Declare and Decree Multiplication and Increase Into Your Life

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Declare and Decree Multiplication and Increase Into Your Life | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Do you need multiplication and increase of good things in your life today? If so, receive this word from the Lord that He is sending just for you!

I have felt strongly from the Lord that I was to declare and decree multiplication and increase over the last few days, and today He told me it was absolutely urgent. This is what the Lord is sitting on. So, today and without further ado …

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    I speak the following decree and declaration over you for multiplication and increase:

    In the name of Jesus, I command multiplication and increase of every good thing into your life right now. I bind off any increase or multiplication of every bad thing; I decree that only the good and righteous things may increase in your life and in everything that concerns you.

    Increase in your spiritual walk with the Lord:

    I speak to your relationship with the Lord right now, and I command it to multiply and increase. I command greater hunger and thirst for righteousness into you. I declare that you are hotter on fire for God than you have ever been in your life. I decree that you seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.

    In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I speak over you that you are increasing TODAY in revelation knowledge from the Lord. You are increasing right now in supernatural encounters with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Your ability to sense and cherish the presence of the Lord is increasing and abounding right now.

    I declare that your ears to hear God are sharper today than they have ever been before.

    I decree that your eyes to see God see more of Him than ever before. I decree that you have an abundance of revelation from the Lord, but that you are not puffed up by it because you humble yourself under the mighty hand of God–and in due time, He exalts you.

    I declare and decree ABUNDANCE AND INCREASE in the quality of the time you spend with the Lord. I declare and decree abundance and increase in the quantity of time you spend with Him as well. I bless your heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit to line up with the Word of God and obey it in all things. I speak to your soul and command it to line up with your spirit, which is filled with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

    I bless you with the supernatural ability to remember everything you read in God’s Word.

    I declare that God’s Word shall be carved on your heart and imprinted in your body, mind, soul, and spirit, every time you read it. God’s Word will forever change the landscape of your heart every time you encounter that Word.

    I declare tremendous increase and multiplication into your level of surrender to the Lord right now, in Jesus’ name. You will hear the voice of the Lord behind you, saying “This is the way; walk in it,” and you will always obey. You will never turn to the right or to the left, but you will follow the ways of the Lord and obey all His commands with single-minded purpose.

    Watch this short video of my speaking this decree over you in this area:

    Increase in your relationships:

    In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I declare and decree that you shall increase in every good relationship this day. If you are waiting for a spouse, I decree divine acceleration into the process right now in Jesus’ name. I speak to your marriage and I command holiness, restoration, healing, JOY, unity, purity, forgiveness, closeness, and greater intimacy in every godly way into your marriage in Jesus’ name. 

    I command your good relationships with friends to increase today. I call forth the godly, holy, faithful, reliable, friendly, caring, and loyal covenant friends that Father God has for you, and I command them to appear in your life today in Jesus’ name.

    I bind off every attraction from you to every ungodly relationship in Jesus’ name. I speak to every relationship door Father God desires to close for you, and I say: “Doors, close! In Jesus’ name!” I speak to every relationship door Father God desires to open for you, and I say: “Doors, open! In Jesus’ name!”

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    I decree that your relationships starting today shall be more satisfying, more loving, more caring, and more dependable than ever before. I command increase and multiplication to your godly, loyal relationships–and I command holy discernment by the Holy Spirit into you to determine the difference between holy relationships and unholy ones.

    Watch this short video of my speaking this decree over you in this area:

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    Increase on the grace and flow in your life:

    I declare an increase and multiplication of the golden touch of God into your life right now in Jesus’ name. Let everything you do prosper. Let everything you touch succeed.

    I bless you with being a transformation agent right now. Everywhere you go, the people, things, and efforts around you shall succeed just because you are there; because you are endued with the glory of God. Let everything you are in charge of prosper, just as Potiphar’s house prospered because Joseph was there.

    I declare and decree that God’s grace is tangible in your life today and from now on. Again, I declare an increase of TANGIBLE GRACE into you! Let the works of God flow through your hands right now. Let the anointing, ease, and flow of the Holy Spirit manifest in everything you do.

    I command an increase in wisdom into you by the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

    Your steps are ordered by the Lord, and the Lord delights in your way. The Lord orders your steps in His Word today. He instructs you and teaches you in the way you should go, and He guides you with His eye upon you.

    I bless you to stay on the straight and narrow path of the Lord, passing through the narrow gate of unhindered obedience to Him with every decision that you make. 

    Let the peace and calm of God rest upon your shoulders. I decree that you are anxious for nothing; but in everything, with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, you make your requests known to God; and the peace of God, which passes all understanding, guards your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

    I call forth the greater works that Jesus Christ finished for you before the foundation of the world, and I command them to manifest in your life right now in Jesus’ name. 

    Watch this short video of my speaking this decree over you in this area:

    Increase and multiplication in your finances:

    I bless your finances with lining up with the Word of God. I bless you with conviction in every area in which your finances are out of line with God’s Word. I bless you with a supernatural grace by the Lord Jesus Christ to get your finances right in every area.

    I bind off every financial attack that is coming against you in Jesus’ name. I loose the holy protection of God by the blood of Jesus over you, your family, and your finances right now. I plead the blood of Jesus over everything that concerns you, and I say that the blood of Jesus covers you and makes it possible for you to get your finances in order.

    I decree increase and multiplication into your income in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Where you need a job, that job from the Lord comes forth today in Jesus’ name.

    Where you need better wages, I command those wages from the Lord to come forth for you today in Jesus’ name. I command a spirit of excellence in your work into you as well, in Jesus’ name, so that you merit higher wages in everything you do.

    Where you need business ideas and wisdom, I declare and decree increase and multiplication into your business ventures in Jesus’ name.

    Let increased sales for your business come forth.

    Let increased favor for your business come forth.

    Let increased partnerships, donations, contracts, deeds, properties, land, and houses you did not build come forth in Jesus’ name.

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    I decree that your business and finances increase and multiply with divine strategies from the Lord in Jesus’ name. He gives you witty inventions and shows you how to profit, so confirming His covenant which He swore to our fathers.

    I decree increase and multiplication into your giving.

    I decree increase in your ability and willingness to give. Where you have long held dreams of giving and helping others, I call forth the divinely-provided ability for you to do that THIS YEAR in Jesus’ name. I bless you with increased revelation of the place that giving has in the Kingdom.

    I release and impart into you the precious gift of giving by the Holy Spirit right now in Jesus’ name–that gift of giving that brings you the anointing, willingness, and joy of doing business, handling money, prospering, profiting, fundraising, selling, giving, and becoming a Kingdom financier.

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    I bless you with revelation from the Word about the Lord’s tithe. I bind off every enemy lie from you about your finances, and especially about the Lord’s tithe. I loose revelation into you about all the Lord’s financial principles by the Holy Spirit. 

    I command unexpected money to show up in the mail for you.

    I call forth the storehouses for you and bless you with revelation about having a storehouse and a pipeline God can use to get money to you. 

    I speak to your house and call it “paid for,” in Jesus’ name. I speak to every debt you have and command them to be paid off right now in Jesus’ name, supernaturally or naturally or a combination of both–but all with the help of Holy Spirit. I speak to every debt you have and command them to “be thou removed, and be cast into the sea.”

    I speak to your checking account and I command it to be balanced, full of cash, and prosperous. I speak to your savings account and command it to fill up with money. I speak to your savings and investments and I command them to be preserved and to increase and multiply exponentially.

    Watch this short video of my speaking this decree over you in this area:

    In the name of Jesus, I command increase and multiplication into your life in every good thing.

    I bless you with godly discernment to distinguish good from evil; truth from error; the holy from the profane. I decree that you shall prosper in the house of the Lord, and the drought shall be removed from your life. You shall eat the good of the land; happy shall you be, and it shall be well with you!

    In Jesus’ name, amen!

    Do you receive this blessing for yourself? If so, leave a comment below and confess your agreement and belief in the blessing of the Lord, which makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it!


    1. April McCullough says:

      I receive and set my sled in agreement with this declaration THIS day! Thank you Jamie for sharing these words with us! Always so encouraging and always full of the Word of God! I claim the harvest today! I believe I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! The blessings of the Lord add no sorrow!

