2022 Between Two Worlds Women’s Retreat Photos and Testimonies!

On March 23-27, 2022, we hosted our first annual Between Two Worlds Women’s Retreat in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This was made possible because of YOU and readers like you–your prayers and generous financial support. And lives were transformed.

This is what we do: Transforming lives through relationship.

It takes relationship for a person to really walk out who they are in Christ. And I don’t mean “relationship with me,” although I strive toward that as much as I can every day. (That’s why we mentor people through Presence Seekers University, and that’s why I personally send mentoring emails about 3 times daily.) 

But in this case, this retreat made a way for people to be transformed by both encounter with God PLUS relationships with one another. And that, my friend, is one of the biggest things that a person could ever enter into–lifelong community with “kindred spirit” friends with whom they can do life.

Here is a slideshow of a few dozen photos of the retreat–not all, but a lot of photos!

At a retreat like this, where all attendees eat together, dwell together, worship together, and go after God together, things happen that literally cannot happen anywhere else:

  • People are equipped and empowered (e.g., we taught women how to baptize!)
  • People develop lifelong friendships with like-minded people.
  • People are healed, saved, restored, and delivered.

All because of “how beautiful it is when brethren dwell together in unity.”

Here are some highlights from the Between Two Worlds retreat:

  • We had around 80 people in attendance, including staff (although some were only there for part of the time);
  • We saw 4-5 people rededicate their lives to Christ;
  • Dozens of people were baptized in water! (We actually held 2 baptisms, because some folks who had not gotten baptized the first time decided by the end of the conference that they wanted to be baptized after all!)
  • The first time we went to baptize, we asked who among them had NEVER had the chance to baptize people before! And we let the people who had never baptized ANYONE before give it a shot, so they could get some experience!
  • After the mass baptism, our sound man witnessed to the catering man and the catering man wanted to get baptized too! So Gunner, our sound man, baptized the catering guy! HALLELUJAH!
  • (Did you get that? The sound man baptized the catering guy!!! And when I talked to the catering guy about it, he had the biggest smile, and he told me, “I got baptized at a women’s retreat!”)
  • Every single person that wanted personal prophetic ministry and impartation got it–in abundance. Like, in almost every service, over and over.
  • The glory of the Lord fell in power with Rick Pino, Kaylee Tuttle, Kara Green, and Jay and Ben Garcia leading worship. The priests often could not stand to minister. People were laid out on the floor before the Lord all over the place from the first night forward.
  • And our special guests, Pastors Judy Jacobs and Jamie Tuttle, were LIT and laid hands on every person in the room that wanted them to. Words of prophecy and words of knowledge flowed and Holy Spirit wrecked people in a good way!
  • I preached or taught about 7 times and the Lord had me speaking on your supernatural nature, walking in the spiritual gifts, spiritual fatherhood, restoration, suffering, holiness, going to a higher level, and more. All but 2 of my prepared sermons went out the window, and I just flowed with Holy Spirit. His plan was MUCH better. 🙂
  • The Lord even literally saved the life of one attendee who had a medical emergency due to Type 1 diabetes, and we walked into the room where she was in crisis all by herself just in time. It took a bunch of paramedics to work on her, but God saved her!

The week was amazing and I am WRECKED with love and God’s heart for every single person who was there. 

Here is a testimony we received from Ms. D, who attended the retreat:

“I had for most of 6-8 months been walking in darkness of depression, circling and drowning in a pit, and spewing my hurt out in unhealthy ways, sometimes on my very loved family and or close friends who really did not deserve it.

When my dearest friend ask me to go to this conference, I felt a very definite nudge from the Lord, wanting to be helpful to my friend (she said I would be of help to her).

I love serving, so I quickly said yes. At this point I shared with another friend in the ministry, she told me to “listen” to all God had for me and how He would use me.

From the moment I stepped on the grounds, I felt that jolt, a definite pull, like from my toes up through my body and I knew my Abba was here. I had missed Him. As I had explained to several, was as if we had walked into the woods and He let go of my hand. I could not see him, feel him, smell him or find him, I was frightened.

