The Sevenfold Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Knowledge Gives Life-Changing Revelation

The Sevenfold Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Knowledge Gives Life-Changing Revelation | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

In this series, we’ve been talking about and getting to know the precious sevenfold Holy Spirit. Today, we’re going to talk about the Holy Spirit of knowledge, who will give you life-changing, radical, gut-level revelation if you want Him to. 

In the Western world and also in the English language in general, we have done ourselves a disservice when it comes to knowing God.

Somehow, through the course of history, we took God’s concepts and watered them down to a humanistic, intellectual way of thinking—and by so doing, we robbed themselves of their power.

But God is still the same, and if we go back and study His Word the way He wrote it—not applying our Western traditions to it, but reading it for what it actually says—we can get back the power that He originally intended for us to have.

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    And if we learn the difference between knowledge (the way we think of it in English) and God’s revelation, we can get so much of God’s power back.

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    Think about this:

    When you say, “I know that” about any particular subject, you generally mean that you are aware of a specific piece of information, right? For example, if I tell you that fire is hot, you would tell me you know that; and you would mean that you have the knowledge in your head that fire is hot.

    However, if your body carries scars from burning yourself when you got too near a fire one day, and I tell you that fire is hot, you’re going to say “I know that” in a totally different way. Your “I know that” actually means, “I have experienced that and I carry the results with me to prove it.”

    Here’s the difference between the Western/English concept of knowledge and God’s definition of knowledge:

    In Hebrew, “to know” doesn’t mean to have a particular piece of knowledge in your head. Instead, it means to have an intimate, experiential, life-changing knowledge.

    It is this kind of knowledge that we read about in Genesis, when God told us that Adam “knew his wife, and she conceived and bore” a son (Genesis 4:1). Um hum. “Knowing” resulted in the conception of a baby. That’s knowing for sure by intimate experience, and that kind of knowledge is the only concept of knowledge that exists in God’s economy.

    In other words, “head knowledge only” doesn’t exist. It’s not real knowledge.

    REAL knowledge is intimate, gut-level, life-changing, experiential knowledge that changes your life forever.

    And that, my friend, is what the Holy Spirit of knowledge gives you.

    Remember that Isaiah 11:1-2 says:


    There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
    and a Branch shall grow out of his roots.

    The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him,
    the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
    the Spirit of counsel and might,
    the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

    In this passage, the Lord identifies the sevenfold Holy Spirit for us, and tells us that one of His names is “the Spirit of knowledge.” So …

    • … in the same way that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Yahweh who keeps covenant with you and wants to be known by His first name
    • … the same way He is the Spirit of counsel who will advise you, instruct you, and guide you
    • … and the same way that He is the Spirit of might who will fight on your side …

    … the Holy Spirit of knowledge–of intimate knowledge, not “head knowledge”–wants to give you gut-level, life-changing, radically-transforming revelation.

    Do you want this?

    For example:

    • Do you want to really know, deep down on the inside, how much God loves you–to feel His love and taste it and smell it–and have His love transform your life?
    • Do you want to really know how good He is, so you can trust Him and rest in His goodness?
    • Do you want to truly, deeply understand the Scriptures, so that every time you read your Bible, your life changes and you become a little bit more like Jesus?

    I sure do.

    I first heard about the concept of life-changing revelation from the Holy Spirit by listening to Joyce Meyer teach God’s Word. And when I heard about it–hearing how messed-up she had been and looking at where she is now–my heart became hungry for the same thing. So I began to cry out this simple prayer to God:

    Lord, give me revelation!”

    I didn’t know at the time that the Lord is the actual Spirit of revelation. I just knew I needed help–all the help I could get. And I still do. He answered then, and He answers now, because I cry out to Him often for more and more and more revelation.

    I crave Him and His truth. I need to know Him, and I need His truth to change my life.

    So I ask. Lord, give me revelation.

