The Extreme Pressure Is Forcing Your Breakthrough

The Lord showed me today that many of you are under extreme pressure. You’re not depressed, but you are under more pressure than it feels like you have ever been in your life.

The pressure you are under feels like it is going to bow you down; but, so far, you’re still standing.

You have been relying on Papa’s grace every single day. You have been speaking His Word–that His grace is sufficient for you–every day. Somehow, you’ve managed to make it through.

Nevertheless, each new day feels like an insurmountable challenge. So, you keep going to the Lord morning after morning–and finding that, once again, even though your day may be a battle, His grace comes through and is sufficient for you.

If that’s you, the Lord told me to tell you today:

The extreme pressure is forcing your breakthrough.

The Lord is using the pressure you feel to squeeze you out and finish up the birthing process into your new day. Like a baby being delivered, you are in the tightest part of the delivery process. But the dunamis power of His Holy Spirit is pushing you out.

The extreme pressure is forcing your breakthrough because it is forcing you to rely on Him in dogged, tenacious faith.

Despite the extreme pressure you are feeling, you have not stopped believing in what you believe. You have not given up on your word from Him. You have not rolled over and let the enemy have his way.

Instead, you have very carefully, one day at a time, turned up the pressure on the Lord:

  • You have prayed over and over.
  • You have held up His Word to Him, pointing at it and saying, “Father, do what You promised.”
  • You have refused to speak out of fear.
  • You have refused to give in to the pressures around you–pressures and voices that tell you you won’t have enough; that it’s not going to happen; and that you should give up and quit now.

You have refused to give place to the enemy.

And now, to you Father says:

“Endure the pressure, My beloved, for the pressure is from Me. The pressure I am allowing is the forge that is forcing you into your inheritance. You have not given up, and I have seen your faith.

I will reward you. My help is for you. My grace is sufficient for you. My strength is yours. My resources belong to you, even though you have felt like they aren’t.

My grace is sufficient for you in ways you cannot even imagine.

It is my grace that provides for you. My goodness that sings songs over you in the night season. My grace pours out on you every moment, and My desire is to upgrade you.

The upgrading process requires squeezing, but you have done well.

When you squeeze something, you find out what’s really in it. I have squeezed you, and you have been faithful. Not perfect, I know, but faithful–and I see you as perfect because you are in Christ. Your sins are forgiven, and your faithfulness is noted and will be rewarded.

Precious child, I love you. Never forget that.

My love is stronger than any ocean current. My love burns hotter than any blacksmith’s forge. And my love is more active in your life than you can feel or know, yet.

But you will be changed.

From glory to glory and faith to faith, I am lifting you up. Together, you and I are walking into your next level of success and–more importantly–intimacy with Me.

The pressure you’ve been under has increased your intimacy with Me, you see.

I know you don’t realize it. You don’t always feel it. But you have grown stronger, more determined, bolder in your faith. You have hung on with dogged tenacity, and YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

I say again: You will be rewarded.

Count on that. My reward is more sure than any accountant’s numbering system. You can count on Me and My ability and desire to reward you; and I will do what I desire in your life because you ARE submitted to me.

So look at Jesus. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and walk with Him. Walk with Me. Be filled with My Spirit, and we will reach great places together. Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”

Thank You, Father God. I receive that.

Do you receive that word also? If so, please leave a comment below, and tell us what Holy Spirit is saying to you!


  1. Tierashia Adair says:

    Glory be to God! This is exactly what I’ve been going through. I have been SO determined to keep the faith no matter what. I keep moving forward even though it’s like swimming upstream, while eceryone else is going down stream. I my breakthrough IS on its way. I SHALL reap the abundant harvest I have been promised. Thank you, Sis, for sharing what God gave you to share with us. I just finished reading another chapter of your book about the pioneer. It is blessing me. I love you mucho! May God bless you and your family beyond measure, Jamie.