      1. Shareesa Williams says:

        Thanks Jamie for the many prayers and encouraging declaration This day and I do claim this prophetic word and believe in him and that “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE “ only through him(Jesus Christ)

        1. Thank you Lord for using Jamie to.deliver your word your message your blessings your protection your guidance and strength over my life and the lives of others. I receive these words in kindness and in truth in knowing the Lord is real and his grace and mercy endures forever!!
          Thank Jamie for allowing the Father to.use you.
          In Jesus mighty name! Amen

          1. Denise Moore says:

            I touched and agreeing with every blessing Prayer Over every family and friends my finances, Well with there too, I’m standing in the Gap for All, that needed this blessing prayers too and my Healing,I’m passing This Over to recover and receive this blessing in Jesus name Amen

          2. Naomi Shoko says:

            Thank you you Jamie, I receive the blessings for me and my family. I pray that God will bless you too.


          1. Veronica Stewart says:

            Amen!! Amen!!


            1. Dawna Kerr says:

              God’s blessings to you Jamie. I declare and decree this word into my life right now. I believe the Lord’s blessings makes us rich and adds no sorrow to it.

            2. I do receive the blessing. Amen

        3. JeffnRose Friend says:

          Amen I receive it in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏻

          1. DAVID TETTEH DAMEH says:

            I received every bit of the said declared prophetic word of prayer into my soul spirit and body. My heart feels with joy and happiness. May God bless you and keep you safe through your endeavors. Thanks again for your time and help.

          2. Amen Lord, I receive it in Jesus name

          3. Àwesome Jesus I received the abundance granted unto me amen

        4. Latishia Rawls says:

          I receive and set my sled in agreement with this declaration this day! Thank You Jesus our Lord and Savior and Thank you Jamie for sharing your prayers and these words with us! I thank you for the encouraging declaration this day and I claim this prophetic words in faith and believe in our Lord and that “ All Things Are Possible” with God only through Him our Lord Jesus Christ!! Amen….

        5. Amen I recive this word in Jesus name!

        6. I stand in agreement, In Jesus’ Name Amen!

      2. Thank you Jesus, I claim it and I am ready to receive all God has for me.

        1. Thank you! In Jesus Name, by faith, I stand in agreement to the truth promises of the word of God.


        2. Lerato Lebitsa says:

          I receive it oh Lord, thank you father for using Jamie to deliver this message to me at this crucial tome in my life where I’ve lost everything. I claim that spiritual breakthrough, I claim that financial breakthrough, I claim that relationship breakthrough, I claim that breakthrough in being a great parent, sister, aunt, and daughter do I am able to protect and provide for these souls you’ve entrusted me with. I receive that marriage that is on its way, I claim that partner that is going to be my friend, my spouse, my lover.

          In Jesus’s name I receive all these blessings.

      3. Hi Jamie,
        Thank you for the kind words and encouragement to continue and believe in the Good new of Christ our Lord. I receive the blessings and I am thankful at all times that The Lord is always with us and knows what we need. May you be blessed for taking time and sharing with all of us. May The Lord be with you always and I believe and receive this prayer now in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

        1. John Phindile Toyisi says:

          Amen and Amen! I received every single word you have declared over my life and my family in Jesus name.
          May the good Lord bless and keep you for His Kingdom.
          Once more thank you Jamie.

      4. Gigi Oyola says:

        Amen! Jaime thank you for your obedience to our Papa on your posts! I receive every bit of your prayer and come into agreement in Jesus Name! I have wanted and still desire to be a Kingdom financier! I know and believe this will happen as I am faithful over a few.

        I pray the exact same for you and blessings, protection upon you, your family and ministry! In Jesus Name

        1. Pg Campbell says:

          So timely. So profound. So good.

      5. Santhosh Kumar R says:

        Yes Jamie I receive the aforementioned blessings in the name of the holy spirit. AMEN!


      7. I agree in Jesus Name with you Jamie Amen. I ask all this blessing for you and your family too Jamie Amen. Let the Church say Amen.

      8. Torise L Hiller says:

        Thank you so much for a Profound and Prophetic Release that has enriched my Soul. I receive and believe every words. Even those who are called need a Refilling from the fountain of life via the word of God. My soul and Spirit are aligned and in sync with Gods word. Living water I received TODAY IN JESUS NAME. Right Relationships with God? Myself, Others, Finaces and any other area is being restored and catapulted bc of the Holy Spirit. As the Lord provides, I will pay in forward. Continue to do what you do and always Remember NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL. God is making me rich/ you Rich and addeth No Sorrow. Thank you in advance Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

      9. I claim and receive it in the might y name of Jesus. Thanks Jamie

      10. My account does not have, I prayed this decrees and believe that by God leading me here, He’s able to do exceedingly abundantly. I trust God that my bank account shall be overflowing in Jesus Name. Amen

      11. Annette Scales-Gordon says:

        I receive this word and blessing in the mighty name of Jesus! The Lord has confirmed his precious word for my life! Thank you Jamie and God bless you! I look forward to partnering with and supporting the work of God through this ministry.

      12. Yes lord, I touch and agree with this words thank you lord I give all praise and glory for it is done I. The powerful and precious name of lord Jesus. Amen and amen 🙏

      13. Valerie Bentley says:

        I receive this prophetic message in Jesus Christ name, Amen! It is written ! It is so!!!

      14. Jamie I recieve this declaration over my life. And in my heart. All is my desire and some are confirmation from words the Lord has spoken to me.
        Thank God for you.

      15. Larajo Gibson says:

        I except all that has been spoken over me and I claim it all in the Name of my Savior my King Jesus. Thank You Father for once again giving me faith in Your plans for me. I will do Your Will Lord. Whatever that may be. And with faith I trust that all will be revielled soon.

        1. I receive this prayer into my spirit soul & body in Jesus Christ’s name. God bless you Jamie dear.

      16. Thank you so much for this much needed words of decrees over my life. I am grateful. May God’s continuous blessings be yours always.

      17. Leatrice Sanders says:

        I I Receive this Word totally in Jesus Mighty name

      18. Thank you Jamie. I receive this word with gladness.

      19. Thanks Jamie for this wonderful declaration as I claimed it in the mighty name of Jesus christ

      20. I receive these pronouncements for myself and my family and l confidently that God who never fails those that trust in Him will cause the manifestation of these blessings sooner than I expected. Amen!
        And dear Sister Jamie, I thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God as an instrument of blessings to us. Ride on… the grace is more than sufficient.
        Merry Christmas!!!

      21. Dawna Kerr says:

        God bless you Jamie. Thank you for this declaration. I agree and believe in the blessings of the Lord which makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it.

      22. Amen and amen! I receive . I receive .

      23. Rocio P. Torres says:

        I receive and agree with every blessing, every word spoken into my life this day. There will be no lack in my finances or lack of blessings in all aspects of my life. My daughter will have a touch in the Holy Spirit that will cause her Godly sorrow and return back to God. Aleluyah all of Gods plans for my life will come to pass. I will be generous and give out of the abundance of what I have received. Everyone and everything I do and wherever I go will be blessed, prosperous and give all the glory to my Eternal Father and provider Jesus, Holy Spirit and Abba Kadosh!! Shalom. Rocio P. Torres

      24. Judith Makunga says:

        Thank you Jamie I receive and I am in agreement with the declaration that came just when most needed. May the Lord bless you for your obedience.

      25. Joe Delgado says:

        I’m in agreement with all these declarations and decrees.My financial breakthrough and harvest time is now in Jesus Name Amen.Thank you for your obedience!

      26. Good Morning, you kept referencing a video. I didn’t see a video to read. These are powerful prayers!!

      27. Lorenza Passarella says:

        Praise the Lord Almighty God!!
        Thank you Lord Father God in Jesus name
        I do declare this over me and receive it!!
        To manifest in my life right now!!
        🙏🙏🙏 Jamie
        Sowing a seed
        🙏for my adult children

    2. Rashemia Hendricks says:

      Hi Jamie, thanks for this powerful prayer I feel so blessed after praying this powerful prayer and I received my healing, financial break through and blessings. I have to give God all the honour and glory, thank you Lord for blessing me and providing for me and my family.

