Name Your Seed When You Sow An Offering

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Do you want your offerings to get better results? If so, be sure to name your seed when you sow an offering!

Someone over on our free Facebook mentoring/prayer group asked a fabulous question recently about naming your seed. In case any of you are interested in this subject as well, I wanted to share this principle of Kingdom finance with you today.

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Why should you name your seed?

It’s all in the nature of the seed. When God created the earth, He invented seeds (Genesis 1:11-12; Genesis 1:29). He commanded everything to reproduce after its own kind, and He created the earth such that the mature thing (e.g. the tree) would be inside the seed in embryonic form.

Then, He ordained seedtime and harvest.

It’s the nature of creation for everything to reproduce after its own kind. This is true when we sow actions, beliefs, and money, just like it’s true when we sow plant seeds. Galatians 6:7-10 tells us:

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:7-10).

From this passage, we learn that “seeds” are not limited to the reproductive matter that plants produce. We read here that actions are also seeds. We also learn that there is a harvest for specific actions.

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The question then becomes, what makes us think that we can get something other than what we sowed when we sow money–the concept of naming your seed? If we sow money, doesn’t that mean that we can only get money back? Why do people think that we can call a money-seed something else, and get something else back?

Our answer is found in Ecclesiastes 10:19, which explains that “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry; but money answers everything.”

MONEY is a currency; a method of exchange.

Money has no innate value; it’s only worth is contained in what you can trade it for. You trade money in order to get something else. At the grocery store, you give money in order to get groceries. At the electric company, you give money in order to get electricity. Money is simply a method of exchange. It has no value or purpose outside of entitling you to get something else out of the exchange. And it can become anything; money answers ALL things.

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So. On to the process of naming your seed.

If money answers all things, the question then becomes, “What do you want your money to answer?”

The answer to that question is obvious if you’re at a grocery store, where you want your money to answer your need for groceries! But, when you’re giving money as a way to show honor–for example, by giving an offering–then it’s different. Then, you have to tell money what to answer.

Because seed must reproduce …

And because that seed has the embryonic form of a bigger thing within itself …

And because money is a method of exchange, and it can answer all things …

Then we should look at money as if it were stem cells.

When you sow money in the form of an offering, it can and will grow and bring you something. However, you have to tell it what to become–what to answer. THAT is where naming your seed comes in.

When I sow a seed, I name it and tell it what to come up as.

I do this every time I sow money as an offering to the Lord. For example, the first time I had an article printed on a specific prophetic magazine, I had just sown some money to a person in need. As I drove away from making that gift, I prayed over the money sown. I prayed that the Lord would repay me, because “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given.”

BUT, I also prayed that the money would become a seed for favor with that online magazine. I told the Lord I wanted that money to come up as a seed that resulted in an article I had submitted being published there.

And you know what?

THE NEXT DAY, my first article was published by that magazine.

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So I always name my seed something.

Very simply, I tell my seed what to come up as. I’ll write a check, then touch that check and say, “Seed, I command you to come up in my life as (insert whatever need I have here).” I pray over it, lifting up God’s promises back to Him in prayer about whatever my need is, and then I give that seed happily. 🙂 And it always works. The seed always comes up as whatever you tell it to, because money answers all things.

But, be aware of these two principles:

1) Never get into witchcraft sowing, just like you should never get into witchcraft praying.

By “witchcraft,” I am referring to trying to manipulate or control someone else through your giving or praying. You would never sow a seed so that “so and so would marry me,” but you could certainly sow a seed of remembrance and ask the Lord to bring you the husband or wife He has for you.

Likewise, you would never sow a seed for someone to do a certain thing that you aren’t sure is within God’s will, but you could certainly sow a seed for something that Scripture says you should have or that Scripture says should happen.

Even with the example above about that online magazine, I prayed with conditions. Because my prayer involved the decisions of other people, I conditioned that prayer with “Lord, if it’s Your will for me to be published on this magazine, then ….” I prayed that way because I wasn’t going to get into witchcraft.

