreement as soon as I received your seed earlier today … thank you so much! May Holy Spirit rush over you today to get done EVERYTHING that needs to get done, and may He give you the satisfaction in your soul that comes with a job well done!

  43. JEANNETTE Thompson says:

    Thank you Lord for sending Jamie to me to speak to me. I believe God has spoken to me I make a choice to accept His anointing and to work with Him to declutter my and to life go of the past.

  44. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank You Father, this word spoke to me on all levels and I’m going to clean up my messes 😊. And thank you so much Jamie 😊🙌💕✨.

  45. Yes Papa. I am surrendering all.

  46. Tis the season to decultter, your words are so aligned and i am grateful that the Holy Spirit is leading me. Thank you for the prophetic word Jamie.

  47. Clearing the way for our new bundle of joy. Thank you LORD.

  48. Bantshang says:

    Thank God for his word. Lord Jesus I allow you to help me clean up the messes. To let go off things I have been holding, my past. Put your hand in, in the messes I do not know and clean them up by your gentle spirit. Amen

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