10 Words for This New Spiritual Season

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Hey beloved,

The season is shifting, and the Lord has given me a powerful encouraging word for this new season for you.

Today is Good Friday, the day upon which we remember that Jesus was crucified over 2,000 years ago. Tomorrow is a day of rest, and Sunday is Resurrection Sunday. I don’t believe that every holy day necessarily marks a change in spiritual season, but I DO believe that this particular set of holy days–with Passover beginning tonight–does mark a huge shift in spiritual seasons this year.

Here is what I am sensing from the Lord about the season that is ending and the new season that begins tonight:

(In no particular order …)

1. You have been in a season of intense battle cries.

Your heart has been crying out to the Lord for help, hope, and strength for months. You have made some tough decisions lately, and you have ended up choosing the hard path over the easy one because you could tell that God was not breathing on the easy path.

Just yesterday, the Lord brought you to the place in which you had to enforce your hard decision to follow Him on the narrow, challenging path. You communicated your decision and were afraid that things would go badly for you. But, the Lord breathed on it to affirm that you DID make the right decision. He even affirmed it again after that, twice.

2. So now you are unflinchingly on the narrow path. But, you will find that the narrow path is becoming smooth.

I won’t go into detail about that because other prophets already have.

But I sense in the Spirit that today is the last day in which you will feel the struggle.

It’s not that you won’t have struggles going forward; you will. But you have been in a season that has been characterized by struggle. Frustration, stress, pressure, mess, chaos, and tears have been the norm for you these last four months. You have been in the throes of the birthing process, and things have not been pleasant.

But Father says, “My grace is sufficient for you, and I am bringing you into a season of GREAT GRACE.”

3. A season of great grace has come upon you.

Today is the last day of this season of struggle, and your season of grace begins tonight at sundown. The Lord is shifting the spiritual season this year to coincide with the sacrifice of His Son. These things are a reminder that our lives are covered by the blood of Jesus.

Beginning tonight, you will experience great grace.

Things that have seemed impossibly hard the last 3.5 months will suddenly come easily. Father God has already downloaded the strategies to you that you need to experience this change. As you carry out these strategies, you will find that they work. Your life will not look like the easy road you had hoped it would look like, but your priorities will be straight.

4. The hard decision you had to enforce yesterday put your priorities on the right path.

Your priorities have been all askew, and you have known it. The Lord has already convicted you about it. For many of you, you have been putting work, ministry, and money above your time with God, your spouse, and your children. But, no more. Yesterday, you drew a line in the sand and determined that no longer would you operate in that way.

5. You are also entering a season in which you will have the choice to do new things that will bring great abundance.

A word of caution: Be certain before you enter into any new thing that your new thing lines up with:

  1. God’s Word; and
  2. Uncommon faith.

6. Uncommon faith is the hallmark of this hour, for great exploits are upon you.

There will come moments in this hour in which Holy Spirit will show you a need, a possibility, or a potential. When He does, seeing this thing in the spirit will make you catch your breath. Your spirit will shout “YES!” and you will know that God wants to do it.

When that happens, if it is from the Lord, He will also show you a strategy. His strategy will be something within your possibility–something you CAN do, even if it makes you uncomfortable. It will be “near you,” as it says in Deuteronomy 30:11-14:

“For this commandment which I command you today is not too mysterious for you, nor is it far off.

It is not in heaven, that you should say, ‘Who will ascend into heaven for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’ Nor is it beyond the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will go over the sea for us and bring it to us, that we may hear it and do it?’

But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it” (Deuteronomy 30:11-14).

When this happens–when you experience a sudden flash of insight into Holy Spirit’s vision and strategy–pay attention. His strategy is for right this moment. There is a grace in THAT MOMENT for carrying out His great exploits. Holy Spirit’s breeze is blowing upon the idea right then, and He is inviting you to join up with Him.

If you accept the vision He is breathing into you, His breath will sustain you, lift you, and sustain the work He is giving you to do.

7. This is the season for short-term projects.

The Lord is going to give people opportunities to make strategic investments of their time, talent, and treasure into His Kingdom purposes. He is sending Kingdom visionaries and Kingdom financiers down the same path, but from two different perspectives. The short-term projects that the Lord launches in this season will actually be the foundation stones for the huge house that He is building over the long term.

8. There will be a meeting of the minds in this season between those with the Zebulun anointing and those who are writing Kingdom vision.

As they work together, I sense in the Spirit that both anointings will rub off on the other group. People with the anointing of the tribe of Zebulun will increase in vision, and people who write Kingdom vision will become, for the first time in a long time, Kingdom financiers.