This minute stepping here on the conference grounds, I knew, I would experience my Abba Father!! I saw & renewed old friendships, made new ones, served beautiful daughters (and some sons) of the King. I laughed (again), hugged, loved, enjoyed, cried, and saw the Father in the most gorgeous of ways.

I saw and felt the Holy Spirit just wash over the camp.

I watched and praised as I saw the transformation in people from very sad, hurt, depressed, etc.… to joyful beauties in the Lord!

Then as a young man motioned me to come to receive, I stepped over the threshold, my child, my Abba Father was right there as so many prayed (regarding so much of what I had been walking through) and that my JOY be restored, that my latter years will be my greatest years. I was humbled as that young man kneeling at my feet praying for where they would take me.

I served in many small ways in the dining hall, hugged and spoke encouraging words to people, had a great time laughing with so many, helped with a medical situation, I felt alive again, and definitely found my Abba and my Joy again.

I also struggle with lot of health issues, not once all weekend did I take one pain pill.

One morning, my pain was so bad in my hip and leg I was sure I would miss the entire day and have to resort to the pain medication… NO!! Several people prayed over me for healing ❤️‍🩹… Hallelujah, the pain stopped and the day was a praise and glorify to my Abba.

We all need these amazing conferences to slow down, reconnect with God, listen to our Abba, soak in the Holy Spirit. Refreshment for the Soul.

I am extremely grateful and blessed that Jamie and staff poured so much into this weekend, I am so grateful for my friend saying “will you go?”; I am beyond blessed they my Abba Father gave me the nudge to go and He was so gracious to meet me there after such a scary and ruff time in the wilderness.
Joy Restored 🙌

Friend, thank you for helping make this testimony possible! But, let’s keep going! Here’s ANOTHER testimony:

This testimony came in from Ms. H:

“… I have wanted to sit down and write an appropriate response to how thankful, appreciative, and wrecked I have been from the blessing of the weekend … but I have come to the conclusion there is no way for me to correctly put that into words. … 

So thank you! Thank you for being a Light! Thank you for being my friend! Thank you for being you! Thank you for trusting me to serve alongside you and so many other amazing people. I am truly blessed!”

Next, read this testimony from Ms. A—another retreat attendee—and let this testimony be the Spirit of prophecy in your life!

By the way: Ms. A went through so much spiritual warfare to even GET to the retreat that she literally had pulled her car over in a parking lot beside the road and sat there crying, wanting to turn around and go back home instead of attending the retreat. BUT GOD! The Lord ministered to her and BOY did He ever have an encounter in store for her!

This is what she said:

“I knew I was supposed to attend. The Lord told me when I registered that this was my turn around. I had no idea what that meant but I pushed through even though my flesh just wanted to go home 🏡 after all I had been through trying to get there.

He started moving the very first night.

As I watched the ladies worshipping, the Lord began speaking to me about my lack of worship. He asked me “when did worship become a spectator event for you, my child?”

The next morning he asked me the same thing. The afternoon session He spoke directly to me.

“You’ve lost your heart of worship. The pain and heartache that has happened in the last two years has stolen your worship. Please come back. I want to move you forward but I need your help. Worship Me with all of your heart and soul. Things are changing.”

In that moment I got my worship back. It’s really completely back.

Since the retreat I’ve been given the opportunity to become the Music and Youth pastor at a local church…. I’ve been able to gain several new contracts for the station and been asked to minister at a number of Ladies’ Conferences.

No one laid hands on me. I literally came up that mountain and Jesus restored me. It was very intimate and exactly what I needed.

Great days are ahead. All I want is His perfect will. Thank you for obeying the Lord. I have several ladies I want to bring with me next time.”


Here’s another testimony, this one from Ms. J:

“Thank you so much for the women’s retreat!!! I already expected it to be incredible and for God to show up, but honestly I had no idea it would turn out the way it did!

