How To Dominate Your Spiritual Atmosphere

How to Dominate Your Spiritual Atmosphere | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comThis last weekend was one of the highlights of our ministry so far here at From His Presence(R). We hosted our first live conference, called “Inheritance: Claiming the Blessings that Belong to You,” and it was OFF THE CHARTS.

This morning, as I’m reviewing the weekend and gathering testimonies to share with you on the blog this week (please send me your testimony if you haven’t already), Holy Spirit sat down on me to write to you about how to dominate your spiritual atmosphere.

Here’s the thing:

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    There is always a war going on for the ATMOSPHERE around you.


    Ephesians 2:2 says:

    And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience …”

    Did you notice? The enemy is the prince of the power of the AIR. The prince, but an unholy one … and NOT the King. Jesus is the King, and all things are under His feet. Everything in Heaven and earth belongs to Jesus.

    The enemy just tries to steal whatever he can.

    So why does the enemy want to steal power over the AIR around you?

    Because if he has access to the air around you–your ATMOSPHERE, in other words–he can send his evil minions–demons–to infiltrate it. Those demons cannot possess you if you have given your life to Christ. But they CAN sit in the air around you. And from that position, they whisper their evil lies in your ear.

    That’s why it’s so important to protect–no, dominate over–your spiritual atmosphere. Dominate over the air around you.

    So how do you dominate over your spiritual atmosphere?

    1. Cleanse and anoint your house/office/church/wherever.

    Here’s how to cleanse your house. Modify the principles as needed to apply to your office, church, whatever.

    2. Lift up the name of Jesus.

    I was teaching this to my Presence Seekers University members a few weeks ago, in an email entitled The Easiest Way to Win in Spiritual Warfare. The absolute most powerful way to win in spiritual warfare–and also how to dominate your atmosphere–is to continually lift up the name of Jesus.

    That’s why I love Kara Green’s worship so much. (She is the worship leader who led worship at this weekend’s conference. She’s my favorite!) Kara and I learned this principle together when we were leading a long series of church prayer meetings together.

    We were praying for God to protect the church from some attacks of the enemy, and the Lord showed us that Jesus is both our worship and our warfare.

    Beloved, if you didn’t get Kara Green’s album of prophetic worship this weekend, GET IT NOW on iTunes or by ordering it through Kara’s website. It has 10 of her prophetic songs on it that lift up the name of Jesus–songs that are birthed in intercession and DEEP times of glorious worship. I play this album for hours at a time, and you would not believe the glory that sits down on me when I do. Bless yourself and grab this album TODAY!

    So we began lifting up the name of Jesus. We sang and prayed into the descriptions of Him from the book of Revelation. We sang into His name “Jesus.” We prayed and sang into dozens of His names, like:

    • Wonderful
    • Counselor
    • Mighty God
    • Everlasting Father
    • Prince of Peace
    • Pure and Spotless Lamb
    • Father of the fatherless
    • Protector of widows
    • The Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world
    • The Root and the Offspring of David
    • The Bright and Morning Star
    • Prince of Peace
    • King of Israel
    • Emmanuel
    • Messiah
    • Savior
    • Mighty Warrior
    • Sustainer
    • Lord of Hosts
    • God of the angel armies

    The list goes on and on! When you get in His flow, Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus to you and the revelation of Him just won’t stop. The subject of Jesus is inexhaustible!

    Well, that’s what we did this last weekend at the conference too.

    We didn’t really get into the long list of Jesus’ names, but we did lift up the name of Jesus. Kara and our band sang song after song about Jesus. Prophetically, they sang into the beauty and holiness of Jesus.

    And that is one of the huge reasons why the Holy Spirit sat down so powerfully on the conference. It’s also why He unleashed loads of prophetic words … because the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

    As a matter of fact, as I’m typing this word out, I’m listening to Kara sing about Jesus right now (from a recording). And that song–that lifting up of the name of Jesus–inspires me all over again.

