Your Secret Source of Power

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Do you ever feel like you need a secret weapon to give you power? I mean REAL power in your mind, your emotions, your soul, your body, and your spirit.

I feel like that a lot. So often, just crossing off my daily to-do list can wear me out. I’m busy, and that can make me physically exhausted.

God has also seen fit to make me a leader, and leadership can be exhausting to the mind and spirit. (I wouldn’t trade it for the world; but I’m just sayin’.) 🙂

I need God’s strength on a daily basis. I need His power in me. I need Him to help me to face the day, have a positive, victorious attitude, and keep me going.

To get God’s strength, I have a secret source of power. It’s a secret weapon.

Want to know what it is?

My secret source of power is studying the Bible–the Word of God.

When I study the Bible–even if I only have time to read a verse or two–God speaks to me out of it. When I read His Word, I feel connected with Him in a way that I didn’t before.

His words encourage me. He gives me promises about what He’s doing in my life–even things He plans to do that very day–and I believe those promises.

God gives me the hope, strength, and power that I desperately need. All of these come from His precious Word, the Bible.

Studying the Bible will help you too.

Even if you only have time or tolerance to read a verse or two, here’s how studying the Bible–and believing what you read–can be a secret source of power for you:

  • You will get to know God through His Word. The Bible is the Textbook about who God is, how He acts, and what He likes and dislikes.
  • You can glean wisdom for daily life from the Bible. God promises to instruct us and teach us in the way we should go. I know I need God’s instruction desperately; don’t you?
  • When you read the Bible and embrace what God teaches therein, you will fall more in love with God.
  • The Word of God will change you, and always for the better. It will improve your outlook. It will give you hope where you had none before. It will help you see God’s plan for your life.

In his book God’s Passion for His Glory, John Piper quotes the Memoirs of my hero, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), as follows: “Be assiduous in reading the Holy Scriptures. This is the fountain whence all knowledge in divinity must be derived. Therefore let not this treasure lie by you neglected.” [1]

Some people argue with the validity of the Bible.

However, in so doing, they are either ignorant of or are ignoring the ten proofs for the validity of Scripture. As these critics try to dig deeper into their hole of unbelief, their rationale invariably exposes its own inherent weaknesses. Bible skeptics are left with a Bible they do not want to believe, but which they cannot refute. [2]

And all the while this precious Book, this secret source of power, lies unopened, and the skeptic’s life remains unchanged.

But YOUR life can be transformed.

If you need strength… if you need healing in your mind and body… if you need power to live victoriously… then God has provided a solution for you in His Word.

The Word of God is your secret source of power.

Would you open your Bible with me today? Ask God to speak to you and strengthen you out of it, and He will!


[1] Piper, God’s Passion for His Glory, 55. Piper cites this quote from Edwards’ work “Christian Knowledge,” p. 162.

[2] Boice, Foundations, 85-89.

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