Even If You’re Bound, God Can Prosper You

Even If You're Bound, God Can Prosper You | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comAre you all bound up, and desperate to be free? If so, there’s good news: God can prosper you.

Maybe you’re bound up in sin. Maybe you’re bound in debt. Maybe you’re even bound up in hurts and wounds from your past–or bound in bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, anger, rage, resentment, or even a spirit of murder.

No matter what you are bound up in right now, God can prosper you …

… and He wants to.

How do we know this? Because it’s who He is, and it’s what He does.

Psalm 68:6 says:

God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; but the rebellious dwell in a dry land” (Psalm 68:6).

We need to understand that God’s ways are telltale signs about who He is. The same way that the things you do reveal what’s inside your heart, God’s ways also show us who He is and what’s inside HIS heart.

For example:

  • God takes care of widows and orphans because He IS a Father to the Fatherless and a Defender of widows.
  • He sent Jesus to die on the cross because He is merciful and gracious.
  • He judges sin because He is righteous and just.
  • Holy Spirit teaches us the Truth of His Word because He IS a Teacher.

And the Bible says that God brings out those who are bound into prosperity.

It’s what He does. He does this because He is merciful, gracious, good, kind, loving, and because Jesus paid the way for it to happen. Bringing out those who are bound into prosperity is just a manifestation of who God is. It’s normal for Him. It’s part of who He is.

And when something is part of who God is, He does it ALL the time.

God manifests every part of who He is ALL the time. It’s not possible for Him to split part of Himself off and get back to being that thing next year.

He never puts aside His justice so He can be merciful for awhile instead.

He never puts aside His holiness so He can just show grace for awhile.

No; He is always everything that He is–at the same time.

He is always both just and merciful.

He is always both holy and gracious.

He is always everything that He is, in all circumstances.

God can prosper you. He is ALWAYS the God who brings those who are bound out into prosperity.

It’s who He is. He can’t separate Himself from it. He can’t stop being what He is. God can prosper you.

That is good news for you and for me, beloved …

… because it means God cannot make any exceptions for you.

No matter how bound you are.

No matter how much sin you’re in.

No matter how much debt is showing up on your balance sheet.

No matter how hurt or wounded you are from past situations, friendships, marriages, churches, parents, friends, or anything else.

God can prosper you, and He wants to bring you out into prosperity. And He will … IF.

Yes, there’s always an “if.” God’s promises come with conditions. So what’s the condition in this one? The condition is found in the word “out.”

“Out.” He brings those who are bound out into prosperity. You have to come out.

What do you have to come out of? Whatever you’re in that’s binding you: sin, poverty mentality, rebellion, unforgiveness, self-pity, unthankfulness, etc. You always have to leave whatever’s binding you and follow God out of it.

For example:

  • Are you in sin? Come out of sin and turn to holiness instead. Hide God’s Word in your heart, that you may not sin against Him.
  • Are you in self-pity and unthankfulness? Cut it out! Reverse course! Turn the other way, become thankful, and keep your eyes on Jesus! (Hey, I’m preaching to myself too here! We all have to do this, including me!)
  • Have you embraced a poverty mindset? Are you giving your life over to the evil whisperings of a spirit of poverty? Come out! Kick that demon to the curb and change your thinking!

After all, going out is the definition of repentance!

“Repentance” means that you were going one way, but you stop, turn around, and go the other way! You can’t truly repent of something and continue in it. The very word “repent” means changing your mind, turning around, and going the other way!

And that’s what God is trying to get you to do if you are bound right now … because He wants to bring you OUT into prosperity.

No matter what you are bound in, Papa God wants to help you out of it. He wants you to change the way you think. He wants to pull you out of bondage into freedom! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!

Are you willing to follow Him OUT?

The path isn’t hard. Everything you need to know to get out of bondage in any situation is contained in the pages of God’s Word. But, you have to follow it. You have to follow Him. And if you will, He will bring you OUT of bondage INTO prosperity.

You aren’t too far gone for God. You’re not too strongly bound to prosper.

But you to have to come out.

Are you willing?

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  1. Karen James says:

    LORD, I surrender my life to you…the good the bad and the ugly. Take all of me, IN JESUS NAME….AMEN

  2. Karen James says:

    LORD, I surrender my life to YOU…the good the bad and the ugly parts. Take me as I am and transform me into a prosperous reflection of YOU…AMEN

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