The Abundance Formula: 5 Keys to Kingdom Multiplication

The Abundance Formula: 5 Keys to Kingdom Multiplication | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Do you need Kingdom multiplication and abundance in your life?

I know I do. No matter how blessed we are, we can always be more blessed! It’s called “Kingdom multiplication,” and we can all come up into a higher level of God’s provision by contending for it!

Well, this morning, as I was praying, the Lord told me to go to John chapter 6. When I did, He showed me what I feel Holy Spirit calling “The Abundance Formula” … and I am SO excited about this!

John 6:1-13 contains the story of Jesus feeding over 5,000 people by multiplying five barley loaves and two small fish. Here’s what it says:

And you know what? What Jesus did for those 5,000 people, He will do for us too. He fed them from almost nothing–but He took that “almost nothing” and multiplied it like crazy.

So here is the Abundance Formula that Holy Spirit showed me.

As you follow the story in the image above (John 6:1-13), you can see these 5 keys to Kingdom multiplication:

Key 1: Recognize that Jesus already knows what He will do.

You may feel out of control, but He’s got this–even if you don’t feel like it yet. He already knows exactly what He will do, for He will always manifest HIMSELF. He can’t do anything else. He’s got no other tricks in His pocket than manifesting everything He is, so He’s very predictable! God is God, and He cannot deny Himself!

Think of it this way, also:

Whatever mountain you are facing, God has already been there.

He’s already lived through your future; He’s the God who is, and who was, and who IS to come. That means He is CURRENTLY inhabiting your FUTURE. You haven’t seen tomorrow or the next day yet, but GOD is already living there. He IS in the “to come.”

So whatever you’ve got going on, He already knows what He will do. You just need to find out what HIS game plan is, and get aligned with that.

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Key 2: Even though HE knows what He will do, God will test you anyway.

Jesus asked Philip where they should buy bread so that all those people could eat. He was asking Philip if he, Philip, could provide for them.

But Philip could not.

Philip did not have the resources to feed 5,000 hungry people. It doesn’t even appear from the story that Philip could provide for himself! (It was a young boy who had the food, not any of the disciples.)

A person could surmise that the disciples might have had 200 denarii in their communal coffers (John 6:7). However, if they did, even that would not have been enough.

Yet, Jesus still tested Philip … and Philip had to admit that he, Philip, could not provide.

What’s the takeaway?

Are you feeling worried right now? You’re in the testing part of this process. Go to the Lord and humbly admit that you cannot provide for yourself. Then, proceed with the next key!

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Key 3: Rest.

Jesus made the people sit down. They sat down as if they were going to eat, even though the only food in sight consisted of five barley loaves and two small fish!

God is very serious about rest. He REQUIRES us to do it. In the book of Hebrews, chapters 1-4 have the main theme of describing WHY God’s people should rest, HOW they have failed to rest, and HOW they can start resting now–along with telling us how mad God gets when we refuse to rest!

Resting doesn’t mean we do nothing. You can still act while you rest. However, you DO have to rest in God if you’re going to receive anything from Him. In God’s opinion, failure to rest is called “distrust,” or “lack of faith,” and He doesn’t respond to that.

So … rest! Get a word and stand on it! Depend on God, and give yourself a break!

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Key 4: Radical thanksgiving.

This morning, as I was praying, the Lord showed me how Jesus gave thanks before He multiplied the bread and fish. Thanksgiving came before abundance! And, if we look at the situation truthfully, it was radical thanksgiving–thanksgiving for something Jesus had faith for, but could not see with His natural eyes.

Right now, if you need God to multiply your provision, you need to stop and give radical thanksgiving.

That is what I did this morning. As I read John 6, Holy Spirit told me to stop and give thanks. So I did. I thanked Him for everything I could think of:

  • My son;
  • Our home;
  • My family;
  • The Bible in front of me;
  • and anything else I could think of!

I just thanked Him and thanked Him, even for crazy, ridiculous-sounding stuff like the paint on the walls!

But you know what? I felt His unction on me to just give thanks. It was an urgent matter in the Spirit. Why? Because thanksgiving opens Kingdom doors. Thanksgiving opens the windows of Heaven. And what you bless and thank God for increases in your life.

I believe this is a prophetic word for you too. STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND GIVE THANKS. Yes, I’m shouting. 🙂 Stop and give thanks! It will open up what has been a closed gate of blessings in your life!

Key 5: Expectation.

Jesus kept multiplying the bread “as much as they wanted” (John 6:11). That will preach.

When I wrote yesterday’s blog post, Holy Spirit dealt with me about this.

Here’s what happened: Like I said yesterday, we need a certain amount of money for the ministry in order to meet expenses at the end of the month. The Lord always comes through with this. ALWAYS.

