3 Words of Caution for Today

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Prophetic word from Jamie RohrbaughBeloved, I felt by the Spirit of God to write these three short words of caution for some people today. I don’t know who these words are for, but if they are for you, you will know it.

I heard the Lord say these three words:

1. “Flee from the temptation to escape conventional wisdom when the way has already been plowed.

Now is not the time to reinvent the wheel. Instead, now is the time to listen to the pioneers who have gone before you. The way has already been made for you, but you will have to humble yourself and acknowledge that you are not the first one to tread the path I have made for you. I sent others before you to prepare the way. Now, you have a smooth way if you will but walk in it!”

2. “Avoid debt. Avoid debt. Avoid debt at all costs.

I will never tell you to do something that contradicts My Word. Debt contradicts My Word in all instances. Believe Me for provision without debt, and do not move until you see a way forward that lines up with My Word 100%.”

3. “I need you to rest when I tell you to.

You are so excited about many good things, and I am excited with you. Nevertheless, do not forget that rest is just as important as work. You are to rest one day out of seven. Your body needs the rest. Your spirit, soul, and mind need the rest. You run out of steam by the seventh day for a reason; it’s a sign that you need to rest.

So rest, My child, knowing that neither I nor anyone whom I have called you to serve expect you to work seven days a week. As a matter of fact, I forbade working seven days a week in My Word. Receive My mandate to rest one day out of seven, and do not feel guilty about it.”

Is the Lord speaking to you out of one of these short words? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Joyce Hall says:

      Yes concerning debt I wish I would have heard this 3 years ago. Also I need and appreciate the rest on Saturdays. I admit when I receive a text saying no rehearsal I’m relieved because I’m tired from working all week.

      1. Amen me too regarding debt, I also should have listened to my pastor when he spoke about debt 3 years ago

    2. Candace Lykken says:

      Yes that us a good word for me..I just made a huge pledge with Daystar to stand with Israel and di not think it was the Lord and I feel I did it also because of the gifts offered to stand with Israel…and yes I do need to rest because if my health…thank you. Would you agree with me for strength and healing in my relationship wi thy the Lord to continue to stand. My circumstances are beyond my control and making me weary and I want 4th o fix them and that would be yielding to the enemy to try and bring relief from my suffering. Have you ever had circumstances adversely affect you so much you were not sure if you were going to make it?

    3. Tashia Hunter says:

      All three speak to me!

    4. Thank you for sharing God’s words. I feel all three may be for me. This year I have been set free from my imprisonment of myself, past hurts, and the enemy wanting to keep my down. As I grew closer to my Heavenly Father His spirit gave me the burning desire to be a servant to the needy and homeless. A friend told me about a Christian organization in our town who feeds, showers, clothes, and most importantly shares God’s Living Word with needy, homeless and survivors of human trafficking. I started going and sitting and sharing stories over dinner with these people who are becoming my friends. The need for items for the shower such as underwear, tee shirts, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, razors, sun tan lotions and much more are tremendous. You should see their faces when I hand these items over to them either their towel before they shower. But the items are dwindling down. The past two weeks I have gone out and spent a lot of money stocking the items back up. So here is what God’s words through you have said to me: Not to keep spending money every week because I need to step out so God can step in. I need to trust that these items can and will be provided by others and give others the chance to serve others. And secondly I need to make sure I rest on Sundays and just be quiet after working a job, being a mother, and being a servant to those in need, and not to neglect myself and my health and for time to reflect back and to praise Him on what He has done for me and through me during the week.
      Thanks again. I love reading your emails.

    5. Yes. I was preparing to make a major decison. Thanks for this post.

  1. This is speaking to me more than you know……Thank You

  2. Wow! You are a Prophet indeed, sending this message at a very precise time.

    God Bless You

  3. Jamie that word was for me. I was about to get an equity loan on my house. Thanks be to GOD!

    1. All 3 are speaking to me ,thank you Lord

  4. Jamie,
    Just wanna say I appreciate your thoughtfulness & I take it all right into my heart. You felt an urgency to share these things & stopped whatever you were doing to send this to us all. Just want you to know that means so much to me. You serve Him well and you serve us well.. Can not thank you enough..or even stress how much your words are appreciated. May the Lord continue to bless you every day.
    Amanda xoxo

  5. Linda Johnson says:

    Yes, this was for me as well. Especially #2. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Jaime, I don’t like debts, but thinking about a mortgage and about to move house.

  7. Kahn Johnson says:

    Yes, Jamie, thank you so much!! #3 was for me….. my blood pressure has been up , my fiancé just passed 2 days ago and I’ve just been tired . I need rest!!!