    1. molly suntheran says:

      Hi I needed to hear this right this moment, thank you Lord for speaking through your hand maiden.

      Thank you Jamie for being obedient to papa God.
      He will surely reward you.

    2. H Jamie this I my first time on this site,I am so blessed to be part of your site, seems tonight u speaking to me ,I am under a lot of pressure and anxiety, but I know I can rely and trust in God ,yo carry me through. I dont know what would I do without Christ ,He is really my existence..Keep on with your site ,your will help a lot of people out of the fire ..God bless you Shalom

      1. Jamie God bless you thanks so much for all you do I know one day soon I will be able to sow .

    3. I cannot believe what I just read. A friend and I were just discussing this exact same thing yesterday. Its conformation on what the holy spirit has been telling me. I receive it ijn Jesus name. Amen

      1. I receive In Jesus Name

    4. Thank you Lord for everything that was spoken and I know these promises are coming to pass soon. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

    5. Amen. Amen. Amen, I receive, hallelujah!!

  2. I receive that in the name of Jesus. I definitely have been seeking him more and giving Him is His Word. God bless you & Keep you Jamie for allowing Abba Father to use you for His good works!

  3. Markeitha says:

    Praise God! I just prayed this prayer last night with my best friend. We are storming heaven with our prayers! Bugging the Lord to bring us out! I just asked the Lord for a sign that we are on the correct path! And this message from the Lord is it!

  4. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Amen amen amen. I receive this encouraging word in Jesus’ Name, amen.

  5. AMEN!! Thank you for sharing this precious sister in Christ, it is exactly what I needed today and I will always stand on God’s word. D believe. So I believe and receive this prophetic word in Jesus mighty name Amen.
    May our Abba Father bless you in abundance

  6. This Word is so on time. By faith I receive it . Thank you Jesus. Regards

  7. Amen! This word is for me and I receive it in Jesus name!

  8. Kahn Johnson says:

    Thank you!!! Thank you, Jamie. Yes, I am standing on His Word and I will continue to stand on His Word .


  9. Allison Franklin says:

    I am really feeling pressured indeed. only this morning I was talking to my heavenly father and saying i know you are a promise keeper.
    thanks Jamie for this word of assurance.
    I am not going to give up or give in to the enemy

  10. IN JESUS NAME, Yes I receive this word… AMEN

  11. Wow how amazing. This is just for me. This is exactly how i have been feeling lately. Everybody tries to tell me to give up and move on, but something greater inside me keep on telling me don’t listen to them, because i know what i have planned for you. It is not what your family or firends say. Just keep on a while longer and you will receive your reward. Every word i read, tells the same story: hold on you are on the verge of your breakthrough. I receive the word and waiting on Gods time. Glory be to God of the Most High

  12. Talk about a bull’s eye word!!!!! Jamie, you have no idea how much pressure I’ve been under, but as your prophecy says, day after day I get up in faith believing God to work things out. I know this is launching me to another level and your word confirms it! Wow! Thank you Abba Father! Thank you remembering me and for speaking to me through your daughter. Hallelujah!

  13. Amen, I receive this in Jesus mighty name. Thank you and God Bless you Jamie.

  14. A Blessed Day Jamie. Amen to his word! Amen for taking time to pray for us! I need the prayers very much. Thank you Jamie for the Encouragement, this word is meant for me. I receive it in Jesus Name amen. May Our Heavenly Father continue blessing you and your Family in Jesus Name amen.

  15. Thank you Jamie for this prophetic word which I receive. We have endured the pressure even to the point of suicidal thoughts, sickness, criticism by fellow Christians, with rejections and abuse from those close to us. Plus mounting debts beyond our means to settle. We know Abba will deliver us! We call upon Father for grace, healing and deliverance!

