The Lord Says, “I Am Going to Do Something Amazing In You!”

Beloved, this is a very short word–but a very important one if you want to stay updated on what the Lord is doing in this Promised Land season.

The Lord says to you today:

“I am going to do something amazing in you!

The dreams that you have are not gone to waste. They WILL be fulfilled, and fulfilled without delay. Invasion of the Promised Land happened with SPEED. You are not prepared for the speed with which I will move, but you will be.

You are used to going around and around that same, dumb mountain with no change. But I tell you now that CHANGE IS HERE.

It will take some warfare. You will have to contend.

You have been in a place of little warfare in the wilderness, but now there will be more. HOWEVER, I am with you.

Fasting will be a key tool in your toolbox in this season.

Ask Me for grace to fast and pray, and I will give it to you.

I love you, My child. I love you so much. The same way you like telling your children how much you love them, I like telling You how much I love you too. I dote on you. I am El Shaddai, and I dote on you. Ask for what you will, and it will be given to you.



Thank You, Father. Please give us grace to fight the good fight of faith, and so lay hold of the promises Your Word has for us!

Does this encouraging love letter from Papa God minister to your heart? If so, leave a comment below and bless the Lord!



  1. Sanhawit Suzie AHMAD says:

    Mind blowing word As I’m reading all I hear is Yes , Suzie I have been listening and here is my answer .
    It came in this prophetic word .Once again lord you leave me in awe of your Majesty and Grace .
    Thank you Abba. I love you so much .

    1. Thank you father!!! Hallelujah!

      Thank you Jamie for your obedience!!

      1. Jerome Cowell says:

        Thank you Jamie so much for your work in building God’s Kingdom. I Thank God for bringing you into my Life. I am in A Season and Place to hear and Receive from God. And honestly I need all the Support and Help I can get. I have been in a fight a long time, sometime feeling like a dark cloud over my head. Things are Changing for the Better. Please keep up the Good Work! 👌
        God Bless You and Your Family
        MUCH LOVE 💘

      2. Thank you for this word today Jamie, feeling so down and no one to talk to but I know I always have my Papa heavenly Father to confide to who always shows me grace and mercy! Thank You Papa Father! I love you and I receive your word

    2. Woman of God; how Blessed we All are to receive this prayer from you,
      “I am going to do something amazing in you!
      It felt like Papa God was talking to us!
      Thank You Father God
      Thank You Lord
      I am Looking Up to Receive
      Amen and Amen

    3. Tamara Chappell says:

      Thank you father, for continually letting me know, just simply ask. I love you father.

  2. Awww. I love you too papa. I ask for the Grace to fast and pray. Thank you for the sweet and short message, it got me crying tears of joy.

  3. WOW yes mindblowing awesome PAPA yes WOW AMEN I receive thank YOU.

  4. Thank you Jamie!! The word is on fire in you, and I praise Jesus for it!

  5. LaCourdia Jones says:

    You can ask or pray to God and forget it and before the day is over, He replies. It’s true, God does hear us when we pray but we must be receptive and earnest to wait and hear Him y’all back. I just pray I hold fast to what I believe is an answer. Plus I’ve been contemplating fasting. Start out joining others on theirs and failed. But I will adhere to be obedient in action. Thank you.

  6. Crystal hill says:

    Yes god I received this message In Jesus name

    1. Hi Jamie!
      Thank you for this word. I receive it in Jesus name. Earlier today (after watching your free teaching on hearing God) I heard that I was to fast and pray, but bot sure what for and I told the Lord that. I think its just to see Him more fully work in my life in all areas. I want to hear His voice more clearly and be able to walk it out in obedience. When I know its for Him to do amazing things for His flory and for other’s healing it makes it worthwhile. I have also been getting short snippet dreams where I see something profound that is on a national or international level and I don’t quite know what to do with the information, other than intercede. I feel like This fasting and praying may be what I need to do to see breakthrough in intercession and interpreting dreams.
      Thanks so much for your faithfulness!
      May God’s face shine brightly on you!

  7. Thank you & Daddy God bless you Big Sis Jaime⚘🦋Thank you Daddy God for Your love & message today. We thank you for blessing us with daughter Jaime for being a light to everyone🧡🕊

  8. I love it! I specially love how on your word for the week has an especially relevant dawn commercial attached to your word for the week. It reminds me of how the Lord loves us. He finds us dirty covered in muck and he reaches lovingly down to us and picks us up and washes us of like in the Dawn commercial and makes us brand new.

  9. Wow! ‘The dreams we have will be fulfilled without any delays’. Thank you ABBA father and Lord help me to pray the word back to you as I am in the middle of prayer and fasting.. Father bless your servant Jamie and her family and perfect everything that concerns her. Amen

  10. Yes, Yahuah I receive this message in Yeshua’s name! Thank you Jamie! Many blessings to you!

  11. Prayer and fasting!
    I receive this in Jesus’ name.
    Praise to you Lord, El Shaddai

  12. Kathy C Privott says:

    Yes, this word is definitely for me. I was considering a fast, but said to myself that I would wait until He tells me. Glory to God! Thank you, Sister Jaime, for your prophetic word!

  13. Thank you Daddy for your Love. Thank you for all that You are going to do. God bless you exceedingly blessed Woman of God.

  14. Thomas Swartz says:

    Thank You Abba Father for Your love!!!

