The Sevenfold Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Counsel

The Sevenfold Holy Spirit: The Spirit of Counsel | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Today, we’re continuing our study of the sevenfold Holy Spirit as described in Isaiah 11:1-5. We’ve already talked about the Spirit of Yahweh, the Spirit of wisdom, and the Spirit of understanding. Today, we’re going to talk about the Spirit of counsel.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you absolutely knew you did not have the answer, but then you sat there and watched God solve an unsolvable situation before your very eyes?

I have.

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    I can’t tell you how many times I have been working in deliverance sessions, inner healing sessions, or crisis intervention, only to encounter situations that I knew I couldn’t handle. For example:

    • I can’t bring someone to repentance.
    • I can’t convict them of sin.
    • I can’t diffuse a person’s rage by myself. Although each of us can always bring a soft answer that turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1), only the Holy Spirit can take the rage out of somebody.
    • I can’t change someone’s heart and take away their hatred for their pastor, spouse, or friend.

    But the Holy Spirit can, and He does.

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    Over and over, I have walked into situations that I have not been able to handle.

    And every time, the only thing I have been able to do is to pray and call on the Lord as our Wonderful Counselor–the Spirit of Truth, who will convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment–and then wait and pray some more.

    In the toughest situations, that has often meant that I haven’t been able to do anything but pray and watch Him work. Other times, He has told me what to do and say, one step at a time. Either way, every single time, the Holy Spirit has come through.

    Every time, He has walked into the room and started dealing with people’s hearts in His ever-so-loving, gentle, honoring, caring way.

    • Every time, He has comforted the folks who have needed it, wrapped them in His arms, assured them of His love, and convicted them of sin.
    • Every time, I see Him pick up His kids and hold them, telling them what they need to know and changing their hearts.
    • Every time, I’ve watched Him drain His child’s anger, rage, resentment, and hurt right out of their souls.
    • Every time, I’ve seen the Holy Spirit show each person how they have been acting; how the Lord wants them to act; and overwhelm them with so much goodness and holy conviction that they get right with God and with people.

    His help is so tangible that I truly believe I have seen Him walk into the room, stand right next to someone as his or her personal Counselor, and solve everything. I have watched Him bring total healing to hearts and relationships, over and over.

    Also, so many times in my personal life, I have not known how to respond in certain situations or conversations.

    But when I call on the name of the Lord, He shows me just what to do, how to respond, and what to say. The words could only come from Him, but He gives them generously and carries me right through the toughest things with dignity.

    It’s amazing. He’s amazing. And He comes through every time.

    Why? Because He is the Spirit of counsel.

    The Holy Spirit is a Counselor just like Jesus is. He’s available to counsel you, anytime, anywhere.

    Remember that the Holy Spirit is “another of the same kind” as Jesus is, and Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. That makes the Holy Spirit our Wonderful Counselor too.

    And He sure is wonderful.

    He’ll help you through crises. He’ll show you what to do in every situation in your personal life, relationships, ministry, business, and more.

    Maybe that’s why He told us, in Psalm 32:8:


    I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.

    I claim that promise in prayer nearly every day, lifting Father’s words back up to Him and asking Him to do what He said. I need His help so desperately; without Him, I wouldn’t know how to do anything. I feel like Solomon, who as a full-grown man of 40 years old, confessed to the Lord:


    … I am a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in” (1 Kings 3:7b).

    Oh, how I need His help and counsel! Don’t you? And He is available to counsel us.

    The actual meaning of the word “counsel” in Isaiah 11:2 is that the Holy Spirit:

    • advises us;
    • acts as our expert consultant;
    • guides us; and
    • resolves things on our behalf.

    Oh, He’ll give you instruction and strategy. He’ll download His divine blueprints into you. He’ll teach you everything you need to know … all because He is the Spirit of counsel.

    Isn’t that comforting?

    The Holy Spirit stands ready to counsel you at a moment’s notice.

    All you have to do is ask, and the precious Holy Spirit of counsel will walk in the room, instruct you, lead you, teach you, work in your heart, and fix everything up.

    Do you need some counsel and divine guidance from the Holy Spirit today?

    Won’t you call on His name today as your Wonderful Counselor? You don’t have to have fancy words. Just breathe out to Him the cry of your heart. Remind Him of His promise to instruct you and teach you in the way you should go and guide you with His eye. Ask Him to counsel you personally.

    Then pay attention, because you’ll hear Him whispering in your ear, convicting your heart, and see Him guiding your steps right away.

    Does this message about the Spirit of counsel encourage your heart? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!



    1. Hi,
      I found your blog today and I’m so grateful to the Holy Spirit for directing me to it.
      Your message and prayer for vindication has helped me go into work and hold my head high knowing that God will show up on my behalf. I allowed myself fall away from my commitment to God due to the failings of a spiritual mentor and since then I have been struggling with my faith. I have recently been faced with a form of victimisation at work and not sure how to deal with it. I dont want my contract to be terminated, I want to work out my contract in a happy peaceable environment but it seems everything I do would be seen as wrong, even the sight of me is irritating to my boss. I pray that God grants me favour and turns the situation around for my good. That I do my work excellently without error or reproach always led by the spirit in my utterances and actions. Can you pray with me please? God bless you!!