However, I WANT more than that. We need about $5,000; but I want $7,000 so we can start outsourcing some work, hire an assistant, hire an audio editor, etc—and then start providing more scholarships for the inner healing retreat. We need dozens of scholarships, and I want the money to award them all. I sense that would be a great exploit–a goal/great exploit worthy of God (Daniel 11:32).

Well, when I was writing all that out yesterday, I was tempted to just tell you we needed bare-bones expense money. Just enough to get by.

BUT then Holy Spirit nudged me and I could tell He wanted me to write a “faith amount” for what we truly need, expansion and all, not for just what we need to scrape by.

It was hard.

Honestly, I think Holy Spirit wanted me to stretch my faith and believe Him for $10,000. We could help SO many people with $10,000, and we could give so many scholarships for the retreat.

But honestly—and I say this with sorrow—I did not have the faith at the time for $10,000.

Yesterday, I had the faith for $7,000, so that’s what I wrote. All the while yesterday, though, while I was writing, I was wondering: if I had the faith to meet His challenge to believe Him for $10,000, would He provide that too?

And of course He would. It’s a no-brainer. So today, after fueling myself more in the Word on this topic in John 6, I can honestly say I have the faith for the full $10,000–which is going to provide our expenses plus a whole lot of scholarships to the inner healing retreat. And I’m STOKED, because it’s going to come in.

(Give or purchase products here through Gumroad or donate here through PayPal if you’d like to help.) 🙂

Beloveds, God will give you what you expect.

You have to really expect it, though. It’s called “faith,” and it’s what He responds to. You can’t just wish you expected it. You can’t just dream of it. You have to know that you know that you know that GOD WILL DO IT.

And He will … as much as you want.

Beloved, God’s Word shows us a pattern that is far higher, and much more abundant, than our current reality.

But you know what? That same word also outlines how we can bring our reality UP to meet the standard of HIS reality. God’s Word clearly outlines the keys. All we have to do is stick with what He says and do things the way HE shows us to do things.

If we will do that, we will see Kingdom multiplication in our lives. The Abundance Formula works. It’s just a simple path to obeying the commands of God by:

  1. Recognizing that Jesus already knows what He will do;
  2. Recognizing His tests when they come, and standing firm;
  3. Resting in Him and His Word;
  4. Giving thanks to God effusively, and becoming a radical thank-er; and
  5. Expecting Him to show up and show out, as much as we want. 🙂

Which key do you need to work on today?

Do these 5 keys in The Abundance Formula help and encourage you today? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what Papa is saying to you!


  1. Good word! Very encouraging! Thank you!!

    1. Marlene Bond says:

      This word is great Jamie. I do believe and live this way already. However, I am believing for more so that I can give more. Another thing I would add would be to listen to God’s instruction for my part in this. The disciples in the stort listened for God’s instructions. Thank you, awesome lady. Your messages are always anointed and encouraging..

      1. Thank you Jamie for this post. I need abundance Lord please provide what I need and the needs of my family and friends. Lord I thank you for all you have given me and I’m claiming abundant giving from you.

    2. wegosasa stella says:

      AM so encouraged by these words today thanks you a lot
      I pray hard that the holy spirit may guide me about the 5 keys
      God bless you jamie

    3. Lloyd Clarke says:

      Great WORD amen

    4. Ngozi Oguike says:

      Thank so much for the message. I has helped me for my ministration today.

  2. Dan Thomas says:

    As I read your almost daily posts, Jamie, what wraps me up is not so much what you write, rather, it is the CONFIRMATION of what Holy Spirit has called to my rememberable for weeks prior to reading.

    You have also given me new incentive to partner with God thru Jesus by the Holy Spirit for becoming debt free & forming a finance ministry for small to medium (overlooked) existing ministries needing cash infusion. Yours is the 2nd on my list.

    What is my expectation? Become married again to a lady who shares my vision & is willing to be my helpmeet.
    I am so ashamed being unmarried. Praying seems to worsen the feelings of shame as I realize I have failed Abba not being married.

    Hold the fort … cavalry on the way! Commanding officer Col. Jesus leading.

    Dan T

  3. Women of God this is confirmation 2 years ago the wedding of my son we had no money has the wedding planner went bankrupt and caterers run way 2 weeks to the wedding and I just Call forth the loaves and fishes anointing it works I am now applying it to my present crusade we can never out give God. I encourage you keep doing what you are doing.yours in Gods service lola may

    1. Delia Gonzales says:

      Mrs. Jamie woman od God thank you so much for the conformation of God’s word speaking to us through you believe trusting that it is already done point 1. All the points that you gave is the perfect pattern the more we read and het into his Word is life breathing through our veins the blood of our Creator all of the Victory has already been won through Jesus death and resurrection that it has already been done for us LOVE YOU Lord may the Lord continue blessing you mighty women of God.thsnk you again.