    It’s simply ALWAYS true:

    Whenever you start testifying about Jesus, singing about Jesus, and lifting up the name of Jesus, YOU WILL DOMINATE the atmosphere …

    … and whatever else you’re doing that He’s called you to do …

    … because JESUS dominates the atmosphere.

    Everywhere He goes. Everywhere He is welcomed. Everywhere He is exalted.

    He’s the First. He’s the Last. He’s the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He’s the Be All and End All of everything. He’s the First Word, and He’s the Last Word.

    He’s Jesus.

    And that’s really all there is to it. JESUS. There’s no greater name in Heaven or on earth, and there’s no other name given among men by which men must be saved.


    And when Jesus is enthroned in the atmosphere around you, everything is different.

    You have an easier time focusing on Him. Temptation can’t get to you. You have creative inspiration and ideas. You’ll have a holy flow to do everything you need to do, and it becomes easy.

    Most importantly, as long as there are no other barriers between you and Him (like these 3 things that keep you from feeling God), you will sense His presence with you.

    Then, keep your atmosphere clean.

    When things happen where you are–like violence, cursing, negative attitudes, sexual perversion, or anything else evil–those things impact your atmosphere. This is true even if those things come into your environment over TV or radio! (Remember, the devil is the prince of the power of the air.)

    So keep your atmosphere clean. If something nasty happens there, command it to leave in Jesus’ name. Anoint your house again if you need to (if your house doesn’t feel right again after telling that thing to leave in Jesus’ name). Play music that lifts up Jesus all day, every day, even if you’re not home.

    (By the way, Jon Thurlow is another worship leader who has great music that lifts up Jesus.)

    Wherever you are today, I implore you: dominate your atmosphere by lifting up the name of Jesus.

    He’s worthy of the worship, and you’ll benefit greatly from the help you’ll receive from Him when HE’S enthroned in the atmosphere around you and the enemy is kicked OUT.

    Is Holy Spirit speaking to you about taking charge of your atmosphere today? Leave a comment below if so!

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    1. Lori Shieler says:

      Thank you Jamie. Thank you Holy Spirit. In the back of my mind I know that this television show my husband and I watch which is about everything not of the Lord, is not ok. I experienced anxiety last night. Thank you for this word. I needed to hear this.

      1. I thank God for this message, Jamie! The Holy Spirit has indeed ministered to me in praising and proclaiming the name of Jesus for Him to reign in my atmosphere ?. I have seen how it works against diviners, liars and spell sayers – making their own words and intentions work for their own confusion! All the while the Holy Spirit showed me how the name and precious blood of Jesus Christ is covering and empowering me completely. It has been a revelation to me, Jamie, through reading inspired writings such as yours and other ministers anointed to spread His message on the net, how the word of God from the scriptures takes its place in delivering His children from the snares of the fowlers and all the other influences in the air from the enemy. God has demonstrated to me in recent months how the name of my Saviour, my King Jesus stops the evil works in their tracks. Oh how I praise and bask in Almighty God, Jesus and the Spirit’s Holy presence. How my faith just grew more ? as I continually pray to be filled with His mercy and grace and everlasting unconditional Love. He is indeed the Lord of Host, King of kings, the Most Powerful Ever Living God and He is my Father, I am His daughter. Amen to Jesus’ mightiest name ?.

    2. Ramon Olgin,Jr says:

      Good (G-d) day, My name is Ramon Olgin,Jr. I have just found you guys and am really getting Blessed by your ministry. I am a Shephardic Jew who has come to the intimacy of knowing who Messiah is,His name is Yeshua/Jesus!As for the taking over the “atmosphere” Messiah has shown me that as a Shofar is blown it literally does Change the atmosphere around me,my home,my family. For just as Scripture says: at the “Sound” of the last trumpet (Shofar) all creation will see the coming of Messiah” especially the evil one because he knows that his time is up!! Thank you for sharing other ways that G-d can help us to know & understand how we as believers can re-take our Inheritance . For all of these things can only be done by Faith and Trust in HIM who Loves us with an everlasting Love. Blessings and His Shalom Peace.

