Urgent Prophetic Bulletin: God Is Digging Deep In Your Gut

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Beloved, this is a short-but-important prophetic bulletin about something God is doing TODAY.

Right now, just starting in the last 3-4 days, God is digging deep in His children’s gut–in other words, deep in their spirit, heart, soul, and belly. He is digging deeper than He has ever dug in us before, and He’s digging in places we didn’t know were there.

Specifically, He’s rooting out sadnesses, habits, and disappointments that make us lonely, discouraged, and unhealthy.

He’s VERY gently exposing things that we have not wanted to be true–for example, areas in which we are still hurt or unhealed even when we thought we were healed–but He is showing us that they have been there all along.

He is doing this so He can heal us.

These 3 keys will be very important as the Lord heals you right now:

1) Cooperate with the Lord and be really open with Him.

2) Be sure to set aside time either today or tomorrow AT THE LATEST and let Him speak to you about things He needs and desires to heal.

3) Journaling is going to be of utmost importance during this healing process.

For this, I’m talking about the kind of journaling that’s like keeping a diary. You can talk to a page and be open about things that it’s hard to talk to a person about. Even if you burn the page later, writing your thoughts in your journal as the Lord talks to you is going to be a crucial element in your healing process.

The Lord is a gentle Healer.

Allow Him to search you and show you how much He knows you. He knows you better than you could ever know yourself, and only He can help you right now with the things He desires to heal. They are too deep for humans to access, but His Spirit knows your heart as not even you know your heart.

Love in Christ,


  1. Mia Grant says:

    Yes, It has already started, Im a devout journalist so I know already. It hasn’t got as deep as its going to get. BUT the spirit has impressed upon me several times I will survive and grow after the death of this deep cleaning. Hmmmmm
    Thanks Jamie!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Brenda L Payton says:

    Dear Jamie
    This is so very true! 2-3 days ago God started showing me that Wholeness that Jesus provides us and that He paid for on the cross is part of Communion with Him. I asked Him about this wholeness & He showed me that to be truly healed He has to go deep inside of me and do a deep inner work. I thought I was healed but I am wrong He has been showing me the hard things I have to learn & give Him! Also, I have to give Holy Spirit free reign (which I said Yes)to delve deeply. I have forgiven, repented and all that but God said this is something deeper! Thank you for your word it is Confirmation!!!!

  4. Oh wow, I just had a dream last night where we were at a house warming (looked like) I was talking with our Asst Pastor and when we were done I was walking into the other room with everyone else and Asst Pastor at our church was taken over by the Holy Spirit and she came and laid hands on me and asked what was the name of him who was tormenting me and commanded him to come out and after it did she said you will never have to see him or worry about him again and I woke up

  5. Wow, this word was for me. This word was on time! All I can really say is that the Lord has allowed everything you’ve talked about above to sort of “bubble up” in me–the only way I can really explain to you what I am talking about is if you would imagine a glass full of water with dirty particles at the bottom. Now imagine those dirty particles rising up to the surface of the glass; with the Lord using a spoon or an instrument to take away those dirty particles at the top. Writing in my journal or iphone notes has been the way I have been speaking to the Lord about all of these “dirty particles” that have suddenly risen up in me (I didnt even know these issues were still present or in me), however I know the Lord is allowing these “particles” to rise up so that He can heal me. I know I need to be healed in order for him to bring me to this next season. #Ready4MyBreakthrough; God bless you sis!

  6. The timing here is spot on. Thank you for the confirmation.

  7. Linda Davies says:

    This rings so true right now , Thank you Jamie x

  8. I am open Lord, to your healing and wholeness. Show and do what only you can, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  9. edl uatiraije kandjavera says:

    I need God healing within my soul my relationship my life Enough is enough God I ask you to do only you who can do it right this year in my life I need total healing and peaceful life for ones single mum working hard supporting my daughter who is at university at moment I need financial breakthrough like never before in my life

  10. Susanna Baehler says:

    Dear Jamy
    Thank you for this prophetic bulletin. I did it exactly according to the instructions. It was very special. I was ready for it because the Lord had been preparing me for a few days to just open myself. So I started writing and it just flowed out of me. I wrote everything from my soul and wrote seven large pages full. I started to write with pressure, sadness, tears and disappointments. In the course of writing I could feel amazed how I was getting better and better. That astonished me. Because I was tired I went to bed. The next morning I could feel immediately that all disappointments were simply gone. I had such deep disappointments in me that I couldn’t really overcome them, be it through counselling or prayer. It was like you said, it’s so deep that people can’t get at it. But now, tonight, when I write this, I could really feel all day long that a very deep healing had happened. That is a completely different feeling. I feel new strength, faith and hope that now everything is possible with my Lord.
    So I thank You with all my heart for Your faithfulness and Your obedience. You are a role model for me. I am learning a lot from you. When you come back to London, I will also register. It is not far from me.
    Be blessed

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