5-Day Harvest Fast Prayer Plan Now LIVE on YouVersion!

5-Day Harvest Fast Prayer Plan by Jamie Rohrbaugh | Free Bible Plan on YouVersion | FromHisPresence.com

Hi, friends! Exciting news! Yesterday, our newest free Bible Plan went live on YouVersion!

The new Plan is called 5-Day Harvest Fast Prayer Plan. You can find it:

You can also find our other 5 YouVersion Bible Plans on the Bible App by searching “From His Presence” using the app’s search function.

Our other free YouVersion Bible Plans are:

We are investing a significant amount of our staff time and resources into YouVersion right now. Each Plan takes a ton of time to prepare, but these Plans are worth it. There are millions of people using the YouVersion app, so each Plan helps us make a LOT of disciples!

Please pray for us as we continue creating and uploading these Plans for the people of God around the world. 🙂 And, thank you!

I pray this newest Bible Plan will be a big blessing to you!

Love in Jesus,


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