Encouraging Word: What To Do In Financial Stress

Hey friends! This morning, I wanted to testify to you and encourage you about what GOD says and what HE thinks if you’re under financial stress.

I just recorded a super-informal video during which I talk to you about this. (And by informal, I mean, I’ve been sick for 3 days and have zero makeup on in addition to that, so ya know.) 😉 But the message is anointed anyway. 🙂

Here’s the video in the player below:

Please check it out, and tell me in the comments if the Lord encouraged your heart with this message!

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  1. Paul Weeks says:

    I just want to say what a timely word. Right now I am in a negative balance in my checking account. I am a small business owner and a Christian. Jamie if I could give to your ministry I would but not today. lol. I have been enjoying your teaching. so real and down to earth
    May God bless you abundantly
    Paul Weeks

  2. Thank you Jamie for always being you and keeping it real! It’s very encouraging to me that you tell that you are not perfect and I’m not the only one who struggles!Love u much💕

  3. I thank you for your wisdom and for praying for us Jamie .. needed to hear what you had to say today 🙏🏻

  4. Kalima kamal says:

    Thank you Jamie, that was so encouraging for me , I’ve been feeling so down and so attacked by people, strangers whenever I attempt to leave the house , it seems like the closer I get to living holy with jesus by my side the more attack I get , and even in my finances I’ve noticed I’m ordering items and the money is payed but I dont receive my order , its been happening alot lately, leaving me wondering what is going on and why this is suddenly happening to me so much, and I feel the enemy is deliberately frustrating my emotions, sending people to hurt me when I’ve done nothing wrong, my health and my finances, but a still small voice asked me today ,” do you trust Jesus”? And for a moment I said to myself, I dont know , because I feel so alone, but hearing your on time word has just confirmed and encouraged my heart to keep holding on to jesus that his love, goodness and grace endure forever and despite how I feel God does not suddenly change , he remains exactly the same, faithful and true . God bless you Jamie , I love you sister in christ our Lord . God bless your amazing ministry that’s touching lives by Gods grace .

  5. Good afternoon Jamie
    It’s Saturday afternoon in our country. Listening to you and knowing this is me who is being talked about. Thank you vessel of God for your obedience to Abba Father and for this timely encouraging word.
    All your needs and ours are met through God’s provision as He is our provider but working in many ways though people. God bless and you look beautiful
    South Africa

  6. Thank you Jamie,
    By the way you look just great without makeup!! Glad you can just be you.
    Thank you for this message. I catch myself needing to speak life into my situations instead of “other rambling stuff” that creeps in. I am being tested for sure & I want to pass the test and make Abba Father smile receive His promises and His plan for my life. Praying for you and your ministry and a job for me…be blessed 💜

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