    Do you want true revelation from the Holy Spirit of knowledge today? Pray this simple prayer with me:

    Heavenly Father God, Holy Spirit, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Holy Spirit, thank You for being the Spirit of true knowledge and revelation. You and You alone have all knowledge and all understanding in heaven and earth. So Father God, please fill me up to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit today.

    Holy Spirit, give me revelation. Help me to know You, to know Jesus, and to know my Abba Father. Fill me with gut-level, life-changing, intimate knowledge of You and Your truth in every way. Help me to receive revelation from You that changes my thoughts, my actions and behavior patterns, and my outlook on life completely.

    Father God, let everything about me and my life line up with Your truth, in Jesus’ name. Holy Spirit, I surrender myself completely to You. Please have Your way with me. Sear Your Word into my heart like a brand, and help me to understand it.

    Thank You, Father God. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your knowledge and revelation. I love You, and I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Do you need revelation from the Holy Spirit of knowledge? Does this word stir a hunger in your heart? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!



    1. Tried to sign up for free ebook, prophetic word, etc. However I could not.

      Great posts! Keep them coming. : )

    2. Hi, hope all is well. I came across this post through my email. I typically just ignore a lot of emails since I get so many. However, I am sitting in my car after walking out of the gym and the Holy Spirit led me to read your post. GOD IS SOOO GOOD! I have been asking God for Spiritual revelation of His Word because a lot of times I feel as if I’m reading just to say I have read my bible for the day. I want so deeply to Hear God and obtain knowledge as I read. I want my prayers to be strategic to my life and my family not just praying prayer points. And with revelation of Gods word I feel I will have a better understanding and will know how to REALLY pray God’s will. I prayed your prayer and believing God will open my spiritual eyes. I greatly appreciate your post and your love for God and His people. This is just what the doctor (Jesus) ordered…my daily dose. This has helped me just from this one particular message that The Holy Spirit led me to. Blessings to you and Thanks again!!

      1. I totally understand feeling like you’re doing things just to cross them off the to-do list, Latrice. I pray Papa would give you such a spirit-level satisfaction in His Word, and revelation from it, that every word you read is like a fresh breath for your lungs and food for your body. That He would feed you with His hand from His Word, for every word that He speaks has power! I pray He would bless you today abundantly with wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him.

        1. Amen! I receive and come in agreement with your prayer for me! Thank you so much for your prayers! I pray God will continue to use you Mightily to inspire, educate and encourage His people with your blogs and messages given to you by the Power of the Holy Spirit. You are a Blessing to many!

    3. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I was thinking about Isaiah 11: 1, where He is called a rod, and comparing how will rule with a rod of iron. I know that is His Word. And when Moses was told to speak to the rock, he struck it. Jesus is our rock and He was stricken for us. We too, should be speaking to our rock not lashing out with prayers that don’t get us anywhere. The Holy Spirit will take you deeper, I’m also studying manna.

      1. Yes. When the Holy Spirit teaches us, His teaching is amazing! and He always points us to Jesus, wonderful Jesus.

    4. This post is right on time. I have recently been praying for more of God. I need more of His presence and more revelation from Him as I read His word; more revelation from him through word of knowledge, word of wisdom, understanding and revelation from Him to know my purpose in Him, what is my assignment and to not leave this earth until His destiny in me is fulfilled. I am not where I need to be or want to be spiritually. I know I should be further along, but my past disobedience and rebellion have stunted my growth. Now that I’m wanting to mature spiritually, I need revelation from God and the Holy Spirit to understand the Word as it was intended when written so I can apply it to my daily life and to “Know Him”. I prayed your prayer in faith and I do believe that as I read, study and pray, the Holy Spirit will begin to give me revelation and more of it each passing day. Thank you for this post. It has opened up an understanding that was not there before. God Bless you Jamie and I will continue to pray for you and this website and your ministry.

      1. Amen, amen, amen. Maddie, I pray that Papa would dump loads of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him on you as you seek Him and obey Him. He will disciple you and help you as you ask daily and obey His Word. I know He loves you so much and desires nothing more than to be close to you. May you increase in strength and grace to seek Him and receive His love and love Him back this very day in Jesus’ name!
        Thank you for reading and sharing!

