The Lord Is Commissioning Agents of Restoration

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Do you have a passion for justice and righteousness? Does your heart ache to see how many people are wounded by friendly (and not-so-friendly) fire in the Church? If so, God is offering you a new mantle today. If you choose to accept the Lord’s commissioning, you can become one of His agents of restoration.

The mantle of the agent of restoration is found in Isaiah 61:4, which says:

“And they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.”

A gaping hole exists in the Body of Christ right now.

It’s a hole left by Christian soldiers who have been wounded, discarded, and spiritually murdered by the Church. God’s heart yearns to see that hole in Christ’s Body filled and His wounded soldiers healed. However, in order for this to happen, He needs people to become agents of restoration and carry out His restorative agenda on the earth.

What is an agent of restoration?

An agent of restoration is a person whom God uses to:

An agent of restoration is generally a sniper in God’s Kingdom. They usually work from the hidden place of the prayer closet, but they have a long reach in the Spirit. When they do emerge from their prayer closet to put action to their prayers, they still are not flashy. They don’t mind taking a back seat to anybody; they don’t need a front seat or a microphone to be effective.

Agents of restoration look to see what the devil has done, then allow Jesus to flow through them strongly to destroy the works of the devil.

These spiritual snipers are God’s hands and feet on the earth–the hands and feet He uses to continue the work of Christ as described in 1 John 3:8, which says:

“He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

When they see that the enemy has attacked someone’s finances, they sow into the wounded soldier’s life to counteract that attack.

When they see the enemy has attacked someone with lies about his/her character, they sow into the soldier to counteract the lies.

When they see that the enemy has robbed the Lord’s soldiers of ministry fruit, opportunity, or effectiveness, they sow into the soldiers’ lives in order to redeem, replace, and restore–with interest–what the enemy stole.

Agents of restoration are intercessors with shoe leather on.

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Agents of restoration stand in the gap between a wounded soldier and what the devil has done. They put shoe leather to the blood of Jesus, bringing heaven to earth ON PURPOSE to see people healed, honored, defended, provided for, and celebrated.

Agents of restoration are often prophets.

Prophets are often the quickest group to pick up this mantle when it is offered to them, simply because restoring people back into God’s original intent is one of the functions of the prophetic office. However, these agents of restoration don’t have to be prophets. Anyone can hear what God is saying and say that, and see what God is doing and do that.

And God is in the restoring business.

He is a Re-God. “Re” means to do again, make again, restore. And our Papa God is a Re-God:

  • He’s a re-newer: He makes all things new.
  • He’s a re-plenisher, with “plen” meaning “to fill”: He fills you up again.
  • He’s a re-store, with “store” meaning “to provision”; He fills you up with provision again.

God is a Re-God. He makes all things new. And if we as His people see what He is doing and imitate it, then each and every one of us will actively be working to make things new as well.

We will be agents of restoration–intercessors God uses to destroy the works of the devil through our strategic, prophetic actions.

Isn’t that what Father predicts in Isaiah 61? That we and our descendants will rebuild the old ruins, raise up things that have been desolate, and repair cities that are in ruins–the cities that many generations have ruined?

It is. Our Father is a Re-God, and He is looking for people who will accept His commissioning to become agents of restoration.

“And they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.”

The Lord is commissioning and releasing agents of restoration into His Body. But, you have to volunteer for the commissioning.

I heard the Lord tell me that specifically. This commissioning to be an agent of restoration is difficult. It will cost you something:

  • You may have to sow financial gifts of honor into people whom the enemy has dishonored.
  • You will definitely have to stand up for people no one else believes in.
  • The Lord may call you in any way, at any time to put shoe leather onto your intercession.

Are you ready for that? Do you want it?

Don’t say yes to God unless you are serious.

Agents of restoration are God’s hidden dynamos. Nobody knows them, but many people feel the impact of their intercession and prophetic, restorative acts. If you decide to accept this commissioning, though, the Lord will ruin your heart.