9. Pray in your merchant ships.

Isaiah 60:8-9 is a key passage for this season. These verses say:

“Who are these who fly like a cloud, and like doves to their roosts? Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me; and the ships of Tarshish will come first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and their gold with them, to the name of the Lord your God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because He has glorified you” (Isaiah 60:8-9).

The ships of Tarshish were merchant ships; trading vessels. They were vessels of business. In Isaiah 60:8-9, the Lord says that the merchant ships come FIRST. When they come, they will bring your sons from afar, WITH Kingdom provision–and they will be coming to the Presence of God on you, and to His name; for HE has made you glisten and gleam with His glory.

Many Kingdom people have passed the test of carrying His glory, but have not yet prayed in the ships of Tarshish (with their sons and daughters, silver, and gold).

The ships of Tarshish are the next step on God’s road map for your ministry and family.

Pray in your merchant ships! Pray in:

  • The sons and daughters the Lord wants you to have;
  • The business opportunities He has ordained for you;
  • The trading and investment opportunities;
  • The donors and fundraisers;
  • The financiers;
  • The silver and gold.

Also, pray to be protected from every opportunity and relationship that would be a danger to you.

10. Help you didn’t expect is going to come from every side.

Now that you are willing to rely upon Him alone, the Lord will be sending you help you didn’t expect. Help that you thought was gone is coming back, and it’s going to be EASY.

I repeat: it’s going to be so easy. You will slap your head and think, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” But you didn’t think of it sooner because certain things were veiled from you while you were in the throes of the battle. Now that your battle is finished and you have decided to rely solely upon God and flow with Him even on the hard path, solutions will appear to you that will astound you.

Don’t beat yourself up.

The birthing process was necessary. God has birthed you into His Kingdom dynamo over the last 3.5 months, and you didn’t know it. But steel-like strength has been added to you, and you will now experience the fruit of your season of labor.

The new spiritual season begins tonight at sundown.

This will be a season of wonder, delight, and challenge. It will surprise you, delight you, reinvigorate you, and re-energize you. You will rise to EVERY challenge. I say it again as I hear the Lord say: “YES, YOU will rise to every challenge. You will overcome, and you will conquer in the name of My Son Jesus.”

Hallelujah! Amen and amen!

Do you receive this word? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what Holy Spirit is saying to you!


  1. Yes, we will rise, overcome and conquer in the name of Jesus. I receive! Bless you sweet sister in Christ.

    1. Dearest Jamie, Thank you so very much for the word. The word,I believe is meant for me specifically. I receive the word with much thanksgiving in Jesus’ Name. I believe our Father will do what He has spoken for He is not a man that He should lie. May the good Lord refresh His anointing upon your life and ministry. Remain richly blessed and strong in the Lord. Happy Easter.

    2. Segasson Toby says:

      I love this word this was for me thank you and May God continues to bless this ministry.

      Mr Segasson Toby

    3. josephine leong says:

      Hi Jamie,
      So thankful for these prophetic and words of wisdom. I receive it all by faith and I will surely pray in the Merchant of Tarshish. These words came as a prophetic word for my situation, and yes, it has been a long, long trial.
      I am so glad and relieved to know that the battle is over and I shall see my breakthrough! Hallelujah! Time to rejoice! Thank you Jesus, Amen.

    4. God bless you Jamie for the prophetic words. I read them several times and fell asleep. I had a dream standing by a gate with a long queue of students entering the town but the other side of the gate that takes you out of the town was closed. I stood there for a long time but the security man will not open the gate for the 2 of us. But he finally did,
      On entering the next town, we went doing evangelism and we were very happy. I receive my breakthrough by faith.

      1. Babylin salazar says:

        Hi Jamie I feel this is for me truly happened. The Lord is ongoing to use me for the ministry Godbless you

  2. Thank You!! I’ve been waiting and praying a long time…

  3. Dorothy Roberts says:

    I so needed this word. My physical and spiritual struggles have seemed never-ending. I receive this word. New beginnings at sundown tonite. Thank You, Lord.

  4. I believe, agree and accept this message in the mighty name of JESUS! AMEN!

  5. Joy Ehrenzweig says:

    Thank you Jamie! Holy Spirit is right on point about the past few months. I receive your prophetic words and look forward to the new season. God’d Richest Blessings to you n family. Happy Easter while you celebrating the Holy Week🙏

  6. Earlier on this year, the Holy Spirit told my prayer partner and friend to ask me to pray Isaiah 60. It didn’t make any sense till this minute. God be praised.

  7. Praise Jesus! This is indeed a word for me! I receive it in Jesus’ name!

  8. Tholoana Mofolo says:

    Thank you Jamie.
    As always, very uplifting and encouraging words.
    God is always using you, through this blog to speak to me- and so far it has happened as you said it would.
    I sense again in my spirit that this word is for me. And I thank the Lord tremendously.