I was blown away by the beauty of the lodge and surrounding area and the kitchen staff were so kind and hospitable, especially with my gluten intolerance; they always had another option for me and did not act put out in any way, but took care to make sure I knew my options. I really appreciate that! Jan was really a star and I only found out she’s the pastor’s wife near the end of our stay! Lol.

When I came it was so late because of my flights being late due to weather, so I loved that you allowed me to come in without disturbing anyone. Except that I felt bad that I woke you up and found out my roommate was up waiting for me too. It only showed me how loving a people and place this retreat would be.

Then the worship! It was incredible and got deeper nearly every time and the metaphors we enacted were so beautiful, from the baptism to the robe and sword. I saw people come out of their shells. I saw people grow in boldness. I saw weights lifted off people of guilt, shame, condemnation, lack. It was amazing!!!

I didn’t expect the Holy Spirit to use me to start a mass baptism of dunking back 7 times and forward once! That just tickled me. And I’m the kind of person who wants more, but I’m not going to put people out. But I dared to ask for more….and God showed up!

I battled the enemy at times, and every time, someone would say something encouraging, or pray or just include me.

I was able to make at least 4 new friends that I have their information so we can keep in touch, and the way God used that is amazing. Each person had some issue that coincided with me and what I have been through or am going through, so it was like divine appointment after divine appointment.

I am so grateful for everything that was put into this retreat. I loved your preaching, Jamie, and sharing your story. It really ministered to me. Also, Judy and Jamie Tuttle were amazing! And their daughter’s worship leading was profound!

It took me a while to let everything settle, and I didn’t even want to go home, but I found that I am called to preach because I have a testimony. And I came away with a boldness that is gearing me up for what’s next.

I was able to be part of a community of loving women for the first time in my life!

That is huge for me! I also made progress in healing from Father Wounds. I really can’t put everything in here because every minute of the retreat was so valuable!

Thank you Jamie, thank you, thank you!!! You are the most generous person I know, and the most faithful Christian. … I am so blessed to know you and to receive ministry from your awesome crew! I love them all!

Please know that what you are doing is so very valuable, and you could charge way more for everything, but I’m glad you make it accessible to so many. I bless you and your staff Jamie, in Jesus’ name! You keep so many people moving forward in God. Praise the Lord!!!

Love you and so grateful for y’all!!!
Ms. J.”

And here’s a testimony from Ms. H:

“I don’t have the words to thank you enough for how refreshed I felt at this retreat. I was there on assignment … but the atmosphere was so saturated and the Presence of God so tangible that I can’t describe the peace I left there with.

I want you to know that I honor you and am so blesse to have you as my friend. THANK YOU for all that you pour into me. … THANK YOU for your prayers. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!”

Well, hallelujah! Glory be to God!

And now check out this amazing testimony from Ms. T:

“I experienced several supernatural ‘miracles’ when it came to attending the retreat, but none of them had to do with people and everything to do with Christ. The most glaring was how I ended up in Tennessee in the first place.

During the holidays, after I just spent my fourth Christmas alone, I was receiving a ton of downloads from the Lord. One evening I googled to see if someone else had posted about a similar word that Jesus had delivered to my spirit so strongly.

I must’ve come across [From His] Presence, except I didn’t know the author and anything about the ministry.

I just read the post and was overwhelmed because it was literally the same word the Holy Spirit gave me. I randomly (divinely) just clicked on “events” and saw there was an upcoming retreat.

I knew nothing about Jamie or her ministry. I just knew that God was orchestrating something. He told me to apply and if accepted, then I was supposed to go. I forgot about it after that.

A month later, Jamie reached out and they had an opening. The journey to get there wasn’t easy.

I had to overcome several obstacles like find the finances, pay for an expensive flight and get time off when the NBA team I cover was in the midst of the most important part of the season. So the fact that I even got there was a massive miracle for me.

The Lord had told me ahead of time that someone would confirm purpose to me, just like Mary confirmed purpose to Elizabeth when the baby leaped in her belly.