  16. Thelma Curry says:

    I heard God tell me this very thing as I slept last night! I knew I was about to birth something wonderful. And yes, the pressure I’m feeling right now is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. Some days I feel like I can’t go on because it’s so heavy. Thank you for this word. It is right on time. The pressure has increased my intimacy with the Father. I just want to hug Him and rest in His arms. Thank you for this word, Jamie! One day, I’d love to meet you!

  17. I am so thankful for this word. I have said over and over in this season that I feel the Lord’s grace like an umbrella over me. I feel special grace in this season. Also my prayer daily that I be strengthened in His will is also confirmed by this timely word. I receive it as an underlined, bolded word that is living word in my life. Thank you so much for your obedience. Be blessed.

  18. Jamie what a blessing you are.
    The word is spot on! You have no idea. I’m glad you share as you receive it.
    God bless you abundantly.

  19. Prophet Mary Robinson says:

    Thank you women of God. If only you knew what I and my family is going through. In the name of Jesus I do receive this word.

  20. Glory to god Almighty! I receive it in Jesus’ name!.
    God bless you Jamie and your family!

  21. My God I know this is for me Father gave me the same analogue for the birthing process in April of this year, “He said the pressure was coming to push the promise out and without the pressure it won’t be birthed out, and when the promise has reached maturation it will come forth” I could just run, scream and jump all over this building HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH HALLELUJAH…I have seen so much of what He has told me come forth from the mouths of others and I am just so glad that I finally can accept that He speaks to me just like that!! God bless you Jamie for being obedient and I pray God forgives me from the times I am not!!! MY DADDYYYYYY ISSSS AAMMMMAAAZZZIIINNGGGG!! YA’LL WE ARE COMING FORTH LIKE PURE GOLD THANK YOU JAMIE I JUST LOVE YOU!!

  22. Thank You Father God for confirmation… Thank you Jamie for being obedient in prophesying HIS on time word.. I believe and receive this prophetic word in Jesus name! May God continue to bless you and your family and give you Shalom Peace…
    April H.

  23. Thank You JESUS for your grace and mercy!!!! All glory and honor are YOURS!!!
    Thank you LORD for sustaining me in my times of waiting on your timing…Thank
    you father for your peace!!!! Thank you Jaime for your obedience to HIS word.
    May GOD continue to bless you, your family and your ministries with an abundance
    of FAVOR

  24. Tawana Martin says:

    Amen. Thank you for my pressing is due season is not in vain but will be rewarded.

  25. Linda Davies says:

    Wow , this word is so amazing , thank you Jamie xxx

  26. Hugo Coetzee says:


  27. Joanie Smith says:

    Thank you Lord i receive it by faith in Jesus name Amen

  28. Beautiful words from our Lord. He is with us and our faith is rewarded. Thank you Jamie for be the vessel that God use to bless all us.

  29. This is exactly what am going through and sometimes the pressure is so bad I can’t pray I feel lost I ask myself so many questions. I have also desired so much to hear God the sweet voice of God. I have also desired so much to speak in tongues, with this emptiness get so so overwhelmed. All I know I cannot let go I cannot give up on God he’s all I’ve got as a divorced woman with children it’s been so painful. Giving up has never been an option. I write with tears asking God how long I don’t know how it feels like to be normal the pressure has been too much for so long. But I cannot give up I take one day at a time

  30. Amen this message is for me for I love him with all my heart and I have been faithful for I know he has great plans for me and I have been praying. Thank you Jamie and thank you Lord

  31. Christine says:

    Dear sister, once again I thank you for your love and obedience. I sit in tears because every word was straight from His Spirit to me. He is so good.

  32. I receive this word by faith in the mighty name of Jesus. An encouraging and timely word for such a time as this. Father, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. Blessed be your holy name. Amen!

  33. Wow what a word ????????????I receive it ♥️Thank You Father God ??????♥️Thank you Jamie woman of God ♥️

  34. Thx Jamie, it is such a confirmation that Abba is busy working, its not easy but gold is only ckeansed through fire. Thank you Holy Spirit, thank you.

