21 Prayer Points for Sweetness and Healing In Your Marriage

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21 Prayer Points for Sweetness and Healing In Your Marriage | Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | Marriage prayer, healing marriage prayer, prayer list for marriage, prayer for healing a struggling marriageI receive many emails from precious readers who are struggling in their marriage. It’s a particularly painful place to be, and I always pray for you if that’s you. And also, if that’s you, I would like to encourage you today AND.provide a prayer list that will help as you pray for sweetness and healing in your marriage.

First, know that no marriage is beyond God’s ability to change.

He is the Resurrection God. He can raise anything from the dead, even if it looks like it’s beyond hope to the rest of the world. God can heal your marriage, and your spouse is not too far gone to restore.

Secondly, know that Papa God hears you and feels your pain.

No matter what you are enduring right now, Papa hears you. He sees you. You are NOT forgotten.

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    And thirdly, know that He will renew your willingness to pray for your spouse and your marriage if you will ask Him to.

    I know that sometimes people get tired. You may be feeling tired right now–tired of praying, tired of fighting, tired of believing Him. But you know what? He can and will fire you up again to contend for your marriage–as soon as you ask Him to.

    Below are 21 prayer points that you can use to pray for sweetness in your marriage. If you want to pray them all every day, you can; or, you could pick one point to pray each day for 21 days. Either way, watch for God to answer when you pray these prayers back to Him! Expect miracles!

    Finally, every day when you begin to pray, ask Holy Spirit to help you and intercede for you as you pray.

    Romans 8:26-27 says this:

    “Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

    I ask Holy Spirit to pray through me and for me EVERY SINGLE TIME I sit down to pray.

    Why? Because I can’t stay on track if I don’t, and I can’t pray powerful prayers if I don’t. BUT …

    • If I ask Father God for Holy Spirit to pray through me …
    • If I ask Him for Holy Spirit to pray for me …
    • And if I confess to Him that, without the Spirit’s help, I don’t know how to pray as I ought or how to offer it worthily as I ought …
    • And when I confess my faith that I do believe Holy Spirit will help me pray …

    … Then Holy Spirit always helps me pray, and I can tell a marked difference at both the DEPTH of my prayer and the POWER of my prayers. It’s all Him, you see! (Something about “‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord” comes to mind ….) 🙂

    To read more about that, read my article about how to enter into deep prayer here and also the one about how to get your prayers answered 100% of the time here.

    Also, for inspiration and encouragement–and to strengthen your faith–I HIGHLY recommend watching the movie War Room, with leading actress Priscilla Shirer. Not only is the story amazing, but the acting is excellent also. The whole movie will move your spirit and encourage you to pray. 🙂

    That said, here are 21 ways to pray for sweetness and healing in your marriage:

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    21 Prayer Points for Sweetness and Healing In Your Marriage | Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com | Marriage prayer, healing marriage prayer, prayer list for marriage, prayer for healing a struggling marriage

    1. Help us both to seek Your face in one-on-one time with You, in prayer, worship, and studying Your Word, every day.
    2. Lord, let us both prefer one another as better than ourselves. Help us to serve one another wholeheartedly, as to the Lord and not as to men.
    3. Heal both of us completely—spirit, soul, body, mind, emotions, and everything else—so that we can be whole people in you and not look to the other person to fix us. Help us to receive all our healing directly from You.
    4. Help us to fall madly in love with one another again.
    5. Help each of us care about the other person as a person, not just as roommates or teammates. Help us to exhibit care and concern for one another’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, health, spiritual life, concerns, and every other thing.
    6. Let us defend and protect each other always.
    7. Help us to have fun together. Help us become best friends.
    8. Let our words be sweet and full of honey at all times.
    9. Keep us pure. Let us have eyes only for each other. Let the husband always be satisfied with his wife, and let the wife always be satisfied with her husband.
    10. Teach us how to seek Your face together and pray together. Give us a passion and a burden for prayer.
    11. Help us to hide Your Word in our hearts, that we might not sin against You.
    12. Teach us how to minister to one another’s hearts by speaking and serving in the other person’s love language. Help us to speak encouraging words to one another that build each other up. Help us both to touch one another in love, and only in love. Teach us how to give beautiful gifts to one another. Help us to spend the right amount of quality time together, and let that time be sweet. Help us do practical acts of service to show one another that we care.
    13. Give us wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.
    14. Take our indifference and turn it into loving passion.
    15. Help us both to become good stewards of all the material possessions you’ve entrusted to us. Convict us both where we are not yet good stewards, and change our hearts.
    16. Help us to be in one accord with Your Spirit when it comes to how we handle giving, saving, investing, and spending Your money.
    17. Teach us how to communicate. Help us to communicate clearly, effectively, and in love.
    18. Open up our hearts to one another. Give us both Your heart of love, compassion, and hope for the other person. Help us to believe in each other, and in Your plans for one another.
    19. Help (the husband) to love (the wife) and be willing to give himself for her. Help (the wife) to love (the husband) and submit to Him as to Christ.
    20. Help us to get and keep on getting the wise counsel that you desire us to receive. Counsel us Yourself, Jesus, while You’re at it; You ARE the Wonderful Counselor!
    21. Instruct us and teach us in the way we should go at all times. Guide us with Your eye upon us, and help us to humbly, quickly, and easily follow You and submit to You.