      1. Thank you Jamie, for this beautiful and much needed prayer, may the Lord continue to bless you, and use you as a vessel to bring His Word to His children…You are truly a woman after God’s heart……..God bless, guide, and protect you and yours always and forever, In Jesus’ name, Amen..❤️🙏🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼💞💓💕💓💞

      2. I receive it all in Jesus name.

    3. Julie Clark says:

      I so needed this today Sister, God bless you abundantly 🙌👏💕🙏

    4. Millie Williams says:

      Jamie, I thank you so much for this bless word today. May God continually bless you your family, ministry in the mighty name of Jesus. AMEN I thank you again.
      Love Mrs. Millie 💝💝💝💝

      1. Tamekio Debrow says:

        I want to thank You, Lord Jesus for putting this prayer on the heart of your child, Jamie. Lord, use her in a mighty way and bless her and your people. In Jesus name. Amen

        1. Annette Scales-Gordon says:

          Yes Lord, thank you for putting this prayer in Jamie and bless her and her family and ministry in the precious name of Jesus!

          1. Cathy Ann Douglas says:

            Hi Jamie
            First of all I want to thank the holy spirit for mentioning my name to you .yes there was set back in my life ,people coming against me for no reason .in the name of jesus I recieved every Good things the father is going to restore back to me in jesus name…Amen

            1. I’m even short of words. I claim every declaration and decree the Holy Spirit have used you have to impart into my life this day in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s name. Amen to each and every declaration from you Prophetess. God bless you Jamie dear

    5. Andrea Hernandez says:

      I receive all of the blessings in the name of Jesus. May God bless you a thousand fold.

    6. Amen!!! Thank you Jamie and thank you Lord!!!

    7. This was powerful. Thank you, Jamie, thank you, LORD!

    8. This decree and prayer blessed my entire life today and was so on time! Thank you for your obedience to do what God asks of you! May be bless you, keep you and shine his hand of favor upon you!

    9. I receive every words this morning in my life in Jesus name, these words I talk to the Lord about my life ,glory halliujha I receive in Jesus name, be bless and continue to do the Lord works my He guide you and hide you under his blood.

    10. Christle H. says:

      I receive this Word and Prayer declaration over my life. It is so much need and I know you felt and heard the cry of my heart to the Lord. I have some urgent financial needs. Thank you for Being obedient to Hearing that this was Urgent because it truly is for me.

    11. I receive this word and come into agreement in the name of Jesus for my life my families life Jamie and everyone here Amen

      1. Thank you, Jamie, for praying over us! I come into agreement with this prayer. Thank You Lord for blessings me with every good thing. Praise Your Holy Name!!

    12. Claudia Brown says:

      Praise be to God.

      Thank you Jamie for this declaration from God. This is a Rhema word and I expect great things to come to pass in my life and the life of all those who receive this word. God will bless you abundantly more than you can ask or think for being obedient and faithful to post and send forth God’s word. It will not come back to God void but will accomplish all that it was sent out to do. The breakthroughs are coming. They are here.

      I receive this blessing for myself and I confess my agreement and belief in the blessing of the Lord, which makes me rich and adds no sorrow to it!

      Thank you.

    13. Nompelo Balfour says:

      I receive these wonderful blessings in the name of Jesus . May the Almighty God continue to pour His blessings to your family Jamie and your Ministry and May He always meet you at your point of need in Jesus name . Thank you for being a blessing to us .

    14. Amen! I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus name!!! From here on it it will be as decreed!!

    15. Yes, Under Grace in a perfect way I HAVE Received all that today. in Jesus Christ name now!
      I would like to talk to you if that is possible,
      Thank you.

    16. Hallelujah this came in time.
      Sending a donation

    17. Janice Combs says:

      Thank you for being obedient to the Lord, This prophecy was exactly what I have been
      going through. I had been asking when will it end. NOW I HAVE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE,AND

    18. Tammy Bojorquez says:

      Amen! I receive this prayer I agree may all our debt be miraculously paid by our Lord and Savior May God provide the income to pay for our sons college tuition of over $20k I humbly bring this to your Throne Room my King ! Amen Jesus 💜 Thank You😇Holy Spirit for your miracles

    19. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      AMEN – Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Jamie for delivering this Word – I receive the FULL Compensation of this Word in Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN!

    20. Shailaja Abraham says:

      Jemie I thank you so much for your prayers and wonderful timely word of God. I needed this today . let all the declarations come true in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.May God bless you and your family abundantly.Once again Thank you for your prayers.

    21. Amen!!! I receive and come into agreement with this declaration over my life right now in Jesus
      Name. I also declare and decree that my court case against JP Morgan Chase Bank in federal Court is reversed, and that I receive an OVERWHELMING VICTORY in Jesus Name.
      Thank you Jesus for the victory I receive TODAY. Praise God!!!

    22. JAMIE!!!!!!!AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!! I stand in agreement and sow a seed ask for an elevated and expedited harvest of this prayer TODAY! In the Mighty, Matchless Name of Jesus Christ, My Lord… AMEN!!!!!!!

    23. Yes I receive every blessing here, I claim them as mine and believe I will harvest each and every one. Bless the Lord, oh my soul,and all that is within me. Bless HIS Holy Name!

    24. Christine says:

      I touch and agree with you Jaime.
      I receive and believe and claim this in Jesus name Amen.
      God bless you Jaime!!

    25. Father God I receive this prayer and stand in agreement in the mighty name of Jesus! I call forth the answers to my prayers and decree according to your word In Job thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee, that supernatural blessings are coming healing and deliverance for me and the people I been praying for, that money comes forward I call the spirit of expectations forth and I call this day blessed a huge turn around and open heavens for me my family and loved ones and everyone reading this blog including the one who writes it, may God continue to use her and I call her blessed and her ministry in the mighty name of Jesus I pray Amen Amen Amen 🙏

    26. I accept this word and look forward to sharing all my blessings with any and all in need

    27. Amen to this word haleluljah

    28. Geraldine Murray says:

      Amen. My spirit just leaps at this.word. God bless and return the blessing hundred times. Thank you for your obedience.

    29. Brazita Dancy says:

      Jamie, thank you for following the Holy Spirit in creating this declaration. I receive it into my life right now. God knows when you faith is tested and you need a Word to strengthen you, this was that WORD. Thank you for everything you and I send this Word back to you and your family multiplied. I love you God Bless.

    30. Thank you Jamie recive that I was praying and ask god for a word thankyou I pray blessings upon you

    31. Sonja Ayers says:

      I receive this blessing from Father God in Jesus name Amen

    32. I thank u in jesus name for this multiplication and increase over me and l accept this into my life this day and after.God bless u

    33. I stand in agreement and receive this declaration over my life today. Thank you Lord Jesus, Jamie may you be blessed and may God continue to use u mightily. Thank you for always having an encouraging word to share and your obedience to Christ.

    34. I receive every Word decree and apply it to my live. Thank you Papa thank you Jamie I surely will bless your ministry I take the step of faith believe and trust Him it is done in Jesus name Amen Amen and Amen.

    35. CHRISTINE says:

      precious, Jamie very timely word, really needed. i receive the blessings amen . i am a tither & truly believe for my financial restoration & financial harvest after sowing & over so many years. that decrees from you are really a blessing for me & a help using it. thank you so much.blessings to you dear Jamie

    36. Thank you, Father in Jesus name.Oh How I love you and Bless you Lord for loving me so much and thinking of all I want to fulfill and hunger for the desire of your ❤, Amén
      I Love you daddy with my Heart and mind, soul, spirit and body and my whole 💪. My ❤ is open to receive all your Blessing in Jesus name, Amen.

    37. I receive declaration and decree of every word in my live. Papa thank you and thank you Jamie for 🙏 for me that everything that was prayed for me it will be done. Amen Amen and Amen

    38. Charity Williams says:

      Glory be to God!! In the name of Jesus I receive it:) Jamie when that time comes in which will be very soon i will sow a seed into your life as well as your ministry. May God bless you and continue to use you.

      Charity Williams

    39. LaTrina Steele says:


    40. TEDRA N JOHNSON says:

      I command everything spoken over my life to come to pass! It is so! Amen

    41. I believe it and receive in Jesus name! So on time. This has been in my spirit for a week now. And I keep receiving confirmation that it is already done!

