Prayer for Perseverance in Your Birthing Season

Did you know that, when you’re birthing something spiritually, it is just as spiritually draining as physically giving birth is to your body? True story. So today, I have a prayer for you to pray for perseverance in your birthing season.

Here’s the backstory:

Once upon a time (also known as today), I woke up in the morning sensing Holy Spirit brooding urgently over a situation about which I’ve been praying. That “situation” was our ministry’s need for bigger office space.

Our current 714-square-foot suite is too small for our staff and equipment. We’re literally crammed in there so tightly that it’s not really that safe, and we can’t hold live streaming services or have readers in the office under these conditions.

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    My staff and board and I have been praying for months. We found one office space, but our property manager had to have it built out–and couldn’t find a builder to come do the work. After months and months of no progress, we’ve been starting to feel like maybe the Lord is directing us to a different office space.

    Well, this morning, I woke up to an urgent “knowing” that I believe is from the Lord.

    It was a knowing that TODAY I had to fix this. Yesterday, I felt a door open in the Spirit, and I woke up this morning knowing that TODAY was the day I had to push that new office space through.

    So I went to praying. The Lord told me first to pray in the Spirit for awhile. Then, He told me to start viewing properties.

    After the first property, I could see that we were going to have to make some tough decisions.

    In the commercial real estate world, you can either have cheap or nice + convenient–but you don’t typically have cheap plus nice plus convenient. I knew the Lord was going to push us way out of our comfort zone, but I still felt urgently that I had to birth this TODAY.

    So I drove down to our office and found the building manager. He had time to help, so we began looking at various office suites that we hadn’t looked at before–places that were more expensive than I wanted to pay.

    The walk-through was fun, but frustrating. We looked at office after office after office. However, through that process, the Lord seems to have shown us a way and a place that we didn’t expect–a way that may be workable.

    But you know what? After that walk-through today, I felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained.

    I pushed through a few more tasks at the office. However, then I let my staff know that I needed to go home. And I literally came home and collapsed on the sofa. I could not move. I was completely drained in every way.

    I thought at first I felt so bad just because I’m tired, but as I began to pay attention, I began feeling like this sense of being drained was more than just physical fatigue. And then a prayer welled up in my spirit:

    “Lord, give me strength to persevere while birthing.”

    I also asked the Lord, “Lord, I know You’ve got us in a birthing season now through the end of the month. I am absolutely drained and this has only been the first big push.

    I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the end of this season, but please YOU give me strength, Lord. Please, Abba Father, YOU help me birth everything in this season that You desire to release in my life.”

    See, while I was praying that, I suddenly saw that the “big push” today to find a new office suite was just that: a big push.

    It was the birthing pangs of a big baby being born–the baby of a new office suite with offices for all our staff, plus a closet for our gear, plus a room for the audio and video recording space that we need, plus space to have people in the Hub for ministry sessions, plus meeting space for the weekly worship services we’ve been dreaming of. That is a BIG deal. It’s one of the big things we’ve been praying about; one of the urgent needs our ministry has. 

    But something that big, like anything else, requires pushing in the spirit. It requires intercession and brashness to PUSH. 

    And I pushed all day, came home, and collapsed.

    I thought something was wrong with me for a long while while I was collapsed, but then I finally realized that this is normal.

    I’ve only given birth once, but I do remember that, after every contraction, I was exhausted. I collapsed after every one. That wasn’t abnormal. The doctors and nurses didn’t get upset about it. They just knew that there was a baby coming.

    And beloved, if you’re worn out from the pushing, I want to encourage you today: There is a baby coming!

    Friend, have you been pushing to the point of exhaustion? Did you come home and collapse today? Are you wondering right this second what could be wrong with you, while all the while today you’ve been praying in the Spirit, agonizing, begging God for wisdom, praying for provision, talking things out with your friends and accountability partners, and crying out to God?

    If so, friend, nothing is wrong with you. You’ve just been pushing. 

    You’re birthing something in the Spirit.

    And as such, it’s normal and right for you to collapse after your contraction. 🙂 Cut yourself some slack today. Lay in the bed and let the Lord’s nurses (His angels) tend to you while you rest. Wrap yourself up in your comfy sheets and let Dr. Jesus and His sweet Holy Spirit take care of you.

    Friend, your baby is coming.