Let me say that again:

The Lord will ruin your heart.

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I feel Holy Spirit sitting on me so strongly when I say that. If you accept this commissioning that the Lord is offering you, know this:

  • The Lord will share His burden with you.
  • You will feel His grief over the sins of the Church against its own body parts.
  • You will feel His heart toward all who have been plundered, shamed, and dishonored.
  • Your heart will cry out for justice, and He will not let you go until His plan for justice on the earth has been established.

This means it’s a lifelong thing, because people who need restoring until the trumpet blows and Jesus comes back.

Are you willing to spend the rest of your life putting shoe leather on your intercession? Are you willing to bless people financially, care for them, speak life into the dry bones of their lives, start a business so you can provide good jobs for people who need them, or do anything else the Lord asks you to do in your capacity as an agent of restoration on the earth?

Think about it. Take this question seriously, and don’t answer until you are sure.

While you are considering this commission, ask the Lord to show you what it would look like in your life.

Many times, the dreams and plans you may have had–and even those dreams and plans you’ve lost–were never intended solely to benefit you. Many times, your dreams and plans were deposits in your heart that the Lord intended to benefit the people He needs you to restore.

Again: The Lord may have meant your dreams and plans for others more than He meant them for you.

So if you agree to become an agent of restoration on the earth, that means that you will have to live for others, not for yourself, the rest of your life. Even your dreams and plans will be subject to what God wants–and if He wants to use your dreams to restore others, you’ll have to be okay with that. In fact, you’ll have to have a passion for it.

Do you want this? Do you want to become an agent of restoration; an intercessor with shoe leather on?

I believe you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. So if you do, lift your hands to the Lord right now, as if you’re receiving, and pray this simple prayer with me:

“Father God, I surrender to Your commissioning to become an agent of restoration on the earth. Use me to rebuild the old ruins, to raise up the former desolations, and to repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations. Use me, Father. I surrender everything I am and everything I have to You for this purpose. Help me. Teach me; provide everything I need for this call; and help me to follow You boldly as You make all things new on the earth.

Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Did you surrender to the Lord to become an agent of restoration on the earth? If so, leave a comment below! 


  1. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

    Oh Sister, what a beautiful and timely word. I have been in prayers about this as well as spiritual wounds in the church and lost gifts for others lately. The devouring of Christians hearts, minds, finances, etc. As well as the loose lips spewing out fodder for itchy ears harming innocent people.
    I get so upset when I see the enemy using people to harm others….I’m bold! I speak truth over Father’s children, I have been instructed my entire life to be the eyes for the blind, the voice for the mute to stand for those who can not stand to help hold up those without strength, to fight for the innocent who are attacked…is this why?
    Many times I have given words by the Holy Spirit when I didn’t understand why I was hurting while someone was lifted through actions I had been instructed to do. I wasn’t bitter, I was joy filled for that person but I was still hurting… Holy Spirit would whisper it was needed and Father would come and comfort me, restore me then send me into another journey….could I have been in training? I know His ways & thoughts are beyond what I can imagine….
    He provides for me daily, minute to minute so I can “front line warrior” for others…I will be in fervent prayer for answers.
    With love your sister in Christ Tamie

    1. Marlene Bond says:

      Hello Sister, I love how you say, “could I be in training?”. It is something we have heard all of our Christian life. In many cases, it has had the unfortunate result of keeping people pew sitting and seen as irrelevant because they are never quite good enough, or never really ready.

      The fact is you have always been ready and you are already In MINISTRY.

      The fruit of your life proves this and the way you are doing the work of the Lord in partnership with Holy Spirit shows that yes, you will always be IN TRAINING in a sense, yet you are also qualified and ready and effective right now.

      Take up the mantel and own it and keep going and expect more. Much more as you see yourself as an agent of change and bearer of God’s anointing, word and glory. You are a restorer of the breach. God’s secret agent, healer and much more. You are advancing God’s kingdom on the earth. By His grace, you will continue to be fruitful as you continue to abide in HIM.

