An Attack of Condemnation Has Been Unleashed

Prophetic Word with Jamie Rohrbaugh |

The Lord showed me this morning that an attack of condemnation has been released against His children in the Body of Christ. If this is you, read on.

I saw that some people have unwittingly opened doors to the enemy. This may have been through curiosity about something dark and evil, or even through failure to test the spirits.

Regardless of how the door was opened, you have to close that door to the enemy.

Close that door by:

1. Repenting for your curiosity about anything dark or evil. God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. We are supposed to keep our eyes on JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our faith, not on hell, the devil, or any of the devil’s minions or works.

2. Ask the Lord to forgive you.

First John 1:9 says that, if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

3. Speak God’s Word over yourself about who you are in Christ.

Find my list of 80 Confessions of Your Supernatural Identity in Christ here, or use that plus the many, many confessions found in my book/ebook, Speak Life Volume 1, here.

4. Read the book of 1 John.

Look specifically for all the Scriptures that reassure you about who you are in Christ, and ask the Lord to demolish the attack of condemnation that has been unleashed against you. Ask Him to annihilate that attack as you read, using His own words that are on the page before you.

5. Ask the Lord to show you any failings in your character that would cause you to walk in death.

For example, are you in unforgiveness in any way? Is there anyone you have not yet forgiven? If so, God will not forgive your sins and you cannot be saved.

Additionally, is there anyone you have failed to love? If you do not love, you abide in death (see 1 John 3:13).

Repent to the Lord for these things if so, and ask the Lord to teach you to love. Go ahead and forgive ALL the people in your life and in your past, present, and future. And confess that you love them all, and that you choose to love them all! Ask the Father to give you His heart of love for them all, no matter how badly they have wronged you or others that you love!

Beloved, condemnation is never from the Lord—-but He WILL work the attack that has come against you out for your good if you will use this opportunity to “flip it” and examine yourself to see if there was anything in your life that was hindering His great salvation.

Beloved, you know that you are in God if His Spirit abides in you.

Invite the Father to search your heart today. Eschew condemnation and kick it to the curb, but examine yourself diligently and let Holy Spirit examine you and search your heart today too.

Is this word hitting home with you today? If so, leave a comment below and I will pray for you.

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  1. Yes! I’m experiencing this I have already ask for forgiveness in forgiven all who wronged me.

  2. This word is for me Jamie. Thank you for the prayers!

    1. Yes pray for me . My son was killed in sept , Jacob ❤️ I can’t see his son . It hurts so bad . I prayed for her daily I love her and want to bless his son and his mother . ❤️ Thank you for praying

    2. Carmelita says:

      Hi Jamie
      I have unforgiveness to all my family parents husband who abuse me nd hurt me and it never stop I am in a deep depression coz I am in circle nowhere out so I consulted a psychic for help coz all rejected me condemn me also.Coz I don’t work can’t find they abuse me I almost had a breakdown coz of the attack against my life pls pray for me nd all condemn me reject me treat me like trash it hurts ur own husband parents siblings family it’s enough to make any woman mad nd no help out


      1. Carmelita, my heart goes out to you, and I want you to get free, so I’m going to tell you the truth. You’re in deep depression because you’re in unforgiveness. You’ve also opened a door to the devil to wreck your life and emotions and mind by consulting a psychic. Repent, and go through the steps to heal and forgive that you find in my classes, Finding Deep Soul Healing 101 and Finding Deep Soul Healing 102 here. Nothing will change unless you do the work to get better and start obeying God, which begins with forgiving all who have hurt you (I teach you how in those classes) and also with repentance for consulting the devil.
        I will pray for you.
        Jamie Rohrbaugh

      2. Lisa Vaughn says:

        Hi Jamie,
        This is Lisa. Thank you for that special word on condemnation attacks against God’s children. Yes, I have been experiencing this as I improve my relationship with the Lord
        on a daily basis, sow seeds into his Ministry and attend Church on a regular basis.

        As I become more aggressive in prayer, I find that these attacks are happening. I am praying and trusting God to handle this. Please pray for me with your prayer partners and ask God to bring about more miracle money and ways for me to work for myself and let this be profitable for me. Thank you!
        Lisa V

  3. This word is for me, too. I feel that I am constantly under attack. I am a sweet, kind person who’s nature is to have good intentions toward others. I love God, and I believe in His will, His way, and His truth. I cannot tell you how many times my character and intentions get twisted out of context by someone else who attempts to make me out to be someone I’m not. When that happens, I recognize it as the workings of the devil. This is the tactic the devil has tried to do to the very nature and character of God, too. Praying for Divine protection from God to shield me in all ways from such attacks, and let the Truth shine through. Praising Jesus daily for His light and love upon myself and this world. Thank you Jesus for being for us what we could not be for ourselves. All glory be to God.

  4. Jamie, I am in the thick of this. Thank you! The Lord led me to see what you had written because I needed help. Thank you ❣️

    1. This is for me. Thanks for the prayers i really need it most and urgent. GOD bless you Jamie.

  5. Stacy L Montgomery says:

    I am currently under attack, along with my family. This is an awesome WORD.

  6. This word is spot on. I have been going through it and it didn’t make sense at all

  7. Marcia Dunkley says:

    Thank you for these words Jamie

    I would really like you to pray for me and my children we are under severe attack from household witchcraft which has destroyed my business my marriage and home. Currently embattled in a number of legal wrangling including divorce and neck deep in debts

  8. Charles Session says:

    Bless you Jamie & thank you for this Word! Pray for dicernment, wisdom & guidance direction on what the Lord would have me to in this season!

  9. Bantshang says:

    Hi Jamie! The word is mine. Am in the middle of that attack of condemnation me and my family since 2019. I have been praying and fasting till now but I thank God’s Word today and His mercies that would cover us in Jesus name.

  10. Please pray for me, Jamie. Thank you.

  11. Yes this was for me as well, I feel attacked daily.
    Pray for me

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