3 Prophetic Words for Today

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Here are 3 short words of encouragement that the Lord gave me today for individual readers (as part of a virtual book signing). Click here to read more about how and why any prophetic word is for you if it comforts you (according to 2 Corinthians chapter 1). I pray these words will speak to your heart and lift you up today.

Word 1:

“I am restoring My glory to you. The slower you go, the more you wait on Me, and the more rest you receive from Me. And when you are rested, you are at your best for carrying My glory.

I am speaking to you about rest, and I want to comfort you in it. For you have been much mistreated by others, but not by Me. And I am bringing you vengeance in a way you did not expect, for I have heard your prayers and I am listening to your faintest cry. Look now for breakthrough, for it is coming!” says the Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and earth.

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    Word 2:

    “Answers to prayer are coming to you in wave after wave after wave. For I have seen your sacrifice in seeking Me, and I have been with you in everything to observe all your obedience.

    Do not think that I have failed to gather your reward, for it is great and will be dumped upon your head soon. One thing after the other, after the other, and after the other, your harvest is coming and shall come. For the plowman will overtake the reaper, and the reaper will overtake the plowman; it shall happen in your time, and you shall see Me do it for you!” says the Father who loves you.

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    Word 3:

    “You are a great and bright light, shining unto Me and filled with My love. I see your face lifted to Heaven, and I am showering down blessings upon you for loving Me so much.

    I have made you to stand head and shoulders above the others, where people can see the light of My favor upon you. Blessed are those who endure, for they shall receive the crown of life! You are one of My enduring ones, My chosen and faithful, and I affirm your call today; for the gifts and call of God are irrevocable and without repentance.

    Your calling and election are sure, My beloved; I will do it, even against all odds!” says the Lord. “Hang in there; it will not be long now!”

    Did any of these prophetic words speak directly to your heart today? Leave a comment below if so!


    1. Timely beautiful words that touch my heart ❤️

      1. Samone Church says:

        Glory be to the Living God! 🙏🏾

    2. Corina Kostreba says:

      These words are confirmations to me from Father. Thank you so much for sending these to me. The pain and suffering have been worth it, but ohh it hurts. I have dried my tears as I read these and will continue to rest in Him.
      Shalom in Yeshua Messiah,

    3. Marilyn Bucci says:

      Yes all three have spoken to me and also happening in this time.This is confirmation for me.Thank You so much.

    4. Pastor Ida Robinson says:

      This word is on point. Very accurate. I receive his provision for me and my family
      Thank you so much for this timely word from the Lord…. blessings to you and your ministry.

    5. Melissa broussard says:

      Yes indeed, this word spoke to NY heart and I know for sure that God will supply all my needs and every evil plot and schemes against me is sent to the pits of hell! God will give me the desires of my heart and he will over flow my cup with fiancially prosperity, In Jesus Name, Amen.

    6. Wow, hallelujah and Amen!

    7. They all spoke to me, thanks for sharing Jamie be blessed


    8. Beautiful, yet I feel I’m not worthy…so many things that I miss the mark on, repeatedly.

    9. Juliann Martinez says:

      This just what I needed to hear. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to make a donation yet. But someday soon I will be able. This past year and half has been a year of Job for my family. God has a great plan for us to make a difference in the world but do that we had to go through some horrible times. But I know God is making a way for us now and it’s going to so worth it. I am grateful for this ministry and everything God has done for my family and is going to do. All Things possible through God who strengthens us!!! Amen

    10. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Thank you Jaimie, I can’t express how much it encourages my heart. May I never forget your kindness and obedience when the Lord brings me into my harvest. God bless you!

    11. Wendy Dixon says:

      Yessss!! It is as if Our Father was talking directly to me….I can feel his light and favour in my life..I thank God for your obedience and sacrifice for Jesus…God Bless You

    12. They are so comforting and refreshing. Thank you once again!

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