However, if I had been praying for something that was more vague, such as “open doors” or “provide money to pay this bill,” I would not have conditioned my request–because I have exact Scriptures for those things.

2) Seed does not always come up immediately.

Remember that there is seed, TIME, and harvest. The harvest comes after TIME. Germinating a seed takes time.

In the natural, some seeds germinate in a few days and yield a quick harvest. Other seeds can take long periods of time, even years, to sprout.

It works the same way in the spiritual realm; God works all things according to His patterns. In the spiritual realm, the seeds that you sow can take time to grow, just like natural seeds do. Some seeds take shorter time periods while others take longer.

Generally, the bigger the anticipated harvest, the longer it takes the seed to sprout. Sowing a seed and asking God to pay your electric bill will probably have a quicker germination time than sowing a seed and asking God to help us disciple nations.

Regardless of the time required, however, the process still works. We just have to understand God’s ways, and know that He does things little by little–so we must not get frustrated when a seed seems to be sleeping. We can pray in acceleration, but we still have to understand that seed comes first, then time, then harvest.

When you sow an offering to the Lord, always name your seed.

You could name your seed “money” if you need more money. (You could also call it the thing you need the money for, like “paid electric bill.” You could name it “new car,” or “new house,” or “the new friends God has for me.” You could name it anything you wish, because money answers ALL things.

Beloved, this is a very practical application of a spiritual principle. It WORKS. I hope you’ll try it. Ask the Lord for wisdom; ask Him to show you what to name your seed the next time you sow an offering of any kind. He will do so, and you might be surprised at the results!

What questions do you have about naming your seed when you sow an offering? Leave a comment below, and I’ll try to answer!

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  1. Maria Dimba says:

    Allelluya, thank you Jesus, thank you Lord for giving us such a wonderful preacher, educator. May God bless you abunduntly. I will now start naming my seeds and offerings and also pray over them. Thanks Jamie

    1. Vernell Gore says:

      Thank you for this teaching.It was so timely for me. I sowed a seed to my church need and named a harvest for my new home. I believe God for blessings for both.

    2. Joseph U. says:

      I usually saw my seeds with a credit card or debit card how do I pray over that and please be specific thank you

      1. Hi Joseph, just sow and speak to your seed! That’s it!
        You could also write down the amount you sowed and what you sowed it for, in your journal, to pray over. That would be helpful.

        1. Hello
          I want to sow a seed to for marital breakthrough to find a suitable partner kindly help me ,how will I name the seed.

          1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

            Please name your seed, the same as when you specify to God what you are praying for. Blessings!
            – Michael (From His Presence staff)

    3. Rose sandra says:

      I bless the lord that l came across this
      God bless you

    4. Thank you Lord !!
      What about seed down in past and I didn’t know to name it .
      Can that be done now over past giving ?
      This is Awesome teaching .
      Wisdom from above .

    5. Aloha!🌺
      This article was really helpful!!
      I do have a question about one thing, When you say naming your seed, does that also mean to write it on your tithe and offerings envelope that you use to give to your church?
      Mahalo in advance! 🌺

  2. Meloni Simpson says:


    Thank you for your wisdom. I signed up for the 31 days with regard to finances and am learning so much, God has used you to bless me. Thank you for allowing God to use you. Just for clarification with regard to offerings and naming a seed, seeing if I understand, the offering is over and above the tithe, right? I wouldn’t think you would name your tithe as a seed. Of course, I am just not sure.

    I pray for continued blessings on you, your husband, your little boy and your ministry.

    Love you.

  3. Freda Dodi says:

    Thank you for sharing. God bless you and all of us reading this. I believe we will see fruitful results when we operate in this.

  4. Awesome teaching!!! Thank you for sharing it!
    God bless you!

  5. Undule Mwakasungula says:

    Glory be to God l will now start naming every seed l plant. God bless you.