    Kahn Johnson

      1. Gail Aberman says:

        I appreciate these words of caution, I receive all three of them..As a Jewish believer in Yeshua HaMashiach, I already have been observing the seventh day Sabbath day, although I go to church on Sunday, Lord’s day. I will also take heed to the other two cautions. Thank you Woman of God YHWH for your obedience to Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh! In the name of Yeshua HaMashiach!

    1. Condolences Kahn, even though you don’t know me … I am from India. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you.

  8. Adrian Fields says:

    This was my word! I needed to hear this! Praise GOD!

  9. Thank you for sharing this timely word.

  10. Celia Martinez says:

    Yes Jamie it’s speaking to me. I try to fix everything my way without the wisdom of God, and I have no time to rest. I want rest truly I do.

  11. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

    Amen! I receive all 3! Thank you, Jamie!

  12. Thank you so much for this Word in Due Season.

  13. I’ve always felt that supernatural rest is provided on Shabbat. I have not been obedient to this lately and feel the difference. This word was definitely for me.
    Thank you

  14. Wow! So timely! I have literally just finished reading about rest on the sabbath and then read this! I have also just started my business and was fusing with so many cosmetic details and working none stop! I was about to take credit for something i really didn’t need! All 3 were for me. Very timely indeed! Thank you for your obedience Jamie

  15. Gail Aberman says:

    I appreciate these words of caution, I receive all three of them..As a Jewish believer in Yeshua HaMashiach, I already have been observing the seventh day Sabbath day, although I go to church on Sunday, Lord’s day. I will also take heed to the other two cautions. Thank you Woman of God YHWH for your obedience to Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh! In the name of Yeshua HaMashiach!

  16. Thank you Jamie, all 3 words helped! 👍🏼

  17. Victoria Gonzalez says:

    Can you pray for me? I am so determined to do get out of debt. I have been continually asking God to get me out of it and I have also been naming my seeds.

    1. penninah mathenge says:

      Please tell me more about naming the seed. what does this mean?

  18. Rest for me I have been trying to do things on my own

  19. Maria Rizzi says:

    Hi Jamie, I tried finding the video you mentioned re: If you are in a storm” but saw nowhere to click on to access it. Can you tell me where to do so?
    Thank you,

  20. Number 2 really spoke to me. I am getting out of debt already…4 more years to go but would love to get out sooner.

  21. Hi Jamie, #3 for me … my sister Patricia was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer of the tongue in April this year and it’s been a toll on me as it’s just the 2 of us (she’s 70 & I 60!). In the past 6 weeks I have had to admit her in hospital 3 times. On Tuesday I came down with UTI and I have not been able to visit her … have felt a bit guilty, but I really need the rest for the days ahead.

    Requesting prayer from you and this community.

    In His love
    Jemimah 💜
    (From Kolkata, India)

  22. James Caldwell says:

    Yes Jamie 2 and 3 is for me! Thanks Jamie! God bless!

  23. Yes. The debt part. I’ve come to the realization that whenever I purchase something on credit it’s a purchase that’s trying to fill a void in me that only God should fill. Thank you.

  24. Lashaunda says:

    Jamie all three, I wish number one was said before I almost lost my mind Friday😊 but I know the prophetic word is true because those are the very same words God told me. I’m waiting to move into this house that will be ready July 30 the rent is a little high but its a big house and number 2 stands out with this one. And number 3 was asked before and I was doing all I could to rest, but wasn’t doing a very good job at it if the Lord had to say it again, so I will be obedient!! …rest it is😊thank you Jamie a real prophet you are and thank you for your obedience to our Lord. Thank you Jesus for the guidance you promised😍😍😍😍

  25. 😮 #2 was for me. Thanks for the timely word

  26. Mitchell Pace says:

    Thank you, I truly needed to read this. In this very moment I am so worried that I cannot sleep. Now I know that some how things will be okay in time. My car was not returned by my sister almost half a year ago now. She lied to my entire family about having to forgo chemo-therapy. Which is why I let her use it. Due to the the left over problems that I face from a severe tbi in which I suffuered from in 2013. When my car was not returned going on eight months ago. I told my sister that if she does not return my vehicle, it will get repossed. Unfortunately, that backfired on me. Thank God that my finance company has worked with me this entire time. I have been wondering if I should let it be repossed or pick up the car somehow. I am going to be able to resume payments like nothing has ever happened. It has been wrecked so many times by her and her boyfriend that it cannot be moved at the moment. She has sent me pictures and the vehicle has changed shapes, smh. Once more, thank you for sharing. This has taken such a toll on me it is unreal. Now I am reassured. I am not going to go any further into debt. It is to hard to get out from under while attempting to survive off of disability. Please pray for me, Mitchell Pace, my sister, as well as her two year old daughter. God bless you, once again papa has used you to say exactly what I needed to hear. At just the right time. My love and prayers go out to you and your ministry, God bless you.