    If you’re tired and have no idea how you will get through this birthing process, pray this simple prayer with me today:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, thank You for taking care of me. Thank You for these new things You are birthing in this season. 

    I’m tired, Father, but that’s okay because I know You will help me. Your Word says that I can come to You when I’m weary and heavy laden, and You will give me rest. So Jesus, I come to You now. Please give me rest. Take my yoke and my burdens; I give them to You. I cast them upon You, Lord!

    And Father God, I ask in Jesus’ name that You would please keep me safe through this birthing process.

    Please protect me and the baby You are birthing. Please literally do this work through me, Father, and birth everything You desire for me to have and experience during this season.

    Please give us more grace, Father. Give me more grace. Help me to persevere through this birthing season, Father, and strengthen me for Your work. 

    Thank You, Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ mighty and precious name I pray, amen and amen!”

    Beloved friend, are you birthing something today? Are you worn out and in need of God’s help to persevere through this birthing season? Did you pray the prayer with me? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Hi Jamie, I did pray the prayer with you. There are a few things that I am praying and asking GOD for, and at times I do feel exhausted. I believe GOD is working things out in my favor as I continue to ask HIM for wisdom, direction, and guidance. I look forward to the births of each of my babies soon! Thank you for sharing the prayer, I needed it.

    2. Jan Ezekia says:

      Hi Jamie… Thank you very much… I am blessed as this word is for me… Thank you ABA FATHER


      1. Thank you for your obedience Jamie. This word was for me! I’ve been so exhausted lately and haven’t really known why, but now I do! You are a blessing to the Kingdom. I will keep you lifted in prayer my sister in Christ!

      2. Thank you for this prayer.

    3. linda harrison says:

      Yes, thanks be to God for always helping me & loving me, thanks Jamie

    4. This is a blessing to my spirit, I believe I am birthing something because I really want to get a good job and am pushing myself thankyou for this its very powerful God is using you mightily

      1. Dearest sister jamie
        This word is for me because i am in a situation like birthing a child. I need a strength to persevere the pains of birthing. Up until now i have pains laboring the hardships of birthing. I will lost everything in my life but still have faith that God will still help me through i am undergoing the process. I am still hoping and loving God will help me throughout all my birthing. In Jesus mighty name!

    5. Marie Forkpa says:

      Thank you for inspiring me again. May God bless you.

      1. Hana Campbell says:

        Thank you Jamie, for that prayer I needed it. I am birthing right now and I’m trusting God to bring me through it in victory Amen.
        God bless.

    6. Melinda Davis says:

      This was right on time for me. I got up today but I felt exhausted and barely can keep my eyes open. I was just about to go back to sleep and now I understand what is happening I prayed this prayer and I am Excited about My Spiritual baby in Jesus’ Name, Amen

    7. Michelle Carr says:

      Dear Jamie

      I have been recently receiving emails from you after subscribing to your blog From His Presence. In fact I was looking for something on the net, I can’t recall what it was but than I came across your blog that has blessed me in so many ways. I then started receiving daily mails from you and to be honest I have never before anticipated emails and motivations the way I do since I got to know you.
      The prayers you write under the inspiration of Holy Spirit are really building-up but also the teaching’s that go together with them. It’s amazing how God is using you in this ministry.
      Ever since I wanted to add comments but for some reason or the other that I can’t explain, it never came to pass but today I had to, couldn’t do otherwise…

      when I opened your email today and saw this testimony and the word of encouragement I was so moved and tears rolling down my face, understanding that God was speaking to me through this word.

      I have come to this point were I feel that frustrated and that disheartened but not in a way that has me doubting the Lord, nor have me wanting to abandon and turn away from God’s promises for me, NO
      It’s the kind of frustration were you have done all you can, seeking, praying crying out to God and it feels sometimes as if you are not hearing from Him directly or it even wanting to make me doubt myself, thinking I haven’t done what I supposed to do or maybe I have not been focused enough…stuff like that

      This morning a song came to my mind and as I was preparing lunch I started to sing on and on and on and I even add words that came from my spirit: You are my strenght, strenght like no other, reaches to me. In the fullness of Your grace, In the power of your name, You lift me up!
      I litterally felt strenght from above filling up my weary and exhausted body.

