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Friend, have you been going through a difficult time lately? If so, I want to share some prophetic insight that the Lord has spoken to me about what this spiritual season is all about–and WHY He is allowing His people to go through a lot of storms right now, when He could of course stop the storms instantly.

My friend, this spiritual season is about ATTITUDE–and about casting down idols.

When God does a work in our hearts, making us more like Jesus, He has to give us a chance to agree with the work and practice the new skill He is teaching us. And the work He has been doing in His people, across the whole Body of Christ in this season, is a work in our individual attitudes.


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    • Teaching us to keep our eyes on Jesus, being fully aware of His HOPE and faithfulness, instead of looking at our circumstances.
    • Teaching us to not be fazed by our circumstances.
    • Teaching us to look at whatever is going on around us, and simply say, “Well, God’s got this and I’m not going to worry about it!”
    • Teaching us to REST in Him, despite the worst circumstances going on around us.

    These things may seem simple, and they are simple–to talk about. But they require a lot of self-control and spiritual discipline to actually carry them out from day to day.

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    This is why I wrote about casting down idols in my ebook, Stable In the Storm: Consecrated Living In Tumultuous Times. I have been learning from the Lord how to stay stable during worse and worse times, and the effort to remain stable is well worth it–even though the Teacher allows us to sit through exams, and the exams feel fiery hot at times.

    But our Teacher is the fourth Man standing in the fire with you, today and every day.

    That’s why it’s so important to keep our eyes on Him. If we will keep our eyes on Him, our clothes and hair will not be singed or burned by the flames. We will not even smell like smoke!

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    But yes, it is necessary for our Teacher to let us sit through exams from time to time, spiritually speaking.

    And invariably, He will allow you to be tested on the things that matter most to you–to see if you have any idols in those very important areas.

    Whatever you’re passionate about, God will allow you to be tested in that area. That’s where the fire burns the hottest. But if you will simply keep your eyes on Jesus during those times, you will pass the test and move forward to the next level of blessing!

    We do have to remain stable in our storm, however. If we do not, then our very instability exposes an idol in our lives.

    For example, the idols of progress, immediacy, and even the idol of trying to measure up all come to mind. (I talked about EIGHT different, extremely common idols in my book, Stable In the Storm.) If we have to see progress, immediate results, or always feel like we measure up in comparison to other people in order to be happy, be sweet, and keep our eyes on Jesus …

    … Then those things are idols in our lives.

    We simply must cast down every idol in this season in order to move forward. That is what this season is all about.

    Attitude and idolatry are closely related. If we have a poor attitude, it’s because we have taken our eyes off Jesus, and we have stopped obeying Him. And we only take our eyes off Jesus and stop obeying Him because we have an idol.

    Idolatry is everyone’s problem until the Lord purges it out of us. And the great Refiner tends to purge it out of us by allowing us to go through the fire. That’s literally what refining is.

    So how will you respond to the work God is doing in your life and in your heart today?

    What wrong heart attitudes and idols is He working out of you? In what area is He allowing you to be tested? And how is Holy Spirit speaking to you in this very moment about keeping your eyes on Jesus?

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    1. Thank you Jamie

      it was apt and directed to me

    2. Thankyou Jamie great prophetic word Amen

    3. Timely word. Thank you!!

    4. God Bless You Jamie Thank God For His Word . Blessing To You !

    5. Francie Robertson says:

      It has been 2 years now since the Holy Spirit opened my heart to CRAVING APPROVAL. It was both intensely painful and embarrassing on the one side but nowhere near as liberating and life transforming (today) on the other. It was PROCESS, line upon line here a little and there a little, layer upon layer (whew!!! sure is hot in here lol!) And then along you came with your timely teaching called WORKING FOR LOVE!
      I BENCH- MARKED that one and others connected with it for sure. My faith, hope and love for God went through the roof I tell you. Much much appreciated esp for the next level of horror to come for 2023. What a battle! Along came Leviathan and PRIDE, SELF- RIGHTEOUSNESS, know-it-all-ness, must be right at all times and the need to ZIP THE LIPS when that was a MUST DO! I FAILED with honours LOL!
      Keep on truckin y’all!
      GLORY BE TO GOD!!!

    6. Very timely word someone I knows really testing me,but so far I have kept my peace,thanks be to God

    7. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Holy spirit fortify me protect me and help me to embrace the process .Shower me with your grace and mercy .In Jesus name.Amen

    8. He’s working on at least 2 of the areas you mentioned.

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