    42. This decree is right on time! I have been experiencing some things in my life…on the job, at church, at home…BUT GOD! I received EVERY part of this decree, IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN!

    43. Thank you! Jamie, for your prayers I Believe, I will, I Take It, I thank you for it and I forgive.

    44. ANN Mayne says:

      Thanks for this word it has come at the right time and thanks to our heavenly father I accept this word and declare and decree it over my life and my family. Stay blessed.

    45. I truly feel dazed after praying that

      Than you for this, I believe I needed this. Bless you. I’ll have to pray this over some friends

      Thank you very much for your time

    46. Veronica Williams says:

      Thank you Jamie. I receive in faith in Jesus Name. Amen so be it.

    47. Mehrunissa says:

      Amen and thank you so very much ,Jamie 💜

    48. Christine says:

      I receive and acknowledge this blessing in Jesus name! Let it be unto me, Lord!

      Thank you, Jamie for speaking the word of the Lord

    49. SHAWNA EDMISTON says:

      Whoo hoo!! I am always blown away that your words confirm and align with what God is doing in my life!! I am so thankful for you sharing what God tells you and I believe and decree it with you and for you!! I am excited for the fulfillment of this word!!!

    50. Yes I receive this!!! God bless you Janie!!!

    51. Sonja R Campbell says:

      I felt God’s supernatural power and presence as I read these off. Read them aloud and they build you up immensely! I speak to all that is coming against the body of Christ and the work of our blessed Father and Savior by the Holy Spirit power of change and call it to stand down, stand down, stand down! Holy plans and alliances show forth and carry out the Kings edicts! Bless the Lord Oh my soul! Amen

    52. This should not depart from our mouths. It should be declared daily until all the manifestations are seen in the land of the living. Until Father receives all the Glory.

      Thank you again Jamie for serving all of us so well.

      I am grateful.

    53. Thank you Jamie! My family and I needed this powerful word today.
      I declared this over my self and my family and confessed my agreement with this word. I receive this blesssing in Jesus name. Glory!

    54. Yes and Amen! I receive this awesome prayer for me and my family! Thanking our farther in advance for doing it and quickly as he quickly works within us in Jesus name Amen! Thank you Jamie, God bless you and your family!

    55. Anonymous says:

      I receive this!!! Thank you!!! Bless you!!!


    57. Glory hallelujah glory hallelujah amen hallelujah hallelujah

    58. Wayne Hargraves says:

      Thanks for the great word I receive it in Jesus Christ name.

    59. Christine Kopp says:

      I receive amen

    60. Amen i claim and i receive in jesus sweet name Gloey be to God my Abba Amen God bless you Jamie

    61. I am blown away! Its like you had a window into my life concerning the last couple of weeks b/c many of these decrees have transpired already. Everything in my spiritual and physical life seems t/b accelerated of late and your words punctuate all these manifestations of God’s hand, and the power of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah!

    62. Hi Jamie, thank you for walking with me through this journey of fear i was facing but through your encouraging words and reminding me to believe in God, i have managed to overcome my fear. Thank you so much Jamie. May God continue to bless you.

    63. grace george says:

      Thank you Jamie for this because I know this was God sent. As I read every word, I just know I’ve been impacted for a shift in my life from the low place to go forward. I am blessed by this and I believe a lot is about to change for the good and this blessing was everything I looked forward to this year 2019. Thank you for your obedience; I am ever grateful for this having come in my email today.

    64. I receive them all in Jesus name. To be on fire for the Lord, to have retention of whatever I read in the Word of God so that it will stay in my spirit and soul, to have breakthrough in my finances so that I will give abundantly for the kingdom of God to grow, to have a miracle money added to the accounts of my children, for a breakthrough for my daughter pay off her rent and student loans, a man of God’s heart to ask my daughter hand in marriage, a God fearing woman for my son to marry, long life and healthy life for my family in the name of Jesus.

    65. Richard SEGLA says:

      I receive all the words in Jesus Name. I am realy bless. Many thanks. Jamie Remain blessed in Jesus Name.

    66. Lucretia Wingate says:

      I received all of the blessings the Father has given you to give to me.. And I believe that Father will bless me in so many ways.. Thank 🙏💕 you so much Jamie.. God bless you..

    67. The Whitaker household receive these prophetic decrees in Jesus name!

    68. I am in tears… let it be so. Thank you Jamie for this timely word. God bless you and your ministry!

    69. Amen! I receive this prayer and declarations for my family and me.. I receive them all in Jesus’ name: to have my son find a God-fearing woman for his wife and my husband to find work and have good health (he has some serious health issues, which he learned about today). Thank you for this message. It was very needed today. Praise the Lord. Glory. Hallelujah!

    70. Amen all blessings received in Jesus name.

    71. Jamie,
      I agree with every word In Jesus Name!!
      I receive every Word in Jesus Name!!


    72. Amen! I receive it all in Jesus’ name! The past years have been downhill for me with every area of my life seeming like it’s falling apart. I’m praying and believing that it’s coming to an end and this word is for me. I believe God is working on great things for my life.

    73. Yes and Amen to this powerful Word from Abba Father. Father l thank You and I receive this blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth.
      God bless you obedient woman of God.

    74. Thank you so much for this word and I received this word in the name of Jesus I thank you may God continue to bless you

    75. LaToya Johnson says:

      AMEN!!!I receive this blessing and prayer over my life in Jesus name!!! Thank you!!!

    76. Crystal Webster says:

      This word was FIRE 🔥 from the Holy Ghost!!! Thank you Jamie! Peace, Love, and Blessings to you! I believe and receive every word by Faith in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hallelujah 🙏 Amen

      1. I received this blessings from the lord with agreement thank you Jemie may the lord bless you
        With this blessings my life will never remain the same again

    77. Mary Parsaloi says:

      Hi Jammie I receive and believe in all this blessings you have declared and decreed over my life and family that they are true. In Jesus Christ Name of Nazareth.

    78. Holy buckets what a prayer I received your prayer you spoke over me, thank you thank you thank you. It is written.. God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen. Yes it shall be so. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! God bless you Jamie a thousand times over.

    79. Hello Jamie,this is a word in season for me,my heart is yearning for more of God,more in my relationship with Him,more of His manifisted presence in every area of my life,so indeed i receive this declarations and decrees in Jesus’ name.
      You are such a blessing to me,i thank God for leading me to your website.Learning a whole lot.All the way from Zimbabwe,Africa, i thank you for answering God’s call on your life because i am being blessed because of your obedience to our Father.God bless you indeed for me.
      Kindest of Regards

    80. june Howard says:

      god bless u. we are moving and next month i will send u some thing. the word has been a blessing and needed. thank u

    81. Hi Jamie, thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you!

    82. Amen! Yas, I accept all this in Jesus’ most Holy Name!

    83. Yes I agree with and receive all the blessings in these declarations and decrees, in Jesus’ name.

      May the Lord bless you.

    84. Amen!! I receive it in Jesus name..

    85. AMEN I receive this word in the mighty name of Jesus thank you so much for the prophetic word God bless you

    86. Amen !!! I recieve all the abundance and extra blessing in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. May God bless you !

    87. Tara McBurnett says:

      Yes I come in agreement for all of this in JESUS Name. Amen, Thank You

    88. What a powerful & on time word! I receive it & stand in agreement!

    89. Schwonna Wilson says:

      Goodmorning Jamie… Glory to God… Thank you so much for your email & your Prayer this morning…. I stand in Agreement with it all…. As I read the Prayers tears started to flow down my face, I know that my your Prayers & my Prayers for my life is gonna be answered, Thank U Jesus in advance….May the Lord God continue to Bless you in every way possible….Love your friend/sis in Christ Schwonna Wilson from Shreveport, La…. Have a Amazing Blessed day….