      Now, untill reading your message today, I had no idea why I was feeling that way for several weeks. This is thus the explanation the Lord is giving me. Plus a prayer to walk me through.
      Jamie, I madly love this God and Father, we serve. He is just so Awesome. He is worthy of all our praises and worship.

      My Birthing is so huge and it has been years that I have been waiting for it, It is not just one thing or one area of my life but it BIG. I have been going through some very tough battles because the enemy wanted me to give up but King Jesus was always that close and always filled me with courage, boldness and strenght.

      I encourage you Woman of God, Be filled to the overflowing, Be empowerd to go beyound any limitation, He who has started this great and mighty work in you, will always and surely be Your Light and Your Song. Remain blessed

      Love from Michelle,
      In South America, French Guyana

    8. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praise the Lord!This is what I went through evertday for this whole week..I was exhausted and very very tired.This great message was just on time for me as I woke up this new morning(21/04/22-Thurs).I felt something has been removed from my life.Thank God for the message for me at this very hour.God Bless your Ministry Sis Jamie.

      1. Christopher Love says:

        Jamie thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you in a mighty way. I always look forward to your emails especially the prophecies. I know that God has something big out there for my wife and I. My need has been a job and I haven’t been to work since last year in February due to a broken big toe. I was getting paid and that got cut off back in February of this year just one month after I lost my job. God has been faithful and He has provided for my wife and I. God has been having me wait on His timing, I feel that this is going to be huge I am looking forward to it.
        God bless

    9. Ene from Nigeria says:

      Yes. I read your emails, click the links, follow instructions and I’m mostly blessed by your prayers and declarations. I just want to let you know that you have more people reading than commenting.
      I love your zeal and passion for the Lord. May He bless and grant every of your heart desire. I pray he heals you of every stress and grant your body and spirit rest and ease in Jesus’ name. Amen

    10. Sandra Alleyne says:

      That is why i feel so frustrated and fell like giving up at all time,don’t want to do nothing,but i won’t give up i have to birth this next level,people lives depend on it.

    11. Thank you so much for this word . What a blessings to understand as you read that in the spirit you are having contractions and giving brith to a baby soon. Wow !!!

    12. As I am birthing the spiritual baby unforseen circumstances with a ex-friend hit me like a ton of bricks. Now I’m concerned for this spiritual baby. It’s in great trouble and I’m seeking the lord for answers, guidance, and discernment for what happened and what I need to do in the natural. I ask for prayer from anyone who reads this. I really want the spiritual baby to be born on time.

    13. I was truly exhausted this week while in the process of working on an assignments for my church. I thank you for the prayer, it brought me to focus on the spiritual birthing. Your message was unbelievable on time, for I was laying in the bed studying on the Spiritual Birthing and did a search and came across your site. May God bless you my sister in the Lord.

    14. Your words help to be strong and strengthen me when iam almost to give up. Thank you Sis Jamie and thank GOD for he held me in His arms during this birthing session. Amen

    15. Anthony Miller says:

      Your ministry and most specifically your 21 days of prayer devotional have been such a blessing to me in this new season of growth as I wait on the Lord for the vision of ministry He has given me. I am waiting expectantly on what He is doing and taking this time to intentionally grow in His Spirit and His character in my daily walk. Thank you again and God Bless!!

    16. Lescerina Mecoamere says:

      I have been and still am so exhausted, I was even thinking of taking a leave.
      Thank you woman of God for the revelation. May the good Lord bless you.

    17. Antonette says:

      I’ve been this tired for a few months now, too many issues in my life, may our Abba Father grant me favour and let this baby be born soon.

      Thank you for the encouraging message Jamie.

    18. Your truly blessed thank you for that word, because I’m tired. Thank you and God bless

    19. IRMA NORTJE says:

      amen thank u Ps Jamie for your endless love in Christ

    20. Maika kamikamica says:

      Really tired😌

    21. Jan Ezekia says:

      Thank you Lord for relaying my word through sister Jamie for this Season, I bless your holy name…I give thanks and praises to you, I adore you… Thanks Jamie. May the Lord continue to protect, bless & have favour on you…. Aman….

    22. Thank you Pastor Jamie, thank you for this word and it blessed me. I believe I am bringing several things one my parents property the back taxes of 16,000 need to be paid by May 26,2022 and we do have it this money in the natural . But God, we need favor from the person in authority. For attorney to get started they need 2.500 to found out if we can get an extension for 8 to 12 months to pay the back taxes. All things are possible rules and regulations can change on our behalf in Christ Jesus Name. Thank you 🙏.