    5. Thank you Jamie. This has really touched my heart today. I’ve been craving more of God; to know Him more and to know of His love for me. Every word seemed to just reach out to me in love and understanding. Even the replies to your post soothed my soul. Especially this response from you “…..every word you read is like a fresh breath for your lungs and food for your body. That He would feed you with His hand from His Word, for every word that He speaks has power!” Yes! I appreciate you Jamie for sharing your knowledge and your heart.
      I’ve been praying that God would give you rest even while you’re working. That He would give you such peace that His knowledge would just flow freely to you and Bruce.

      1. April, after reading what Jamie wrote today, I’d say the Lord answered your prayers for her rest!

        Jamie, I’m so thankful to have come across your blog last week. I feel like I’ve known you forever. I love your enthusiasm, your gift for teaching, your honesty, and your sense of humor, among other things, and I’m so thankful for the way the Lord is using you in the lives of many.

        1. Leslie, thank you so much. I’m glad you found it too! 🙂 I’m honored and I plan to keep on bleeding all over every page, so I pray Papa would continue to bless you. 😉 Have a super day!

    6. I am enjoying this series on the Holy Spirit. When are you going to post the fear of the Lord?

      1. Hopefully next week, Lawrence. I’m sorry for the delay. These teaching posts take a tremendous amount of time to write and I’ve been so snowed under that I’ve not written that one yet. And I want to really do them justice. So, hopefully next week we’ll talk about the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, and then we’ll be going into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 🙂
        Thanks so much for the nudge. 🙂 And thanks for reading! I’m really glad Papa is blessing you.

    7. Hello. The statement about we humans reducing God to humanistic head knowledge and robbing Him of His power really got to me. It is so true!
      I am desperate for the Holy Spirit, for intimacy and revelation, to fall in love with Him, deeply and completely.
      Your post was very encouraging and I’m touched by the way you call God Papa.
      Oh I need prayer so that it may not be about me and my reasoning but about Him. I need Him to mentor me.
      Thank you very much for sharing, Jamie. Papa bless you extravagantly.

    8. Traci Leach says:

      Holy Spirit. I’m in desperate need of You, more than I realize. Reproduce yourself in me. Your can be trusted with my heart.

    9. Praise Emmanuel says:

      Your writing on the seven fold spirit of God, blessed me. God bless you for yeilding to the Holy Spirit.

    10. Thankyou Jamie for this insight I need revelation from God I receive this in the name of Jesus Amen

    11. The person with an experience is NEVER at the mercy of a person with an argument! Once you’ve had an encounter with God, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit, no number of “facts” to the contrary will EVER change your mind. Lord, let us experience you intimately every single day!!

    12. Reshma Van Wyk says:

      Hey Jamie.. I want God to reveal himself to me more because I am in in the middle of alot of confusion and thoughts and I Want to be able to use my calling better. Amen

    13. Maribeth Bieber says:

      Oh my gosh I am in awe! The Holy Spirit is so much more powerful than I ever imagined. I am so blessed and feel so close to the Holy Spirit already. Thank you Pappa! Thank you Jesus Thank you Holy Spirit!
      Thank you Jaime for hearing the Lord so right on that I can Learn so much so quickly.
      God Bless you!

    14. Cindy🌹 says:

      A m e n, to Holy Spirit’s perfect guidance toward our receiving whatever knowledge & revelation He deems necessary for us.
      The Spirit’s knowledge & revelation seem to be pivotal components to our sanctification, holiness.
      All praise & thankfulness to the Holy Spirit’s all-knowing teaching of us.

    15. God bless you for being His channel.

    16. Hi…This was powerful! This article was an answer to the debts of my cry to the Lord! Revelation is what I need and I received it through the prayer. I am looking forward and upward to this amazing journey with the Holy Spirit. It is going to be….correction-It has begun….it is NOW altering the way I think, pray, love, live, receive and an abundance of sooo much more!!!! Hallelujah! Great grace upon you!

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