    Thank you for your faithfulness to us and to the spirit that leads you to write for us and encourage us.
    Continued blessings and abundant favour in your personal life, family and ministry.

    With love,


  9. Sherie Smith says:

    Thank you! I receive it! God had me in a still place this year and I knew He had a Word for me. I felt what I was going through was the birthing place for things to come. Now, I know . To God Be the Glory!

  10. Sue Tracy says:

    Thanks Jamie this was definitely for me. God bless I’ve got some praying to do!

  11. This posting pierced my heart & made me weep… (Holy Spirit?) EVERY point you made aligned with something that REALLY happened, and has been partially revealed to me over the timeframe you mentioned…
    The reading of this touched my Spirit deeply and I am praying for wisdom, discernment and to be attuned to His will during this season of transition…

  12. Laurna Tallman says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Your prophetic word about the boat intersects with a vision about the boat that is me and my mission, which I received at New Years. It looked like a Viking boat and it seemed to be docked, not in motion. God very often speaks to me through my art although it is years since I have done much visual art. The visions come too often for me to have time to preserve them in graphic forms. While I was sketching that boat it was turning into something additional, as visions sometimes have a way of carrying more than one meaning and application. As I started to draw water at the bottom edge, the Holy Spirit said, “No-no, no-no.” I stopped. I did not understand why that inner voice was so insistent. My “boat” had become flatter, more like a wall, and the right edge that had been the prow was rounded. The next day, in a ReStore associated with Habitat for Humanity (now there is an awesome symbol of God’s mercy and work in the world!) I found an executive desk — huge — for only $50. I have needed a bigger desk for 20 years. I was measuring it with a borrowed tape measure when I noticed that the surface is edged with a finishing board that is curved. I recognized that detail only because I had been sketching visions the night before. I could see why its lower edge was not sitting in water! Even with God so clearly in the details, I felt unworthy of such a grand desk. Isn’t that a terrible thing to have to confess? God was trying to give me something priced at the cost of four packs of cigarettes and I almost missed it because I had trouble imagining I deserved it. Some amazing gifts have been flowing to me, including financial blessings and new opportunities to share my healing discoveries. I feel that rising of the wind in my sails. I want to strongly affirm your prophetic words yesterday and today. Thank you for your faithfulness, Jamie.

  13. sharon schlabach says:

    wow your words from God are always speaking to me where I’m at thank you Jamie!

  14. Oh WOW!!! It was as though Hod was speaking directly to me concerning everything I have been going through this past year. God is amazing in the way He sends us messages, messages through people or things we would never come across if we did not move outside of us. This message spoke life into the very places I needed at this very moment, I have been in a place of struggle, frustration, stress, and so many other things. But as I was reading I saw a light at the end of a tunnel, God used you to show me that those days are coming to an end. And He has brighter things in store for me. I am beyond excited to see what manifests in the days to come just from my Yes, and passing the test. Thank you for your obedience Jaime

  15. Praise the Miraculous Name of Yah!
    He has done it again and everything I’ve read has been so revealing, an on time Word of the Lord. I’m expecting to do the impossible, for nevertheless with God, I can and I will! Thanks again Jamie you are wonderful and may God continue to show you His favor. Amen

  16. Thank You Jesus!! I’ve been waiting and praying for a VERY long time. I receive it and believe a breakthrough will happen at sundown tonight. I speak LIFE into my desolate situation and that the battle is finished!! Amen and Amen. Thank you Jamie for your ministry and prayers today. God bless you and your family this Easter weekend.

  17. Eufaula Morgan says:

    Yes, yes, and yes aaaaannnd AMEN!

  18. Henrietta says:

    HALLELUJAH!! I receive this word! Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness to me and my family during the hard times. I look forward to the wonderful things You are doing and going to do in our lives!!!
    Glory to You Lord!
    Thank you Jamie for this word!!

  19. Amber Brown says:

    I receive your Holy Word and Nww Revelation, Lord God! Thank you for giving me favor and blessing!
    In Jesus’ Name,

  20. Charmaine Hanse says:

    I received this prophetic word in Jesus Name. I will rise to every challenge, I will overcome and I will conquer in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Thank you women of God, may the Lord bless and keep you and your family. Blessings with Jesus-love. Charmaine from Namibia

  21. Oluwaseun Ajani says:

    Praise God! I believe this is God speaking directly to me. Thank you Jesus! Thanks Jamie. God bless you richly for sharing this.
    Am sure going to read this again so, I dont forget what God is saying to me this season.