    90. Amen, thank you for this amazing encouragement!

    91. Yes Lord!Amen! I receive this Word and will allow it to work through me!

    92. Kahn Johnson says:

      I receive this anointed Word from God!!! You are so inline with what the Holy Spirit is doing in my life right now!!! Everything you’re going through and have been through is bringing and has brought you wisdom, for yourself and to share in ministry. So praise God for both difficult and easy times alike, because God knows what He is doing!!
      Kahn Johnson

      1. I received this in the name of the father son and Holy Ghost . I want to do God work and live Holy . He is a keeper of my soul , pray for you to receive what you have poured out.

      2. Cicily Fouse says:

        So be it unto me and my family in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ of Nazareth mighty and matchless AMEN

    93. Antoinette says:

      Amen Amen Amen. I am receiving every good thing my Lord has in store for me and my family. Thank you Lord for providing for me and my family. God s perfect timing. I love you my Lord.

    94. Thank you! This is an answer to prayer this morning 🙂

    95. Tierashia Adair says:

      Glory be to God! Amen! Amen and AMEN! The same to you and your family and friends, my dear Sister Jamie!

    96. I do receive this blessing right now, by faith, and i bless the Lord my God who has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, my saviour.
      Thank you for this word which reall does encourage me.
      Thank you for this work you are doing, it truly does change my life.

    97. I receive all the blessings from God.

    98. I receive it in Jesus name!

    99. Our Father in heaven I thank you for this prayer I thank for this confirmation that has spoken into me I declare, decree and receive all your blessings, breakthrough, healing, salvation into all my financial problems, families, marriage, kids, friends and myself in Jesus Mighty Name Father not my will but yours be done Amen… God bless you abundantly Jamie bless your ministry, family and your entire household amen

    100. Vanessa McEntire says:

      Jamie… This is by far one of the best declarations I’ve ever pronounced agreement over the lives of me, my children and family ever. You are so Anointed and I Thank God for you. I Believe I Receive Every Declaration in/over the lives of me and my sons… In Jesus Mighty name Amen!
      URock Jamie! All For His Glory!

    101. AMEN!!! Thank you for always being used to bless us! God bless you too!!

    102. Georgina Barboutis says:

      I am in agreement with this prayer for myself. Thank you Jamie. You have such a wonderful gift of being able to put into words prayers that cover it all that would take me one and obviously not cover much at all.

    103. Thank you I come in agreement with this prayer for myself it’s just what I need

    104. Sibonisiwe (Bonnie) says:

      Amen, l receive this blessing in Jesus name, and l agree and believe in the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich and add no sorrow with it.

      Thank you Jamie

    105. I come into agreement with every proclaimed and declared word in the name of Jesus. Amen
      Thank you so much Jamie for the prayers. God bless you abundantly and may He continually release destiny helpers into your ministry.

    106. Sunday Nyacigak says:

      Father I come in agreement with this declarations over my life. Life and life in abundance oh Lord in Jesus name. Father bless Jammie too in mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    107. I am in agreement in the name of Jesus Christ, Thank you Lord

    108. The Lord bless you Jamie, for your obedience. I agree with and receive every decree & declaration above and stake my claim, in Jesus’ name!
      In His love,
      Jemimah 💜
      (Kolkata, India)

    109. I am in agreement with this word and claim it as a garment over all that concerns me.

    110. Linda Stanford says:

      Thank you Jamie for all that you do in the name of Jesus Christ! I claim, received and Thank God for this agreement in Jesus name!

    111. Hallelujah! I receive in Jesus’ precious name. I am BELIEVING for what God has for me 🙏.

    112. Thanks Jamie and thank you Lord Amen

    113. I receive this in Jesus name!

    114. Jamie, You are such a gift and encouragement to the body of Christ. And I pray that you are blessed multiplied times over with this amazing decree you are speaking over each of us. Thank you for all that you do and for shining so brightly in this dark world. Love you, sister!!

    115. Thank you Jamie. I receive this word and I declare and decree it back on you 100 fold!

    116. I receive this word in Jesus name! Thank you Jamie for this as the Lord knows how much I need this in different areas of my life…… always perfect timing…….God’s timing! God bless you!

    117. I receive it all in Jesus name, and bless the declarer of all these blessings too in Jesus name. Amen.

    118. Thank you Jaime,
      I receive these proclamations of multiplication in my life. I truly believe God is going to give me the job I need-soon. Praise God from whom all good things come.

    119. Monica Mfengu says:

      Thank you Jamie. I receive this blessing in Jesus name Amen. God bless you and your household.

    120. Amen thank you Jamie for all the work you do for the Lord and your love for mankind 🙏🏼♥️I feel truly blessed and a I receive all these blessings in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🏼 May God continue to use you and bless you abundantly

    121. I stand in agreement with you Jamie over this prayer. I receive this prayer over me and my family. May the Most High blessing you! Amen Thank you

    122. Victoria Gonzalez says:

      I receive every word, command, and decree stated in this post for my life, and my mom as well in the mighty name of Yeshua of Nazareth and I receive it with joy THIS DAY!!! May the flow of these words pipeline into my life right now in Jesus name!!! May you be blessed thirty, sixty, and one hundred fold of all the fruit bore from this post from others’ lives!!! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You are loved and worthy of His love every day Jaime! May you be blessed and blasted with God’s love! Amen.

    123. Thank you and Iclaim this word in Jesus name.

    124. God bless you & your family, Jaime. In the name of Jesus & by the power of His blood I receive this word for myself & loved ones. And I pray these same blessings be returned to you a hundredfold. May He continue to fill you with His wisdom and use your life mightily for His glory.

    125. Amen and Amen. I receive each every blessing, decree has for me in Jesus Christ’s mighty name. Thanks Jamie so much

    126. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you so much because I received every blessing.. Amen and Amen, Thank You Jesus..

    127. Latoya Foster says:

      Hi Jamie. I stand in agreement with your Words, your prayer of declaration over my life. May God continue to bless you richly.

    128. I receive it. So shall it be. It has come to pass speedily in Jesus name! Amen!

    129. Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Jamie, I pray inagreement with you, I receive it in jesus name, I pray that God continue to bless your ministry. Your ministry bless me so much.

    130. I stand in agreement in Jesus mighty name, Amen,Amen and Amen.

    131. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

      Amen! Very Timely (On-Time) Word! I agree with these decrees and Proverbs 10:22 on me and my family, friends and relationships, as well as on you and your Family, Jamie. Amen- thank you!

    132. Jannette Kelly says:

      Thank You Jamie for praying for me. I agree and declare every word that has been spoken over my life will come to pass. I believe every word God hears and will allow every word to be true. God is faithful and will keep all his promises. I love the Lord and believe in everything He do. Thank you for letting Him use you in such a mighty way. Thanks again . In Jesus ‘ Name I decree and declare every word over my life to be true. I know it will happen in God’s timing. In Jesus ‘ Name I pray Amen

    133. I recieve it all in Jesus name, amen and amen. GOD is all powerful!!!

    134. I decree and declare every blessing in His Word to manifest now in my life! Jamie – thank you for being a faithful sister and servant in Our Holy Father’s kingdom!

      Amber B.

    135. Okechukwu says:

      Amen and Amen. I beleives the words of the prophet and accepts with faith that my situations have been turned around to Gods greater glory

    136. I received and believe this Declaration and Decrees in Jesus Christ Name! It is so. Be it unto me Jesus according to this spoken word. Amen!

    137. Lauren Leigh says:

      I bless you to Jamie for your perseverance and willingness to pursue the heart of God. God hears your heart’s cry and so do I. Although I don’t know you personally I bless you with all that you have declared over us. As Father has taken you out in the deep and you can no longer feel the sea bed, he is saying ‘Trust me’ through this new level of faith and character forming process. I bless you with the fire and the all consuming presence of God to surround you today as you gaze into his eyes. Much blessing in him, Lauren Leigh

    138. Amen! I am in agreement with you concerning this prayer in Jesus name. It is a confirmation and I thank God

    139. Yes I confess and believe it in Jesus name it’s already done. Glory Hallelujah Amen

    140. Thank you Jamie,

      I am thankful that this decree and declaration is published again.
      It’s so powerful. God spoke to me powerfully as I was decreeing and declaring it over myself.
      Thank you Lord. Thank you again Jamie. You are a blessing. Be blessed with incredible blessings as well in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    141. Thank you Father for these words of blessings over my life and my family’s life along with all those reading and hearing your word!! I receive these words in the name of Jesus and may I glorify you with all that you bless me with! I decree a hedge of protection around my family and I as well as all those who are standing strong in your word and this declaration. In the Holy name of Jesus. Our Christ Amen11

    142. Angela Drake says:

      I receive this and I stand in agreement in Jesus name, Amen! God bless you Jamie and may your ministry increase all the more..