  35. Thanks so much you have been helping me tremendously, I feel that you are absolutely
    correct and I have just been praising and thanking God for giving me the patience I’ve needed to insure all the many schemes of the enemy. Thank you for guiding me with all your prayers. God is always faithful!!

  36. Very timely word for me at this time. Been going through on going health issues for several.months and have the pressure as stated in the Word of the Lord. I love the way God uses others in the Body who obey and release to encourage, strengthen and build up. Blessings, and thank you….

  37. Hi, Jamie I want to thank you Because I’m going through a transforation. Thanks again, sis for your words of encouragement. I receive your words as prophecy in Jesus name. I believe my breakthrough is going to be soon. Remember there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. We’re in The Army of Chain Breakers Amen.

  38. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you for this word today. It bless my heart so much. May God continually bless you and your family and ministry.
    Love Mrs. Millie

  39. Thank you Jamie for the powerful words so profound

  40. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Rebecca Sheila Ditsele says
    31st October 2018

    I am a South African , I give God all the Glory for your life and for your obedience towards His calling. Jamie I thank you for this word today , you are speaking to me sis . This word of prophecy reminded me of a song we sing in our local church it says , ” That which is so difficult for me , is able to usher me in the presence of the Most High God “. I thank Papa for choosing you as a vessel to deliver His messages of encouragement to us . God bless you and your family .


  41. Kim Miller says:

    Yes, Lord I agree with and receive this prophetic word from the Lord. I pray that God continues to overflow in your life as well, Jamie, for your obedience and reception of His will in your life. May He bless your family immensely for sharing you with the body of Christ.

  42. Thanks Jamie…God is an on time God…may God keep us all in the palm of His Mighty hands as we journey along to our destiny. Peace. Hope. Love. Joy to all! God is on the THRONE…He’s in control! He has the final say in everything no matter. God has us all…FRET NOT! WE ARE VICTORIOUS NOW! AMEN

  43. I feel as tho God has taken everything from me. My marriage has been over years ago. All my friends have quit calling me. Because of a job, I live an hour from my family who I rarely see or hear from anymore. I feel totally isolated from everyone. It is just me and God now. Going through alot. I pray I will be found worthy.

  44. Rebecca Jones says:

    I know that feeling well. And it would be nice to be delivered.

  45. Mary Josephine says:

    Thanks Jamie, this Word came in so timely! I needed a word of encouragement and to know that Abba heard my cries.
    It has been a long struggle, and each day, week, months gets more difficult, but I am pressing in,
    not gonna give up because I know God is faithful and he will not fail me.
    I declare, “My God is exploding on my enemies like a gush of water” God Perazim , my breakthrough God! (2 Samuel 5:20)

  46. Antoinette winchester says:

    Praise God our Heavenly Father, and thank you Jaime for this word from Him, I needed this!

  47. LaShaunda says:

    Thank you Jamie, you can’t imagine how every word that the Father given you was on point with me. The squeeze my God the squeeze can be so over barren sometimes, but I’m so determined in my mind to run on for Jesus. I’m overly tired, but I know Gods word will not return unto Him void~ I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living~

  48. Moradeyo Oshinibosi says:


  49. Ruky Obahor says:

    I receive this word. The presure has been intense but I’m not letting go

  50. Comfort Sajowa says:

    God is on throne.

  51. As with many of the comments before me I too can relate to this pressure and moving into a new level of intimacy. I too receive this word from God in the Name of Jesus Amen!

  52. Jean Potgieter says:

    Thank you for that wonderful word. I have asked the Lord to give me a sign, some indication that I am on the right path, I have asked and confesses increase, promotion, breakthrough, abundance in every area of my life and my family’s, overflow, walking in more than enough, and I believe this word is coming through in my life and others. Praise the Lord. I have felt barren at times, as if I am not moving forward, but I kept on praising the Lord for all He is doing in my life and the lives of my family. And yes the pressure is there, but I love You Daddy, and I believe Your Word. So be it. Amen.