    I pray that this prayer list will be a blessing to you!

    If you’d like to go deeper in praying for sweetness in your marriage, here are my additional, free blog posts with prayers for healing a struggling marriage:

    If you need new fire in intercession for your marriage, I also encourage you to watch the movie War Room today. It is amazing, and the Lord will use it to minister deeply to your heart.

    Beloved, if you’re hurting in your marriage, I am praying for you.

    I pray that Jesus would wrap His arms of love around you, and that you would sense His presence and affection–and sense that you are safe and secure in His arms. I pray that God would take everything that’s angry or difficult or even abusive in your marriage and turn it into sweetness. (And if you’re being abused, find a place of safety while you get counseling and/or work toward reconciliation, my friend. Don’t become a lethal statistic.)

    I pray that the Lord would take the darkness out of your marriage and fill you both–and your relationship–with His marvelous light. I pray the Lord would take everything that’s hard and stony and turn it into soft, plowed-up ground with His Spirit and wisdom, which is first pure, then peaceable, willing to yield, and full of mercy and good fruit.

    And last of all, I pray that the Lord would make all things new in your marriage: 

    • That He would save, heal, and restore;
    • That He would bring you greater holy and loving intimacy than you and your spouse have ever experienced before; and
    • That He would use your marriage testimony to lift up His own name over the whole earth and bring glory to Himself.

    And I believe that, as you pray, the Lord will heal your marriage day by day … and you will see the results.

    Does this prayer list help you as you pray? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Jamie…once again, thank you so very much for being led by the Holy Spirit. These prayer points are anointed and on target. Your heart to see marriages thrive according to Abba’s plans is pure and evident. These prayer points are now a part of my prayer arsenal. Blessings and More Grace to you always.

      1. Oh my goodness! The Lord is right on time as always and today He’s working through you and your transparent courageous obedience Jamie. He is blessing us! Thank you Father❤️

    2. Thank you Jamie, on target and anointed!

    3. Thank you Jamie. These are awesome prayer points. God bless you and your faithfulness to the Lord. 🙌❤

    4. Thank you Jamie, I really needed this today. Blessings over you and your family.

      1. Lora Batt says:

        Hi, I read your 21 prayer points to use to pray for “sweetness in your marriage.” I have a few questions for you: Do you believe in God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit are one, that is the Trinity? Do you believe that those who are in Christ Jesus will one day be taken from this earth that is the rapture? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Do you believe that we have all sinned and come short of God’s glory and need salvation?
        Once we do ask Christ in our heart, forsake sin, build a relationship with God through prayer, reading the word of God, fasting, witnessing to the lost (be fishers of men to encourage them to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior) put our faith, trust in our Papa God then we can obtain eternal life… I asked you these questions not to judge you, only to know for myself that you are 💯% a true follower of Christ, as this will let me know that your material is truly God given and it is safe to read. Please let me know your answers, your time is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your response. 🙂

        1. Hi Lora, great questions and nice to meet you. Yes, I believe in all of the above. Read with confidence.

          1. Yes I truly believe and answered yes to all questions asked. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. I thank God for you you is truly a blessing. I’ve been married since 1998 to my husband and has divorced him twice and remarried him on 8/5/2020. I ready to divorce him again. He over drinks and talk file to me and is disrespectful. I’m a traveling Rapid response register nurse. I love the Lord with all my heart soul and mind. I know it’s best to marry then to burn. I just want a normal marriage without the Jealousy and hatred being displayed when angrier comes out. I want the GOD type love in my marriage. I want the fruits of the sprit to be in and on this marriage. Please keep us in your prayers
            Thank you
            Lea Loud

    5. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Jamie,this is mine.I am in need of God right now in my marriage life since 31st Dec ,2019.My meals at times is just tears .I thought that iam lost.I prayed and prayed and seeking God but it seems it is nothing.But i am trying my best to praying it by faith and i will believe now in my heart that God will intervene in my marriage life and also bring back my family.