  22. Patricia Jacobsen says:

    Hallelu-YAH!!! 🙌💖🙏☝ I receive it!!! 💥🌪🔥🦁🗽🎺. SO BE IT!! 😇🤗🎉😅😚

  23. My God, this is a fulfillment that God has been working with me behind the scenes.i love him and thanks Jamie for being use of God.may God bring your ships as he blesses us too

  24. I am prepared to ” pass over” from this season of challenges and shift gears into the next of blessings.

  25. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Hi Jamie

    I thank God for today’s prophetic word . I have just completed my seven days on Wednesday the 17th April , I petitioned God in the , Hebrews 12:23 Heavenly Court , where God is judge over all things , and I approached Him in the Hebrews 4:16 sub division , the Court Of The Throne of Grace . I petitioned for Extraordinary Relief :
    ** Petition for Great Grace
    ** Petition for Soul Wounds to be Healed and
    ** Petition to Let God Do It His Way
    Today I feel that my prayers have been answered , this prophetic word was released specifically for me . During my seven days of prayer , I prayed every 00:00 midnight and every 12:00 midday and I never skipped a day or time .

    I thank God for your life prophetess of God , may He continue to increase you as He blesses His children through you .

    May His Holy name be glorified forever and ever , Amen.

  26. Salena Jackson says:

    Thanks so much! I needed this encouraging message. May God continue to bless and favor you and your ministry.

    Blessings & Miracles

  27. Thank you Jamie! Praise the Lord!

  28. I was burden to read this post before I sleep even though I’ve been very ill tonight, and as I read through it was as God was speaking directly to me giving me a deeper understanding and discernment of what is coming. God bless you Jamie and your lovely family, and of course your ministry team!

  29. Amén, Amén, and Amen.
    Thank you Father God.
    I receive your Word In Jesus Mighty Name. Amén
    Thank you Jaime

  30. I recieve this word into my spirit and I declare in the name of Jesus that YES I WILL ARISE, I WILL OVERCOME AND CONQUER in accordance with his word to the glory of God. Amen.
    God bless you and enlarge your territory.

  31. Very powerful! I receive this word, LORD!! With all of my heart! Thank you Jamie for your encouragement!!

  32. Patricia S says:

    Wow, I’m amazed about the affirmation and confirmation I received from this timely word. Thank you and continued blessings as you delight yourself in the Lord with obedience.

  33. Rachael Keith says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Thank you so much for these words!! For almost 4 months, for 115 days we have been lost. Dec 26th 2018, my husband was badly injured at work and according to Dr’s is a miracle to be alive! We believe God still has things for him to do. The injuries are bad, broken & separated pelvis, so joints, crushed kidneys, severe nerve damage, loss of part of his large intestine, and more. His left foot still does not work. It’s been rough, living on Workers comp means a 50% cut in pay😢. We are behind on bills, added late fees, and have now lost our health & life insurances. As well as workers comp not providing home health as they were supposed to, I have lost many hours at work. WC is denying a foot brace and meds that he needs, causing us to have to buy otc meds and now selling things so we can pay for the brace ourselves. Someday I just don’t know what to do. I ask God to show us everyday, I am still waiting for an answer.
    We are determined to survive this storm, although some days I don’t see how. I’m trying so hard to give it all to God and fully trust He will work it all out.
    Please keep us in your prayers.
    God Bless You!!

    1. Rachael Keith says:

      To let you know- he was crushed between 2 – 30,000lb trucks. Front bumper to front bumper.

  34. I received this message and I really have gone through everything you are talking about the last several months. I had cried many days with so much pressure and I didn’t understand what God was doing. But thank you so much for these words and I receive it in Jesus Name. May God bless you and continue to bless your ministries. May the windows of Heaven be open and pour out a bless that is so big it overflows… Thank you 🙂

  35. I receive all your words with faith.

  36. JaNelle Moses says:

    This prophetic word was directly for me. As I was reading I felt like the Lord was speaking to me because I have been going through a tough storm for the past few months. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you!

  37. Wow this word describes the place I have been spiritually but seems longer than 3.5 months. I had a discussion with the Lord last night and chose His way. I certainly need those ships of Tarshish. Gonna call them in I also have two natural sons that need to come in and a slew of spiritual sons. I receive this word. Thanks Jaime.


    Thank you for this amazingly accurate prophecy! I believe and receive it in Jesus’ name!!

  39. keineetse says:

    hello Jamie.
    thanks be to God who is using you in this mighty way. i want to encourage you yo continue listening to God on our behalf. i re read these words this morning as the spirit lead me and they seemed clearer than when i first read them. they also coincided with the time when i have been struggling financially and trying to make some some business decisions. i so much like the part that says we can start small and build up. i first heard of you in February and i am hooked. thanks Jamie may the lord keep you safe and increase in you

  40. Amen and amen this is speak to me and thru me in Jesus name

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