  4. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

    Hie Jamie

    Thank you. I preached on John 6, about the feeding of 5 000 two weeks ago. That week we had great testimonies and they keep on coming.

    Thank you for your teaching on this. Its a topic that has been burning in my spirit since two weeks ago. And to hear it again from you is just awesome.

    God bless you


    1. Dan Thomas says:

      Tapiwa / Jamie,

      Jamie’s post was confirmation! to Tapiwa’s presentation. The feeding is a classic example of Abba’s unlimited wealth & resources. Especially when Abba calls what is notas if it were.

      Thank you both … Confirmation overcomes doubt any day anytime anywhere.

      Dan T

  5. Malathi Vikram Vikram says:

    This word gas really encouraged me. I am in a very bad financial state, not able to clearbills since two mths. My faith keeps wavering. Pl pray for me. Thank u very much. Love n prayers.

  6. Father, in Jesus’ name, I break the burden of shame from Your precious son, Dan. Cause him to discover another facet of Your love that melts his regrets. Give him a wonderful glimpse of Your future purpose for him and how You are SO VERY AWARE of his desires, as You have heard the cries of his heart. Heal and restore Your designed relationships for him even as You heal his heart. Show him the next step on Your prepared path for him, and how to take it by faith. Thank You for making him a kingdom financer to Your glory.

  7. Holley A Richardson says:

    Hi, Jamie thank you for this word, I bless to hear God is still on the throne.
    I would love to tithe to your ministry on a monthly basis. I read your blogs
    always, but it was this that was different. So please send me the information to sow…

  8. Thanks again Jamie for such powerful words. They all spoke to me deeply. So from now on I will follow these five steps. Pleas continue to pray for me I need a Spiritual and financial breakthrough. Thank you and GOD bless.

  9. Madaline McFarland says:

    This scripture just keeps coming back to me. This is the third time in the past week that I have heard messages from this passage. Guess Papa is trying to get my attention! Ok, I am going to adopt these 5 things and watch for the overflow:)

  10. Thank you. I really needed those keys. I love to thank Him!! I’m going to follow those keys to get the abundance that I need. Once again this word is speaking directly to me!

  11. Jamie My Daughter Kimberly in Canada house is for foreclosure. It went on foreclosure on September 22, 2019. Please pray for a debt cancellation on the arrears. I pray for favour with the bank to decrease on the loan payments because it is very high in Jesus Name amen.

  12. The key I need to work on is Thanksgiving. Truth is I hate this time in my life but if I didn’t go through all I went through, I’d be worse off now than I was before all this started. Thank you for this word. You’re ministry has been such a light in the dark because I know everything you say comes from the Lord because the Lord has confirmed everything and yes in all honesty because I’ve asked Him is this for me. This due to my lack of faith. But I am so thankful that though this is so hard, I’ve never been alone. I guess I can honestly say to the Lord now,”Thank you, because by your grace, I am saved and although I don’t know the outcome, I know you’re working all things for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose. I don’t deserve anything from you Lord yet you still so freely give and the things that I have don’t matter anymore. I’m grateful don’t get me wrong, but I’m more grateful for your heart, my husband, my children, those can’t be replaced. Thank you for helping this simpleton to see the kingdom as God as more than just stuff but a God who will NEVER leave us or forsake us. We are never alone and I am forever grateful

  13. Please pray, I thought our son was healed of chemical imbalance, an we were all slowly healing from the the 3 years of emotional turmoil we have all gone through with it , an this past week it all can back like a vengeance,i feel like we are fighting a never ending battle.

  14. I believe God will bless me to be a millionaire and I can help so many people and my family with that. I re dive it in Jesus name Amen!

  15. Really great word, thank you! It’s a blessing to rest in God and have peace…

  16. Jean Potgieter says:

    Praise the Lord, I so needed this word. I feel a strong connection with you Jamie, and would like to get to know you although living in another country,

  17. Valerie Price says:

    What a great post, as always! God is a big God so I’m encouraged to ask “bigger”, with greater expectations…and of course thanking Him for every breath I take and everything else from there! Merry Christmas!

  18. Francie Robertson says:

    And a very Merry Xmas To You All!!!

    The meat of God’s Word has been cooking and is out of the oven and sitting on the meat board – RESTING!
    This meat is worth $10,000.00! Oh it looks and smells DIVINE! Worth all the faith we put into the seasonings! And next time we can only improve on the seasonings! Does it get any better than that? 1000 X 10,000 & thousands of thousands!!!! YEEESSS LORD!!!

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