    1. Marie Shella says:

      Thank you for sharing 🙏can u name ur see for God to correct all the errors you have especially, failures in school results

  6. Can I tell my husband about the seed I am sowing from my own personal income?

  7. I want to be debt free from credit cards and student loan what would I name that seed

    1. I would name it “debt free from credit cards and student loans.” Or, “All debts paid off.”

    2. Thessalonia Brown says:

      Greetings, can you name your seed for the lottery?

      1. Hi Thessalonia,
        Playing the lottery is not in line with God’s financial principles as taught in the Bible, so I don’t believe God would honor that–and I believe that playing the lottery or naming a seed for it would definitely open a door to the enemy, because it’s embracing something that is not pleasing to God.
        Thanks for reading,

  8. Can you name past seeds that you have planted? Or is it to late?

  9. How often should I sow in regard of a particular named seed? Should I continue to give until it materialises?

    1. I would simply ask the Lord and do what He says. I have done it both ways–sowed one seed for one thing and simply stopped and thanked/prayed/believed, and then also I have sown for other things over and over. 🙂 Holy Spirit will guide you!

  10. This is eye opening, thank you for sharing!

  11. Powerful revelation thank your for sharing surely I’ll apply the principle for my own benefit

  12. I want to sow a seed for marriage. I have been praying for God to les me with a husband for years and all my relationships always fail and do not lead to a committment and now I have met someone that I want him to marry me and not date me for fun.

    1. Hi sweet Mary! I believe God has the perfect spouse for you! If you sow a seed for marriage, just be sure to name it “for the spouse GOD wants for me”–NOT for this particular man or any particular man to marry you. Anything else is witchcraft, and you don’t want to go there!
      Let me know if you have any questions–and if you haven’t read it, this article might be helpful.

  13. Thanks for this inspiring read! May God continue to use u to touch lives. I will like to sow my first seed and i dont know if theres a particular amount e.g for tithes 10th of all u have. How do u calculate ur seed? Thank u

    1. Hi Didi! A seed can be any amount! A penny, a dollar, ten dollars, a thousand dollars, or more, or anywhere in between! I have sown $2 seeds before when that was all I had! And I’ve sown more when I had that! It’s just between you and God. Just be sure you name it and sow it into good ground where the people believe and act on the entire Word of God. Anything less is not good ground. 🙂
      Great question!

  14. Serah Wanjiru says:

    Am learning a lot regarding naming your seed-which I admit I have never done.
    May I ask, is it okay to give a ‘seed offering’ out of loaned money? I recently took an education loan and I would like not only to perform well, but advance in career and also be able to pay back the loan without struggle even as I meet other needs.
    Can I give some of these money as a seed offering and if so, how much percentage do I consider?

    1. Hi Serah, that is really between you and God. I would never take out a loan to sow seed, but if you have already taken out the loan then ask the Lord. He will direct you for sure!

  15. Is sowing a seed the same as giving offerings on sunday mass? I am alittle bit confused

    1. Hi Anjay,
      There are 3 kinds of giving in the Bible:
      Tithe: which is returning to God what belongs to Him.
      Seed offerings: Giving to God extra, above the tithe, as a way to show our thankfulness and to honor Him. These are the gifts that should be sown as seeds the way this article says.
      Alms: Giving to the poor.
      Hope this helps!

  16. Pastor Brown T.L says:

    Thank you for this beautiful knowledge. I would like to know if it is ok to sow a seed in your church as a pastor leading the church.

    1. Hello Pastor Brown, of course it’s okay. It’s good ground and I would encourage anyone to sow into it!!!

      1. Hi Jamie, thank you so much for this great teachings,, now my question is how will I name my seed, I need financial breakthrough, I want to get a job, Ineed money To settle and clear my depts, and stand again on my feets,, how will I name my seed,, thank you and may God bless you

  17. Can I use tithe offerings on other needs that may arise in relation to God’s work?

    1. Hi Anjay, great question. No, the tithe goes to God and to His storehouse only. Not for benevolence, missions, etc., according to the Word.
      Hope this helps!