    2. I surrender all and I partner with the Holy spirit in Jesus’s name

    3. Oluwaseyi Moradeyo Oshinibosi says:

      I am thankful that your ministry as you inspire and ignite other people’s ministry. I have always had a hunger to fight against injustice and unrighteousness and now I believe that as an agent of restoration with a mantle given by God will enable to do more than in Jesus Name. Thank you and Our God will surely bless and reward your labour of love.

  2. Katrina Pritchett says:

    This word is spot on as the description of this mantle is what God has called me to do. Now I understand the incessant intense warfare I’ve been going through. Thank you Jamie for releasing this word. It gives me great understanding of what is required of me.

    1. Katrina! I’ve been traveling on this road of injustice for 3.5 years . The enemy has infiltrated our own adult child to bring horrific sadness into our hearts. I am in need of an agent.

  3. I surrender all in the name of Jesus.

  4. Having been slaughtered at church myself, this is wonderful to hear!

  5. Oh wow. This was an incredibly timely word.

    I already have my boots on the ground.

    It does cost you…everything. your life no longer belongs to you. Your home, your finances, your car, your job…you have to let loose of the “ownership” of all you have and all that you think you are.

    The emotions you will experience are overwhelming. Remember to give all those emotions to God first and resist the temptation to speak out of the current of emotions that flood your soul when living this calling out.

    It’s worth every thing you sacrifice and more…but it takes everything you have to walk this walk.

    Your heart will break, but in the same breath your heart will be so full it will burst.

    You will definitely be placed way beyond the confines of your comfort zone and your faith will be stretched till you feel like the last threads of hope are cut off…but you will see miracles and healings and unbelievable signs and wonders in the process.

    Don’t give up. Don’t give in. God needs you to take this stand.

    It is worth every struggle, every tear and every ounce of brokeness.

    Take the stand.

    1. Sharon Cole says:

      Amen! Love it!
      Total surrender!

    2. Totally feel all of this.

  6. joseph d schiavone says:

    I have surrendered all to this calling from the Lord. I have always felt this type of calling, and have been doing this to some degree. But did not fully understand that this was an actual gifting until I read this letter. O Lord help me focus on this call. Give me clear vision and the strength to accomplish restoration in Your Holy Name, in Jesus I pray.

  7. Rebecca Jones says:

    I am interested in restoration.

  8. I am a restorer of the breach.

  9. Francie Robertson says:

    Yes Sister/Lord
    As celebrated Sister once said then wrote that she was “RUINED TO THE ORDINARY,”
    And in the words of the Prophet Isaiah who had seen the King cried “Woe to me for I AM RUINED!…” Did he back out? Certainly not. The Lord asked “Whom shall I send and who will go for us?”
    And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

  10. Yesterday l prayed about God restoring the fire in me. I have been hurt by the church. I want to be an agent of restoration. Father I surrender to you

  11. Lord, I surrender my all to You. Use me as You will.

  12. Pst Chika Edmund-Obi says:

    Thank you sis for sharing tho word from the heart of the Father. It’s a confirmation of what has been going on and the word I have been receiving for weeks now, especially for my family. It’s difficult because am the last in my family and this *burden * is on me. To rebuild and lay a new foundation, breaking generational issues brought be for father’s due to their alliances with dieties. But sis, this sure is not easy to do alone, but am deeply encouraged by this word and knowing God is with us.

  13. Josephine says:

    I say YES LORD! May it be done according to Your word.
    I am willing Father, use me. Amen

  14. Thank you for such a timely word. I accept the call. This explains the pressure and the sense of urgency I’ve been experiencing. God is so faithful. I praise Him for the pressure and the opportunity to restore.

