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Here are 10 more prophetic words–just short prophetic snippets–from our recent “virtual book signing.” Read my explanation here if you’re wondering how another person’s word can actually be for you, too.

Long story short: If the word is comforting and Holy Spirit makes it resonate in your spirit, then YES, this word is for you–even if it was originally issued to someone else!

Without further ado, here are 10 more prophetic snippets for you today:

Word 1: “I have pioneering work for you to do, but I need you to be brave. You have the anointing to open doors in the spirit realm for Me to do My work in people’s lives. The road will be rough and difficult at times, but it will also be the most fulfilling road you could ever imagine.

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    The freedom I have given you will be replicated in many others before you are through. Pioneer on in Me, knowing that I have gone before you to prepare the way for you to prepare the way for Me!”

    Word 2: “You shine brightly as the sun in My heart. I have not forgotten you in your darkness, but know that the darkness does not actually belong to you and is not your old friend.

    I am the Light of the world, and so are you. I am in you and am shining through you. Never hesitate to leave the influence of those who extinguish your light. I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me and My work before Me.”

    Word 3: “In your hardest times, the only thing you really need to know in order to survive is that I exist. I am good, and I will always be good to you. I am perfect, and My ways are perfect–even when you do not understand. In this season of questions, know that I am with you. That has to be good enough for each moment, and indeed this is one of My ultimate tests. See that you pass the test!

    Even when you fail, simply ask Me to help you pass the test by keeping your eyes on Myself, and I will always be there with My grace which is sufficient for you. Never forget that My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Offer to Me a sacrifice of your weakness, and you will experience My sufficiency.”


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    Word 4: “You are a tower of virtue before Me, even when you do not feel like it. Look well and listen to My voice and My ways, for I am testing your strength by calling you to do something that is not in your realm to do–but it is in My realm. I will do it for you and through you if you will be My willing vessel. My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

    Word 5: “You feel like a failure sometimes, but I view you as My beloved child all the time. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You know and I know that you can do nothing without Me, and you are learning to depend on Me more every day. Watch your responses to things; My grace is sufficient even for that, to help you respond rightly.

    I am purging you of things that get between us, but do not worry: My love for you always overcomes even the strongest obstacle. Obstacles are nothing when they come to Me, for I am knocking down every wall that would even pretend to keep you from Me and Me from you. NOTHING, no nothing, can separate you from My love!”

    Word 6: “The opportunity I have given you is not lost to you. All you have to do is circle back around to what I originally told you to do, and you will find My instructions there waiting for you. Do not have regrets, but know that your life is covered under the blood of My precious Son, Jesus.

    I am waiting at the point of My Word to give new life to you, and it is up to you to allow Me to make you new. But don’t worry; even in that I am working in your heart to bring comfort and healing to all the crevices of your heart. Life is hard sometimes, but in Me you have righteousness, peace, and joy through My Holy Spirit! Be not dismayed; I am your God!”


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    Word 7: “You are not last in My sight, and neither are you lost in My sight. I see everything you are going through, and I am cradling you in My arms while you sleep. I am the One who gives you strength for tomorrow, even when the tears of today feel overwhelming. Do not despair, but have hope! My life is in you, and your pain is birthing your promise.”

    Word 8: “It is essential for you to persevere. The road I am taking you on is long, but it is not without its joys. I am with you to act as your personal Tour Guide by My Spirit, and we will see many sights along the way that are delightful.

    Ask Me to restore the years the locusts have eaten, and I will. Make fasting and praying a hallmark of your life with Me, for the level of faith and authority I have called you to walk in comes not out of you except through the discipline of fasting and prayer.

    I am allowing you to be squeezed, but LOOK! Out comes the oil of My Spirit. You have more in you than you ever dreamed, but I have never wondered nor questioned because I am He who placed those things in you. I have all your tears in My bottle, and in My book. I say to you, persevere with Me! Persevere!”

    Word 9: “You are tired and heavy laden, and I need you to rest right now. The mountains in front of you cannot be scaled when you are weary. You need the strength of rest behind you in order to persevere with Me with a right attitude, for being tired makes you look to the ground along which you are trudging, rather than keeping your eyes on Me all the time.

    I will carry you if you ask Me to, and that will help you rest. Don’t be afraid to say no to some things in order to get the rest you need. You are not the Savior of the world; I am.

    The world will go on alongside you while you withdraw. Come away and rest awhile; the journey has been too great for you. Let Me feed you from My hand, for I am with you to comfort you and give you all the peace you need.”

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    Word 10: “I am raining down blessings upon you, but sometimes My blessings are hard to recognize. They come in disguises at times, wrapped up in the gift wrap of a challenge–but actually I only allow the challenges because they will push you to think outside the box.

    When you think outside the box, your creative flow opens to receive the unusual wisdom of My Holy Spirit, and miracles can happen … IF you are willing to receive answers and suggestions that are not in your normal realm of thinking!

    Be assured that even your toughest challenge today is actually an opportunity to be blessed. Trust Me and address the situation as you need to, according to My Word in Matthew 18, and you will receive showers of blessing!”

    Did any of these prophetic snippets resonate with you? If so, leave your response to the word below!

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    1. I got teary eyed as I was hearing Father God say these words directly to my heart. Thank you Jamie for your obedience and I ask Abba Father to grant you the desires of your heart ten thousand fold.

      I’d also like to request a prayer for a sister in our community who is about to be evicted from her home with her kids, asking that the Landlord will give them an extension and Father would supernaturally provide a job for her.

      Thank you family.

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