      1. Chioma Nduchekwe says:

        pls a man of God who prayed for me last year concerning my white wedding is asking me to sow a seed into his life is this the right thing to do ,and the truth be told he 8s not the only one who prayed for me and he he didn’t pray for me this year pls should I sow a seed into his life

        1. Hi friend,
          You should do as the Lord leads you, but my gut response without knowing details is immediately, NO, this is not the right thing to do.
          You pray about it and see what the Lord tells you.

  18. Claudette Washington says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I am in ministry and need some clarification. I am a sower but my husband does not understand what it means to pay tithes. He gives and when I try to explain it to him he misunderstands what I am telling him about taking the 10th off the top of his pay. I give a 10th from my child support, I have been out of work for over a year. So what else must I do to get him to understand the principle of sowing and reaping? Also, when sowing seed or tithe do I have to write it on the envelope (name of seed)?

  19. What would you say should be the seed(as in what should the seed be assigned specifically) to sow for:
    success in academic studies
    favour with persons

    1. I can only tell you the way I would do it. 🙂 What I would do is find a Scripture verse that promises me the thing I’m asking the Lord for. Then I’d sow a seed with the number tied to that verse. It isn’t a magic formula; it’s just a faith-builder to do it that way. If I’m claiming Isaiah 61:1 and I sow a seed of $6.11 or $61.10 or $611 or even $16.11 or $26.11 or any other number that includes that verse, then it’s easy to remember and it builds my faith and reminds me often of the promise, so I can pray into it even more. Make sense?

  20. I read this article and I have a question. is it wrong to name your seed ( family). I recently named my seed family because I really need for my family to be restored. I felt criticized when I did this because someone said, it’s not just about your family, but if only they knew. I pray for all families, not just mine because I know there’s a need for families to pray together and cast out demons over their household. I never want anyone to think that I name a seed out of selfishness. This word really helped me to see things clearer.

    1. Hi Leigh. That’s the most un-selfish thing ever! Of course it’s not wrong! Go for it!

  21. Philip Farmer says:

    I was searching this morning for something to really help me with naming my seed. Planted seed breaks through the ground with the warm spring air and gentle rains. A pandemic cannot prevent things from growing. Every morning I wake, I see that the sun still rises. What an excellent explanation. Thank you for sharing.

  22. I thank God for you and your family. I am grateful that I found this information after listening to a preacher about naming my seed. My question now is, can I do my seed in other items other than money. Thanks

  23. Thank you for this eye opening article. God bless you .
    Am currently a youth corp member and i will love to be retained in the office where i am serving and also i am believing God for marriage. i want to sow my salary as a seed,please ma what should i name the seed as?

    1. Hi Queeny, just name your seed as the thing you want it to come up as–e.g. “the perfect job God has for me” etc. I wouldn’t name your seed for a job in that exact office, because what if God has something better? But I absolutely would name it for the job the Lord has divinely ordained and appointed for you. Hope this helps!

  24. Enoh Efemini says:

    Can I soww to the Ophanage and not pay my tithe ,in other words can I sow with the money meant for me tithe to the homeless.

    1. Not if you don’t want to rob God. Tithing belongs to the house of God–to the place where you are fed spiritually. Alms belong to the poor. They are not the same thing.

  25. Hellow,

    Is there a prayer to pray for those who are doing bad to the widow and her children. Also taking possession over their land and everything.

    Please i need this prayer as my aunty and her grand children are taking over our land.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi Jamie

    The church I attend does not tithe, they accept offerings and have specific Sundays for special offerings for example – missionary or gift day. How do I sow a seed with a name?