      1. I am so glad Papa blessed you with this post, Zuky. Of course I will pray for you. May He grant you favor and send you help from Zion as you seek Him in all things. 🙂

      2. Thanks for your obedience. I asked God for counsel and He led me here.

    2. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I need Him, I do very well counseling believers, encouraging women in faith. The rage and anger, are probably a different aspect. I have tried to talk to people who are unwilling to acknowledge their drug use, much less repent of it. That’s when I have to turn it over to Him.

    3. sheri kenny says:

      I have to say your article on the Holy Spirit, our Couselor was FABULOUS!!! Very encouraging!!!

      1. Thanks so much, Sheri. I’m so glad Papa blessed you! Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

    4. Elizabeth Kambobe says:

      I was researching on the spirit of counsel… Your platform has blessed me, and encouraged me to seek the Lords counsel daily and remind Him of his words… Thank you and may God bless you

      1. Amen and thank you, Elizabeth. I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been traveling on a mission trip and was unable to access the blog for awhile. But I pray Papa God would instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, and guide you with His eye upon you this very day.

    5. Thessy Zibiri says:

      Thanks for this article on the spirit of counsel. May God continually guide us all.
      I see God sending more people my way that need
      His counsel. I sincerely desire that I shall speak the mind of God always to them. Thanks for the scripture PS 32:8. It’s really the bottom line to the spirit of counsel.
      Thanks once again. God bless you richly. Cheers

    6. The lesson about the spirit of counsel is really helpful and thank you for the lesson

    7. Traci Leach says:

      Thank you Jamie. I believe this article is insightful and encouraging. My heart is warmed by His love towards us. I love the promises in Psalm 32 “….I will Instruct…I will teach…I will guide” my responsibility is to “pay attention and obey”.

      I side note I thought you might appreciate. He revealed to me that “‘come buy’ and eat, you who have no money” meant to “Pay attention”

      1. Thank you so much for your clear and spiritually uplifting lesson! I have truly been counselled! The Holy Spirit spoke to me using the parable of a farmer and told me to clear the old harvest out so that the field is ready for sowing as a new season is starting soon as we emerge from lockdown post Covid 19. I know what he is counselling me specifically on, so I need to get started right away! Thank you and God bless you richly my dear sister in Christ.

    8. Deborah B says:

      This teaching has inspired and caused me to feel comfort and peace. It’s like you are speaking the heart of Father God.

    9. Amber D Speese says:

      This teaching on the 7 SPIRIT of GOD has been a blessing. May God always bless you with His revelation!

    10. Mayenhyira says:

      God bless you for availing yourself for the Lord to use you to be a blessing to us by sharing this divine insight into the Spirit of counsel. Oh how fulfilling it is to read this!

    11. Ade Ojerinde says:

      This article is amazing! It blesses my soul.
      Grace much grace sir

    12. Jamie, Thank you for this teaching. It’s beautiful. One thing I wanted to mention is that you said, quote: ” His help is so tangible that I truly believe I have seen Him walk into the room…” Holy Spirit is actually present everywhere. He doesn’t technically walk into the room. He lives in our hearts and He is all around us too. I’m just pointing this out because when we realize the truth of His Presence, we feel so much closer to Him, realizing that He’s in us and all around us. I think it’s important to be succinct in our expression of the reality of His OmniPresence so that we have the proper understanding. I often hear Christians say “walk into the room,” when Holy Spirit is already in the room. Hope I’m expressing myself clearly. Blessings, joy and peace! 🙂

    13. Hi Jamie

      I am in very tense situation
      I realy don’t know what way to go anymore. My life is falling apart. I am currently unemployed debt collectors calling me almost everyday demanding payment. Thai make me more depressed. I am looking for employment but just nothing happened for me yet. I pray everyday I believe. Can you also pray for me that breakthrough is coming and a door will open. Please

    14. IRMA NORTJE says:

      AMEN THANKU PS. Jamie, we need Divine Counsel for this and next generations young people. All praise and honor be to God for His endless compassion and guidance . Anoint and appoint us in our family in the right capacity to serve as a blessing, mentor, intercessor in truth, faith and wisdom in our Divine calling upon our lives while in your Kingdom on earth

    15. Cindy🌹 says:

      Yes, AMEN🙏
      I felt overwhelmed by personal stuff this morning & was STUCK in offering prayer to our Father. Shedding tears, I simply asked Holy Spirit to please intercede for me as I didn’t know how to pray/what to pray for today.
      I was answered IMMEDIATELY being led to Psalm 91, a saved podcast I have regarding how we’re to build for God’s kingdom & THIS post about Holy Spirit.
      Our Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit are always FAITHFUL & GOOD to us.

    16. Wow!!! This article blessed me SO much (I already “shared” it with a friend.) I can feel the Presence of the Holy Spirit just reading it. Thank you for your obedience and love for us all in writing. So rich, so enlightening, so full of wisdom..
      Love and Blessings

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