  53. Thank you and bless you, Jamie. This is exactly what I am going thru. It is not very comfortable but I am learning so much from Him and about Him that I have been unable to comprehend before.

  54. P Johnson says:

    Yes this describes exactly what I’m going through. The pressure at times seems unbearable but I prayed last night and Thanked God for strength and i woke up to this word today.

  55. WOW ? Jamie….I have been under so much pressure yet hanging onto God’s promise that He WILL bring me out. I will birth what he has promised along with all the others on this thread. He is a God of suddenlies and will do as He promised. You are obviously VERY special to have been chosen to deliver this amazing and much needed message to so many of us today. THANK YOU ?? and may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE ❤️

  56. Amen!! Amen!! Received!!

  57. Wow!!! HALLELUJAH! Yours words spoke directly to me. Everything you’ve said, thats totally meeee!!! The tears are just gushing out right now. Oohh words can’t describe how awesome and amazing Father is. Thank you precious soldier in Christ. So blessed and grateful for you.
    May you be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations. Lotsa love

  58. Thank you so much Woman of God for this precious Word. I repeated this declaration out loud and it had such a warm afffirming presence as I spoke. Thank you for your obedience and your love for the people of God. I could not explain what I have been going through in the last couple of weeks but this spoke to my core and I feel at peace.

  59. Annette T says:

    I’m trying to receive this, trying to believe, trying to keep faith. It’s been a very long season; years upon years of waiting for family salvation, restoration of our marriage to us—his return from the far country, outpouring of blessings/favor financially & in all other areas, healing & wholeness everywhere, His Shalom—nothing missing nothing broken. Right now I’m longing for the rapture. A dear friend needs the same in many areas.

  60. Henrietta says:

    Thank you Jamie! Every word is true for me!
    I receive this word in Jesus Name!

  61. Mwanamgeni says:

    Praise the lord! This words really spoke to me, As I was reading tears were flowing none stop. I felt the Lord speaking direct to me, answering my prayers that I have been praying day and night. Thank lord you’re so faithful and awesome. I thank God for choosing you Jamie to deliver this words to us. May god bless you and your family. I receive and I believe in Jesus name Amen.

  62. amen l have had it that way exactly glory be to god

  63. I receive the word in Jesus’ name

  64. Thelma Curry says:

    I receive this word in the name of Jesus. The night before I first read this, I heard Father God say these exact things to me. I have been under an immense amount of pressure lately, and I can feel something wonderful being birthed. I heard Him tell me that I am being rewarded for my faithfulness. I RECEIVE IT!!!!!!!! Thank you, Jamie. I wish I could sow a hundred thousand dollars into your ministry!!! One day!!

  65. Derek Williams Jr. says:

    I just spoke to milk wife about how I’m feeling a lot of pressure in this season…. I receive this word in Jesus name… I believe I receive

  66. much needed word for me now. thank u holy spirit. God bless u jamie

  67. I just love how the Lord works through people, placing words in front of us at the moment God knows we need to read. Always encouraging, always loving, always on time. Thank you Jesus for Jamie. Thank you Lord for you never failing love. God bless you All

  68. Thank you so much for this ministry. I really needed this today. May God bless you always .

  69. Thank you lord I love you so much

  70. i believe and recieve in the mighty name of jesus,amen

  71. Jamie thank you for this incredible word. I feel the the pressure, stress, intense persecution and all the injustices too much yet it keeps drawing me closer to the Lord and fully dependent on him. I appreciate your posts so very much, and the Lord reveals to me through them the purpose of such testing times, both inwardly and outwardly. I need I faith and God’s word like I need oxygen to survive. I am believing in 2019 to be a year of breakthrough, and I look forward to sharing these victories that is only possible with God. Keep up your superb work!