  27. Crystal hill says:

    I sow a seed Open doors 🚪 in my life And wealths money 💴 in the name of Jesus amen

  28. Dameh Tetteh says:

    Am blessed with your message and I am going to name my seeds henceforth. Thanks for your wisdom.

  29. Hi, glad to bring knowledge of it.
    Can I offer alms offering what I have got in my account because it is not sufficient for my family and I needed more. How I will name the offering?

    1. Hi Menmen, you can give the Lord anything you feel led to give Him. And I would probably name that seed offering for more money, if that’s what you need for your family. 🙂

  30. Charles Session says:

    Blessings Jamie, my question is how does my sowing affect the salvation of my loved ones. Is it bibical to sow a seed for their salvation or deliverance from drugs, alcohol etc.

    1. Princess Knowles says:

      I love this question Charles, I have the same issue with loved ones.
      I would also like to name my other Seed “A Man After Yahweh’s Own Heart.”

  31. Gbemisola Olubiyo says:

    Thank you Jamie, I sow seeds and I do name it but it was just with the help of Holy Spirit, not with this kind of understanding. I have a better understanding about seed sowing now.
    I messaged you on messenger concerning giving, on how it can be made easier with someone who does not know about PayPal and the likes. God bless you and your family.

  32. RICHARD. BARWICK says:

    I’ve sowed seed into ORU for my oldest daughter college edu, we prayed in agreement and thanked God everyday for 2 years, nothing no offers she wanted to go to !liberty University we paid all the admissions fees and nothing, now she’s 24 and would have graduated at 21, unemployed no income of her own had a holiday seasonal job once, who can live off that, she gave her tithes and offerings to the Lord naming her seeds but nothing, don’t even want to mention my 2nd daughter, at least she has a job, but it’s far from her gifts and talents, they both have the same gifts but nothing has been working out for them we pray, they pray I even look for hidden curses to break off their life, the praying and fasting has worn me out, and it’s tough because you don’t see the fruits of it.

    1. Hi Richard, I’m glad you sowed seed but it sounds like practical steps are needed too here. Have both daughters applied to various colleges? Have they applied for scholarships until they found a school that would give them one? Have they applied for jobs until they each found one, and stuck with that job through thick or thin, and begun saving money?

      If not, it’s not God’s fault. College doesn’t happen without these very real and practical steps. But if they will take these steps and keep praying in faith and believing, I believe you will see God come up under them and work a miracle.

  33. Princess Knowles says:

    Hi Jamie
    I really enjoyed reading this information on naming my seed offering. Thank you so, so much Woman of God. Blessings! Blessings! and more Blessings!

  34. Thank you for this article i needed to read this. I would like to sow a seed about my relationship that i have been having with this man for quite a fews years now. He is going through alot emotionally and things have been a little off for us right now. I don’t know what to name my seed. I want my love to get back to himself and be himself with me again. I pray everyday over his situation and for god to help us to rekindle our love. Can you help me name my seed. Thank you.

  35. Hi Jamie,

    How do I saw a seed for excellent success in my examinations, if I can? And how do I speak to it?

    1. Hi James, you sow a seed by giving an offering to the Lord in whatever place He tells you to. Be sure you hear Him clearly and that it is good ground. You speak to it by saying something like, “Seed, I command you to come up for me as ______, in Jesus’ name.”
      Does this help?
      Thanks for reading!

  36. Hi Jamie,
    This is a wonderful explanation of seed sowing, and i am definitely going to try it for my urgent need to get out of all debts and i believe putting all in rightful place as you explained i will have a testimony in Jesus’s precious name.
    I never understood this principle in giving to the works of God even though i am ever a cheerful giver, but i know better now.
    Thanks and God bless your ministry.

  37. Thanks a lot . I have now have an understanding on how to name my Seed. I need a job and want to marry too can they be combine and name as my Seed?

  38. Your article is contradictory in certain parts. If you can name your seed I do not understand why I cannot name it a husband or a child. Why did you name your seed and called it “putting an article in a specific magazine”? Then you turn around after naming it and told God let it be done according to his will. Do you now understand my problem? Why not leave the one who knows what’s best to make the decision for you?