  15. Sharon Johnson says:

    Praise the Lord! I am truly moved and blessed. This commissioning came right on time, which it would of course because it is from God and His timing is impeccable. I read your post yesterday, knew it was for me, but decided to meditate on it some more as you suggested. This morning God gave me some new insights into how it might look for me. But it was also helpful to read one of your posts that was hyperlinked which talked about us ALL needing restoration because God wants to restore us ALL to His glory. I know that God will reveal more to me as we go along and that He will use me to reach out to individuals, groups, and/or the world AND He will use me to reach out to myself, who is in need of restoration the most. Bless you for your obedience in sharing this post. May the Lord continue to watch over you, your family and your ministry.

  16. God is truly amazing. I have asked a question and He has answered. You reap what you sow. When you sow into the lives of people including your enemies, you reap a harvest of what you planted. When you plant restoration, you will be restored. When you plant financial blessings in the lives of others, you will be financially blessed. When you pray and intercede for marriages, broken relationships, and people, God’s angels will lift up a standard against your enemies and re-place what the enemy stole more than what you had before. The latter glory of this house, will be greater than the former and in this house there is peace. This post is a confirmation of God’s Word.

  17. I am busy as we speak in preparing a business case for job creation, starting in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. Once my preparations are complete, I need the Lord to open the way for me to sell the concept to the Leader of the Western Cape. As it grows, the plan is to roll it out Nationally. I ask for your prayers in making this idea (The Lord placed it in my heart) a huge success! There is loads of training involved and I believe the platform can be used to bring “The Light of the Lord” to unbelievers and those who have given up hope! “Thank you Father God for bringing me to this platform with Jamie and her team for the additional prayers we need, as we ask for your Divine Guidance, in Jesus Name, Amen

  18. Amen! I love to be an instrument of restoration for those who are hurting. I want to feel how God feels when others are hurt and wounded. I want to intercede for them.

    Thank you very much for your Spirit-lifting encouragements. That, made me realized what must be my part in the Body of Christ. . I am willing to learn more from you thru the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    To God be all the glory!

  19. Ttara Williams says:

    I want to involved in thisc

  20. Laurey Grogg says:

    Thank you for this word and for explaining this calling! I now understand why I feel such a deep desire for justice and righteousness but felt “all I could do” was intercede about what I see happening!
    It makes sense now why it hasn’t bothered me that I don’t really have dreams that would benefit myself-I only want others to have dreams and hopes – my own hope is for God to pull others out of the muck and mire!
    Any ideas I’ve had for several years were to open a business, start a non-profit, write books to make money for the benefit of others.
    Oh Lord, provide what I need to fulfill this calling! I’m so at peace now that I finally know my calling has been an agent of restoration and God has certainly prepared my heart and mind for this calling.
    Jamie, I wouldn’t have known and been at peace about this if not for your faithful work-thank you again!


      You took the words right out of my mouth! I feel as if we are spiritual twins. Now I understand why my heart burns for Justice, ungodliness, and restoration. I have been crying out to the Lord for the grace of accomplishment. May the Lord give us his grace, the strength of Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to fulfill this call for his glory and unto good works in Jesus mighty name, amen!

  21. Gladys Moikabi says:

    Ooh my God, I surrender myself for the Glory of my Master ?

  22. Just took a step of faith!

  23. Rebecca Ditsele says:

    Hi Jamie , I surrender all in the name of Jesus of Nazareth . Amen

  24. Totally spot on! Going through something pretty severe in my family and I know as I know that God is using me to bring restoration with all the generational sin that has been involved. Yep, it starts with us, then its a great testimony with helping others. I am standing on this and believing that God is using me to rebuild the old ruins, to raise up the former desolations, and to repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations. My prayers are for a WHOLE family of love, respect and putting God first. AMEN!!! Thank you Jamie for your dedication in serving and bringing clarity to God’s word.