    3. Danielle Bedford says:

      Some missionaries are suck in an airport in Miami on there way to Nicaragua to do ministry. I bound up the prince of the air and loosed the fragrance of God in the airport. I told the devil in the name of Jesus to let them go.

    4. This may be one of the most timely articles I’ve ever read (from this blog or otherwise). THANK YOU precious daughter of our King.

    5. For me. Thank you!!! Started “cleaning my atmosphere” this morning while I was physically cleaning. (Before I read your email.) IMMEDIATELY things started shifting! Been having trouble breathing- when I read this, it bared witness!! Claimed my “air” to line up with the word of God. Jesus rules my air; my breath coming in and out!! Yay!! Feeling so much peace!! Have a blessed day!!

    6. Just excellent thank you so very much …. hosting the Spirit of The lord in honor and Excellence Amen

    7. Wow thank you so much for the eye opening not to take things for granted, just as i am openining and started to read i laughed because we just got to a mini fight with my husband but i immediately rebuked the devil in Jesus name and to my surprise things were ok again.

    8. Chantalle Cardelli says:

      It was like this exactly for me rate at this time thank you !
      Praise God
      I am so ..greatful as I did this a long time ago and well there have been things and I have been asking show me and well here we are
      Thank you and Blessings to you, your ministry, your marriage and your pregnancy and delivery!
      Yes overflow of blessings upon you! Jesus Name !!
      Thank you Jesus !

    9. Annette Stewart says:

      Wow!! Thank you Jaime. This was for me . Immediately after lifting up Jesus name alarms started going off for Tornado Warning. Not even a tornado can take Gods air? Amen!!!

    10. Thank you for this confirmation word, I have been playing Christian music non stop for weeks now, I m in a fight for my husband

    11. Maria Dimba says:

      Jamie,thank you very much, I had to be waken up by my sister when I was crying at my sleep, had a bad dream. This is my harvest yr, I am waiting for that man who will sweep my shoes. A man of God gave me three months for this to happen and I am on my 2nd month. I curse any demons standing on my way in the name of Jesus Christ, I say Fire by Thunder in Jesus name. Please do pray for me.

    12. Gwynne Nation says:

      Perfect timing for this word!This is exactly what I needed to hear. My husband Tim is facing open heart surgery on Aug 4 and we are seeking the Lord about Him covering every single aspect of the surgery and recovery time. And not taking nothing from the devil. Appreciate your prayers! Thank you so much for your sensitivity to the spirit and the ways you are growing us up in Christ! So thankful for your ministry!!

    13. Thank you so much for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in this direction. In the end times and the enemy is roaming about but as the Children of the MOST HIGH that we are, we take charge of our atmosphere and deny the enemy access into our lives and all that concerns in JESUS NAME, Amen!!!., We lift the name of JESUS HIGHEST!

    14. Thank you for reminding me how music changes the atmosphere. My employer keeps the television on with sexual perversion, and most of the time is a very self-centered person. It makes for a hostile work environment, but I need this job, and my client needs God around her. I care for the employers mother. I am confident this will change the air in my clients room. I have felt such “yuck” in the air from her daughter. Thank you Jamie, your devotions are always wonderful.

    15. Yes, I NEED to change the home atmosphere! Our whole family (Christian adults) in this house have these symptoms: excessive tiredness, lack of motivation, stress, conflict, anger with some, mental illnesses, physical symptoms, strife!!, etc., etc.
      TODAY the Lord just showed me that I have to take over the atmosphere of the house, IN JESUS’ NAME!
      Then—I found you on the internet!
      Advise me and show me any references to look into, please. I am excited at His wonderful Grace and Mercy!


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