A Word about Divine Alignment

Hey beloveds,
Here’s a very brief, but very important, prophetic mentoring moment about ALIGNMENT. Let’s talk about divine alignment for a moment, shall we?

A few things:

1) It is incredibly important to be in league with, in community with, in relationship with, and running with people who are a) centered on Jesus, b) of like mind with you, and c) going where you are going.

2) It is also vitally important to be aligned with people who already ARE where you are going. This is because we need to learn from people who already are where you want to go! We all need a mentor!

3) I sense that this coming week, starting tomorrow (which technically started at sundown Saturday on God’s calendar), the Lord is pouring out great grace on people to get themselves aligned properly.

4) Search your heart and life and look to see where you are versus are not aligned the way you want to be. Are you keeping company with people who are running with you–people who will contribute to your success, and you to theirs? Are you running with people who already ARE where you want to be? Are you serving somewhere you feel respected, valued, and cherished for who you are–not just for what you can do?

If you’re not, the Lord is pouring out grace right now to get yourself that way. Think about these things, and act as Papa shows you.



  1. kathy woriax says:

    Good word Jamie!

  2. George Fossett says:

    Your questions towards the end of this article caused my heart to burn and believe for deeper alignment! Please pray for me. I am so hungry in this season to find and align with those pursuing God’s kingdom like me. Just recently, I had been struggling with a ministry offer that would financially support me but surround me with religious people. Your article is bringing clarity and confirmation about my conviction not to take a permanent position in this situation!

    1. Annanson John says:

      How awesome! I feel revived each time you write ✍. Jamie,know that you are in my thoughts ? and may God bless you.

  3. Perfect timing! Agree and feel it too. God bless you for this powerful ministry.

  4. Irene Jones says:

    Amen to that word

  5. Sue Tracy says:

    Yes that’s where I want to be.

  6. I love this post and it came right at the right time. I am
    a young mom burning with passion to live the right way andgiuide my little ones in HIS truth. We live in a rural area where not many people are “supportive” of a truly Godly lifestyle. Please pray I can pray what Papa wants me to pray, and understand. Pray that if it’s HIS will, I’ll find a good good mentor.

  7. Mia Grant says:

    I dont believe in coincidences but Just yesterday I had a desire to start reading and watching videos/ sermons on alignment. I feel like God is telling me/ showing me what true alignment is. I’ve been reading the book “Detours” by Dr. Tony Evans and he also mentions the importance of Alignment. I was just checking my emails and saw your email. Confirmation again! Thank you Jamie!

  8. Thanks so much… perfect timing… I have been praying for guidance in several areas and this is one answer to that prayer. God bless you, especially as you journey on as a new mom.

  9. Marlene Bond says:

    Easier said than done. This has been an issue for me for years and still is. What if they don’t
    live in your region or even country potentially?

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