  25. Tapiwa Tawonezvi says:

    Thank you. Today l have become an agent of restoration

  26. YES!
    This Confirmed my standing for restoration of my marriage.

  27. Rev. Sophia Snyder says:

    Yes, as God helps me I will continue. I have been an intercessor for over 30+ however with my own self being wounded and suffering from infirmity and affliction even now I am facing an attack on my blood, bone marrow and skin, etc. I am crying for God to take all infection away and remove the cancer cells from attacking me. I have always had an intercessors heart and move in somewhat a prophetic manner but mostly in encouragement. Thanks for reactivating me. With God’s help and healing I will be stronger than ever serving Him and being an instrument of reconciliation and healing for the Body of Christ and others. My intercession ministry is called “Bridal Intercssory Ministry’ and I was called to restore God’s body which have suffered from not only the world but from each other in what I call: Automimmune Disease in the Body. Many knowingly and unknowingly have hurt the other parts of the Body which are members of Jesus Body. However God would have us to be restored and strong and able to fight the adversary in this world by being what He called us to do. Thanks Jamie for your strong arm of encouragement and prophetic teaching gift.

  28. Julie Filter says:

    Oh timely. This is precisely what I know the Lord is doing in my heart. I have known for many years that I would eventually be activated into whatever His purposes are, but there was a lot of healing that needed to be accomplished in Him first. That time of release has come, and I know it. He has given me a vision so complete and so beautiful that it warms my heart in every possible way. I am scared, but full of faith and trust. He has commissioned me to start a business that will serve to encourage and support moms in the Body with a bent towards entrepreneurialism. It will be a voice of Truth, honor, empowerment from the Lord, and chain breaking. For too long women have been silenced and back-seated in the Body at large and I feel it is time to break the chains of bondage and release the Spirit into homes where women can add financial blessing and abundance in many ways. This will surely be a trust walk every step of the way, because I know Satan will be at the ready with fiery darts to try to twist scripture and meanings to hurt, harm, and hinder readers from listening and breaking through. The vision He has given me is that I am a wilderness walker, meant to serve those living in the wilderness and help them cross over the Jordan into their Promised Lands (in many cases this is building the business that they’ve always desired, but never believed was “okay” for one reason or another). To God be the glory.

  29. Wow. Jesus sitting at the right hand of Our Father has shown us that Love is our greatest weapon. By the perfection of Gods love all fear is gone.. By giving Agape Love we are restored and Giving Love wounds are healed by standing in Gods love the enemy can not enter and by walking in love and pressing forward, darkness is overcome. Unite by the power of The Holy Spirit in Love and together we will Glorify our King Jesus and Father God..

  30. As I raised my hands and spoke the prayer, it felt as if Father grabbed both of my hands and held so tightly! I want this lifelong position from him!


    I am very surprised to read this post as it seems to be the story of my life!
    Now I understand my spiritual passion and experiences much better. I feel like the jigsaw puzzle of my life has finally come together! Even the scripture 1 John 3:8 has been ringing in my ears for many months now as I have been in an extended period of fasting and prayer and just finished yesterday and saw this post today. I have been wondering why I keep hearing that particular scripture.
    Now so many things about my life make sense! I prayed the prayer since that is everything my life seems to be about.
    Thank you!

  32. Yes I received in Jesus Name Amen

  33. jacqualine says:

    hi everyone this word is right on time but im the one being falsely accused and my character getting attacked by my own family pls pray for me and maybe i should put my boots on and restore my own family 1st.

  34. Jamie: I was in a meeting of a group of advocates for justice who were feeling overwhelmed and deprived of hope. And you sent this. I will share with them. Thank you.

  35. Thanks Jamie for the holy spirit inspired teaching and pray that lord will continue to equip you the more.

  36. Amen
    I have been expecting something like this lately. Thank you.

  37. I know I am an agent of restauration. Thank you for putting into words what I already knew plus some serious stuff about laying down your own life,

  38. This is such a powerful word and the Lord had just spoken unto me about “RE” membering His body… “Re” as in restoring what Adam #1 lost : I’m praying for Gods power to say yes!

