6 Prophetic Tidbits for You Today

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I wanted to share a few more brief prophetic words from our recent time of book signing and personal ministry. If you’re not sure whether or not a word can be for you when it was originally issued to someone else, read here and find out, Scripturally, why it can and IS. 🙂

Without further ado, please enjoy these words of encouragement today:


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Word 1:

“If I can ordain strength out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants, do you not think I can ordain strength out of you? I tell you that there is enough power in you by My Spirit to send the world up in smoke, if I so choose. Of course, I do not choose that, but I want it to be real to you–for you to realize it is real–that all I am is in you, and all that I can do is in you, and nothing is impossible for you.

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    Meditate on My truth that the same Spirit who raised My Son Jesus from the dead dwells in you, and you shall be My witness,” says the Lord God of Israel.”

    Word 2:

    “I have clothed you with the robe of righteousness and dressed you with dazzling jewels in the spirit realm. I have engraved you on the palm of My hand, and all things I have spoken to you I will do.

    Think not that you do not deserve the FULL measure of such promises, for the blood of My Son Jesus made you worthy to receive everything I have promised you,” says the Lord!

    Word 3:

    “I love the fragrance of your offering of love. The love you offer to Me for your fellow human beings rises to Me like incense in My nostrils. I am madly in love with you,” says the Lord. “And I love how you carry My heart forward into all things, sharing My burden and passion to see My full and perfect will be accomplished in the lives of those you love.

    Rest assured that I have not forgotten you nor them,” says God, “and I will fulfill all your dreams and visions, for I am sharing with you what is simply MY dream and MY vision in those circumstances! Behold, you do all things well in carrying My love,” says the Lord!

    Word 4:

    “My white horse is running swift and sure to collect you, for I long to carry you away into My chambers where we may commune together in love. Your times of prayer are only beginning, as silly as that seems.

    I have places of abundance in prayer that you have never seen yet, but I will take you there; for you know Me and you are known by Me, and I delight to commune with you in the secret place of My overshadowing,” says the Lord.

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    Word 5:

    “This is the day when I am rising up to greet you with the kiss of the beloved. I have waited patiently for you for so long, and My heart yearns after you more than life itself.

    That is why I died for you! My love for you, and the Father’s love for you inside Me, compelled Me to go through all things that Calvary required. Ask Me for the secret of the bride,” says the Lord, “for you are My beloved, and I have many things to whisper in your ear.”

    Word 6:

    “I am arising to bring perfection to all things that concern you. I am scattering the seeds of chaos that the enemy has sown, and I am bringing you into perfect peace, for your eyes have been stayed on Me and you trust in Me.

    Great PEACE have they who love My law, and nothing shall offend them or lead them astray! I am proud of you; well done, good and faithful servant! Enter now into the joy of your Lord!” says the Lord God Almighty.

    Was one or more of these words specifically for you today? If so, leave a comment below and tell us which ones the Lord used to minister to your heart!

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    1. They were all for me. I receive them in Jesus name thankyou Jamie God bless

    2. Francie Robertson says:

      Received with overwhelming righteousness, peace and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ. The words “I delight to commune with you in the secret place of My overshadowing,” says the Lord.” jumped right out at me!
      I was given these exact words last month as I wrote them into my journal!

    3. Received and believed. In the name of Jesus Christs as Isaiah 45:2-3 was prophesied over me in both word/prayer and hand over me before other seekers and believers and recently also in a vivid dream before a spiritual attack on me that You have delivered me from. The enemy is scared as He multiple times tried to take me out but failed. My Lord carried me through the valley of the shadow of death and now I have entered the light and ready to receive what my God has for me.

    4. Thank you so much for these. Each have a piece that created a bigger message. Thank you very much. My spirit feels lifted and soaring like an eagle. Blessings and love

    5. In Jesus Christ name I believe these prophecy are for me ,You said it Lord I believe it It is done Amen

    6. Denise Moore says:

      I received anything from The Father Heart ❤️, He Love Me and I Love Him, SO if anything from Jesus YESUHA the CHRIST, It’s a YES LORD, I hear you ❤️🙏👣🔥👑

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