How Do You Get the Holy Spirit?

How Do You Get the Holy Spirit? by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

In the first article in this series, we talked about who the Holy Spirit is. Today, we’re going to talk about one question that might be at the top of many readers’ minds:

How do you get the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a priceless Treasure. He is magnificent, holy, pure, sweet, kind, loving, gentle, honoring, and generous. He’s AMAZING.

But if you don’t have Him yet–or aren’t sure if you have Him–then you can’t get to know Him. 🙂 You have to know someone is with you before you can develop a relationship with them!

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    So how do you get the Holy Spirit? It’s simple: He is a Gift. Father God gives Him to you to be your constant Companion at the moment SOMETHING happens in your life.

    And what is that SOMETHING? When is that moment when Father sends you this Person, this most precious Gift?

    It is at the moment you give your life to Jesus.

    Yes, you read that right. At the moment you give your life to Jesus, if you haven’t already–or at the moment you gave your life to Jesus, if you already did–you receive the Holy Spirit from God.

    Automatically. No effort involved on your part other than surrendering to Jesus and accepting His free gift of salvation.

    You don’t have to work in order to get the Holy Spirit. You don’t have to beg Father for Him. You don’t have to be smart enough, good enough, or have enough people like you.

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    The Holy Spirit simply cannot be bought or earned. He is too priceless, too precious for that. He is a Gift, given to us–to YOU!–by God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

    Ephesians 1:13-14 tells us:


    In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.”

    When you and I received Jesus Christ as our Lord–when we decided to make Him our Boss, our personal Master, our Sovereign Ruler–we did so by God’s grace (His unmerited, undeserved favor toward us) through faith. We didn’t deserve to have our sins forgiven, but “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

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    Jesus Christ paid the price for our sin. He died for us so we don’t have to die if we will receive His forgiveness and make Him our Lord.

    He did all the work. All we had to do was receive the gift of His forgiveness and make Him the Boss of our lives. That is called “salvation,” and salvation in Jesus Christ is a gift. You can’t earn salvation. You can’t buy it. All you can do is accept it.

    And the Holy Spirit is also a Gift from God to you, given in exactly the same way: by grace, through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    This precious Person, the Holy Spirit, was sent to dwell inside you the moment you received Christ as your Savior and Lord. He is a Gift, and the Bible tells us in the passage above from Ephesians that His Presence in you is actually the Proof of your salvation.

    That means:

    If you have received salvation in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is inside you, right now, already.

    He truly lives inside you. He fills you up, and He’s always with you … because the Father sent Him to you as Father’s own Gift to you.

    Think about how cool this is:

    There is a Person living inside you right now, and He is actually God. His name is Holy Spirit. He has a personality just like you do. He has likes and dislikes, joys and sorrows. Certain things make Him laugh and certain things make Him cry.

    And He’s inside you right now. He’ll be inside you all day, all night, and every day and every night for the rest of your life. No matter how normal or mundane your life feels, Holy Spirit lives inside you because Father gave Him to you.


    • When you eat breakfast this morning, He’s with you because He lives inside you.
    • When you wake up your kids, He’s with you–because He lives inside you.
    • When you go to work today, He goes with you … because He lives inside you.

    YOU are Holy Spirit’s dwelling place.

    He was free to you. It cost Jesus His very life to be able to give Him to you, but YOU get Him free … just because you gave your life to Jesus. And now this sweet, precious Person lives inside you.

    So here’s your assignment for today:

    Begin to think about the wonder of having a Person living inside you. Meditate and ponder on this as you move throughout your day today. Begin to talk to Him just like you would speak with a person you could actually see.

    And as you talk to Him, don’t point your attention and conversation toward the skies, as if Holy Spirit was way up there far away somewhere. Instead, point your conversation toward this Person who is actually living inside of you.

    Ask Father God to help you talk with the Holy Spirit. Father God dotes on the Holy Spirit, so He’ll eagerly facilitate that relationship. 🙂 And as you begin to talk with this Person who lives on the inside of you, notice how it helps you feel more connected to Him.

    Then, would you please leave a comment below? I’d love to hear what happens! 🙂



    1. Ahhhh this explains that feeling I had when I surrendered and confessed that I am a sinner and wanted to be forgiven and have a relationship with Jesus. I felt this warm and comforting like hug that wrapped around me. Best feeling ever!
      I remember walking away from work, felling as if I was not alone in my walk. Now I know why!!! I didn’t know that Father God gave His Holy Spirit to me at that very moment. But, it all makes complete sense to me now. Thank you ?

      1. Yes. He’s right with you and that was Him coming to fill you up. He’s so loving and loves to hug His kids, too–so anytime you need a hug like that, just ask Him and He will hug you anytime like that. I ask Him often. 🙂

    2. Rebecca Jones says:

      As a believer, I have the pure grace of the Holy Spirit, I am ever thankful.

      1. Me too, Rebecca. I couldn’t live a moment without Him. Life is too… uh, everything. Thank God for the Holy Spirit! 🙂

    3. Great blog, I was so happy when I gave my life to Jesus and had my eyes opened. If I listen to the Holy Spirit all goes well, when I don’t everything becomes an uphill struggle. I have been a Christian almost 3 years and I just love learning about our heavenly father, and I love what he is teaching me about me.

      1. Amelia, I’m so happy you’ve given your life to Jesus! Yayyy!!! And that He’s teaching you! He’s so amazing and He LOVES to teach. I am thrilled that You are listening! You will grow faster than you could ever imagine just by submitting to His teaching. May you be blessed exceedingly today and have more revelation from the Holy Spirit than ever before!

    4. Wow! I got saved as a young girl, but I wasnt sure exactly what age so I asked the Holy Spirit how long He’s been living inside of me, and He told me! I got saved at age 6!
      I knew I received the Holy Spirit but I’m just now learning to understand Him and really submit to Him and getting to know Him. God is so merciful!

      1. Fanicia, I was thrilled to read your comment! Thank you for sharing! Holy Spirit is AMAZING and you will love Him more and more each day as you get to know Him. And He just told me He loves you very much!

    5. ALICE NKOSI says:

      HI Jamie thank you so much for revealing what the Holy Spirit is and that He dwells inside me. Since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lod and saviour,i always feel that I am not alone even if I walk in the street I feel like I can sing until I cry. if I have scolded my child I feel guilty. Now I know. Can you pray for me for the Holy Spirit to manifest when I am praying or preaching I sometimes have fear I ask Holy Spirit to take out fear from me so that I am bold when I preach the word of God. Also I would like the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me or to speak in tongues.

    6. Jamie, I will start with pray and fasting, but evry time i started, i don’t finish it, I don’t know why, can you help me with that?

    7. Kim A.Hill says:

      Kim says:I’m so grateful that the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of me.I’m learning to utilize him more .Thank you Father for your precious gift.I receive him with gladness.

    8. Thank you Lord Jesus for the Holy Spirit. I will start talking to the Holy Spirit that’s within me & not in the sky. Good point. Thank you! 👏🏾🙏🏾

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