    143. Thanks Jamie. I enjoy reading your posts though your web-page tends to be a bit bulky and has a low user experience. It would be great to look into UX aspects of your website e.g. your font may be too large and the spacing of line a bit to big. One has to scroll endlessly to read all the material. For me this means the web-pages take long to load, making me likely to give up looking through the material. The pictures also tend to be bulky adding to the bulkiness of the pages. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

    144. Glory to God!! I receive the whole prayer! I’ve been praying these things especially being completely out of debt in everything esp student loans!! Thank and I pray God does the same for you. Thank you Jamie for allowing Him to use you to bless others. His blessing will definitely overflow into your life for your faithful towards him.

    145. Margaret A Mills says:

      Yes, Amen. I receive this and stand in agreement with it. I have read and decreed this over myself a couple of times now. Thank you, Jamie, for your obedience.

    146. Amen and Amen.
      GOD bless you Jamie.

    147. Biakching says:

      I agree and I am ready, O God.. In Jesus name I pray…

    148. Amen amen i receive it in jesus name. God bless you Jaime for the work your are doing. That prayer is very powerful. Please stand with my family to pray for my niece edith who is admitted in hospital she have laukemia as you can imagine is stressful situation for the family. Finacial stuggle the treatment is very expensive. God bless you again

    149. I thank God for this relevant prayer you have just made in my life. I believe in this prayer about my increase in all spheres of my life as the head of my family and a member of the body of Christ. I know and believe that the Lord has already answered this prayer in Jesus’ name. Be blessed Jamie. I pray that my God would bless you and your entire family, there shall be no more sickness or lack from your household in Jesus’ name. I am so so so blessed this morning. This is the prayer my whole life has been needing and waiting for. I have received God’s favor today. In Jesus name, Amen.


    151. I received, believe it and trust that every decree and declaration shall, is will come to pass in my life, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!! Many thanks for this prayer and may our Heaven Father, Continue to bless, protect and keep you, your family, your ministry and all that concerns you, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!!!!!!!!

    152. Marethabile Hoeane says:

      I am in a lot of financial problems due to failed marriage and a promotion was just handed to another person whom I had beaten in the interview but a fake reason was given as to why he should be promoted not me and this prayer is just what I need in this moment of my life. I believe in it and I have declared in upon my life as the bible does say we shall declare a thing and it shall come to pass. Continue to pray for me, especially for my finances and promotion. The failed marriage is for the best, God saved my life from a spouse who was going to kill me for the things I have worked hard for, he claimed were are married in community of property and he is entitle to take from me and his children, so his leaving is indeed a blessing I don’t want him back and I pray they car that he took will never benefit him.

    153. Okhen Esangbedo says:

      I beleive and receive all the blessings spoken over by me by Jamie Rohrbaugh fom the Lord in Jesus name amen. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jamie.

    154. I believe in divine appointments. I was searching just this morning for this and I stumble upon these declarations and prophesy. I believe that it is for me and I claim all the prophesies being made and said in the name of Jesus.

      Thank you Jamie for your dedication to reach out to the hopeless like me. May God continue to bless you mightily. Thank you.

      1. I believe and receive it ! Amen.😊

    155. I touch and agreed IN JESUS NAME to every prayer, thank you for this powerful prayer Jamie may God carry you and stretches his hands above you and your household and your entire family with abundantly overflowing blessings from the kingdom In Jesus Name. Amen

    156. CLAUDIA STRONG says:

      I have heard the Word of the Lord from our dear sister, Jamie. I have read this beautiful prayer out loud to myself. I received it and I and I believe it! I felt the anointing when I was reading it and I know that it is so and so be it so!

    157. Eunice Mendes says:

      Amen and Amen!
      Thank you ABBA FATHER. Thank you Jamie.
      May the showers of blessings from the Lord rain over you, your family and everything that concerns you.

    158. Yes I believe it and I receive it in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach

    159. christy eck says:

      I believe and except what the LORD GOD will do and is doing in my life with all the abundance and bountiful blessings that are in store for me and my family. i accept in JESUS HOLY NAME, AMEN Thank you Father in Heaven for the true words you speak through your servant Jamie. GOD BLESS you Jamie

    160. I receive it, thank you, and the same to you.

    161. Christina McCrory says:

      Thank you Minister Jamie!!!

      I not only receive this Word of my entire life but I will inquire of the Lord for instruction on how to prepare myself for the multiplications and increases.

    162. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Yes Lord! I Boldly Claim, Receive & Posses this Word & Declare and Decree them in agreement with Jamie & You Father, so that they come forth right NOW in Jesus Mighty Name! I demand everything you have promised me to come forth right now in Jesus name. I stand on my Convent Blood Rights, my Authority & my Legal Christian Rights to demand this word to come right now in Jesus name! I thank You Lord for incorruptible and infallible Word. To You be all the Glory God! As You are the Author & Finisher, Alpha & Omega, the Beginning and the End. It is Written! Hallelujah! Amen & Amen!!

    163. Crystal hill says:

      Yes thank God that message was very deep for me and I receive every word God sent me in Jesus name a man

    164. Amen! I receive it and my God continue to bless you also in all these areas!

    165. Hallelujah.. Thank you mighty redeemer, my helper, my miracle worker, my provider, my strength, my father.. Thank you Jesus for this prophecy over my life..
      I decree, declare and receive the blessings, breakthroughs, miracles from you Lord Toda, thank you for I am prospering, wealthy and rich in Jesus name.

    166. Thank you very much for the powerful declarations and blessings. I receive all for myself and my family. God bless you Jamie. Thank you for your love and obedience in sharing. The videos are so good to listen to. God bless you abundantly and cause you to excel in all you do. Let the Lord perfect everything that concerns you.
      With deep gratitude and love.
      SHALOM ❣️

    167. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Yeesssssss!!!!!!!Abba ,i love You DAD,love you my Dad.Adore your Name forever.I am waiting and i will receive it Now my Dad.Thank you for your healing for me,and your servant Lord,that she will be blessed abundantly. Lord you are my everything,You know what i need,move and shake it Abba.Your Name to be GLORIFY,AMEN.I RECEIVED IT ABBA,PRAISE YOUR NAME.Jamie, God Bless you ABUNDANTLY MY SWEET SISTER

    168. Hallelujah! All Glory unto you King of kings. We receive in Jesus name. Your word says you shall declare a thing and it shall be established. We thank you Lord that all that has been decreed, has been established in our lives in Jesus’s name. Amen. Bless your servant Jamie Lord, and prosper her in every good thing.

    169. Shailaja Abraham. says:

      Thank you Jemie for the powerful declarations.I receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Let the Lord bless you and your family with all the blessings that He has kept in store for you and bless your work. And use you for His Glory.

    170. I receive in the Name Of Jesus Christ. So let it be according to the word of God!!!
      I will surely give back to this Ministry from the increase and multiplication.

    171. I am getting baptized tomorrow and I am so excited!!! This word is perfect for what I want to believe God for and I know that I know that I know that He wants me to receive this!!! God is so amazing who wouldn’t want to know Him!!! Perfect baptism blessing for someone whom has long awaited the moment of baptism in the Lord that is about to take place! Praise our amazing God!! In Jesus name!!

    172. Scheral McKinney says:

      What a mighty word and prayer.I definitely needed this prayer. I have been struggling with my finances for some time now, and only God can help and provide for me at this point. I taking God g F or His Word,and I will wait for His promises and blessings.