    23. I prayed this be blessed Jamie, love you

    24. Sarah Herdien says:

      Thank you Jamie. I’m excited for my birthing season. May the Lord bless you with many more.

    25. Amen, Thank you Jamie for these words, I will keep pushing by the strength of the Lord. Holy Spirit will keep empowering you te more and opening more doors unto you and your family and ministry in Jesus name. Amen.

    26. This is what I believe is going on with me. Praying for strength through this season! We have a 1300sq ft home for 6 people. My oldest child has special needs and can do nothing for himself. We are exhausted. Been looking for other homes so we can better care for him and syore his medical supplies etc and our other children have room to grow. Also been praying for someone to stay with him from time to time so we can have respite. I believe the Lord is working on this and He will be faithful to answer our prayers.
      Thank you for the word of encouragment

    27. Selma Nelson says:

      Thank you, Jamie once again for sharing this encouraging word and prayer. I am on the other side of cancer treatment. My life has drastically changed over the last year and a half. In the natural I would be scared. Even tho these changes were and still can be painful, I still see my Abba’s hand on me and my life. I WILL trust in Him.

    28. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      I pray that Jesus to protect me and to give me courage during the birthing process. I pray for sudden manifestation of my blessings and breakthrough. I pray that the holy spirit renew my mind and give me a sound mind .Amen

    29. Edna Nobles says:

      Praise the Lord,just wanted you to know that I am very Thankful for you letting Jesus use you for this prayer was just for me.

    30. Trisha Pearson says:

      Dear Jaime,
      This describes everything I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know if it’s one LONG season or one leading into the another, but I can feel that Abba is doing something BIG! So many recent life changes and it feels like more is coming. I am exhausted, but the Lord lovingly gives grace upon grace to make it through the waiting and birthing process. You have been such a blessing to me, especially over these last 8 months. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and your ministry. Your teachings and prophetic words are always on time and with holy edifice. Thank you for helping guide me through.

    31. Karon Etienne says:

      Thank you for confirmation!

    32. Selma Nelson says:

      Many, many changes in my life starting with getting cancer 1 1/2 years ago. The Lord has been using it to bring me to where He wants me to be. Still in the birthing process…Thank you for your faithfulness to me, Abba. Also, thank you Jamie for your commitment in being used by the Lord to help and encourage His children May God bless you, your family and your ministry.

    33. This word was literally what I needed! I have been going through a lot of adversity with chronic illnesses, layoffs, not working, and people saying so many things towards me, witchcraft, etc. I have always had to push and been looked to as the strong one. It is draining and exhausting. I have no income and it’s been hard to keep up with my doctor appointments I desperately need due to my illness. I want to do beauty and motivate others and I’m posting and asserting myself to do more and become an entrepreneur. This prayer was what my heart needed to say. I pray God hears me and answers! Thank you for this

    34. Paul Israel says:

      Amen thank you Lord

    35. Molly Norris says:

      Another on-time word of encouragement. I experienced this very thing last week. I wondered all week why I was more exhausted than I had been in forever after a BIG PUSH and still have a long way to go. Thank you!! Resonates once again! Glory to God! So thankful for this word!
      Blessings to you, Jamie!

    36. Phakama Stofile says:

      Thank you Jamie for the prayer. I did pray with you. I was feeling down and exhausted aa things have not been working out and I’ve been asking the Lord for provision and direction. However, this prayer gave me strength. Indeed the joy of the Lord is my strength. Praise be to God

    37. Francie Robertson says:

      CONFIRMED Sister!
      This is 2nd ADAR the hebrew month that is PREGNANT with God’s BIRTHING PURPOSES!
      The global prophetic community is alive and abuzz right now and PUSHING! WHEW!
      A great and effective door is WIDE OPEN right now and the baby is making his/her way through that NARROW space without any more hindrances right now!

    38. Irma Nortje says:


    39. Amen thankYou Lord for speaking to me through this birthing season Lord In Jesus Christ Name I believe You are giving me Your grace that is sufficient for me and Your power that is perfected through my weakness,Thank You Lord bless Your child Lord Jamie and be with Her always.

    40. Amen and amen 🙏🏾

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