    1. Of course you can name your seed for a husband or a child, Vilma. That’s perfectly legitimate and a great thing to do.
      The article isn’t contradictory at all. I simply hedge my prayer with “according to His will” on the off-chance that the thing I’m asking Him for would hurt me instead of help me. So I’m trusting God to deliver me from a thing if it’s bad and I didn’t know it–even if I sowed for it–and to bring me into the different thing that IS good, that I would have asked for if I had known what He knows. 🙂
      Hope this helps. Blessings!
      Jamie Rohrbaugh

  39. Dineo Moseki says:

    Thank you Jamie for the knowledge, much appreciated, God bless😘

  40. Can we name it for healing? You can’t pay for healing when its provided at the cross. Healing is part atonement at the cross. But I want to know, can I sow a seed for healing, as a point of contact to release healing? Just wondering, its ok if u don’t know. Thanks!

    1. You absolutely can, Kia! Jesus already paid for your healing, so it is yours–but the seed links your faith to the promise in your own mind as well, so yes, by all means!
      Good question!
      Jamie Rohrbaugh

  41. Rose Gold says:

    God knows how i have been blessed through your ministration Jamie.I pray for a financial breakthrough so that am able to be a kingdom financer for the furtherance of his Gospel

  42. Can I sow with money gifted to me by my sister

  43. Towera Kafotokoza says:

    Man of God, this coming Sunday is a “seed offering Sunday” and I have been praying to God to guide me on what to sow, but I have a strong feeling that I should buy a Pulpit for our Church and offer it to God as a seed. Is this a seed?
    Please help me.

  44. Emodishi Siman says:

    Good teaching is timely especially in this generation. My question is if you sow a seed for a particular purpose, can you continue to pray for that until it comes to manifestation?

    1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

      Yes, just like the Word of God teaches, continually ask as the parable in Luke 18:1-7

  45. Denise Moore says:

    HI Mrs. Jamie, Can I sow a seed on a lawyer after GOD own heart,and fighting for my grandson from injustice and unrighteous to releasing him on Truth to be told , in the court, he been fighting this for 5years, 3rd trial, 1 mistrial and , 1 beat grand jury, and 1 guilty, Can I sow a seed for release, I been praying, I’m waiting on God, thank you for your teachering, Name my seeds, im down on Good ground… thank you so much..

  46. Carla Henneman says:

    Can I sow/name a seed for healing?

    1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

      Just like you would petition the Lord in prayer for healing, do the same with your seed. Pray over it and give. And then continually pray over the need – Michael (From His Presence staff)

  47. Thank You for such teachings-Indeed God is answering me ,telling me all the great and Mighty things I do not know as per His word

  48. Jamie,
    Is it appropriate to name a seed for healing?

    1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

      Yes, it is very appropriate to name a seed.

  49. Irma Nortje says:

    Amen thank you, I pray to sow my seed to the health wealth wisdom and holiness in our family , houses as inheritances to worship the Lord. 17.11.23 thanku Ps Jamie Ministry

  50. Carla Henneman says:

    Jamie, can I sow a seed for healing?

    1. You can, but just be aware that healing is already your portion by the stripes of Jesus. So maybe sowing a thank offering for your healing, which is already yours, might build your faith more? Because it helps you think of your healing as HERE, rather than THERE. Make sense?
      I hope this helps. Blessings!

  51. If I sow a seed and ask god for my prodigals to return home humbled, delivered, awakened to the truth and to be taught of the Lord is that ok? Or is this witchcraft? Please would someone kindly respond as I don’t want to offend Gid, Jesus or HS. Thank you

    1. This is a wonderful thing to do because being humbled, delivered, awakened to the truth, and being taught of the Lord is definitely God’s will–it’s written down as His will in His Word! Sow away!

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