      Thank you Jaime

    173. Apio Madinah says:

      Praise GOD
      Thank you so much Jamie for this wonderful prayers which are encouraging to us l believe by faith and love through Him that its Possible and l will receive in Jesus Almighty Name Amen

    174. Thank you, I am in agreement and received my blessing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ – Amen

    175. Kellie Jackson says:

      I come into agreement with this prayer for me and my family. Amen

    176. Amen! Thank you Lord Jesus, you are so gracious and kind!! I receive this prayer into my life and I declare it is done according to my faith. Lord this is a timely prayer, especially in the area of my finances. I receive increase and multiplication in my finances as your servant has declared and debt cancellation of about R350 000 right now in Jesus’ name! I declare my bank accounts to be multiplied with finances in Jesus name! Halelluyah! Glory to God. Thank you so much Pastor Jamie for the timely declarations in my life. May the Lord continue to bless you!! Muriel, South Africa

    177. Jamie, , wow! What a blessing! Something changed within me. I cant put it into words now. Im still taking it in. God bless you in Jesus name.

      1. Thank you oh lord for this prophetic declaration message from Jamie, i believe your promises for me has been established upon my life today in Jesus Christ name AMEN.

    178. I receive in the Matchless Name of Jesus & bless God for you having an obedient heart for God amen 🙏🏾

    179. Amen.I claim this blessing over my life in the Mighty name of Jesus, for the glory and exultation of His name. Amen

      1. Thank you for sharing. This word is speaking to me. May it come to pass as God has instructed in Jesus name.
        Jamie be blessed.

    180. Amen,greatly needed today
      Thank you Jesus
      Thank you Jaimie

    181. Hi Jamie

      I have been reading your blogs for quire a while and its very inspiring.

      I am 65 years old, had to retire at the end of April, and then came Lockdown. I was supposed to start at a private school 1st May. I should already have received my pension payout, but to this date, NOTHING.

      I will now only receive a salary end of July. Am divorced, on my own, and everywhere, here in South Africa, they tell us to apply for payment relief, etc. But this is based on what your colour is. Only certain people receive help!
      I cannot even apply for workman’s compensation and I paid a lot of taxes!

      Please pray for me. I am afraid I wont get my pension, quite a large amount, that I have to invest to last until I go Home.
      Please pray for our people here in South Africa.
      Many blessings.

      1. Glad this ministry has blessed you. Praying for your finances and the people of South Africa.


    182. Thank you for breathing new life into this message Jamie! I receive it all in the name of the son Jesus Christ, Amen!

    183. I receive the prayer blessings in jesus name ! Amen
      Thank you God bless you jamie

    184. Thank you so much for this Word. I need it and will go over it again and again. I need increase in all those areas. Thank you for your ministry and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. God bless you abundantly and provide richly for the ministry.
      Love and blessings.

    185. Michael Okedele says:

      Thank you Father for thy lovingkindness

    186. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Wooohooò…A very powerful prayer indeed Jamie.It is really POWERFUL and i can sense and feel how powerful itis when i say it.Amen and Amen..Glory to God Alone and thank for Jamie Lord -for her MINISTRY and her family.Bless her Dear Lord in whatever she needs for the extension of your work.,more and more abundantly.

    187. Amen and Amen. Let it be so according the Word of God for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and for spiritual growth and manifestations of God.

    188. Amen may the zeal of the Lord bring these to full manifestation in my life in Jesus mighty name
      Thank you Jamie more anointing in Jesus name

    189. Abraham Mg Banda says:

      Amen and amen, I receive and I agree with the declarations in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    190. Thank you Jesus, thank you mighty God for blessing me just when I was in the process of declaring God’s goodness upon my life and kaboom.. I got a client who is God’s sent too.. Thank you Lord, my helper, my provider, my miracle worker.. You never fails.. I declare and prophecies breakthrough, miracles, restoration, healings, new opportunities, divine connections, I declare my divinely appointment husband God has for me has been released in Jesus name.. Thank you and thank you Abba father..
      Jamie may God’s blessings follow you and your family in Jesus name.

    191. AMEN AND AMEN!!! I receive in the name of Jesus. I thank God for you Jamie, may He bless you abundantly with your family and everything that concerns you.

    192. Thank you Jamie for this powerful holy Spirit inspired prayer…!

    193. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      Amen I recieve and I agree in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!!!!!

    194. Thanks Jamie for blessing me in the name of Jesus Christ, I am really at my wits end and feeling very regretful about my financial problems , but ur declaration has brought me some hope. Thanks in JESUS NAME

    195. Jinkie Cris says:

      Thank you for this prayer of blessing! It is timely indeed. I’m one of those who pray for the Shelter of prophetic hub.

    196. Annanson John says:

      Timely! Tailored! Authentic!
      Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah Amen!!
      Most very grateful Prophetess Jamie 1Cor15:58!!

    197. Thelma Curry says:

      I receive this word in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and Amen!

    198. Hallelujah! I receive in Jesus Name!
      All glory and honour to You Lord.
      Thank you Prophetess, Woman of God Jamie.

    199. Bless you Jamie. These are declarations that I need to help me be a blessing to the Lord’s church. I need open doors to get work. My sole aim is to provide with my resources for God’s kingdom to grow. I know that I need not to get work before I give but the problem is I am not getting any money and also the opportunity to work at all. With God all things are possible.

    200. Thank you Lord Almighty Father. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you Holy Spirit for directing me to this website. Thank you Jamie for the declarations. God bless you abundantly.

    201. Thank you I receive this!

    202. I receive! Thank you Jamie for your obedience in giving this word, these decrees. God bless you 100 fold!

    203. I receive and claim all the decree with the speedy manifestation answers in my life, family and everything that concerns me from this moment till eternity by the Power in the Blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost in Jesus Unfailing Name it is settled (Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

      Thank you Jamie, God will continue to bless you, family and ministry in Jesus Unfailing Name (Amen).

    204. Dear Jamie, thank you for the blessing you are. I have been and am currently in a financial bind for some time now. I have able to send what I can occasionally but not like I would love to though. I listen to your encouraging messages and teachings and do my best to stay focused on God’s promises.Thanks again

    205. Celia Martinez says:

      Thank You Lord for Your Word and promises that You have declared thru Jamie . I believe and Claim them. I now receive them in Jesus name.
      Thank you Jamie for having ears to hear from the Lord.

    206. Cathy Anderson says:

      Yes, Amen. I receive ALL these blessings, spiritual, relational and financial in Jesus Name! May it be so Lord Jesus! Help my walk with You God to increase in every way and bring new friends and a fresh Godly relationship with my husband be established now in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus! Jamie, for some reason I am unable to get sound on any of the videos you include on these blogs. Any suggestions what might help me with this? Thank you for your faithfulness to hear from the Lord.

    207. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:

      I receive this Word in Jesus’ name!!! Amen!!

    208. I receive this today, now, in Jesus’ holy name! Thank you Jamie for being obedient to post this word, and I am agreement with all that you decreed here, amen.

    209. Denise Richey says:

      I am in total agreement with this declaration today, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen and amen! Thank you!

    210. Ashenafi Laine says:

      Amen!!! God bless you.

    211. Sara Mcclain says:

      Yes Lord I declare multiplication and increase over my life and the life’s of my family members! I ask God to help me to consistently tithe as he demands! I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in all areas! Amen !

    212. Melany Henfield says:

      Hi i am Melany, and i am writing to say that your teachings and declarations are a blessing to me, i receive this declation in the name of Jesus. God continual Blessings be on you.

    213. Amen Jamie, I receive this blessing decree and in total agreement!

    214. Stephanie says:

      Amen!!!! To God be the Glory!!!! I receive this Decree of multiplication and increase for myself and my family. Praise God!!!! Be blessed in all you do Jamie. You are a beacon of light and joy and a true vessel of God Almighty!!!! Thank you💌

    215. I prayed and believe and received every word. Thank you Jamie for your obedience to the Lord. I pray that for every blessing you have given be returned to you today a thousand fold, overflowing, so much it cannot be contained! In the all encompassing power and authority of the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS!

    216. Yes Amen, thanks Jamie, I receive & believe & agree in Jesus wonderful name. Thank you Heavenly Father

    217. David Tetteh Dameh says:

      This declaration has set me free and give me hope because since I became, serious I never be at peace till today’s message. Am greatful pastor. More blessings from God for you to bless us. Amen

    218. Jamie, I confirm your blessings and decrees over my life. My life is blessed and highly favored in Jesus Name.
      Thanks for sharing!!!

