Day 19: Father’s Dreams for Your Life

Welcome back to 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer! Today, we are receiving inside information from Holy Spirit about Father’s dreams for your life.

A couple of reminders:

This is a very simple series; I am not expounding on each Scripture very much, except through a bullet-point list to share some prayer pointers. I also am not writing out sample prayers, as I believe the Lord wants you to exercise your prayer muscles and make these Scriptures your own vocabulary for prayer.

But, even though it’s a simple series, I believe it’s a POWERFUL one … and I want to hear your testimonies as the Lord answers your prayers, okay?

See the 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer series table of contents here.

And now, for Day 19 of 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer:

Our Scripture for Day 19 is John 16:12-15, which says:

I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you (John 16:12-15).

Pray along these points:

  • Thank the Lord for sending Holy Spirit to live inside you when you gave your life to Jesus.
  • Thank Him for His promise that Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.
  • Ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding about every situation in your life.
  • Ask Him to give you wisdom, understanding, and revelation about spiritual things, so you can see Jesus clearly.
  • Pray for Holy Spirit to tell you Father’s dreams for your life–those things that are to come.
  • Ask the Lord to change the plane (“plane” meaning “level of existence”) on which you operate.
  • Ask Him to change your perspective and teach you how to think like He thinks.
  • Ask Him to take you from a lower plane to a higher one.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to glorify Jesus in your life. Insist in prayer that He get ALL the glory, and that you would get none of His glory.
  • Ask Him to change your heart if He finds anything in you that wants to steal ANY of His glory.
  • Ask the Father for Holy Spirit to take what belongs to Jesus and declare, show, reveal, and transmit all of these things to you.
  • Ask Him to speak heavenly things into your life, for His Word creates the thing that is spoken.
  • Take a moment and speak heavenly things into your life yourself, for His Word in your mouth creates things the same way as His Word in His mouth does!
  • Ask Him to show you more and more about what He has in store for your life.
  • Ask Him to help you believe when Holy Spirit shows you Father’s dreams!
  • Ask Him to pour out His Spirit of grace and supplication on you, and help you pray in whatever He shows you about His dreams for you!
  • Thank Him for showing you His dreams and His heart!

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That’s our breakthrough prayer for day 19!

Remember to use the verse itself as your vocabulary for prayer. Doing so will not only help you pray the most effective prayers it’s possible to pray, but it will also help you hide God’s Word in your heart, that you might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).

Did you pray this Scripture with me today? Or, do you have a testimony to share about how God has answered this prayer? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what the Lord is saying to you!


  1. Thank you for doing the 21 days of prayer.
    God bless you for it and God bless your family abundantly, tremendously, in Jesus name

  2. Hi Jamie am so thankful to God because I have been looking for a job but on the 13th day of 21 days of breakthrough after an interview I was given a Job..i just want to tell my fellow brethren let’s continue because God is faithful let’s seek,seek,seek the kingdom of God.

  3. Victoria Rosanwo says:

    Thank you Jamie for tirelessly doing the work of the Father and reaching lives for the betterment of the uplifting soul for the affirmation of the word of our Lord Jesus Christ i am so much grateful for touching this aspects of prayer points i Believe in God the Father God the son and God the Holy Spirit AMEN

  4. Hi Jamie,Last night when i prayed Day 19 of breakthrough prayers i had heavenly vistation i saw Jesus in my dream somethings are just supernatural and hard to explain but It is amazing how He loves us all. Thank you Jamie God bless you abundantly..

  5. Jamie

    You a blessing to our generation.

    As you water other May the almighty God water you too.

    You have been a gift in my life by accepting this responsibility of simplifying the word for us. I have no clear words to explain to you the effect this bit sized words of encouragement have led me to laser focused results. I was on the verge of losing my job and overnight got a promotion and validation because I followed this plan of breakthrough.

    I thank God for your ministry.


    1. Wow, Gladys, that’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that testimony. All glory to the name of Jesus!

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