Cleaning My House for the Holy Spirit

This blog post breaks the rules of blogging. I’m supposed to be blogging about you, not about me. But I had to get this out, and see if there is anybody out there that can identify.

Background: As I posted about here, I want to know the Holy Spirit. I feel that I know the Father and Jesus (although not as much as I want to), and that the Holy Spirit has helped me get to know them.

But I want to know the Holy Spirit too. I want to know what He likes and dislikes, what makes Him happy, what makes Him laugh. He’s a Person, just as much as Jesus and the Father are. I want to be His friend.

So I was praying about this recently, asking the Holy Spirit to help me know Him better. I asked Him what He likes. Then He brought this verse to my mind:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law” (Galatians 5:22-23).

The phrase “fruit of the Spirit” refers to things the Holy Spirit produces when He manifests Himself. So when the Holy Spirit is manifest, He produces love, joy, peace, etc.

Then I realized something:

On those rare occasions when my house is nice and clean, I have always noticed that I can sense the presence of the Lord better. It’s like this peace descends. This feeling of peace is so noticeable that I honestly walk through my bedroom and feel like I could just drop to my knees at any moment and pray!

But I never put 2+2 together before. I never connected a peaceful, clean house with the Holy Spirit. Yet, peace is one of the fruit of the Spirit, so it follows that the Holy Spirit likes peace.

Uh oh. That’s deep.

The Holy Spirit likes peace.

Conviction sets in, on my part anyway.

I have not been very good about keeping my house peaceful.

I have made progress, yes. The house is not where it used to be. We have decluttered a lot, and we are careful about what we watch on TV. That has made a huge difference. I also play worship music 24/7 on my CD player (softly), so the house will be filled with praise.

But I haven’t done very well keeping the house really nice and clean all the time. It’s mostly clean I get desperate, or when company is coming over. 🙁

I want to change that.

I don’t want to change just because “people are supposed to keep a clean house.” That probably wouldn’t work anyway; it never has worked for me. I stopped caring about what “people” are “supposed” to do a long time ago.

But I want to change for the Holy Spirit.

I want Him to like inhabiting my house. I want Him to LOVE it, actually.

I want to clean the house for Him. I want to present Him this beautiful, peaceful abode as His resting place. As my gift to my most faithful Friend in the world.

The Lord will have to show me how. I think I’m supposed to start by just making my bed every day. No, I don’t do that now. But I think it would please Him if I did. So I’m going to try, by the grace of God.

It will be my gift to Him.

Is there anyone else out there that can identify with feeling the Holy Spirit more in a clean house? Does this strike a chord with you?

And if so, do you want to do this with me? I’d love to hear your thoughts; please take a moment to leave a comment below and share.

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  1. Jacquetta Johnson says:

    Hi Jamie, a small voice has been constantly telling me to clean my house. I have been going through a state of deep depression and everything is everywhere. I have been praying to God for comfort in this situation but my prayer has been basically on the fly. I am sensing that God want me to clean my house so that I can spend more time with him. I know he has everything under control – I just have to let God make things happen in his own time. I listening to a song write now and it’s telling me it’s not over when God is in It!…it’s not over till God says so!!

    1. Amen! Jacquetta, I am sorry you are going through a tough time, but I truly believe that the Lord may be presenting you with part of the solution if He is telling you to clean things up. A lot of the time, cleaning in the natural is an indicator of cleaning things up in the spiritual too! So hang in there, precious one! Get to cleaning and let the Father make it all better! (((Hugs!!!))) I will pray for you!

  2. You totally struck a chord here!
    I pray in my study and recently decided that I wanted to move into my closet. I threw out a bunch of clothes and moved all my utensils into the corner I had cleaned out. When I started praying in there, I believe my prayers never felt this empty. It was like I had locked the Holy Spirit out. This morning I got so frustrated that I took all my stuff and moved back into the study and the anointing was back.
    When you said that the Holy Spirit doesn’t like chaos, I totally got it and you are right! When I think about it now, it always feels a little different when I just cleaned compared to a chaotic week.

    I saw that this is an older post, but I’m also trying to get to know the Holy Spirit better. Did you learn more about Him yet?

  3. This post resonates with me for sure! To be honest, I googled “when the Holy Spirit tells you to deep clean your house”, and your post popped right up! As I’ve been pressing into the Holy Spirit, He’s told me to do three things, with cleaning my house being the first. Knowing that Jesus spoke metaphorically, and the Holy Spirit is building us as spiritual houses, I can’t help but think he is also telling me to clean my spiritual house too.

  4. I’ve been praying for the same thing. I’ve been purging all year and the more I purge and try to clean up the messier the house gets. So I stopped and it’s just overwhelming. I actually was looking for prayer to deliver me from this distraction. I am a neat and organized person. Now I have a hard time focusing. I need God’s grace and Heavenly help.

  5. Hi! I know this is an older post, but I just came across this post while searching for a relation between fruit of the Spirit and keeping a clean home. I have been studying the fruit of the Spirit lately, and there is nothing listed about “cleanliness,” yet I feel that it doesn’t glorify God for me to keep my home dirty….and that is, unfortunately, the typical state of my home. Like you, I definitely feel at peace when my home is tidy, and I feel more ready for opportunities as they present themselves, i.e. spending time with God, doing crafts or baking with my daughter. My thought on how a clean home relates is through the fruit of faithfulness. How would God feel that I do not take care of the provision and possessions that He has bestowed up on my and my family? Am I being faithful to Him when I allow our home to be a disaster area? I don’t think so. I appreciate your post, and hope to study it more in depth…after I tidy up my home! =) Thank you <3

  6. Gail Wilson says:

    SUCH CONFIRMATION! I cannot thank you enough for your obedience in posting this. God bless you!

  7. Wohooaa, Lord thanks for speaking to me through this blog post. I’ve been asking the Lord about this “household chores” how it’s related in walking with the Holy Spirit. Boom! The spirit just lead me to this blog.

  8. I’ve noticed for years that my day starts better if I walk into the kitchen and the counters are clean and dishes are in the dishwasher. Come to think about it, stepping over things brings a similar heaviness. Thank you for saying it so plainly.

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