  15. Bless the name of the Lord for this encouraging word. I receive it with expectation and thanksgiving.

  16. John Annanson says:

    I need grace for the fasting and the “praying” I am trusting but I really worn out and tired. But I know this it!

  17. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    I Received the Word of prophecy all over my life,my family,at my working place and also in my ministry where God is using me in my local church. I woke up this morning,and God revealed this word to me-FAITHFUL,It goes together with the the prophecy this morning.I am so blessed and also to you Jamie..Will ask more amd warfare more…Amen and Amen!!!!Yyeeessssssss!!!!!

  18. Jessie Mccall says:

    Thank you Heavenly Father for your word… I thank you for always seeing me through situations I had no idea how I would have gotten out of. I thank you woman of Jamie for always blessing us. Hallelujah, thank you!

  19. Thank you Abba Father!

  20. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank You Abba Father, and I love you too..

  21. Dan Mbugua says:

    I receive this financial declaration in Jesus Mighty Name.i believe i will get Supernatural finances in Jesus Mighty Name.

  22. Yes this is for me 🙏🏻 I sense Gods is starting something new and exciting for me ♥️ Thank you lovely girl😍😍

  23. I desperately need this word to come to pass in my life, i am at my wits end in an area of my life, it’s not a terrible situation but I need change.
    THAnk you Jesus ❤️

  24. Yes fasting and prayer. Abba I need this grace to get my dreams. Bless you Jamie for the message.

  25. Yes Father I ask you for Grace to fast and pray. I thank you Papa for your Unconditional Love and Mercy. I Love You Papa.

  26. I claim this in your Holy name! Please speak to me about fasting. Thank you for your many Blessing!

  27. German Santos says:

    Amen and Amen! I thank God for the ministry that He entrusted you to comfort, encourage and strengthen us. God blessed you more and more

  28. Romaine Robinson says:

    Thank you for being obedient in sharing this Word…..powerful

  29. Joseph Mutinda Munguti says:

    This word speaks directly to my situation.
    Glory be to God.

  30. jacque jacobeth says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you Papa Hallelujah you are the God of many nations I give you praise and there is no one like you Jamie I would also want to thank you this prophecy is for me.
    I receive and connect and it is done.

  31. Henrietta says:

    Yes it does!

    Thank You ABBA Father!!! I love You!

    Thank you so much Jamie!

  32. Jamie, I read your word on supernatural grace for fasting and I say it helped me a lot with this year’s beginning fast. I prayed for grace to fast and God helped me. But even after the fast, I still had the stirring in my spirit to keep fasting and praying: to make it a way of life. The word of the Lord through you has just confirmed that. Thank you Father that you are so good to show us the way to keep winning and receiving from You. Alleluia…

  33. Thank You Abba Father, You are not a man that you should lie, all your promises are true. My dreams are fulfilled in Jesus’s name. Amen

  34. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

    Almighty God please I ask you humbly and specifically and boldly to give me the grace to fast and pray in this season of warfare I am in.Amen

  35. Thank You Father Go for speaking through Jamie . Thank You for this word, that I needed and have been praying for. Prepare me for the suddenly blessing and give me grace to fast and prepare, to consecrate myself for the promise land

  36. Rashidat Kassim says:

    Yes Daddy I receive by faith and I believe God almighty for all these promises. These are definitely meant for me as I was smiling with joy and inner peace within my heart as I was reading. Thank You Lord. I love You so much and I can feel Your love all over me.

  37. Abba Father, thank you for loving me through the last 3 years of tribulation. I ask that you shorten this time in my life as I am giving up steam and want for peace, recompense and complete resolution of aALL these situations my husband and I are going through. I trust that you are all powerful and can achieve this for our good and our surrounding community, friends and family. I pray for strength, patience and trust that all will work for our good, in Jesus name. Amen

  38. Such a powerful encouraging word Jamie, thank you for your obedience in sharing it. We give God all the Glory. Hallelujah!!!

  39. Thank you for the the wonderful confirmation Jamie. Received new revelation at the beginning of the year – Hannukah. Since then Yah has been revealing through His Spirit deep seated issues that I’ve been repenting of day by day. He’s cleansing this temple for more. I have a deep need of going deeper, staying connected and in the Spirit, hearing Abba’s voice more clearly and decided to fast which will start tomorrow evening. Thank you Father! I am breathless with anticipation to see where You take me. 🙌

  40. Thank you ABBA Father for your continued amazing infinite love, forgiveness and blessings upon my life! You are what sustains me daily and I stand on your word and promises🙏🏻 I believe for your presence to be stronger and more direct and to discern your voice. I love and praise you all of my days Amen

  41. All Glory to You, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit!!!
    Thank you SO much, Jamie!!

    The words you wrote lately were SO spot on… exactly and in depth what Father is doing right now, right now, right now… It is SO huge!!! so beyond everything…
    All Glory to You, Lord!!!

    May the Lord reward you and bless you abundantly, Jamie!!! HE DOES!!
    Thank you!

  42. N. C. Williams says:

    Wow! This is God answering me to something I was praying about… I needed clarity and understanding in just what He wanted/expected from me, in order for me to move to the next level in my spiritual journey. Amen and Amen!

    Jamie thank you for sharing this and for your obedience to Jehovah.

  43. Encouraging, uplifting.

    I really thank God for this information

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