  72. I receive it in Jesus Name Amén
    Exactly how I’ve been feeling
    Thank you Lord. I have been
    trying to gasp for the air to breathe cause sometimes I feel like I am drowning and feel I won’t make it. And I do say it’s not about me it’s about you Lord. I have to stay here I can’t leave I can’t give up and God delivers a message of Grace, Hope, Love and Mercy from Jamie delivering to us His message Amen Thank you Lord immediately comes to mind it it revives and gives me hope of relief in the midst of the situation, circumstance, persecution and injustice to continue moving on forward.
    Yet God is so awesome and has blessed me in so many ways I can’t even begin to explain Homes, cars, food, clothes, phones, and a puppy. I can’t even begin to explain how it happens.
    And it’s only by His Amazing Grace for us all.
    Thank you Lord All Honor, Glory and Praise to Thee.
    Blessings everyone united in prayer we will obtain the Victory In Jesus Christ Amén.

  73. You have no idea Jamie the kind of pressure am under. I receive this word.

  74. Josephine says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Yes, I have been feeling this pressure for a long time. but lately, it has intensified. It comes from every side and there are days I just want to hide under my cover. There are nights that I cannot sleep, But, His Grace is indeed sufficient for me. By His Grace He sees me through though it is really, extremely difficult to hold on at times
    These message encourages me, a BIG “thank you” Jamie.
    Blessings. Josephine

  75. WE are going through this ,now Thank-you, Jamie

  76. Glory, Glory Halleluyah. Amen to His word and may the good Lord bless you Jamie.

  77. OMG!!!
    This message IS INDEED for me….I CANT EVEN SPEAK!


    Last night, you heard my cries, you heard me oh God, you showed me last night in your Word, this morning again….



    Thank Abba for delivering through Jamie.


  78. Awesome God is moving I give him thanks Amen

  79. This message is right on time. I’m going through what’s possibly the worst point of my life. During this time I found my way back to my Savior, Jesus Christ. I was away from Him for so long and I’m so thankful to have Him back in my life. My Jesus will deliver me and everyone else who’s going through the same situation. God bless you Jamie for this message. God bless you always and God bless everyone here. Keeping the faith 🙏🏼

  80. I receive this word over my life. Thank you Lord. Praise God ✝️🙏🙌💕

  81. Tabisa Akello says:

    Oh my God! What an Assurance in my Soul. This is exactly what am going through and through/ God is faithful indeed. How I have peace in my heart, soul and spirit. Glory to God.
    Blessed be the Name of the Lord. I receive the word in its fullness.

  82. Tabisa Akello says:

    Once, I heard , the Lord tell me just one word ”Gethsamane” and when I look at the word in the Bible, Gethsamane is where Jesus laboured in His Spirit and sweated blood before He was arrested on that particular night, a place of squeezing.

  83. ShuzLivhu says:

    This is exactly what needed to here right now… 26/06/2023… thank you Lord.

  84. I receive this word , in Jesus’ Name, Amen

  85. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    I receive and take possession of this prophetic word and come into agreement with it. İn Jesus name.Amen

  86. Josephine says:

    This word came in very timely just when I felt my world is about to crash.
    The fight has been so long and difficult, sometimes I wonder will it ever end and if I will get to see my breakthrough?
    Thank you Father for your Grace to carry me through.
    I am holding on to your promises and I believe You will never fail me.
    In Jesus mighty name. Amen

  87. Amen In Jesus Christ Mighty Name I believe and I receive It is done halleluyah

  88. Solomon Ishaya says:

    This Prove to me, God has answered me and i will continue to walk and trust in GOD and i know JESUS will not forsake me. Thank you so much

  89. Irma Nortje says:

    AMEN Thank You for such a blessed assurance word of Life . Abide in me and my family to receive Your best plan for our purpose on earth, to serve, Glorify and Honor Your Holy name, Reconcile our family in love, faith, grace. Thank You

  90. All I can really do is cry…I know this word is for me. All I can do is say thank you Father and cry.

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