That happened right at the jump when I walked into Jamie’s Thursday morning session and she had no idea what God was doing.

Jamie asked me “Do I know you from somewhere?” I quietly shook my head no. Then she started to share a message about seeds and how important the germination process is before the seed ultimately bursts forth.

This might seem like a general teaching in the ‘prophetic’ world, but what she didn’t know was that God had me study palm tree seeds that entire previous week. Most importantly, He had me research all the eliminates of germination and what it takes for seed to come forth. That is the most sensitive time of growth.

When Jamie spoke, it was literally word-for-word what I’d been studying all week and was already written in my notebook.

God brought me all the way there to confirm that “yes” I was hearing Him correctly. I work in the grind of professional sports and the corporate world and often I feel like I’m standing alone.

A few months ago, after having me wait four years, the Lord told me to start my blog. This was not an easy step for me because I was unsure how I was going to tie my ministry into my sports career. He told me to keep them separate, but still, it was terrifying and it took months for me to build up the courage to finally do it.

In February, that blog launched and I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone and I haven’t. I was supposed to stay in seclusion with Jesus just like Elizabeth had to do for five months when she became pregnant with John.

However, the Lord used that retreat to really confirm over and over that I was hearing correctly.


I experienced two events that were definitely a first for me. The first two days, I kept asking the woman next to me if she felt the ground moving. It was like rolling waves underneath my feet. I was wearing heels, so I thought maybe I was getting nauseated or something.

So the next day I wore tennis shoes, but felt it again. Finally it dawned on me that a physical manifestation of the Spirit was happening and that the ground shaking was signaling the movement of Christ in that very room and throughout His nations.

Then the next odd thing happened on the third day of worship.

I was singing with my eyes closed and all the sudden a huge bucket of water was poured over my head! I jumped up and looked all around and thought maybe it was some weird thing they did at this retreat for everyone. The only problem — there was no water.

My new friend next to me, Trina, even said “what in the world are you doing?!” She saw me jump up really high and look around. I shared that someone had poured water over me, but I sounded absolutely insane because clearly that didn’t happen. Yet somehow I really did feel that. I felt a bucket of water gushing over me.

I decided not to tell anyone because I realized that it was something Jesus did in the spirit, yet somehow I really thought it was real.

I’m still trying to make sense of this, but I think it was the water bursting forth or the water breaking. I’d been holding onto some very specific promises and I think that was the moment the water broke in the spirit.

Many other things happened throughout the weekend, but the friendships and stories are what sticks out the most.

There were many, many leaders in the faith that were attendees at that retreat. I had the chance to hear many of their stories, and they were lone rangers, the ones who needed to get an atmosphere like this because the Lord had been walking them through a journey where He raised them up alone.

It’s so key to have covering when called forth to the offices of the prophet or apostles, but what I learned that weekend is that Jesus is so powerful and He is raising up a new generation that He called forth on His own. That weekend was the moment that many of us were able to connect and allowed us to meet others just like us. …

All that to say, I left with such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to our King and Savior that weekend.

I’ll be eternally grateful for Him placing me in rooms with attendees who are future leaders of faith and have incredible vision for the Kingdom.

At the heart of it all are the people and God is definitely shaking the entire land. My soul is so happy and I’m just thankful for the wonderful people that I met and for having an amazing Daddy who loves us more than we can ever fathom.”

Friend, this is an essential ministry to women.

We had women there–friendly, beautiful, accomplished, fun women–who nevertheless said in all honesty, “I have no friends.” But they left there with friends! And we had women who came to the conference burned-out–in fact, I would say the vast majority told me how tired and worn out they were–but they left REFRESHED! It was amazing! 

So, THANK YOU for making this possible.

The cost of this weekend was an INVESTMENT in these women, who are leaders of leaders. They went back to their homes changed, and each of their respective transformations will change the world, churches, and ministries around them.

To God be the glory! Thank you again–and we hope to see YOU (if you’re a woman!) at Between Two Worlds 2023!

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