WEBINARS: Intro to the American Stock Market and Intro to Swing Trading

The more I’ve been studying Proverbs (my assignment from the Lord is to study through Proverbs 10x this year), the more the Lord is talking to me about wealth and wisdom, wisdom and wealth.

It’s simply the season of wisdom and wealth.

(Well, it’s ALWAYS that season Biblically-speaking, but the Lord is really wanting His people to learn about these areas right now.)

Since I feel responsible for teaching the Word in practical ways that apply to real life, this means teaching personal finance and money management God’s way also. You’re used to seeing me teach about business and entrepreneurship, but I felt led to take it even farther.

So, THIS WEEK, I’ll be teaching two finance webinars: Intro to the American Stock Market and Intro to Swing Trading.

In Intro to the American Stock Market, I’ll be teaching an overview of the stock market, different kinds of companies and investment strategies, and a basic intro to how you can find and pick a personalized investment strategy for yourself.

(This class is for your education and entertainment only; I am not a financial advisor and do not give specific investment advice. You should always do your own research and consult a financial advisor before making a specific investment.)

You can sign up for “Intro to the American Stock Market” here:

In Intro to Swing Trading, I’ll be teaching about the art + science of swing trading.

A lot of people have heard of “day trading,” but unless you’re going to quit your job and stare at your computer screen all day, day trading isn’t for most people. It’s definitely not for me–way too risky and too time-consuming!

However, “swing trading” is a lot more common than day trading; I am an avid fan of swing trading. “Swing trading” means buying stocks low and selling them high, usually over relatively short periods of time (often days or months instead of years).

In this class, I’ll be teaching the basic tenets of swing trading and how people can get started in it. (Again, this class is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You should always do your own research and consult a financial advisor before making any specific investment.)

You can sign up for “Intro to Swing Trading” here:

Both classes will include either an audio or video replay for those who cannot attend. (Whether I provide audio versus video replay will be at my discretion, depending on the results of the webinar recording.)

Beloved, walking in Biblical wisdom and wealth requires us to take pro-active steps to manage our resources well.

If the Lord is prompting you to take these classes with me next week, please sign up right away and let’s all be diligent stewards of God’s resources for His glory.



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