  39. Hello Jamie I’m a firm believer in justice for all, I surrender but I need God to change my heart, this is beautiful because I was a target in a church some years ago thankyou for this prophetic word

  40. I said yes. It was easy, because that´s what my life has already been about at least at my leisure time. My job profession points usually in another direction, unfortunately. So that the 3 1/2 months period I have been enabled to help refugees from the war in Ukraine while working time has been the most valuable time in my professional life. But now I am back in my regular job position again.

  41. Corey Hale says:

    I have chosen to become an agent of restoration.

  42. I too have chosen to become an agent of restoration.

  43. Wow! Yes yes YES! I AM an agent of restoration. This has been a season of training for me. I have been in a process of learning, growing and abiding in God. I had been caught up in busywork and activity (creating a business, and chasing all the shiny objects associated with that dream). I felt God calling me back to Him and to BEING the woman I was created to be- in preparation of helping empower other women to live lives in bloom. I was lead to work with my own life coach, a Kingdom hearted, godly woman. I have had huge breakthroughs and my ability to hear from God (or actually LISTEN) to God has increased. God has lead me via breadcrumbs (so to speak) to other words spoken over my life and that God has spoken into my life (I am finding prophetic poems I wrote in old journals). The vision is becoming increasingly clear- I am a joy broker, an atmosphere shifter, a stealth agent (that has been confirmed by other words) who sees/seeks the Heart of the Father and the mind of Christ and helps restore people (particularly women) to original creation……My experience, education (social worker)….everything is to be used for His Glory. Amen! Thank you Jamie for another amazing word…

  44. Victoria Udongwo says:

    Thank you Jamie for this timely word…. Sign me up as an agent of restoration as the Holy Spirit has been pulling stretching my tent for more. I have prayed for my coast to be enlarged as I was not created to be a local champion or in the confines of the 4 walls of a church. But rather, to reach lost and hurt souls and restore them back leading back to a stronger relationship with Christ.
    I know that I cannot do this by my flesh. The Holy Spirit will help prepare and guide me. I receive all that is needed to be an effective agent of change.
    What are the next steps????

  45. Denise James says:

    Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! As I read the first line, my heart started beating with excitement. You put into words what I have been praying about and couldn’t. I started thoughts of: can I grow my ministry and mission and still be an agent of restoration. I need to be a better steward of my money! So many thoughts, but the considerable thought that stood out to me is, what does putting on my leather shoe to go into intercession look like?” I want to serve our Abba with all of me because He knows how best to use me, and I am willing. I know he will prepare me before He sends me.
    Most importantly, I want to know HOW to be ready because we all need “training, ” which can not be done in isolation. I will continue to pray and ask Holy Spirit to lead me in what I need to do because I surrender my life to God. Thank you, Jamie. You are an excellent example of living according to God’s plan- I love your transparency and honesty, and you show that all things are possible when we trust our Papa God. Jesus never told us things would be easy, but He didn’t say that things are impossible—peace and blessings to you, my Sister.

  46. We serve an all knowing GOD hallelujah, this has been my prayer a while now, thank you Jesus amen!!!

  47. willing to spend the rest of your life putting shoe leather on your intercession? Are you willing to bless people financially, care for them, speak life into the dry bones of their lives, start a business so you can provide good jobs for people who need them, or do anything else the Lord asks you to do in your capacity – That is all me! My dream forever! Thank you Lord, thank you Jamie!

  48. Michelle Hudson says:

    I accept this commissioning in the name of Yeshua to be an agent of restoration of all those things that have been ruined by our forefathers! I prayed the prayer and I surrender my all to whatever that looks like. May our Father’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Thank You Lord for creating me for such a time as this! I love You so much and long for the day when you come to rule & reign and where we will be worshipping with all the others for eternity!


  50. Amen!! This is a tall order. Help me Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit

  51. Tabitha Machiwenyika says:

    Thank you Jamie, I am uplifted

  52. I totally am filled with understanding when part of a family turns away and the lies that the enemy places by others. I wonder how do we get an agent to help us?

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