    6. Suki Whitmore says:

      Jamie my marriage has fallen apart and I standing on Gods word to bring it back together. My husband, Jerome, moved out leaving me with 2 kids under 2 years old to raise. When he decides to come around he does not take care of them physically. He leaves all of that to me. So even when he is around I feel like a single mom of 2. No financial help despite the fact I took care of him during his financial struggles. He just abandoned us. Put everyone and everything before us and God. Our 3 year marriage anniversary is September 18, 2020. My birthday is on September 28, 2020. I’m praying God surprises me with change that I can see in my husband. I’m praying that he wakes up differently and want to do right by us. Jamie will you pray for me and with me that the Lord makes a new creation in Jerome? We are both equally yoked but Jerome is no where near seeking God as he was when we first met. Thank you Jamie for your obedience in the Lord.

      With Gratitude,
      Suki xo

    7. Jamie, thank you so much for this. I truly needed it. Everything you said is exactly how I’ve been feeling. I had let the enemy convince me that there is no point in praying for my husband and our marriage anymore. That I am the only one interested in trying to save our marriage and just one of us isn’t enough. I was feeling that the fact that things aren’t changing WAS God’s answer and that He was telling me to let go. This post IS God’s answer that the devil is a liar and God will work it out if I ask Him and let Him.
      Thank you so much for letting God use you!


      Thank you so much for the prayer and encouraging words.i was confused,I even left my marriage but my inner man new no peace,the Lord gave me the marriage to disappoint the enemies but I made myself a laughing stock,but when I receive this message,I no God have heal my marriage,I pray that before I finish this prayer God will repair my marriage,restore peace and love,bless me with the fruit of the womb and bless my husband financially in JESUS CHRIST Name AMEN.More Grace servant of GOD.keep praying for me and my husband.GOD BLESS your family, AMEN.

    9. Danette Worthen says:

      I’m so confused and wonder if I should be praying this prayer. My husband left me 4 years ago for another women whom is is still with. This isn’t the first time he has left me for someone else in our 23 years of marriage. With the other times I prayed and he would eventually come back but then do drugs and leave again. This last time I decided why pray for him? I’m tired and deserve so much more. I was scared not having a real career but our daughters were older this time. I have accomplished more in the past 4 years myself then we ever did the 23 years together and have experienced myself and and now kinda like being alone. We are still legally married I feel because of money and we have agreed to wait for the divorce until our youngest is 18 so we don’t have to take parenting classes which is next year, but the thing that keeps eating at me is why if God wants us to stay husband and wife does he let my husband live with another women for so long, and if God doesn’t want us married anymore why hasn’t he brought me a man that will treat me how I deserve to be treated? I’m tired and still hurting and want to just move on, but I’m not sure what God wants me to do.

      1. Hi Danette.
        I’m so sorry you have been going through these things.
        To answer a tiny part of your question, God’s not going to bring you another man right now because you’re still married. God would never put you into a situation where you are committing adultery.
        But, the good news is that, as I’m sure you know, the Bible says you are not bound to stay married since your husband cheated on you. If you’re wanting to get a divorce so you can move on, your decision to divorce is permissible according to the Word.
        But it’s up to you. If you don’t want to go to take parenting classes (which might actually be helpful), you would simply need to recognize that God’s timing for a future mate won’t be until after you are no longer married.
        I will pray for you. I’m so sorry you have been through these awful things. I pray that Father God would heal your heart from all that you have been through.

    10. I’m confused and wondering what you think: I pray every night that God will heal my marriage and my husband so we can honor our vows to stay married….yes I’m looking for a miracle but if God gave us free will… how will I know that he can help my husband and save my marriage?
      Also, do you think God speaks to us about the future in our dreams? What are the ways God speaks to us? I don’t think God speaks to me and I’m very saddened by this! I do see the miracle he’s done in my life and I’m so blessed.
      Thank you for any help you can give me in advance.

    11. My husband cheated on me for three years. he ignored me for several months and left me with nothing, but i am happy today, Now my husband is all mine again.

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