    219. Brittne Epps says:

      I believe and sow a seed into this Word🙌👏🔥🌻🌷

    220. Nikiesha James says:

      I stand in agreement with this blessing and I receive it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    221. Thank you Jamie.
      I receive this today in Jesus name! amen!

    222. Thank You Jamie. I receive it in Jesus Name

    223. I Believe and Receive in the powerful and mighty name of Jesus! Amen and Amen!

    224. I receive and stand in agreement with this declaration for me and my family in Jesus name. Thank you

    225. Shannon Brandstrom says:

      I agree completely and and speak these words over me with understanding and expectation in Jesus’ mighty name Amen

    226. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I confess my agreement and belief in the blessing of the Lord, which makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it!

    227. Dear Jamie,
      I receive this Word today. It was so “right-on” for me in my life at this time. Thank you so much!

    228. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    229. Lord I command agreement with all the declarations I have just said upon my life in the name of Jesus Christ of the Nazareth.
      Jamie thank you for sharing.
      May God bless you

    230. Amen! I receive multiplication in my finances, cancellation of debts, and grace, favour in my businesses in Jesus mighty name. The Lord is showing me witty inventions and showing me how to profit in my businesses in Jesus Mighty name!

    231. Jaime, I stand in agreement with this word of blessing. I receive it in the name of Jesus!! Amen.

    232. I believe and receive in Jesus’ name!

    233. Iva Leacock says:

      Thank you Jamie, mat Gid continue to shower you with his blessings.
      I receive this prayer in Jesus Name.
      The word of God is truth and life, and God’s word never lies.

    234. I receive this prophetic declaration I cried all the way through it thankyou Father forcoming into my life and changing my heart and everything in my life that is not of you, thankyou for financial increase in Jesus name I receive and believe

      Thankyou Jamie may the Lord bless and increase you in Jesus name Amen

    235. Yes, I receive it and cime in agreement in Jesus mighty name. Amen

    236. Carla Y Lane says:

      Amen Jamie, I received this word today. This was part of my prayer this morning. Thank God for confirming his word through you today.

    237. Rebecca Tanya says:

      I receive this blessing for myself and I have faith that because of His Mercy it shall be. Thank you Almighty Father for Mercy. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit.

    238. Kathy Buck says:

      Hi Jamie. I received most of what you decreed and declared in these declarations, in Jesus name. Some didn’t apply to me, but the mind, soul, body and spirit one did. I just need to get before the LORD and seek Him. Seek him more. Please pray for I will seek Him more. I want to hear him more and I desire Holy Spirit fire, like I used to receive from him. I am reading the Word but need to keep reading. He does talk to me, in his Word and I get revelation of what I’m reading before I get to where I’m reading in His Word. That’s pretty awesome! I need a job and I claimed what you wrote about, in your prayer abouut getting a job and the finances and the money with increase. The LORD told me to read the Bible and then I’m suppose to move. Not really sure what he meant by that. He promised me a house, because that’s my desire, to have my own house, a house I never have to pay for or buy?! He’s been telling me this for many years. So I ask you to come in agreement with me, that, that’s what he meant, for me. Thank you Jamie, and God bless you.

    239. Andre Insan-Muhammad says:

      Abba Father, in the most Holy name of Jesus, I confess and believe these prayers for myself, family, co-workers and disciples TODAY! Amen…Amen…Amen!

    240. I receive it in Jesus name

    241. Rasheika Singleton says:

      I receive this blessing for yourself and confess my agreement and belief in the blessing of the Lord, which makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it! This is happening for me in every area of my life in the might name of Jesus Christ!

    242. Esther Tio says:

      I come in agreement with your prayer for me and I say let it be done to me accordingly to your decrees prophesy on my life in Jesus’ name, said in Philippians 4:10-19
      10 As for me, I am full of joy in the Lord, now that at last your consideration for me has blossomed again; though I recognise that you really did have consideration before but had no opportunity to show it.

      11 I do not say this because I have lacked anything; I have learnt to manage with whatever I have.

      12 I know how to live modestly, and I know how to live luxuriously too: in every way now, I have mastered the secret of all conditions: full stomach and empty stomach, plenty and poverty.

      13 There is nothing I cannot do in the One who strengthens me.

      14 All the same, it was good of you to share with me in my hardships.

      15 In the early days of the gospel, as you of Philippi well know, when I left Macedonia, no church other than yourselves made common account with me in the matter of expenditure and receipts. You were the only ones.

      16 and what is more, you have twice sent me what I needed in Thessalonica.

      17 It is not the gift that I value most; what I value is the interest that is mounting up in your account.

      18 I have all that I need and more: I am fully provided, now that I have received from Epaphroditus the offering that you sent, a pleasing smell, the sacrifice which is acceptable and pleasing to God.

      19 And my God will fulfil all your needs out of the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

      Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 112:1-2, 5-6, 8, 9
      1 Alleluia! How blessed is anyone who fears Yahweh, who delights in his commandments!

      2 His descendants shall be powerful on earth, the race of the honest shall receive blessings:

      5 All goes well for one who lends generously, who is honest in all his dealing.

      6 for all time to come he will not stumble, for all time to come the upright will be remembered.

      8 His heart held steady, he has no fears, till he can gloat over his enemies.

      9 To the needy he gives without stint; his uprightness stands firm for ever; his reputation is founded on strength.
      All Glory to God in the highest and peace to his people on earth. God bless you, powerful Jamie. All the best in work. You still the best…clothed with the father’s coat and no demon or Satan can touch you.

      Have a wonderful month…Jah bless.

    243. I claim and receive all prophetic declarations in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thank you Jamie and may the Lord continue to bless you and keep you and flourish you your family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

    244. I receive it in Jesus name.

      1. Elijah Dorris says:

        I gratefully receive every decree and declaration to be made manifest in Jesus Christ name

    245. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      Thank You Jamie! I recieve these decrees & declarations to come forth Now in the name of Jesus!

    246. DaintyLee says:

      I believe and I receive it in Jesus Mighty Name… Amen 🙏

    247. Irma Nortje says:


    248. RachelAlvarez says:

      Hallelujah Yes, I Rachel Alvarez received it believe it in the Holy Jesus name and I receive it for my family. And all my children are blessed, and all my sisters and brothers around the world. Receive it and believe it in the Holy mighty name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, Amen.
      I pray God Bless each and everyone who sees this 🙏 ❤️ 💗 💕 💓 💖.

    249. B.Peoples says:

      I confess before heaven and earth, I agree, believe, and receive in Jesus Name!

    250. In the name of JESUS CHRIST I receive it.
      Father God bless in the name of JESUS CHRIST and favor Jammie in every area of her life, bless and favor her ministry. Amen.

    251. I decree and declare that your will be done in Jesus’ name!!! It is finished.

    252. I agree and receive it in Jesus Name! May you receive double blessing as well Jaime. Love you!

    253. Amen In Jesus Christ Victorious Mighty Powerfull Name I believe It Is done I receive Amen.

    254. I receive this word! Thank you Jamie for being a vessel from which the Holy Spirit flows through to provide on time words for God’s people! The anointing is upon you greatly! I too receive anointing in my life! God is faithful!
      Thank you for hearing and imparting the Word of God! I pray you, your family, FHP ministry and staff are blessed a hundred fold! Blessings upon blessings to you dear sister in Christ!

    255. Thank you Lord, I confess my agreement and belief in the blessing of the Lord, which makes one rich and adds no sorrow to it! Let this word regarding my life be settled in heaven and on earth. Let it accomplish all that it set out to do. In Jesus name, amen. 🙏🏾

    256. Cecilia Ramirez says:

      YES Lord, I receive, believe and claim the fullness of this Word and Decrees over my Life in Jesus Mighty Name! I thank You in advance Lord God Almighty! I pray these declarations of increase manifest today for myself, Jamie and everyone under this Ministry in Jesus Name! Amen & Amen.

    257. Just what I have needed for decades! Where I live, the weather has been a deluge the last couple of days. I think the natural has preceded the supernatural. Thank you Yahweh and Jamie!!!

    258. Kimberly Smith says:

      Thank you Lord and thank Jamie for walking in your obedience to God. I stand in agreement with this prophetic word.

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