  27. Hi number 2 for me I’m battling to get out which I know will happen soon. Thanks again stay blessed

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Amen – a timely word for me. Thank you so much for sharing and your obedience to God. Am truly blessed by your posts.

  29. Amen Jamie 😊 the Lord spoke to me through all 3 words! Thank you ! God bless you 😍

  30. Alice Du preez says:

    I saw your email earlier but due to time constraints did not read

    Went to church. Was blessed and awakened then lunch with a friend of ours now home and ready to go into God’s Word

    1…. Yes… There are examples I can follow

    2 option of debt creation I have determined months ago are not for me. God is my provider

    3 I keep hearing… Just he held….. I should be freaking out because tomorrow my bank account can be a huge negative balance….. I know however because I tithe and choose not to take loan…. God will make a way

  31. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Jamie, the Lord spoke to me.. 1&2 was about me.. That’s something that I need to do., and something that I needed to hear.. Thank you so much.. God bless you..

  32. Biakching Hauzel says:

    #2 so true .. Pray for me aswell

  33. Thanks for your obedience to share what you received for us. This debt thing is for me. And it seems the harder I try to get off it , it gets difficult. And taking care of a sick brother isn’t helping at all, likewise feeding the house. But this is for me , and God helping me its all stopping.

  34. Yes, concerning debt. There are things I need badly and was tempted to just go out and finance one of the items.

  35. Richard SEGLA says:

    Hi, Jamie Many thanks 1 & 2 speaking to me very , very well and I thank God for those Words .

  36. I woke up one morning IN 1980-82, and heard GOD say to me :”Stay out of debt! ” I remember laughing and thinking to myself ” stay out of debt? How in the world THAT be a problem when no bank offered even the opportunity to get IN debt back then without Home ownership and 10 cosigners! Well, that was way back in the very early 80’s. AND WE DID! WOW! WHATA JOURNEY! I I am a witness to a life lived through His faithfulness. We raised 7…. crisscrossed the U. S. and even AUSTRAILIA ., homeschooling 18 yrs waaay back when homeschooling was NOT popular. 1986-20004…These 40 years ..all without debt!
    He taught us to trust him for EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERYTHING. Listen to HIM. and trust his leading. Trials? Yes! But God…..
    Any wonder why in 1999 my aol email address became :: ourjehovahjireh. And still is.
    You can trust him.
    To God be the glory

    #2 “Rest” every 7 days was a recent challenge for me. Thank youLord ! Thank you Jame!

  37. Yes indeed, Sister in the Lord, the 3 are for me today, but I am not sure if I do interpret them correctly.
    Ref 1st and 2nd words: we have no debt as such, but outstanding stipends payment. Some in the board suggest retrenchment, others closing down the projects. Personally, as elder shepherd, I sense deep in my heart the Lord is soon about to open two wide doors to flow finances.
    Ref 3rd word: most of my working time is in the Word, preparing Lessons and the Sunday Message. Should I have a “Sabbath” day of not “working” in the Written Word?

    God bless TJM

    1. Yes, you should have a day of not working, according to God’s Word. You should still spend time with the Lord on that day, but you should spend time with the Lord every day just to build relationship between you and Him. All your time with the Lord and His Word should not be limited to professional encounters, studying to prepare lessons.
      And, if you mean that you owe people stipends that you have not paid, then you are in debt to those people.

  38. penninah mathenge says:

    Yes, all these resonate with me. Thank you.

  39. The avoid debt spoke to me. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit that leads and directs us AND I listened. I almost used my credit card to make a purchase that was not needed.
    The word that lead me to you, Ms. Jamie, was thru Elijah List. “The God of the best is restoring what you’ve lost”, had me in complete awe. It was as if i could hear God’s voice speaking directly to me.
    Thank you for your relationship with Jesus Christ.

  40. Henrietta says:

    YES! I needed guidance and clarity about a situation and the first one surely speaks to me. The second confirms what I have been following, the third one is something I’ve not been doing and need to take seriously.
    Thank you for this message Jamie!

  41. Adejoke Sarah says:

    The word speaks to me seriously, I’ve been overworked lately that my heart is even complaining, but I’ve heard Him speak of Sabbath and its importance. Thanks for being a channel to receive Gods word

  42. 3 is for me. I loved the part that says that “So rest, My child, knowing that neither I nor anyone whom I have called you to serve expect you to work seven days a week”.

  43. Thank you sweet lady!

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