Live Intercession Over Your Finances

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Hey beloveds,

Earlier today, I went live on Facebook to intercede for your finances.

We had a powerful time of intercession, prophetic decrees, and activation/impartation over your finances, jobs, income, business ideas, and so much more.

Even though it’s a recording, the Lord still blesses His Word and prayer when it’s lifted back up to Him. So if you missed the video, please go watch it and agree with me in prayer for yourself and your finances.

Here’s the video on Facebook:

Click the cover image to order the book. This is for shipping to the continental USA only.

And if you are interested in the book I started praying out of–Prayers and Prophecies for Financial Increase–then you can click here to order a copy. This link is for shipping in the continental USA only.

Please let me know if this video helps you, and if it will bless you if I do more of these! Thank you so much!

Love in Christ,


  1. Shalom Jaimie!
    Thank you for the great blessing you are to so many of us around the world! I found your Facebook prayer time just now really helpful. Praying for breakthrough for Abba’s choice of Bible believing contractor to come through without any further delay to open up and clear a bramble filled field for Kingdom of Heaven purposes…! In JESUS Name – be opened up and the KING OF GLORY shall come in! HALLELU-YAH and Amen!
    Also I would love to order a copy of your book praying for Finances. But I live in the UK – so how do you suggest I should order it?
    GOD bless you dear Jaimie with greater and greater abundance at every level. We so appreciate you! A big hug from Sara

  2. P.S. Sorry I spelt your name wrong just now Jamie.
    ABUNDANT blessings from Abba! Sara X

  3. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you so much for your prayers. My God continually to bless you and your family, ministry.
    Love Sweetperson

  4. Elrica Sakoor says:

    God bless Jamie!
    Get well.


  5. Rebecca T says:

    Thank you for your much needed prayers. ABBA FATHER is an awesome God, He knows our needs better than we do.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for your continued blessing to the people of GOD. As I believe and I receive this word for myself and everything that pertains to me, may you, your family and the entire ministry be blessed beyond measure. GOD bless.

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